The Cat Gets His Tongue

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I rarely let April Fools’ Day go by unremarked. Lately, I’ve been on the “April Fish” kick, playing on the French version of April Fools’ Day. I don’t know why, but the idea of sticking a paper fish on someone’s back just strikes me as charming, strange and—for some reason—very French. It’s a bigger deal than you might think. I do know that the chocolate shops in France begin to fill their windows with large chocolate fish in late March, just like chocolate Easter bunnies. Before the April Fish thing, April Fools’ Day often was a day for letting Ludwig speak his mind. I enjoy doing that, too.

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  1. Paper fish placed on their backs and being referred to as “poisson d’avril” (April fish), said to symbolize a young, easily caught fish and a gullible person.

    BTW, I am not a fan of practical jokes or surprises, unless it is a way of conveying good news.

  2. To put it in perspective, remember that the French apparently thought Jerry Lewis was a comedic genius.

    Jackie, if you are going to plead for something, perhaps clothes that are falling off would be an aid.

  3. No, Ghost, this is my new CPA , I am paying him.

    Thought you’d like to know I am showing promise in losing weight, not my clothes. The latter is far easier than the former.

    Without you and I we’d only have JJ for entertainment We can take up some of the load.

    Love Jackie

  4. Perhaps at least some of my love of sundresses stems from an incident some years ago when I was seated in the waiting area of a bank, across from a man and his lissome blonde wife. Her sundress, worn (properly) sans brassiere, was a size or two too large, making every move she made (and she was making a lot of them) an adventure in “OMG, which one is she going to show next?”

    I’m sure the fact they were waiting to see a male loan officer had nothing to do with her choice of attire.

    But yes, Jackie, I am very proud that you are showing signs of weight loss…even if I am not there to see them. 😉

  5. Ghost, Arlo famously noted, “There’s just something about a peek.”

    Any attempt to add the link (it is on this site, not GoComics) immediately sends the post to Davy Jones’ Locker. 🙁

  6. Debbe, Michigan/Michigan St is a huge rivalry. MSU in the final four would not like to be referred to as Michigan. That’s all. When meeting someone on the street with some form of MSU attire the proper greeting is “Go Green’ with the response of “Go White”

  7. A few days back, someone noted that Robin seemed to have left us, and maybe was happy about that. In contrast, I thought [but didn’t post] that Robin was a neat addition, and hadn’t been gone all that long. After all, JJ cannot feature everyone from Meg to Gus and every place from the beach to the water cooler all at once. Happily, Robin is back and has been initiated into the club.

    Joyeux April Fish! emb

  8. My boss is from France and I asked him if anyone had put a fish on his back yet. He was pleasantly surprised that I understood the custom. He is out of town but coming back today and I was thinking of making a photocopy of a fish and put it in his chair, but then I would have missed his reaction.

  9. “Joyeux poisson d’avril!” would have been better. Around here, the paper fish would most likely be an eelpout, a much despised local fresh-water cod, but perfectly good eating.

    Peace, emb

  10. I took off a while this morning to carry my Mom to get her hair trimmed. (She likes that, and it makes her feel better). As a bonus, I got to see what my pneumatic and pulchritudinous hair stylist was wearing today. (I like that, and it makes me feel better.)

    Ironically, she was wearing a low-cut leopard-skin pattern top. (See “9 Chickweed Lane” comments above.) I’m not sure if that made her feel empowered, but it brought out the animal in me. 🙂

  11. Why don’t I feel old? Everyone seems to be much older, even the ones who are biologically younger. It has nothing to do with how I dress, I could be any age and would probably dress the same.

    Except when I get smaller I will go back to wearing Lands End and LL Bean. Probably not Orvis, too rich.

    Going to go get a Ford truck brochure after I go eat some oysters.

  12. I get A&J in a newspaper, the way the Good Lord intended. 😉

    When I went to GoComics to view today’s strip, I was curious as to why Robin is wearing Mr. Spock’s Star Fleet uniform today…

    …and her hair is still not silver.

