That Synching Feeling

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My friends, I hope things are getting better for you, wherever you are. Spring weather finally has arrived here. I sat on my front porch last night until well past dark, and it gets dark later these days, you know. You can almost see the buds growing on shrubs and trees. The groundhog in the ditch has been receiving, and the birds are going berserk. The window of my office is open as I write this, and it’s going to be very difficult to get much paying work done today. I repeat: I hope things are better for you, too.

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  1. Boy – rub it in! My 4 foot snow fencing is still completely covered by snow – one bright spot – the area over the septic tank has melted – and behold – there is grass!

  2. Jimmy, Florida is looking better here in Keys even though one of my friends sank his much modified boat off Flamingo and added fuel to fire with CG rescue. If someone hadn’t Gotten me a blind date with Mike we definitely would never have met! Never saw each other after that.

    It is downright hot here.

  3. ‘Twas I at 12:49 a.m. today. Brain didn’t function enough to enter my screen name.

    Met future wife during freshman orientation at college. We just happened to sit next to each other one supper, chatted, and ended up walking several miles around town. Then we started doing that purposely. It wasn’t all smooth: early the next academic year she dumped me. Early the academic year after that, she needed help for a physical science course and thought of me. From then, it was, indeed, smooth.

  4. It is doing well in New Mexico, Jimmy, thanks for asking. After the best snow storm in 4 or 5 years the weekend before last temperatures are back in the 50s locally. Unfortunately our mountains still only have snowpack of 50-75% of average.

    But I actually wanted to gab about today’s retro strip – you nailed my wife and I’s current sleep cycles. Actually, yesterday’s retro also rang true for our household. My wife says I am afflicted with ADOB (Attention Deficit Oh Boobies!) syndrome. I don’t disagree.

  5. Visitors of course Ghost Didn’t you read Wind in the Willows at Oxford?

    My traveling companions have finally awakened and talk about incompatible sleep pattern! I love them but this is a conflict! I am getting nothing done

  6. Oxford? You mean like where Ole Miss is located?

    ADOB has never been a problem for me. I can multitask. πŸ™‚

    I wonder how long it takes to delete 32,000 emails…including how long it takes to decide which 32,000 emails to delete. Based on how long it takes me to prune and groom my inbox, one would have to have many minions for that.

  7. Ghost how did you know I gave up deleting? Along time ago, I wasn’t expecting such popularity but I have another and thought I might do a massive purge like the chickens

  8. Yeah, Jackie, euthanize your hard drive. That’ll probably work. πŸ™‚

    Me, to The Vice President To Whom I Report: Boss, for the sake of convenience, I’ve decide to no longer use the company email system. Effective immediately, please route all official messages to my personal email account on my personal phone.

    TVPTWIR: Let me get this straight. Instead of using the company’s secure enterprise server to encrypt and send highly confidential information to your company-furnished and secure smart phone, you want us to route it all to your personal email account on a flip phone you bought at Wally World?

    Me: Well, it isn’t a flip phone, and I didn’t buy it at Wally World…but yes…yes I do. It’s more, you know, convenient for me.

    TVPTWIR: Well, Ghost, consider how much more convenient it would be for you to get no email at all from us, when you don’t work here anymore.

  9. hc, the title of one of Erma Bombeck’s books is “The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank.”

    Jimmy, what does “the groundhog in the ditch has been receiving” mean? Glen is the groundhog who shows up regularly in my yard. I named him after one of my employees who moved reeeeaaallly slooooowwwllly, until I saId something like “Glen, take your break now.” Then he became a blur and disappeared.

  10. Jackie, Ghost is referencing current story about former SecState who wants to be next POTUS, following in the wake of her husband. See “going from bad to worse” in dictionary.

  11. Jackie
    My son is same way – Hamburger instead of prime rib.

    St Paddies 1965 was one of “THOSE STORMS” covered the state & more.
    That was the spring that set flood records that still stand. Got a feeling NE
    will see them soon.

