That’s J-a-n-i-s

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  1. So did I, Jackie, but I didn’t have time to track it down in the archives. And I want to think there was a later cartoon or series of cartoons also featuring a call to Car Talk.

  2. My dad was not an NPR kind of guy, but he loved Car Talk. I grew up listening to this show with my dad, got my love of cars from both my dad and this show and have fond memories of listening with my dad, giggling and learning stuff. A great legacy if you ask me.

  3. We often listen to NPR while driving and Mike listens in his shop all the time. This was a show I enjoyed and it does hold up in repeats. It never REALLY seemed to be about cars.

    Dementia and loss of cognitive process is so sad, so sad.

    Love, Jackie

  4. 1: Jimmy, thank you for posting that archived strip for us.

    2: Now that election day is over, barring recounts and any follow-up elections, the bulk of the political ads are disappearing. That is something to be thankful for!

    OTOH, there will be hundreds of hours wasted at the various TV and radio networks discussing what it all means and what the future holds.

    I, for one, will not be watching or listening.

  5. Ron-
    If a talking head babbles on the air but nobody listens, do they fade away, returning to the ethereal plane from which they were originally exiled? I’m willing to give it a try and not watch/listen.

  6. Yes, Trucker, that should tide the talking heads over for a couple of weeks…until the 2016 campaign gets up to speed. I wonder which news network will be the first to use the tagline “Decision 2016”. Although it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that one already has.

  7. Last night’s mention of spices made me think of cinnamon…which made me think of French toast…which I prepared for breakfast today. French toast is not only tasty, and not only makes a great breakfast on a fall morning, it makes the kitchen smell wonderful.

    Slow cooker chili for lunch today. But you knew that, didn’t you?

  8. Debbe 😉 Yep, I knew that about rats. If they had to be Nature’s own little breeding machines, why couldn’t they at least have been cute, like maybe miniature Teddy bears?

    Did you know that a lion mates with a lioness in estrous every 10 to 15 minutes, throughout the female’s receptive period? Which can last from three days to a week. “King of the Jungle”, indeed. And apparently lionesses don’t get headaches.

  9. Bryan: If enough of us tuned out, the networks would drop those talking heads rather than lose ad revenue. That still would allow those on the public networks to continue… until they quit garnering donations from the public.

    Of course there will always be the private networks that pay little attention to the bottom line; I am not certain how they manage to stay on the air, but somehow they do.

  10. Ghost, do you put vanilla and a little sugar in your French toast?
    And grate a little orange peel in too. That REALLY makes kitchen smell fantastically pungent.

    And thick cut Italian bread (unseeded) that is firm and a little aged. Cut about 2 inches thick, like a good steak.

    We are French toast devotees here!

    Love, Jackie

  11. There was a mention, a few days ago, about putting chocolate into chili. I’d like to mention that it goes well the other way around, too. Try putting a dash of cayenne, or some other ground chili into a mug of hot chocolate. Not enough that you can feel the kick, unless you’re really into that kind of thing. You’ll find that it brings out the chocolate in a way you wouldn’t expect.

    And, if you’re making up a dry rub for barbecued or grilled meats, and want to make sure that you end up with a good, dark brown surface, add a touch of unsweetened coco powder to the rub. Not only does it add another layer of depth to the flavor, it gives the final dish a great, dark brown color.

  12. Janis: Hi, I’m Janis.
    Tom: Where are you calling from, Janis?
    Janis: [state]
    Ray: Is that Janis with a J or a G?
    Tom: She’s from [state]! With a J of course.

  13. Wonderful strip today! Thanks for posting that, JJ. As I read it I immediately heard one of the brothers saying that last bit, accent and all, in my head – then chortling afterwards. A testament to what cultural icons they’ve become.

  14. Babbling talking heads will be be with us until the end of time.

    There will always be a market for people telling people what they want to hear, and there are significant markets of people who want to hear how Democrats are evil and unAmerican, and how Republicans are evil and unAmerican, and how Yankees fans are evil and unAmerican, and how people who complain about other people being evil and unAmerican are evil and unAmerican.

    There will always be issues that divide us, and people ready and willing to exploit this fact.

  15. No sugar in my French toast, Jackie, but a bit of vanilla extract, yes. And the best I’ve made is using my homemade beer bread, which is dense textured and can be sliced to the desired thickness.

    I make my waffle batter from scratch, also with vanilla.

    Dang, now I’ll have to have Belgium waffles tomorrow morning.

