The Art Sale Has Begun!

Speaking of eggnog, here’s an “oldie” from just three years ago. The original cartoon art is now available and can be viewed by clicking on the “Clearance Sale” banner above. The sale is an auction. It will end Wednesday afternoon. The cartoons are all professionally framed and were part of the “Faraway Places” show last weekend. Also, I am not planning any other cartoon-art sales in the near future, so if you’re in the market this is your only chance for now. And, of course, many T shirts still are available.
Buy the new book, "Beaucoup Arlo & Janis!"Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. Jimmy – Today’s strip is not listed for sale on eBay. Are you willing to sell it directly? Obviously, I’m showing all my cards, so I’m at your mercy, but I know you to be a fair and decent person. Thanks for your time.

  2. By the way, Ghost is sick with a nose related incidence so we are both coughing and snotty. Different causes methinks and hopes.

    I am progressively decorating. My help found bins I had not seen since about fifteen years ago. Now if they could find last year’s bins?

    It’s rather like Christmas. A little bit anyway.

    The batteries still were limping along on the dancing gingerbread dolls after fifteen years. They sounded like Star Wars aliens singing strange holiday songs.

  3. Both my wife and I have been coughing all week. I brought the Christmas tree into the house on Sunday and was very stuffed up as I slept Sunday to Monday. The drainage started on Tuesday. Definitely allergy related. Almost done with the coughing.

    As I mentioned in yesterday’s thread, we are headed to Saginaw to visit Marianne’s Mom who had back surgery yesterday. The surgery lasted 3+ hours but with the anesthesia it made for a long day. She woke up very serene and thought that she had visited heaven. It makes you realize why so many end up addicted to opioids. In her case, I think that it was an answered prayer. She was very scared (who wouldn’t!) and maybe God used the drugs to let her know everything will be all right. That is what I am choosing to believe. I do not fear death, but I am kind of scared of the dying process.

  4. Jackie has reminded me that it was about this time last year that I famously wondered in the Village “Just how much snot can one nose produce?” The same question is applicable again. As I told Jackie’s cute physical therapist on Thursday, I thought surely I’d left my seasonal allergies behind but danged if they didn’t follow me to Oklahoma.

  5. Apparently you guys got really po’d with me and you see my name and skip right over it. I know that I’m slow, but I get it. I won’t bother you any more.

  6. Of course not Jerry. I read about your snow and was excited for you. Laughed at the credit card for ice scraping.

    Did you find some warm socks to wear with your flip flops?

  7. Catching up here… Jerry, in what part of FL do you live? I lived in B’ham for several years and remember attending a football bowl (about 1983?) with freezing rain turning to snow and two days later having 85F weather on Christmas Day.

  8. Jerry, I’m not po’d with you or anyone else here. I just don’t drop in often enough to have encountered your snow report.

    The older I get the less I bother to be upset with; it’s easier on my heart issues!

  9. Not p.o’d at anyone, just at a really bad head cold that I seem to be recovering from. Have an annual coming up Tue.; wouldn’t be surprised if he told me my immune system fought off a bout of pneumonia. Didn’t somebody above wonder how much mucous a person can produce. Lots. All that water one is s’posed to drink maybe is just to replace the water lost. Time for my banana to replace K+, then lunch and a nap. Beer is mostly water.


  10. The 105 refers to all categories in eBay, it just Jimmys page. All over eBay.

    On Jimmys page there are the two styles of tee shirts and mine framed cartoons.

  11. Jerry,

    We had record snowfall in Central Texas on Thursday night. A few of the schools even cancelled for Friday! This was one of the “top five” snowfalls ever for my daughter’s town of College Station, TX. Of course, it cleared off and the snow melted by mid-day (even in the shade). Our high temperature ended up being about 50 degrees for the day.

    I missed your message from this morning since I logged in after Jimmy had posted the new page today. Didn’t skip over, just missed. Your outside car has probably thawed by now, but what I frequently did when I was stationed in the Chicago area was start the car with defrost on high, the pour cool (not hot!) water over the windshield while the wipers are running. That would clear it off well enough to drive. Don’t try hot water, though, since the sudden thermal shock can cause the frozen windshield glass to crack.

