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One of the benefits of working at home is daytime television, like one of the benefits of being a plumber is all the free compost. Remember when it started? The compost, I mean? It was in the 90s. The king of daytime talk was Phil Donahue, whose show in the beginning could seem salacious but actually was thoughtful and measured compared with his usurpers racing to find the lowest common denominator of public taste and intelligence. (Judging by their spawn, “reality TV,” it hasn’t been found yet.) Along came Geraldo Rivera and Jerry Springer and Oprah Winfrey, and the mud-rasslin’ was in full swing. Of course, today it all seems tame, but mercifully we didn’t know that then. Phil tried to resist the trend but was powerless really. He eventually eased into the mud with the others, then quit. Oprah took the opposite route; she started in the mire and over time pulled herself and her show to higher ground. As for Geraldo and Jerry Springer, oh my. I honestly don’t know what they’re doing now and don’t care. Enough of a very old rant. At least I got a cartoon out of it.

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  1. I knew someone that was on Oprah and got skewered. Oprah was pretty quick to criticize and it was impossible for her to get her whole story out in the amount of time that the episode was on. But producers got their entertainment value at the expense of their guest.

    I have tried to resist looking at the comments section of newspapers online as it sends my BP sky high. Too many comments with little to no empathy and with much ignorance. It is impossible to have a composed, respectful discussion.

    While sometimes the posters here go off the beaten path, we are a very civil group. I hope that it always stays that way.

  2. I despise television in most forms and reality tv and talk shows the most, so I never, ever watch. I, however, have no qualms about exposing my life to total strangers here!

    And columns I write are based on my real life, that doesn’t bother me at all. The mud slinging and mud wrestling do. The Village is a gentle, kind place and the worse you all might do is go “tsk-tsk” and shake a finger at me. Not sure which finger?

    Love you all, especially Jimmy. I have a flat and am waiting for roadside assistance from Allstate insurance.

    Love, Jackie

  3. David and Jackie, it’s a relief to hear from you both! Now, as Debbe said, we need to hear from Loon and sandcastler.

    Jimmy, reading your above comment makes me miss some of the thoughtful, incisive evening interviewers like Dick Cavett, David Frost, and Dennis Wholey.

  4. Good to know you are in good hands, Jackie. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The Previous Days’ Blogs gods seem to be angry today.

    Thought for the Day: Accept the fact that some days youโ€™re the pigeon, and some days youโ€™re the statue.

  5. My daughter seems to thrive on those shows. I use tyne exact phrase Jimmy uses – lowest common denominator. I don’t see anything entertaining in watching people at their worst, and frankly, the more we are exposed to it, the more normal and acceptable it becomes.

    I’m done ranting. I have to go find out who my real mother is. ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Jimmy, I love your “compost” line! Geraldo is on Faux “News” these days; I saw him lampooned on The Daily Show recently. Springer is still at the same old thing, according to Wikipedia.

  7. emb: “TIP BlogSpot: We havenโ€™t had one this naughty since last time. [As wife said, ‘All men are prancing, leering, billygoats.’] [speelczech won’t buy ‘billygoats’.] Also, cptr. made me get to this comments section circuitously, so lost the BlogSpot URL. Have to get to work. Somebody else please find it.”

    BTW, very few of the young lovelies at my gym are that plump. Times are a’changing.

  8. Internet is misbehaving. I also snuck in a side door. Jackie, Please be very careful taking potassium. It can actually have serious side effects. Favorite saying: Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.-unk

  9. Internet is fine. Can’t say the same for this blog today.

    emb, it’s not just you. “The nakedness of woman is the work of God.” – William Blake

  10. For what it may be worth: I was unable to get to the previous several days’ comments for the past 24 hours. That is still the case on Internet Explorer. However, if I switch to Firefox, I can – and did – get there to see the comments.

  11. Jerry and Debbe – Blacklight is named for the bulb. She’s not very bright (to be charitable, she is a genius at using her adorableness to get stuff she wants, beyond that, not so much. She is Nermal.), very limited in her usefulness (chief duties – lap warmer and paperweight), but entertaining to have around. That said, I tend to call her “Snarf” or “Nerf” more often than not; both are favorite phrases of hers when she is trying to wheedle me into giving her treats or con me out of my blankets.

