I was able to do a bit of traveling on the Continent back at the turn of the century. I was coming from a small town where the oldest structure was a dilapidated wood-frame house built just before the turn of the century. That other turn of the century. I constantly was struck by the antiquity of the buildings. Buildings older than the United States practically were the norm. Anything that old actually in the United States is rare, and if it exists at all it probably is in a preserved state. Not so much across the water. A thousand-year-old building isn’t unheard of, but its remnant usually stands within the bowels of a larger structure that has evolved and grown over centuries. Whether in city or village, buildings continually are remodeled and repurposed. Anyway, some such site I encountered over there, I think it was a tiny restaurant, later inspired the above. They had some great wine, too!