The Blue See

The Blue See

When I was starting out as a syndicated cartoonist, I lived in a house on a bluff, 100 feet above the Tennessee River. I couldn’t begin to afford that house today, but real estate prices are another story. The view was grand. I always kept a pair of binoculars handy. Bald eagles were frequent visitors. Interesting yachts would pass daily, making the long voyage on the waterways, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. Huge commercial tows would pass with serene majesty. And every now and then, especially midweek when things were slow, there would be a boat drifting far out in the water, its company assuming no one could see them.

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  1. Re 5-10-19 retro cartoon: I swear that sometime in the past year I read about a Bluetooth-equipped bra that could be unfastened remotely. (I suppose there has to be an app for that.) I seem to recall they were marketed as a solution for elderly women who had trouble undressing. Sure. ::wink wink::

    It’s a measure of how busy I’ve been lately that I don’t recall more details of this particular technological advance.

    Anyway, that could be one explanation for why the bikini babe’s top when flying, even though Occam’s Razor would suggest she unfastened it the old-fashioned way. (Ghost’s Razor would suggest the top wasn’t up to the job and popped open on its own. 😉 )

  2. lLee
    Momma Bear is doing well. Drain tubes are out.
    Monday see surgeon for last time. Oncologist first time.
    Do not anticipate problems.

    Our tenant put in his corn in the same # of hours that it would have taken us in days.

    We missed the snow. We are waiting for April.

  3. Re: backing up.
    Try backing a 4 wheel trailer with automotive style steering.
    Into the shed with 19 inches either side. – just takes practice —
    lots and lots of practice.

    • Yeah I have PLENTY of respect for anyone driving a big rig. I once had to take a pallet of coke off of a truck with a fork truck , down an incline and then deposit it on the dock. I had no training, but decided to take it down backwards. Did not lose a bottle…

  4. Jimmy:

    Your commentary made me remember the punchline to one of your comics, the one in which Janis was bending over while wearing a sun dress, and Arlo says, “There’s just something about a peek.”

  5. “Tonight we shall water our horses in the Tennessee…” – Gen Albert Sidney Johnston, who was on his way to die at the Battle of Shiloh.

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