But is it art?!

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Cartoonist’s note: Obviously, I’d be pleased with the sale if it ended right now! I’m always humbled and a little amazed by these things. Thanks to everyone, from the lurkers to the high rollers. It’s been fun, and it’s not over yet. Enjoy the wine and cheese if you have any.

The doors have opened on the 2013 show and sale of original A&J comic strip art! Half the offerings will go up for sale or auction at noon CDT today. The other half will be posted at 8 o’clock CDT tonight. The cartoons for this event were selected by the cartoonist, me. They represent favorites from recent years, based on a combination of artwork and writing and, in some cases, that certain indefinable something.

Many of the strips will have a “Buy It Now” price. Some will not. All the strips can be bid upon, but the first bid cancels the “Buy It Now” opportunity for all, and the sale of that strip becomes bid-only. This is how eBay does it. All items will have a minimum bid of $75. The “Buy It Now” price is $150 where it is available. I know this isn’t chicken feed, but it is the lowest “Buy It Now” price I’ve yet offered, and I think it’s fair to all, based on prices from previous sales. “Buy It Now” purchases will ship immediately; the auctions will last five days. I hope everyone enjoys it.