  13. So I’m eating a light 1 April lunch in my dining nook about 1300, facing the N lawn, my 9-yr old flowering crab [no leaves here yet], and the older spruces on the berm. A crow flies in low over the lawn to the E, and lights in the crab, only it’s not a crow but a hawk. Just perches and looks around, eventually leaves, low swooping flight N of the neighbor’s home to the W. Obviously a LARGE Sharp-Shinned or more likely a Cooper’s. Did not get a real good look at the end of its tail feathers: more rounded in Cooper’s, almost squared off in Sharp-Shinned.

    Consulted Peterson [copy on the breakfront within reach] after hawk left. “Female almost crow-sized.” I’ve seen enough different birds in the crab for scale; it was a female Cooper’s. For a most casual birder, I’ve done well at that window.

    Pretty much confirmed my sighting, in ’06 or ’07, when I was out on that lawn. Sharp dickey bird cry behind me, turned and saw a hawk on the lawn with a starling in its talons. Looked around as though asking itself, “What do I do next?”, then flew S with its prey. Considering starling size, that was either a large female Sharp-Shin, or more likely, a male Cooper’s.

    Peace [accepting nature as it occurs], emb
    [No charge for apostrophe lesson.]

  14. Ages ago, wife called me down basement to watch a ballroom dance contest. [Possibly on ice skates, but that’s not what I remember. [Wife was a most understanding spouse.] Various couples did nicely; I’m not qualified to judge dancing skills. The guys were all fully covered, though not all in identical tuxes. One couple stood out, he dressed in whatever, she in a mesh body stocking, with minimal bosom coverage and a thong. We never saw the judges, just heard their voices, maybe 3-5 of them. One woman remarked [not acidly], “She has a nice tusch.” [Speelcheck doesn’t spell tusch that way, nor tush.] She did. Nobody fell down or any such, but that couple came in last. To me, they all seemed to dance/skate? quite well.

    Peace, emb

  15. emb, I think the actual word is tuchis, which according to the online dictionary is Yiddish slang for the bottom/buttocks. Non-Yiddish speakers probably tried to enunciate the word as they saw it and it came out as tush. My ex and I saw hawks several times in our yard in TN. Really attractive birds.

  16. BTW, Jackie, my total weight loss since 1 January is 13.6 pounds. Still fighting the good fight…dinner tonight is shrimp yakimeshi and cucumber-celery-sweet onion-red bell pepper salad.

    Hope you get on the program soon.

  17. Sorry Ghost, I am actually eating now and still losing. You obviously have a short way to goal, whereas I have a year ahead of me at least.
    Know you have worked hard and you have inspired me to both eat and stick with healthy foods . Your dinner sounds great. Did have my oysters and a small baked sweet potato, small salad, sent bread, hush puppies , butter, sugars and bread back untouched.

    I have promised no more not eating and small amounts at least three times a day. I stashed fruit and yogurt in fridge in room. No simple carbs, potatoes starches, fats or Diet Coke, no juices, just water and a couple of unsweetened teas. I do feel immensely better.

    I should have had grilled shrimp but I don’t get oysters in OK. I am in town of about 3500, limited choices. Had to go tip my mama’s favorite waitress $25. She’s been out with chemo and cancer, was off at time of funeral.

  18. A couple of weeks ago a hawk, probably a Cooper’s, got two male Red-winged Blackbirds in two days — right outside the large window beside the kitchen table. It was sad, but interesting. While I ate a late breakfast (been sleeping late) the hawk efficiently picked all the feathers off the blackbirds, then ate the meat — that part I couldn’t see too well, okay with me! I had an excellent view of the hawk’s handsome slate grey wing feathers, from maybe ten yards away.

  19. Jackie
    We almost always request “no fries – no chips” doesn’t always happen but we try.

    Favorite recipe for eel pout = nail pout to board, bake at 450* for 6 hrs,
    throw away fish, eat board.

    We have a Red Tail that hunts around here (he sits on the power pole [remember when they were all Telephone Poles]) One day she/he was chasing a pigeon – one flying for its supper the other for its life.

