That’ll make the highlight reel.

That’ll make the highlight reel.

I hope you had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend. I did, in spite of watching a lot of college football. Even though my alma mater squeaked out a win in one of the better games of the long weekend, the first full week of football was pretty much a dud. No upsets. Few close games. Few good match-ups at all! It wasn’t all spectator sports around here, though. I spent much of Labor Day laboring, but I accomplished much. I feel good. See you tomorrow.

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  1. I went to a farm Friday evening and stayed up late freezing it. I got a cool gadget to cut the corn off and on the second ear I did it wrong and pierced both of my thumbs. Fortunately it was not deep and was I was able to get all 4 dozen ears cut and frozen. We ate some Sunday night and getting it fresh off the farm is the BEST.

    I am squeezing in a day at work before returning to jury duty tomorrow. One of the things that I learned from My Cousin Vinny is that lawyers do not learn about trials while studying for their degree, but learn by observation. Most cases do not go to a jury. The case that I am on should have never gone to a jury and the lawyers are obviously inexperienced in the court of law. Worse, they do not have any assistants keeping the exhibits organized so we wait for them to find them in their pile of papers! It looks like at least 3 more days….

    • Don’t believe anything you see on tv or the movies involving lawyers. Vinnie is a great movie, but it’s not reality. (Although Vinnie’s persona is…I’ve known a few like that…)

      There are a lot of incompetent / inexperienced lawyers out there trying to try cases, & the sad fact is that they don’t realize their own incompetence. (There’s actually a name for this situation – the Dunning-Kruger Effect–Kruger_effect). Law schools do have courses in trial practice, but more often, they have non-mandatory trial “clinics” which, being non-mandatory, only those who know they want to try cases get involved with. Ironically, the lower level law schools seem to do a better job on the practicalities of law practice than the prestige schools. Continuing Legal Education is supposed to address this deficiency – and there are some great video courses for that as well. The Younger tapes come to mind.

      But trial work is a trade, not a profession, in the sense that you learn from experience and mentors rather than books. And some intelligent lawyers just can’t handle trial – I’ve seen novice lawyers freeze up just talking to the judge before the actual trial begins.

      I used to manage trial lawyers for the government, & there were basic things that I made sure they did. One was to put together a trial notebook, so they wouldn’t be fumbling around with files. Another was to have a secretary or paralegal sitting at the table to keep track of the exhibits – which should be organized ahead of time. Your comments reinforce Younger’s claim that juries give points for efficiency & organization!

  2. Re the 9-3-19 retro cartoon: “Having kittens” would presumably be less traumatic for the coach than “having a cow”.
    Who makes up these sayings, anyway?

    • If you’ve ever seen a cat about to have kittens, you’ll understand. For the rest, they get nervous, restless, yowling, and hyperventilating. Sounds like a coach who made a bad call to me.

  3. Sounds like what women would do if we weren’t tied to a table.

    Labor Day was a dud. Little traffic downtown despite most of us opening. We are normally closed on Monday. Should have stayed closed.

  4. Aline and I tried out 2 spots on the Nebo Loop, a local canyon drive here in Utah, Friday night, driving down to Nephi then up the canyon on UT-132 to the turnoff to the Nebo Loop. There’s an information kiosk just under a mile up the Nebo Loop, perhaps 300 yards before mile marker 35. It has two entrances, and it also has a vault toilet. It’s sometimes windy there but has a great view of the sky. It’s wonderfully dark there and has plenty of parking for a star party.

    We then checked out the Devil’s Kitchen parking lot about 6 miles farther up the canyon. It’s at about 8000-foot elevation and has a double vault toilet (very short lines at night!) and great views of the sky. If you arrive before sunset you can also tour the “kitchen” and find spots to set up, depending on which objects you want to view. The only light pollution was on the north horizon, mostly coming from Provo/Orem. We even went back on Saturday night to spend more time up there.

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