  16. Ghost – While you are whipping up those waffles, do you mind creating some cherry-topped crepes? I have been craving them for days. Whenever I get a day off again, I just might have to dust off the stove and make som; not that a day off is going to happen any time soon. :-/

  17. Nope, would not even have occurred to me. [Other things have, but that’s as far as they get.]

    The one on the left is a graffito, the two are graffiti.

    Peace, emb

  18. Mark, when I went to that link I also got sidetracked by the “Guy Looking For Woman With Same Name As His Ex To Use Round-The-World Plane Tickets” story. It’s for real! And kind of a neat story once you read through it and the comments. Apparently it has gone insanely viral in the last few days, too – news to me, though.

  19. Mark, I read the entire menu! I would love breakfast there, all the Benedicts, omelets, crepes, waffles, French toast. I liked the whole menu. Sure sounds better than IHOP which is about all we have here. Well, we have a chain called Jimmy’s Egg too but it is pure production line food.

    Don’t know how you find all this stuff? I looked for the ham on toast and scrambled eggs, topped with cream white gravy. It sounds like what they are doing up here called “Breakfast Bowls” but they put a layer of some kind of hash browns, then sausage, bacon or ham, eggs, then pour the biscuit gravy over it all. Since I have not ordered it, not sure where the biscuit layer comes in?

    Love, Jackie

  20. For some reason Jayne Mansfield is prominently in news tonight. I just spent a good half hour reading about her “wardrobe malfunctions”, something she seems to have invented? Sorry, Ghost, but I kept thinking of you somehow!

    Thinking what a waste of time I had just spent, I realized it really wasn’t, as she was a major part of the American obsession with top heavy blondes who appeared to be ditzy and not too bright. All this during the period I was young, female fighting for equal rights and respect and probably should have just “uglied up” I suppose?

    Beats listening to the talking heads analyze America!

    Love, Jackie

  21. Forgot, Priscilla Presley and her plastic surgery was also in top 10 trending subjects. Another example of created sexuality. Not that I don’t think she has been brilliant at making more money from Elvis’ dead than alive, but that isn’t what has landed her in news.

    Back to the 60’s!!!

    Love, Jackie

  22. Online, I found the shop that makes the alligator-skin holster that Scott Bakula’s character uses on NCIS-New Orleans. For $315. I’ll pass.

    Government work must pay better than I thought.

    I’ve never been one to think that “top-heavy blonde” was mutually exclusive with “highly intelligent”. In fact, I’ve been fortunate enough to have known several women that proved they are not.

  23. Jackie, I knew about the Pancake shop because they have one in Birmingham and I used to eat there when I overnighted with friends in the area.

    The spice site is one I ran across when looking for spices/baking supplies. Before my wife and I separated I did more of the cooking and grocery shopping so tended to spend a lot of time looking for ways to save money at it.

    Ghost, I’m with you about looks being mutually exclusive to highly intelligent, but don’t draw the line at blondes. If you recall that link I posted about the woman portraying a madam at a cemetery walk, I found a video clip of her doing her talk and she was really funny, having a good time with it. She is an executive with a commercial real estate company. So, looks, humor and intelligence, that’s what I like!

  24. That is what I kept thinking: they seem to be of a different attitude today about the Feds. Our offices, along with everyone else’s in New Orleans were in that rather ugly pile of stone called the Federal Building, not some trendy unusual French Quarter offices. And certainly no personalized equipment, like guns or holsters! Or shirts, clothing.

    About Jayne Mansfield, I had never realized she created concepts of “wardrobe malfunctions” that resulted in exposure for exposure.

    Love, Jackie

  25. All this chili talk made me go, OK, let’s make some. At which point I discovered I didn’t even have a can of tomatoes or paste in house. Weird! I did find some fire roasted slow cooker sauce, some low sodium pinto beans, some green chiles for enchiladas verdes, the ground meat, bell pepper and onions. To this I will improvise with some plain old pasta sauce in a can for the tomatoes and we will see how it turns out!

    My basic pantry core is getting strange and depleted. Love, Jackie

  26. Good morning Villagers….

    Something strange just happened….an old pickup truck came down our driveway, loud muffler…I turned the light on here in the computer room, went to the front porch and turned that light on. It turned around, I could see that two people were in it. We have a dusk to dawn light. They left back down the driveway. I don’t like it. Not at 5:15 in the morning.

    Jackie, little Kyler has been in the hen house…and we keep a close eye on him when he is there.

    GR 😉 ….yup, knew that about lions and lionesses…..and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express to know that….NatGeo.