    Very, very icy this morning. The trash can on wheels, aka Chevy Astro van (still no car), was not happy about the drive to work this morning. Quick recap about van – insanely light, rear wheel drive with a doughnut on one of the drive wheels. No heat or defrost. Yes, I am aware this is not a good thing. Every few feet it would slide into the snow drifts lining the street. Mercifully, I only live a few blocks from work. Skittered into my parking lot, ice skated into the store. Spent the morning alternating between cursing the girl who did my books yesterday (sends me a TEXT yesterday morning telling me she was “$500.00 short, something with lottery, you can figure it out tomorrow.”) and watching traffic fishtail down the street. Had one guy slide his way into the parking, bounce off my parking bumper, then LEAP from his truck, only to land on his backside in the lot. I tried and failed to refrain from giggling as he walked in the door. He said, “Oh man, did you see that?” When I told him I watched the whole thing from the security monitor, he blushed and told me not to tell anyone – he is the safety guy at his job. Not a chance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. *slide his way into the parking lot!

    PA Linked my Facebook with Mindy from Indy screen name here. Click my name if you wish. Beware, lots of cat pictures and grumbles about cold weather lurk on the other end of that link. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Grrr – PS!
    I LOVED today’s real-time strip. I feel the same way Arlo does when it comes to pillows and bed-making. I have nine, okay seven, two belong to her majesty. Still, I wrestle the king size sheets, all the blankets, think I am done, only to see the leaning tower of pillows waiting for me. Le sigh.

  14. I too was having trouble with both yesterday and today on internet explorer. I’m doing fine now on iPad (Safari).

    YAY for Jackie and David. Mindy, I’m going to Friend request you on FB. Jackie, some of us could not find you on FB.

    Nancy Kirk

  15. Believe it or not, I finally got in this time by way of Wikipedia. But of course you are not reading this unless you found a way in. Last time I clicked on submit it kicked me out so let’s see if

  16. GR….at 10:36ish….”The Previous Daysโ€™ Blogs gods seem to be angry today…and then something about internet is fine..but you can’t say…

    OK….who is ‘Bad Mindy”? And why did you leave your belt there” and “why you don’t speak any more”. That’s all I can recall from yesterday’s blog…,,,


  17. Yep, Wikipedia doesn’t work every time, but it’s the only way that I can get in. Did you ever walk into an empty basketball gym? That’s what it feels like.

  18. I had an awful time trying to get here through Chrome. No matter how often I refreshed I just got to sit here and watch the little circle spin. Finally I chose the kill page option and Chrome then asked if I wanted to reload. I did and here I am. I found out Jackie got her flat fixed and started moving again. Let’s hope she will update us tonight.

    Mindy from Indy, glad it was not you who slid into the parking lot and played pinball with the bumpers! Maybe you do need to use ice skates to commute till the spring thaw.

    If you haven’t watched it yet, listen to the song I posted at the head of the page and stick with it till the end. You’ll find out why I said it’s relevant to Jimmy’s comments.

  19. I suspect that the man behind the curtain is actually several men and likely in geographically variant places. (Load balancing and all that.)

    I think one of them has gone catatonic. It is a crap-shoot each time you try.

  20. Major malf’s since this morning on this blog. No access via IE, Chrome or Safari. Will occasionally let me in by clinking on Recent Posts at the bottom of page (as it is now) but not always.

    Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ That was from a comment I made in response to Jackie saying she was looking forward to weighing. It seems to have disappeared now. I’ll tell you about Bad Mindy later.

  21. I had Jackie’s FB page up and even put it on Favorites — bookmarked it — then it was gone. I wonder if she accidentally disconnected, as she is still learning what to do with the smartphone. I don’t have one and would be hopeless at figuring it out. On the plus side, Internet Explorer has given me no trouble at all, and it doesn’t have spellcheck to aggravate me (Windows Live Mail does have it but I just ignore it. It doesn’t Otto Correct so that’s a good thing.)

  22. Excellent song selection Mark. ๐Ÿ™‚ The only time I actively watched Springer was with my college economic class back in 1997. The professor was wretched, and crazier than the Springer “guests.” By the end of semester, the only day ANYONE showed up to class was test day. And I am not exaggerating; the last day I attended, out of our class of 100, four people were left in the classroom when my friend and I ditched for the student union for lunch. On the downstairs level, our economy class would congregate around the mammoth flat screen, eat lunch and watch Springer.