    Snow gone here – 3 feet yet in north east CT

    C in NH
    how is cast? did you get it adjusted?

    Prayers for David


    It was just bottoms of nests – no pressure washers so helped clean off clumps.

  12. Taylor Swift has reportedly insured her legs for $40 million dollars. Financial inflation…worse than I would have thought. Ego inflation…about what I would have expected.

    However, she has apparently not yet stopped wearing miniskirts in public without being paid each time someone takes a look at her gams.

  13. Apparently my cousin who I had dinner with is a fan and he is close to my age. I thought she was a kid thing like Bieber or other silly ingenues.


  14. Gee, I wish I had insured my legs before all this stuff happened. Now maybe I wouldn’t be hobbling around slowly and (almost) painfully. Oh wait, does it work that way?

    Dear Old Bear, and other friends who have asked, the cast felt better the next day so I didn’t think I needed to go back to the doctor. It’s still less comfortable and good to walk in as the first one was, but I’ll wait it out; next appt. is in two weeks. Ghost, I appreciate your good advice and always welcome your comments; Denise and Debbe, the same.

    The specialist says that my fibula broke because I have a special kind of flat feet, that put a lot of stress (torque?) on the bone (who knew?) Anyway, my steps feel very uncertain and risky, so I’m being very careful. Daughters are a great help and comfort to me. Jackie, my daughters are early risers and I’m the late sleeping one! But they are in their own homes so we are not bothering each other.

  15. Met the DW in high school, but only were casual friends. The summer after Freshman year of college, my folks wanted to know if I cared to go with them to the church carnival. I initially said “No” but at the last moment changed my mind. My future spouse was working at the carnival and was cornered by a boor; she spied me and ran over to say “Hi” to me as an excuse to dump the boor. We spent the rest of the night together and soon became inseparable. Our parish priest made sure to recount that story at our wedding.

  16. Miz Charlotte, you do be careful now, you hear? There are worse things than your leg that can be broken.

    Add two other signs of spring to those mentioned earlier by Our Fearless Leader…mosquitoes buzzing around my front door this evening when I arrived home, and blooming Bradford Pear trees, the ones with the lovely white blooms that smell like, well, I believe that’s been discussed here previously.

  17. Searched ‘Yellowstone cougars’. Apparently there are a dozen or two in the NP. Site didn’t mention bison as prey. Cougars were native AK-Argentina wherever deer were common, but not in mature tropical forest [jaguar terr.].

    Peace, emb

  18. Jimmy:

    Blame spring fever.

    Some years ago, I read that some scientists had determined that spring fever is real and that it causes discernible effects in the human body.

    In other words, it’s not your fault.

  19. In a review of the new Bill Watterson book (, I read:

    β€œA comic strip, like anything else, has a natural life span,” says Watterson, like a man ever-cognizant of at what stage and state his strip was at.

    β€œArt has to keep moving and discovering to stay alive, …”

    This reminded me of how A&J keeps moving and staying alive.

  20. Driving US 1 from mainland to Key Largo instead of Jimmy Buffet my daughter turned on sad Elvis music which is not the right choice. We were at Flamingo where I spent so much time rescuing Mike and the Red Scamp. Talked to the same head ranger I did then. Tonight is hard.

    Love Jackie

  21. Jackie, those moments will never go entirely away. But I suspect you already know, as I’ve said, that time does heal but sometimes very slowly.

  22. Boise Ed-

    Mr. Waterson is correct and you are correct in noting that A&J keeps moving and staying alive. Actually, when you think about it, it is pretty amazing that a strip that only has had three (four, counting Ludwig) main characters for the life of the strip still is fresh and entertaining after so many years.