    Just looked at my PBS schedule – the 7pm CDT time is probably a national feed.
    April 8 Nature = Animal Homes: The Nest
    April 15 Nature = Animal Homes: Location, Location, Location.
    Finding a base for operations – beavers, tortoises, humming birds 7 wood rats.
    April 22 Nature = Animal Homes: Animal Cities

    April 7 9pm CDT – Frontline: The Trouble with Chickens – it is about pathogens in our meat
    particularly chicken.
    I do find that Frontline usually has an ax to grind or makes things a little sensational for my taste.

    Why are CT shows an hour ahead of ET? Do the network programmers think the Midwest
    goes to bed earlier? The farmers in Ohio wait till 11 for the news but Iowa won’t stay up past
    10:30? (Another remember – News was only 15 min.)

    A boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat.

  20. Has anyone seen the lightning strike in Central OK?
    Had a strike on a telephone pole less than 75 feet from me when I was about 12,
    Carl Lewis had nothing on the jump I made.

  21. Old Bear: One day she/he was chasing a pigeon – one flying for its supper the other for its life.

    That reminds me of a favorite old joke:

    Two strangers were out backpacking in the woods. They came upon each other and decided to walk the next bit together. Around a bend in the trail they came face to face with a bear. One stranger drops to his knee, fetches his running shoes from his backpack and begins the removing his hiking boots. The other stranger just stares and says, “There is no way you can run faster than that bear.”

    The kneeling stranger stands up and replies, “I don’t have to be faster than the bear. I only have to be faster than you.”

  22. But 12 of that 15 was news, not ads.

    Charlotte: NH is well within both the winter and breeding range of the Goshawk, larger cousin of both Cooper’s and Sharp-Shinned. Its front is lightly barred pale gray, rather than rusty like its smaller cousins. Here is most of a column I wrote in 2002 [slightly altered], which mentions goshawks but goes further; one of the more exciting moments in this prof’s life.

    “Years ago, Pearl Maki was the college’s Curator-Naturalist, a grant-funded position. Pearl did many good things for the biology department, including educational work with school children and preparing some of the best bird mounts around. One March day she came to my office carrying the body of a large grey hawk: “Look what the DNR found on the roadside near Warroad.”
    “Without closely examining the bird, I asked, “Goshawk?” Goshawks are large accipiters (bird-hawks or “true” hawks), rounded-winged, maneuverable woodland hawks that prey mostly on smaller birds. Goshawks barely get this far south in summer, but are uncommon winter residents. Their more common local relatives are the smaller Cooper’s hawk and still smaller sharp-shinned hawk. I’d seen a wild goshawk only once, during a fall migration hawk-watch near Duluth.
    “Pearl calmly extended the bird’s long, pointed wing and I gasped, ‘Gyrfalcon!’ Gyrfalcons (JUR-fawl-kuns) are large, arctic and subarctic falcons, as big as goshawks but almost unheard of in the lower 48. I had never hoped to see one outside of a zoo or museum.
    “Raptors (hawks and owls) have long fascinated people, including kings and others who used various hawks in the sport of falconry. Peregrine falcons, and sometimes gyrfalcons, were so highly regarded that often only the nobility were allowed to hunt with them. Now we’re more democratic; properly trained commoners can obtain falconry licenses. The February 13, 2002 student weekly paper profiled our newest invertebrate zoologist, Dr. Jane Eyre. Jane is a licensed falconer.
    “We’ll stick to hawks today, order Falconiformes. (Don’t worry, there’s no test at the end.) In Britain, ‘hawk’ refers to accipiters only. There, falcons are falcons, eagles are eagles, harriers (or marsh hawks) are harriers, vultures are vultures, but soaring hawks, like our red-tailed hawk, are ‘buzzards.’ The colonists mistakenly called New World vultures buzzards, but good birdwatchers call them vultures. When zoologists formally classified birds, in the 1700s, most put New World vultures (turkey vulture, black vulture, and the condors) into the Falconiformes, along with the Old World vultures. New World and Old World vultures look much alike, and both feed on carrion, so why not?
    “However, based on the anatomy of the bony palate, some objected to putting American vultures in the Falconiformes. They said the similarity of New World and Old World vultures was convergence, the acquisition, in distantly related lineages, of similar adaptations. It happens at all levels, within orders as well as between. Eagles are not a single lineage; they’re just big soaring hawks. Bald and golden eagles are no more closely related to each other than either is to the smaller true buzzards.
    “There the controversy stood; most ornithologists classifying American vultures in the Falconiformes, a few saying their anatomy more closely allied them with storks (order Ciconiiformes). Paleontology was little help; fossil flying birds are rare because their light bones are too fragile to fossilize commonly or well. Fortunately, a new kind of evidence showed up in the late 20th century: molecular similarities. Careful examination of organisms’ DNA gives us a good handle on how long ago the lineages leading to present-day species diverged. The minority seemed to be right: present-day hawks, eagles, falcons, buzzards, and Old World vultures are all descended from a common ancestor. New World vultures are [we thought] more closely related to storks; their resemblance to Old World vultures is convergence.
    “All scientific conclusions are tentative [and this one is less sure in 2015 than was thought when I wrote this column]. However, scientists know better than to carve it in stone. Most agree it is the most reasonable conclusion, and few still classify American vultures with hawks and their kin. Our business is explaining the workings and history of the natural world as best we can by studying it. It’s good work, and every once in a while, we get to gasp, ‘Gyrfalcon!’ ”