    And not sure what everyone else did to anger the Internet pixies, but I’ve accessed this site directly, via Chrome on my Android-based tablet, with no issues, every time I’ve wanted to do so all afternoon and evening.

  23. It took several tries this time, but I am getting in by gong to A & J Wikipedia and clicking on the link at the bottom. Sometimes it will go right to the comments. If it doesn’t I’m sol. Like I said before, you’re either reading this later or you found your own way in.

  24. Glad you liked the song, Mindy from Indy. I’ve got it in my Spotify playlist along with most of Knopfler’s works. When I saw Jimmy’s retro and comments I just had to post it here!

    I got disconnected from TV in general in the mid ’80’s when I began working for a security company. 9 years of night shift will do that for you. By the time I got out of that line of work, I no longer knew or cared what was on. My grandmother was a soap opera addict. If the tv was on in the daytime at her house you knew what she was watching. Now my mom is caught up in the ghost programs, the Weather Channel and I don’t know what all else.

    I’ve been watching CSI Miami when I catch it, since I never watched it on the first runs. Mostly I’m watching the movies on my free movie channels from satellite. Just saw Maleficent the other night, was better than I expected. And Angelina Jolie was as much born to play that part as Shelley Duval was to play Olive Oyl in the Popeye movie. They already have the physical characteristics, just needed the costumes and a good script. Jolie came out ahead in the script department.

  25. It took several tries this time, but I am getting in by going to A & J Wikipedia and clicking on the link at the bottom. Sometimes it will go right to the comments. If it doesn’t I’m sol. Like I said before, you’re either reading this later or you found your own way in. I figured out how to edit but it will result in two posts. Let’s see.

  26. Good Lord….look at this, and more to come….Miss Charlotte, it just doesn’t get any better than this:

    Well, tomorrow’s another day, GR ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I came in the same door, had to hit refresh once.

    I’m going to bed…..say good night Debbe…..good night and warm dreams.

    Speaking of, I had just walked by the TV, and this man was speaking to a reporter, recounting some ‘deadly’ night I suppose, that “at that time, he and his wife tried real hard to have children”…..I couldn’t help but ask myself “how hard”?


  27. yeah, this has happened before, where it’s just funky sometimes on some things, I just finished reading the last two days….. … this was pretty weird / cool. Friday I drove 240 miles north from here, near Houston up to Cleburne, south of Fort Worth in one day (visiting a log home manufacturer) hit snow north of Waco, became full fledged snow storm, sanding the roads, cars sliding, by the time I got there, the place was closed, no one there, (guy left a message on my work phone when obviously I would have been on the road, duh. Tromped around in shoe sinking snow looking at models, turned back home and 30 miles south all clear, just weird to go into a totally different weather area in ten hours in the comfort of your car

  28. Despite the weather, remember to Spring Ahead before you go beddy-bye Sat. night. Means I should go there an hour earlier / adult Sun. sch. next morning.

    Peace, emb

  29. Television & reality are an oxymoron.

    “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public”
    H. L. Mencken

    Got 3 inches snow last night – and now it is all trying to blow south.

  30. Good morning Villagers….

    Still a little issue on logging in here, only had to hit refresh once though. And the guberment wants to get involved in this internet thingy…which I don’t understand.

    So far it’s still just raining, and raining, but changing over to snow. Depending on who you want to believe….it’s anywhere from 2 – 4 inches and just 10 miles to the south of us, 5 – 8ish, then the cold comes back….real cold.

    Took the Corp three hours to test for the salmonella….thought they would never get done.

    Indy Mindy, I love the way you describe your cat, Blacklight. She sounds like she has personality, and has you wrapped around her little paw.

    Did Jackie say she was driving to St. Louis to pick up her daughter? If so, she’s headed into some nasty weather I believe.


  31. Had no trouble getting on to A’n’J – but I’ve had to change my home page as it had so much “stuff’ that it took forever to load — now on the BBC – opens up quickly.
    Loved the pillows! – hubby is the pillow king around here – and he changes the linens so I don’t care.