  23. Very bitter sweet memories at times my friends.

    Had one awful total for lunch with Carne al pastor and found the little shop I was looking for on way back from Flamingo an had a total with Carne asada which was better For those not familiar with tortas they are best made with freshly baked Cuban or Mexican breads, avocado lettuce, tomato, meat and some like onion and cheese with sour cream and peppers. I don’t and some are made with small smears of beans mashed. This shop has tons of fresh sauces and vegetables and is popular with locals I have never seen a tourist there.

  24. One of our retired pastors sent this. You may have to copy the link into your browser. Peace, emb

    “I’ve received many remarkable nature photographs over the years, but this photo of a nesting falcon is perhaps one of the best nature shots that I’ve ever seen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Nature is truly breathtaking! I’ve sent this to most of my older friends.
    The younger ones probably have never seen a falcon and wouldn’t recognize it. (just click on link below)

  25. Speaking of food, if you have a hankering for a deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich coated with Cap’n Crunch, covered with bacon bits, fresh bananas and caramel drizzle, you can get one (all 900 calories of it) at Phoenix International Raceway this weekend.

    Sounds like good eatin’ to me. Not. As a former boss used to say, I believe I’ll save those calories for something better. Carne asada would definitely qualify as “better”.

  26. Muse away friends . Wish I looked like Janis and I will pose in black underwear. And I wish to God that spellchecker would stop changing my words and yes I am trying to override them. The word is torta which means sandwich in Spanish or so I believe However, I once asked for an iron and got my entire suitcase sent to dry cleaners.

    Not going to let me type “plancha” in Spanish

  27. Jackie, your story of the spellchecker that doesn’t know Spanish reminds me of one I read years ago. A company in Texas had hired a new manager from out of state. Most of the employees he was to manage were Hispanic women who spoke more Spanish than English. He didn’t know much Spanish but thought he would walk through the shop and try to be friendly, telling them Good Morning in his Spanish. After a while he noticed the women were looking at him nervously. He asked his assistant what was wrong. She asked him what he had said. “Buenos Dios”, he answered. His assistant began laughing. When she stopped she told him, good morning is Buenos Dias. You’ve been going to each of them and saying “Good God!, Good God!”.

  28. Remember, Evan, Jimmy told us that there “will be dressing and undressing in the days to come”. And there are all those clothes of Robin’s to try on.

    I still think the tops may be a bit large for Janis. Except for that blue one. πŸ˜‰

  29. My absolute worse Spanish error was being sleep deprived and exhausted and being asked by rich Mexican rose baron if I were married and I thought he meant tired, which I denied and apparently agreed to get on his helicopter and fly out to the ranch for a few days. This was of course in my satin jumpsuit and strap heels days with blonde Texas big hair. Nothing like a ditzy blonde to attract rich ranchers, like flies to honey. I got out of date after my translator told me what I’d done.

  30. Jackie, I love the story of the wrong Spanish words. Did I ever tell you that we lived in Sevilla, Espana for a year and a half when I was in my very early twenties? One day I got into line to buy tickets to the bullfight (sorry, but Sevilla has an arena to die for — real golden sand.) But I asked for the Correro de Toros (sp?) or Post Office of bulls, not La Corrida de Toros. No problem, they could see I was Americana, and a blonde as well. I have ordinary brown hair, but in Andalusia I was considered a blonde! Men even called me that on the street, for I didn’t mind going out by myself; nice girls didn’t do that then in Spain. Probably it’s completely different nowadays. Good thing my mother couldn’t see me, anyway.

  31. Charlotte, I coild never go out in pub;ic without them yelling “mira la rubia_ and hanging onto taxi and bus windows. With all the improved hair bleaches and plastic surgery it probably doesn’t happen as much nowadays, if at all!

  32. I wrote a long exposition on subject Ghost which thru divine intervention disappeared in to space with this darned keyboard. I may tell you if we ever meet!

  33. It was a really good one , I promise involved a dictators son. I always really thought Blanche Devereaux was a composite of every good Southern girls stories the writers ever heard admitted.