  12. On Jimmy’s page the item count includes the different styles and colors of t shirt. So there are only two t shirt logos and whatever art is left, but EBay is counting short/long sleeve and different colors as individual items.

  13. TruckerRon from last night, “That’s our astronomy club! …” You’re right of course. I had gearheads in mind when I wrote it, and assumed sailcloth boaters may do the same. Your observation of inviting newcomers to enjoy the hobby brought to mind several Hollywood comedy situations I stopped short of describing last night. Because I did not want to imply the real life ladies at the party had done something like this.

    Adam Sandler is not high brow comedy, but Jennifer Aniston needed an acting credit that year and played surgical nurse to his plastic surgeon, with a lot of this style humor. Also Christina Applegate did a girl’s night out kind of romantic-comedy with Selma Blair and Cameron Diaz, called The Sweetest Thing. One scene in the ladies lounge of a nightclub has several other young ladies manually comparing and admiring her ‘work’. End credits showed over outtakes, including one where Christine allows the groping, then removes the silicon temporaries onto the counter for effect.

    I mention the Applegate comedy for a reason beyond shock humor. Several years later Christina learned she had DNA markers for increased risk. Opted to undergo double mastectomy. And while she learned only one would have been life-threatening, she felt the decision was sound. You see, her mother was also a survivor. Applegate continues to have a philanthropic interest in this field.

  14. Reminiscent of the “House Christmas Lights” scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, I just went out and plugged in four extension cords. I say “reminiscent” because Jackie’s house lit up on the first try, but without plunging the rest of Eufaula into darkness. It’s a Freakin’ Winter Wonderland out there! And more lighted wreathes and garlands are still to be added as Handyman Ray discovers them in the Christmas Stuff Depository located over the shop building, which has apparently not been accessed in recent decades.

    In related news, Jackie has set her table with all its Christmas finery, including a miniature ceramic gingerbread village centerpiece. I, of course, immediately declared the name of the village to be “Hooterville”. Think about it.

  15. As I put the star on the top of the kitchen Christmas tree a few minutes ago, I commented that we should have gotten an angel for it. I then asked Jackie if she knew from whence the tradition of an angel on the top of a Christmas tree came. She did not, so I explained:

    One Christmas Eve many years ago, chaos reigned at the North Pole Toy Shop. The elves were grumpy because many orders had come in at the last minute and still had to be filled, and they were muttering about filing a complaint with their union. Shipping was struggling to get the orders that had been completed onboard the sleigh when Operations announced an indefinite weather hold. Several female elves had that afternoon filed a complaint of inappropriate behavior against Santa (something to do with him trying to fill their stockings while they were still wearing them), for which Mrs. Claus was giving him a full ration of grief. Just when Santa’s migraine reached epic proportions, The Littlest Angel walked into the toy shop with a decorated tree and chirped, “Hey, Santa! Where do you want me to put this tree?”

    And so began the tradition.

  16. +1

    You know it’s well written, when you see the punchline in front of you like an approaching freight train. But have trouble getting to it because you’re already laughing at the little bits along the way.

  17. Oops! Posted on the wrong day’s comments!

    Steve, thanks for the posting about the “Lovable Loser” – I loved it! In fact, now I am all weepy. Sometimes, the good guys DO win!

  18. Ghost is not well and he is still that funny.

    He is so congested and stuffed up except all the endless nose running. I hope he can sleep.

    Coughing too.

    Good Night!!!!!

  19. Dear Jerry in FL, You are so remarkable to have snow falling in the center of Florida, I was stunned at the impossibility of it. But obviously it was possible! So amazing. In fact, at the time snow was falling at your house, not a flake had been seen this winter here in New Hampshire. Although I am pleased (sort of! ) to tell you Villagers that it snowed here from about 11 am and is still snowing I guess, lightly, and no wind. Supposed to stop some time overnight. So Jerry, you beat us to it!

    How are your cats, and are they all well?

  20. Checked back the last two days. Unless I missed it, I’d not yet mentioned something those of you into amateur astronomy may already know. Earliest sunset was 7 Dec, Pearl Harbor Day. It usually is, or close. Solstice w/b 21 Dec, as it commonly is, and latest sunrise 4 Jan., ’18. It’s all Kepler’s fault, and the mgt. is not responsible for overcast skies. [Conspiratorial climate scientists are.] Bedtime.