  32. I can only get on via my smartphone in Chrome. Weird…

    About the only time that I meet new neighbors is when the power goes out or we are snowed in. We live on a short road that dead ends to the RR#, so every year I walk over to one neighbor and give him $ to pay for dust control on our gravel road. We catch up on what has happened over the year. Kinda sad, but we know each other is there if needed.

  33. Guessing the blog is undergoing “improvements”. If so, now you know why I curse bitterly when our software vendor announces “improvements” to their product.

    Trying to post is much too time consuming at present, so I’ll give it another shot tonight. Have a good day.

  34. Ah yes, pillows! I have 12 on the bed right now, some of which I made, and some were made for me by a friend. Husband gripes about them, but I put them in place every morning when I make the bed.

    In less than a week we’ve gone from ice, snow, and 20F to rain and 50F. Who knows what the weekend will be. One fun thing about living on top of a mountain-we’ve been in the clouds all morning. The view out of my kitchen window looks like something from an Outer Limits episode.

    The last day or two I’ve had a bit of trouble getting the page to load. It comes up blank and I hit Reload…the banner pops up and I hit Reload…AHA!, there the comments are! I thought it was just that my computer hates me, as does most technology.

  35. One of the few times I saw a bit of Geraldo was the day his “guests” got in a fight, someone threw a chair, and Gerry got his nose broken. I figured it couldn’t get any better than that ans have not watched daytime tv since then. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Our weather around here was not nearly as hazardous yesterday as predicted. That got me to thinking about old weather sayings. One that has always stuck in my head is “Red sky at morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night, sailors delight.” I’d really be interested in hearing some others. Anyone care to share?

  37. A few my Grandmother told:
    Mares tails in the sky rain is neigh.

    When you first hear Katy Dids -6 weeks to frost

    6 months to frost from first thunder (The poor people of Boston)

    The Woolly Caterpillar’s band tells how cold and how long the winter.
    (I thought he lied this year – but seems not so much)

    If it rains on St Swithuns Day (July 15) it will rain for 40 days.

    If it rains at night and clear days – that is Widow’s Weather.
    (The hired hand can work all day and crops get watered at night)

    I don’t know how many are regionalisms

    I will post more as I think of them.

  38. Regarding the Mar. 4 daily: why can’t they color Robin’s hair correctly?? Maybe Jimmy should do a Sunday with her, so they’ll have a reference.

  39. “6 months to frost from first thunder (The poor people of Boston).”

    ’48-’49, ’49-’50, or ’50-’51, Cornell campus in Ithaca, NY, on an overcast day some time btw mid-Nov. and late Feb. [cannot remember if it was late fall or early spring semester], no snow on the ground [it melts often over winter there], there was thunder. No precip. just then. Bumped into Dr. George Healy, beloved Freshman English prof. We talked about it, and decided it was not proper. Delightful guy, died young [50ish] of some strange malady, wife and kids, whom I’d never met. Peace, emb

  40. Older than I thought, 63 [= I was older than I remembered when I read his obit in the Cornell Alumni News, now C.A. Magazine.]โ€ฆ_George_Harris_1971.pdf

    Peace, emb ’51

  41. I couldn’t get in after many attempts through Wikipedia or regular way so I found another way to sneak in. Click on RSS Feed, under the current comic you will see the number and word comments. Click on it and here we are. I also sent Jimmy an email but he is aware of the problem I’m sure.

  42. It worked on my first try but I tried again see if it always worked and it took about six times before it worked. I should have mentioned that to get to the screen with the current old toon with “RSS Feed” over it you still have to go through the Wikipedia link. Stupid computers. Uh-oh. Now I’ve done it.

  43. I went to Old Faithful, clicked close that site and here I am back. It must be the life of purity and chastity that I’ve led. Has anyone ever hooked their computer to their hd tv? Looking at the view of Old Faithful and the mountains I was wondering if it would be worth the trouble. I realize that it isn’t an hd camera so probably not.

  44. Welcome Galliglo. I’m not Catholic, but I picture being here today kind of like going to mass in Boston with four feet of snow in the streets on Super
    Bowl Sunday and the Patriots are playing.

  45. Jerry, I’ve used Chromecast to project Old Faithful to my big screen. Works well enough and lets me watch somewhere else for a while.