  34. I forgot this one, which you may have heard but it came from an antipodean friend:

    “Can’t sleep tonight? Neither can I. Let’s not sleep together.”

  35. Good morning Villagers….

    Ah, blondes in Mexico. When I lived in Corpus, my mother and two sisters came to visit me. We decided to treat them to Matamoros, just across the river. My one sister’s hair is so blonde, she had a young Mexican boy run up to her and gave HER a peso. My friend, tourist guide, told her that was a compliment and was to suppose to bring good luck to the giver. Now, we’re to give them subsidies….oh, don’t get me started…….

    Running late…..and just like Jimmy promised, there is more undressing. I still prefer black lingerie to the white Janis is wearing today. Wouldn’t jaws drop if Jimmy drew Janis in a thong???

    I’d better go on that one.

    ya’ll have a blessed day…..rain coming in tonight and tomorrow….but at least it’ll be in the sixties.

    GR πŸ˜‰

  36. emb, thanks for the blast from the past! My Dad had a ’60 or ’61 in Henry Ford’s favorite car color.

    Jimmy, it’s warming up quickly here in Michigan, so the melting snow and thawing ground mean puddles are everywhere right now. Grass is greening in snowless spots, spinach seeds are waiting patiently in their packet. Soon we will have a morning that smells like earth and rain and worms, and it will be spring.

  37. But maybe Janis is not . There is no drama when everyone acts rationally. Personally I like calm but we would be without suspense, novels and cartoonists with no irrational characters.

  38. Jackie @ 8:58 — oh, I don’t know, I’d say she looks “comfortable” . GR6 @ 8:31 for sure, my wife would always say, she’d save her fat calories for something she likes. Makes me think of a show – The Texas Bucket List, they have the Burger of the Week and it’s often just a place where they pile all the crud on they can think of just to be different and it’s a stupid slop mess bigger than your head

  39. Denise,

    You’re welcome.

    Today’s A.Word.A.Day is limerick, and Anu Garg gives this example:

    The limerick packs laughs anatomical
    Into space that is quite economical.
    But the good ones I’ve seen
    So seldom are clean
    And the clean ones so seldom are comical.

    Peace, emb

  40. I just had a banana and Diet Coke for breakfast and an over ripe one at that Made me think of our late troll and laugh. I slept in the yoga pants but I am not running nine miles. I am wishing for a more wakeful travel companion with better eating habits than daughter and grandson. The old lady could stagger next door for the shrimp or lobster omelet

  41. Last week we had ice, snow, and temps in the teens, this week we have rain and mid-50s, and we may yet have another round of ice and snow. It is not unheard of to have an ice storm in April.

    Speaking of food, I saw this the other day. Would I eat one? Not on a dare! I would like just the plain bun, though. πŸ™‚

  42. I will just say I have many friends who are fans. They are devoted.

    Got my delicious shrimp omelet with sliced tomatoes and artichokes, met a wonderful Internet friend and his wife and I am so happy I did. I need someone to inspire me like that daily. I am going to get him some sinker cypress in south LA and carry it to Wyoming for him to use for boat building

  43. Today I am very sad. One of our cats was killed by our neighbor’s dog yesterday evening. Apparently, unbeknownst to my husband, our cat slipped outside while he was shutting the door to our garage. We discovered she was missing within two hours, realized she may have gotten outside, and started searching and calling. However, it was dark by then and we couldn’t see outside very well. Had she even been still alive, I know she would have come so I feared the worst. This morning we found her in the yard, intact but with some matted fur that I would ascribe to a dog’s saliva. The dog is not a vicious or unfriendly dog, but is a chicken killer and I know would chase any small animal for sport. That is the very reason I never let our cats outside. She was about seven years old, and the hard part will be telling my daughter; it was originally her cat.

  44. I’m sorry for your loss, Carol.

    If anyone thinks it strange I’m offering the same condolence I would for the loss for a family member, well, you must have never had a pet and/or you must have too limited an understanding of the concept of “family”.