  21. Yes emb, I mentioned it at the hospital yesterday and was made fun of as ” everyone knows that it’s the first day of winter”… I just shrugged and said nevermind. If I had pushed my case, I would have been called a ” know it all”. Sometimes it’s not worth it being right!

  22. Ghost is truly miserable. Cancelling our Christmas brunch at the Philbrook museum and the Messiah this afternoon. Hope is he and Dickens will sleep all day. I am closing door to keep it dark, like bears in cave.

    Got up early and undecorated a second tree that had been packed for years and years. Despite being covered in glass ornaments, none broke except one I dropped. And mice did not eat the gingerbread ornaments which were made of that inedible dough and garnished. The candy is not real either but not stored in climate controlled.

    Getting dressed to shape garlands to hang on porches.

    Kitchen looks like Mrs. Claus and elves piled table in cookies and candy.

  23. And you nailed it today Jimmy. I don’t know how many times I’ve woken at hearing my phone in the middle of the night for a text that could have waited till daytime. Very rude and inconsiderate of people to do that.

  24. Just woke up and thought it was early morning and I would read the new csrtoon.

    Apparently it is still Sunday night? Early night.

    I Yuled out.

  25. Here’s the one I woke up looking for this morning. We had it on LP; four such LPs in fact, + My Fair Lady, and the Shakespeare/Mendelssohn version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with Holloway as Bottom, the Weaver, whom Oberon turns into a donkey.

    I feel better, and probably look better, though nobody will say I walk like a lad. Be out in public first time tomorrow; we’ll see.


  26. It’s indeed midnight and I have not been able to sleep so I put all the unhung ornaments and decorations into gallon Ziploc neatly by types or themes. Not to say I am not a little anal?

    Keep saying I am AC-DC but Ghost tells me that isn’t what I am trying to say.

    There Is A Tree In Kitchen, Wreaths On All The Windows And Doors, Lightd Around Main House, garlands To Hang On Porch. Giant Snowman And Trees On Front Deck.

    Nexg Year We Do The Back Houses And Fences. I Will Buy The Lights At The After Christmas Sale Of Course.

  27. It’s been a while, and I am afraid this isn’t going to be much of a cheerful post, but I will say I have missed you all greatly, and my safe haven of the Village.

    First, the good news: Thunder is now roughly 95% a full-time inside kitty. She still wants out occasionally, but the cold and the siren song of my lap or MY warm bed bring her back inside relatively quick.
    Work is still going well. Nine months now, where has the time gone? Yes, I still love bacon. 🙂 And best of all, my sleep schedule and my natural sleep rhythm are fairly close to being in sync. I missed second shift life. Still happy with the boyfriend (such a weird thing for me). His schedule constantly varies, so we don’t see each other as much as we would like, but we take what we can get.

    Now, the not so good news: grandma is declining rapidly. Long story short, chronic lack of oxygen, dementia, and poor circulation have all taken their toll. Her medication plan is approaching the “comfort management” stage. She is tired and disoriented most of the time. And nothing quite prepares you for your grandma looking up and upon seeing you, grimacing and saying you are the last person she wanted to see. I am almost forty years old, and it took almost all I had not to cry and walk away.
    Marie, she of multiple miraculous rebounds, is sadly fairing not much better than grandma. She too has begun a rapid decline; so much so, hospice has been called in. Her once near perfect memory is now fading, and she is becoming much harder to understand. We are planning Christmas there at their nursing home (so thankful they are in the same location!), with the silent hope they both will be there.
    We are lucky, we have hope for at least a bittersweet Christmas. My best friend will not have such a luxury. Her mother, another feisty, amazing woman was diagnosed with advanced, super aggressive cancer in her lower extremities back in October. Her decline was horrifically rapid. This past Monday, she was only given a few more days. I saw her briefly Wednesday night. For her sake, only a few more days is probably a blessing – such an amazing woman does not deserve the suffering she’s in.

    I sincerely apologize for the sad news, but I am glad you are hear to listen. May you all have wonderful holiday gatherings and enjoy the company of all those you love most dearly.

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