    If anyone is using a tablet of any type to connect, once you get the base A&J site, click on your browser’s menu and find the option “request desktop site.” That gave me the comments page right away.

  46. I just got in on first try the old fashioned way so maybe everything is fixed. Jackie, did you take a wrong turn? The Everglades is in the other direction.

  47. Thank you for those, Old Bear! I had heard about the woolly bear and St. Swithin, but all the others are new to me. I’m going to copy them into my commonplace book and observe which ones are valid in my area.

    Safe trip, Jackie.

  48. In ICE and snow in Evansville, Indiana daughter driving. Bad driving wishing to see a salt truck and snow plow. Got all new tires heavy duty.

  49. Afternoon greetings from Snowy, Central Southwest Indiana…

    Gal…how are you doing weather and all?

    So far I came in the front door with no problem…now the real problems is the SNOW…and the flakes are getting bigger and heavier, nothing like a ‘wet’ snow to bring out the whiteness of every surrounding tree trunk, branches, brush, evergreen, pine streets AND utility lines (very important to have)…depending on who and where…predictions of 8 inches or less.

    It is a peaceful scene though. Mindy, too. Oops, did I say Mindy? I meant windy….must have been one of those ‘Freudian slips”.

    GR ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Jackie good luck in getting out of Illinois tonight, I would stay put. You’ve just recovered from an intestinal virus, your blood sugar, flat tire….I personally think that someone or something is trying to give me a hint. I’ve personally experienced it.

    Hope one and all get to log on tonight….been quite…but then again I don’t have a ‘SOUND CARD”…… ๐Ÿ™‚


    …Loon and Sandcastler still MIA

  50. Could not get back in earlier, but first try this time. Maybe the Internet gremlins have decided to leave us!

    Debbe: Right now we just have had some rain, which has stopped for now. The weather gurus are predicting snow tonight and tomorrow morning, 8-10 inches. We shall see… I am sick and tired of winter!

    My project of the day… Have been making sure all files that I want to keep were copied – then removed – from two (!!!) old laptops. One is so old it doesn’t have a flash drive! Both have the XP operating system. That is why I got a new one to replace the second one. Now… what do I do with them? Any suggestions?

    Jackie: Be careful!

    Charlotte: How is the ankle?

    Everyone: Take care… it is a rainy, cold, wet, and perhaps snowy jungle out there!

  51. Well, hello, Village. I missed you.

    Add these to your weather sayings, Denise…

    If it thunders in January, it will frost in April.

    Mackerel scales and mare’s tails make lofty ships carry low sails.

    A veering wind, fair weather; a backing wind, foul weather.

    There’s one involving a groundhog, but you probably already know it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. XP laptops, Gal? Paperweights? Boat anchors?

    I actually have a 15″ laptop and a 10″ netbook with XP in both. One day, if I live long enough, and my aggravation factor drops sufficiently, I’ll try to download the Ubuntu (Sit, Ubuntu!) OS into them, as suggested by sideburns last year.

  53. This is my post from Tuesday morning that seemed to disappear when The Troubles began, even though Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ apparently saw it at some point, in regard to Jackie’s comment that she was looking forward to weighing:

    “This morning when I got dressed, I had to use the last notch in my belt. This is the third belt I’ve owned since I started Weight Watchers. A while back, I realized I could buckle the first belt in the notch I wore it when I started Weight Watchers and pass it over my body from head to feet and step out of it. They got a big kick out of that at WW meetings.

    “I suppose I should have kept it as a memento, but I left it at Bad Mindy’s house, and I no longer speak to her, so bad cess, that.”

  54. Nope, the “belt” post I thought disappeared was actually Monday night and is still there. Never mind.

    What did go missing (I believe) was the Thought for the Day yesterday morning: “Accept the fact that some days youโ€™re the pigeon, and some days youโ€™re the statue.”

  55. From AccuWeather: “A new storm will spread a swath of snow and sleet spanning more than 1,500 miles from northern Texas and Oklahoma to southeastern New York state and Massachusetts, during Wednesday into Thursday.”

    I hope Jackie and daughter and grandson clear that corridor before it gets too bad.

    Good luck with that, Steve. Historically, Jimmy has been reluctant to explain his cartoons or anything else. ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Debbe, Your mention of Indiana caused me to wonder why the PC people have not made Indiana change its name as they tried to do with the FSU Seminoles. It may have happened if they had not had the vocal support of the original Seminoles.