  45. Granny Carol, that is very sad. If the dog is a known chicken killer, and has now killed your cat, you need to call animal control and have it euthanized as a vicious animal. Like it or not, it now meets the definition and is a danger to any other small animal, possibly even to small children.

  46. For those who haven’t read any Terry Pratchett, a good place to start is Good Omens, which he wrote with Neil Gaiman. Someone on Facebook posted a list of quotes from one of his books; here’s one of my favorites:

    β€œCharacter assassination. What a wonderful idea. Ordinary assassination only works once, but this one works every day.”
    ? Terry Pratchett, The Truth

  47. Dead of Alzheimer’s at only 66. Sad. Decades back, wife of a colleague did same. Fortunately, he later married a widow, and they had many happy years together. emb

  48. You have my deepest sympathy, Granny Carol. I’ve had at least one cat killed and came home from a convention to find that another one had died (He was fourteen, so it may have been simple heart failure.) while I was away.

    And, I agree that your local animal control people need to be made aware of your neighbor’s vicious dog before it kills again.

    As for Sir Terry Pratchett, he will be missed. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who is saddened both by the fact that he’s gone but because there won’t be any more DiscWorld books coming out.

    Jackie, one of Death’s associates is the Death of Rats. What is his other title?

  49. Trapper Jean-

    That’s my hometown team that willbe offering that gastronomical abomination. Those deep fried, over sugared offerings aren’t normally found around here; I have doubts as to how many will actually sell and think there will be very few repeat customers.

  50. Jackie, I would do that so no one else had to experience a loss that could have been prevented by proper training of the dog. The people my brother is acting as executor for ran a dog rescue. After the wife’s death, one of the older, harmless dogs was given to some of their friends who had a dog of their own and a fenced back yard. The friends came home one day to find both dogs dying in their back yard. The neighbors had two pit bulls in the yard that backed up to these folks. The pit bulls were so determined to get to these two harmless dogs that they dug their way into the yard and killed them. Instead of surrendering the pit bulls, the owners hid them. That is a serious incident with worse things waiting. Next time it might be a child or an adult. The breed is not the issue, but the actions are. There should be no second chances for this behavior.

  51. Blinky the Wonder Wombat, I don’t know. Sounds like the customers may have some repeats. Bet the sales of antacids rise during the season there!

  52. Perhaps I need to revisit Pratchett’s writing. My one and only brush with it was reading “The Long Earth” a couple of years ago. It was OK, but it really didn’t grab me and gave me no desire to read its sequel. Perhaps not his best work?

  53. The divine ether took away my post about people who kill animals in my neighborhood. Or the leader did? I get carried away by that.

    Terry Pratchett is much beloved by my intelligent friends who love him and the satirical plots. I think I forgot anything I read because I only remembered tiny bits.

  54. Ghost: my husband is working his way through the Long Earth series now, emphasis on “work”; it’s another joint effort and seems more the style of the other author. You should definitely give the Discworld series a chance. We started with Equal Rites, which Bob described as “if Douglas Adams had written Harry Potter, only better”. One good thing about the series is that it’s not necessary to read them in any particular order.

    Jackie: can’t remember Death’s other name, but his granddaughter’s name is Susan.

  55. Thank you for all the kind words of condolence. I know you all know exactly how I feel. And, I understand what you mean about reporting the animal, Mark, but I don’t know if I can do that either. We did not witness the dog kill the cat, but it is the only solution. Plus, he did not truly bite the cat or draw blood, but apparently shook the cat and caused internal injuries or brain injury. We will tell his owner. The dog is a German Shepherd, and is often over here with his ball, wanting to play fetch. It is hard to know what do do. We live in the country and there are not any small animals (other than wildlife) in our general vicinity. He has never been aggressive with people, or even children, as there are often children that visit next door. It is just a sad situation all around.

