The art of the deal


The Arlo and Janis strip running in newspapers today refers to Paul Klee. Who was Paul Klee? He was a Swiss-born German painter; the work of Klee (1879-1940) was eclectic and difficult to pigeonhole, but he is remembered as an expressionist. I’m no art professor, but, as I understand it, these guys represented a direct transition from 19th-century impressionism, itself considered weird painting when it was introduced, to what we regard as “modern art,” or the “how-do-you-know-it’s-not-hanging-upside-down?” school.

However, I’m not here to blog the dead horse of representational painting versus abstract painting. I just ask myself, “Would it look good on the wall?” I think I’d like Klee’s work on my wall. Much of it is very cartoonish, and coming from me that is not an insult.