  57. There could be at least eight other states needing corrective action under Jerry’s plan. Cities, rivers, and landmarks of undetermined number. While at it, let’s expunge Euro centric and Asian names, lest we offend. I propose a strict system of numerals, only ones offended by this scheme would be a few numerati.

  58. Anonymous, if someone who can’t read is illiterate, would someone who is poor at mathematics be ilnumerate? Or malnumerate? Even digitally inept?

  59. Ruth Ann: The letter from Louis L’Amour was wonderful! Just the same, down-to-earth character I always saw in his marvelous books. Thank you!

  60. I think one of my own comments that disappeared was in response to Ghost saying it must be nice to have my own personal security guard living in the house. I replied that he knew the position was opรจn but I had not yet received his application.

  61. Jackie, light rain and 34 degrees in Nashville now, changing to ice and then snow overnight with a low of 22. I hope you are already south of there. Huntsville, a low of 29 and high of 32 tomorrow with light snow in the morning, but I’d expect the roads to stay clear. Birmingham south, I believe will be OK

  62. Cool letter, Ruth Ann. Thanks for sharing it. That graciousness is what I would expect from him, judging by the many books of his I have read over the years.

    Oh, and he offered some great advice, too, for his time and for ours.

  63. Daughter insists on route going to Atlanta, GA thenumber to Tampa. Very stubborn woman, don’t know how that happened. Wants a report on that route.

    I would have been sending you the paperwork had I known, Ghost.

  64. Most of you probably noticed that was a Brit. weasel on the back of a Brit. woodpecker. We don’t have Green Woodpeckers here, but we do have the same weasel, depending on what mammalogist you ask.

    Speelczech recognizes ornithologist. Discrimination! What about herpetologist [yes], ichthyologist [yes], entomologist [yes], malacologist [no], bryologist [yes].

    Good to have the URL problem fixed.

    Peace, emb

  65. Awesome letters, Ruth Ann! I love his description of himself. My grandpa was a Lโ€™Amour fan, but by the time I noticed, I had wandered into the horror/supernatural/ghost story territories. Never quite circled back. I do enjoy historical works though. The last Western I read was a truly terrible book called “Scent of Sage.” I was working a factory job at the time, had lots of free time, and was the only reading material I hadn’t read yet. Oh, the clichรฉs, hokey descriptions, and cut and paste characters. If memory serves, it was early 50s copywrite. Great textbook on how *not* to write.

    It was snowing as I drove home from work today.

    Anyone know a good translator who can explain to an annoyed kitty why her human enjoys relaxing in the large retangluar bowl filled with hot water and lavender scented bubbles?

  66. Throwing in towel and checking in motel. Rain stopped but we are going crazy from horrible weather. Did I mention that grandson is three?

  67. Have to go with Hittite names – no one left to complain.
    As in – 2 Hittites: Pat & Mike or Ole & Sven or Guido & Tony

    If you need a name

    Grew up just south of there.

    Ruth Ann great letters – thanks for sharing.

    For old computers, how about an Apple IIc. Haven’t fired it up in years but it has its
    own desk in the computer room. With printer & floppies too.

  68. I still have a Dell XPS 400 desktop (c. 2005) set up in my home office. An XP machine, of course, but it has great speakers for music and a great Canon photo printer connected to it, and I can watch DVD’s on its 20″ flat screen, so I get a good bit of use out of it without ever going online. Oh, and I ordered it with dual internal 3.5″ floppy drives along with the optical drives. I must have thought at the time that CD/DVD drives were a passing fancy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Jackie, awfully glad that you are in a motel for the night. I’ve been imagining you in a snowbank, or mixed up in car crashes. Sleep well!

    Ankle, leg and foot in a cast for a broken fibula … simple fracture, not displaced. Fiberglas cast is comfortable, lightweight, pain is gone, horrible swelling is going down. Just very awkward and slow walking around.

  70. I didn’t want to jinx you, Miz Charlotte. but I was afraid you might have been rocking a fracture. Glad you got appropriate treatment and are tolerating it well. Be careful walking.