  56. I would suggest starting with The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic because they’re two parts of a single story, and set everything up for you. There are a number of different story lines that continue from book to book, each one telling the adventures of one or more major characters, along with various cross-overs, such as when Tiffany Aching went to Ank Morpork and met several members of the City Watch, the lead characters of a different set of stories.

  57. Thanks, Ruth Ann, as I would definitely trust your judgment in all matters literary. And yes, being the result of collaboration, it probably isn’t the best example of Pratchett’s work.

    Thanks for your input, also, sideburns.

  58. Sounds somewhat like Piers Anthony’s Xanth novels. At one time I was reading those and liked them. But there came a time when I wasn’t able to read much or buy many books and I lost the thread. Since then, I can’t develop the interest to start again. Thanks for the suggestions, sideburns, maybe I will try them and see if I want to continue.
    That’s why I think the Baen free library idea is good. If they can get people to try new authors without the sticker shock of a purchase, the one or two free books can turn into years of faithful followers buying new books. And a lot of the science fiction I’m reading is published by them anyway.

    Another author I have developed a liking for is Simon R. Green. I found some of his Nightside books and the Hawk and Fisher collections at a used book store. Now I am reading all of his I can get hold of.

  59. Ruth Anne thank you for posting that I so appreciated reading it. My mother had early onset dementia, as did my friends wife today. Branches of our family do, my stepfathe siblings did. I knew of his struggle to continue writing and Co writing his books


  60. Granny Carol: “Plus, he did not truly bite the cat or draw blood, but apparently shook the cat and caused internal injuries or brain injury. We will tell his owner. The dog is a German Shepherd, and is often over here with his ball, wanting to play fetch. It is hard to know what to do. We live in the country and there are not any small animals (other than wildlife) in our general vicinity.”

    That German Shepherd may be the most likely culprit, but we cannot be sure. I don’t know where “in the country” you live, but “other than wildlife” may include coyotes or bobcats in many areas, even if they are rarely seen. Coyotes now range almost nationwide, including the Northeast, where they sometimes interbreed with wolves and dogs. You should talk to your neighbor, but both should be aware of these other possibilities. Your nearest DNR people may have more info on local wild possibilities. Sorry to make things more complex.

    Peace, emb

  61. Well, the subject may have changed here, but back in the real-time dailies, Janis is back in her skivvies. The wise Arlo gave a quick and emphatic “Nope!” when asked about picturing Robin in the skimpy outfit, which is the only correct response. Wise, wise man.

    Meanwhile, Robin continues with decidedly non-silver hair in the online dailies. If she ever appears on a Sunday, will she have the originally intended silver locks, or will Our Humble Author throw in the towel and continue to let Miss Clairol have her way?

  62. OK.I had deleted a prior post but my cat dog caretaker last night was saying thay racons and possoms or even toms can and will kill cats and kittens. I know a huge wharf rat attacked one of my shop cats in Houston but we got it to vet,

  63. Granny Carol: After posting # 107 above and reading it, I thought of another, sick possibility. Shaking a cat to death, or swinging it hard onto the ground to break its back would be easy for some humans to do. Sorry. emb

  64. Jackie: Opossums, raccoons, other housecats, or even red foxes are also possibilities, though I’d expect most of those [and also the bobcats I’d suggested] would have drawn blood.

    Peace, emb

  65. Have been reading a lot about Terry Pratchett today. He was a favorite author of so many of my boating friends.

    Love this quote, “If you do not turn your life into a story then you just become part of someone else’s story”.

