The 2013 But-Is-It-Art Sale!

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Cartoonist’s Note: If you’ve come here from the GoComics page, you need to be here:  There’s a little gremlin in the GoComics link that we’ve yet to chase down. Sorry!

Finally, I am prepared to give you the quasi-official skinny on the art show and sale. Thursday, tomorrow, at about noon EDT, three dozen pieces of original A&J art will become available for sale at Galerie Arlo & Janis. Unlike last year, all will be presented for auction, although many of them will feature an opportunity to “Buy It Now” for $150, our cheapest rate yet. Many of you are familiar with how this type of eBay auction works. When an item first goes up for sale, potential buyers will have two options: “Buy It Now” for $150 or initiate an auction by bidding. After the first bid, the “Buy It Now” opportunity disappears. If you bid, you might get the item for less, or you ultimately might pay more, or you might not get it at all. It’s an auction. There will be a lot of cartoons out there. I don’t expect to sell them all. Therefore, to hedge my bet, I am reluctantly putting a minimum bid of $75 on each piece, a first here. This will be the least amount required to begin bidding. The auctions will last for five days, ending about noon EDT Tuesday.

That ought to give everyone a good idea of what to expect tomorrow. All this is subject to change, but not much, I hope. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of work to do. Oh, for you cat people, the above cartoon from 2012 will be available for purchase. I hope you all enjoy the show and sale!