  71. Jackie, perhaps I should be applying for a driver’s job rather than the live-in security position. I’m an excellent driver, and I have a clean driving record. Do you like to go fast?

  72. Good morning Villagers….

    The snow is just now exiting stage right….at last count yesterday afternoon….after Ian and Andrew took the old GMC, 4 wheeler out for ‘fun’….they came back and said there was at least 6 to 8 inches out there….and it wasn’t over yet. The warnings stated there could be as much as 8 to 10 inches out there. ‘Suzi’ will make it, even that ‘hill’. At least the County had enough sense to put gravel down last week. I came home that way yesterday at 2 ish, and it was still passable, we’ll see later.

    Still have to work…..and we had nothing but packer problems yesterday. Wanted to give it a good swift kick, but I knew I would wind up like Miss Charlotte.

    And Miss Charlotte, glad you made it to the doctor’s, and you got ‘fitted’ for a cast. Can you walk on it, or do you have to use crutches?

    Jackie, just how far south of Evansville did you make it. E’ville is about an hour’s drive from Jasper…. and it was coming down hard about that time…so I can understand your daughter’s anxiety….especially with a three year old and isn’t she the one who is pregnant?

    Gal… ya doing?

    GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ catnapping is my favorite thing to do after I get my belly full. You aren’t upset with me for teasing you, are you? My apologies if I did.

    Mark, I bookmarked that weather site, I now have 6 sites to go to…and get totally confused, no one ever agrees on one thing. I like the national weather service radar site though..

    Granny Carol, glad I made you laugh.

    Emb….then why do the cats chase the red dot? What color do they see?

    Ya’ll have a blessed day….

  73. Omg….I just reread GR’s request for being Jackie’s driver….”I’m an excellent driver” took me back to Dustin Hoffman’s role in “Rainman”, he was always saying he was an excellent driver, and he loved K-Mart.

  74. Is Robin real or just an imaginary friend? I don’t think Arlo has seen her yet.

    (If someone else wrote that idea – sorry, I didn’t see it.)

  75. Sayings duly added, Ghost, and thank you! How is your work on the Finger Formerly Known As Eggplant coming along?

    Charlotte, what color cast did you choose? I was kind of disappointed a few years ago when I broke an ankle and ended up in a boot—I had my heart set on a denim-colored cast. As for the “slow walking around” part…well, right now, slow is good.

    Mindy from Indy, “Scent of Sage” sounds like the title of a bad romance novel set in the Old West. It occurs to me that when the phrase “Old West” was first coined, the real old west was probably as close to the authors and readers of the genre as the moonwalks are to us.

  76. Debbe: “Embโ€ฆ.then why do the cats chase the red dot? What color do they see?” Thishim doesn’t really answer your question, but: Cat’s cannot talk. Ask a man [more rarely a woman] who is red/green colorblind. He, like cats, dogs, and most mammals other than Old World primates [baboons, gorillas, langurs, [stoopid speelczech], chimps, bonobos, us], is a dichromat. That is, he has only two kinds of cones in his retina: one sensitive mostly to short wavelength light at the blue end of the spectrum and the other sensitive to long wavelengths at the red/yellow end. OW primates have three kinds: the blue end kind, the red kind, and the green kind. The various colors we see and name: azure, teal, magenta, crimson, are combinations of these or specific wavelengths along the spectrum. Dichromats, including cats, two of my fellow emeriti from school and the daughter of one of those, cannot tell some colors toward the red/green end from some others. That’s why all traffic lights have the red on top. Their glass may also have some pigments added to make them distinguishable to dichromats.

    If birds and turtles could talk, they might ask the same sort of question re us: If hoomins have only tree kinds of cones, wut colorz do dey see? Birds and reptiles are tetrachromats. They can see differences at the blue end, and into the ultraviolet, that we cannot. I expect you can find more on the web than you want to know. Try tetrachromat, bird color vision, maybe others.

    Breakfast is probably done: big bowl of hot 7-grain [nuked with skim milk instead of water, + red seedless grapes], decaf.

    Peace, emb

  77. Debbe
    Thanks for Conus

    When I broke bone in foot the ER Doc thought it was a growth line. I was 31 at the time.
    My GP called (They did that in those days) to say it was broken.

    I still use my Windows 97 as word possessor and do clip art work & some games.
    All off line.

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