  66. Thank you for alerting me of other possible culprits, and they are all possibilities. However, I do not live too far off the beaten track, so most of our wildlife consists of deer, squirrels, and rabbits. Also, I believe it happened within an hour (still daylight) of her escaping the safety of our home. I went outside about an hour after my husband closed the garage door, not realizing she was out at the time. I believe she would have immediately come up to be let back in the house at that time, but I think it had already happened by then. The dog lives very close to our home and, due to past transgressions with non-pet small creatures, I believe he did it. Many years ago I had another kitten killed in a similar manner by a stray dog that had been hanging around our house. The dog was friendly and mild mannered, but had a similar bad habit. As he was a stray, I called the animal shelter and had him picked up. I would never consider keeping an animal that killed other pets. I believe that is a trait that cannot be changed. We used to have chickens when I was growing up, and as my Daddy used to say, once a dog has killed a chicken, you can never break him from doing it again and again.

  67. That is because the brain synapse got the science fiction part and the Bink part and I was probably reading the few of his books at the same time I was seeing Star Wars. I probably would not even remember but I liked the character Death.

    Not sure I still would

  68. Jackie, in the DiscWorld series, Death isn’t just the anthropomorphic personification of death, he’s a person. There are a number of places in the stories where he bends the rules when he thinks that the circumstances are appropriate. In fact, most of the plot of the book Hogfather revolves around his filling in for the Hogfather (Discworld’s equivalent of Santa) because he’s outraged at what’s being done to the original.

  69. Good morning Villagers…..

    GR πŸ˜‰ what a delightfully divine song…I bookmarked it, and I noticed other faith based songs to the right, that he also sings. Going to check those out too. Always loved Van. And I’ve missed your links….don’t know what happened, but I’m happy my sound card works.

    Granny Carol….I really hate hearing that about your cat and I am sad for your loss, and it’s a tough call. And yes, our pets are part of our family. Have one sitting on my lap right now, my white cat, Snowee.

    ya’ll have a blessed day


  70. Ghost that is true (Helping others) , but it doesn’t stop me. I have had some great times of need and for a few moments would wonder where my friends were, but life is too short to get upset about it and I try to keep loving them anyway.

    I have often helped people (often the elderly, young or disabled) that gave me more back than I ever gave them. By being kind to them, I learned of their special kind of grace.

    Of course then there are those who just take advantage of it….I just chalk it up t Life Experience.

  71. True, Steve. Which brings us to this, which is used quite often around the shop…sometimes ironically and sometimes not so much.

    Thought for the Day: No good deed goes unpunished.

  72. Debbe πŸ˜‰ You’re welcome, and thanks for the tune, hon. Yeah, I’d gotten out of the habit of sending you songs, but I may still have a few in my playlists. I thought about you last evening when I was looking at a new issue of one of my cooking magazines featuring breakfast recipes and some facts about eggs. One of which is that double-yoke eggs are usually produced by young hens.

    Happy Payday and “pop a top again” for me this evening.

  73. Lady Mindy, I’ve missed your erudite comments around these parts lately. Of course, I understand…how much can one say about snow? πŸ™‚

    So, how did The Mop winter over, and do you have any exciting plans for it for the spring?

  74. The Great Weight Loss Project continues apace, with a total loss of 11.8 pounds since January 1, even thought the rate has leveled off a bit the past two weeks. That’s to be expected from time to time with any weight loss program, but I actually blame it on reading all Jackie’s descriptions of the wonderful food she has encountered and enjoyed on her trip. πŸ™‚

  75. Granny Carol, I too am sorry for your loss. A friend of mine calls her pets her fur children, and I think she is right. They become a part of our family.

    My favorite Terry Prachett books are Hogfather, Mort, and Good Omens. I would also suggest the videos for Hogfather and Going Postal.

  76. And whose. Popping Top will we be enjoying Ghost?

    Enjoying an oatmeal cup and over ripe honeydew in our “old Keys ” caravan. Look up British definition Big change from my old days in waterfront beachfront resorts.

    Changes in Latitudes

  77. Trapper Jean: the first time I saw the Hogfather video, I thought I had seen it before since it so perfectly matched what I had “seen” when I read it. I’ll have to look for Going Postal.

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