    Mark….tomorrow is the 7th, gonna get the album? Ian said it would be on the net, I glared at him and said “don’t even think about it, you got us in trouble over that stinking movie you downloaded.”

    Didn’t watch Kyler last night, and I was glad, too pooped. Went in and ANOTHER auger popped out….the devil is running amok there, as I had packer problems too. But I did manage to squeeze 216 cases out of the old girls.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.

  27. Phone call strip:

    My wife and I have begun the cycle of attending more funerals.

    Considering that we are 61, we will attend them with much greater frequency before long, I’m sure.

  28. Good morning. Debbe, when I had my eight BIG dogs I put a pair at each door to my house. I called it my 8 dog drug dealer security system. They ranged from 50-150 lbs. in size and would rip the throat out of anyone trying to get in but were total pussycats otherwise. Big lap dogs. I miss them, I have been forbidden to replace them. I have two still but Mom’s dogs are too old and deaf actually.

    Just saw the little gray kitten out playing on porch. I hope they get tame but I am sure we will have to trap them.

    The 10# Rottweiler has curled up on the extra chair in office. He says it is too early to get up. I think so too.

    Love, Jackie

  29. Ghost, I think you need to chime in here with worthwhile advice about guns. I asked Mike if he thought I should go take shooting lessons and get licensed to have a gun for self defense. I have one but would probably not wake up sufficiently to use it, be able to find where it is fast enough and then know how to turn it on. He said yes, I should.

    It is not that I have any qualms about shooting someone for the right reasons, it is that I would shoot someone for wrong reason. I have certainly looked at my conscience a lot on that subject over the years.

    Debbe, I used to always want a sawed off shotgun but obviously I intended to seriously maim anyone I might hit. Go back to paragraph above.

    Love, Jackie

  30. Observation here, it has been so nice seeing all the comments from so many different and “strange” names here. I don’t mean strange in sense you are weird but in the expression, “Now don’t be a stranger” I used to hear a lot when people met and liked each other.

    So, don’t be a stranger.

    Love, Jackie

  31. Jackie: ‘I had never realized she created concepts of “wardrobe malfunctions” that resulted in exposure for exposure.’
    They appeared in Playboy back when Jayne Mansfield was big [in a different sense]

    Outlander and wife: Yes, opportunities for funerals will come more often. Further, one of you will probably die before the other, and the next several the other attends will seem to be replays. Wife died late Dec. ’10, and I attended 13 funerals in ’11. Positive notes: they later become chances to renew acquaintances, and also [more crassly] to enjoy other people’s kitchen skills at the lunch afterwards. Locally, those are best at a relatively small Episcopal church. The large R.C. church does well, as do some of the Lutheran churches [of many stripes, and the UMC]. I’m guessing R.C. + various Lutheran = 90% of the local population.

  32. Funerals are bittersweet. Also a bit ironic. My Mom died in a car accident at the age of 61. My Dad worked at WOWO and we had standing room only. My Mom did not have a lot of friends, but my Dad did. Plus my brothers were just out of High School and many in the community paid their respects.

    When my Dad died at the age of 79 many years later, a lot fewer people attended. Of course my Mom’s death was front page news and my Dad died over a holiday weekend. Even though many of my Dad’s friends were much younger, it is almost a fact that the older the deceased, the less people turn out.

    Both funerals were audio recorded and I have listened to them from time to time. We sang “How Great Thou Art” at each funeral. I often say that at my Mom’s funeral, the hymn was sung as a question and I could not sing it through my tears. When my Dad died, it was an exclamation point and I sang it fully and with great joy. Going to the cemetery for my Dad was great closure for me regarding my Mom.

    The recent funerals that I have attended have been family reunions or in one case a reunion of all the other parents of our kids when a young classmate of my daughter committed suicide. That, by far, was the most difficult funeral that I have attended since my Mom died.

  33. Couldn’t get on the current comments. As a first generation American-Italian, I take No offense at your retro comic, JJ. My last name is Cangelosi! Couldn’t get more Italian extraction than that. Keep up the good work. I enjoy all your stuff, old and new. War Eagle!

  34. Doesn’t like me either. I went back to bed, cats did NOT want to move to give me my space back. Made them move, they then curled up against me, did not want to move when I finally got up at noon. I just fed mom apple pie and coffee for breakfast at noon!

    Bad Jackie. It was good apple pie and I did not even bake it. It came from grocery and was fresh apples, actually about the best I have ever had from a grocery.

    Love, Jackie

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