    Peace. emb

  23. A cat may not speak American but that does not mean he can not be understood.
    Our Tippy let me know in no uncertain terms he did not like being outside so long.
    He was very verbal about it.


    See if this works
    Firefox – “Edit” drop down to “Special Characters” Choose your poison.
    I use “Accented Latin” in correspondence.

  24. Dear emb, your essay on the Gyrfalcon et al was most interesting. Here in Southern NH I have never seen any of those large raptors (and I haven’t travelled to look, either). The very handsome Hawk I saw tearing up the Blackbirds was not awfully big, and was hard to I.D. in either Peterson’s or Sibley’s. Had a classic Hawk profile … fierce.

  25. TR, a darker version of that story is that all you need to survive an encounter with a bear is a .22 pistol and a hiking companion you don’t like. When the bear starts toward you, whip out the pistol, shoot the HCYDL in the knee, and stroll briskly away.

  26. “Old Bear: A cat may not speak American but that does not mean he can not be understood.
    Our Tippy let me know in no uncertain terms he did not like being outside so long.
    He was very verbal about it.


    If you think I understand cats better than others because I’m a mammalogist, I don’t. We had several cats over the years, and got along fine with those that remained long enough for the 3 of us [wife, cat, emb] to adjust to one another. Wife had cats when she was a kid; I didn’t. My several months experience w/ M. Trouve’ in 2014 was basically a disaster. I hope the vet tech that saved him from euthanizing has had good luck. I enjoyed him some, but he was a constant trouble maker. When he sunk his upper canines into my hand, he became an instant legal liability, so I had to get rid of him.

    Peace, emb

  27. Good morning Villagers..

    Denise, you’re not gonna believe this, but I do have a cardboard box in my dining room that little Kyler sits in perfectly…..he does enjoy that box too. My husband took him four wheeling last night, he loved it. We had him bundled up good and he sat well in the padded sit with arms around it, so he was safely tucked in. He loved it.

    Nodak…thanks for the explanation. I figured it had something to do with MSU. Go Green!!!

    Gotta go….work clothes in dryer.

    ya’ll have a blessed day.

    and yes, there really is a French Lick, Indiana… it. It has quite a history. It’s about a 30 minute drive from me.

  28. clothes still drying…..

    Old Bear….thanks for the referral, before they ‘take out the hens’, they sacrifice about three of them to check the quality of meat…..I’ve heard it goes in animal food…..

    and Jerry has been MIA for way too long……..

  29. Debbe 😉 I’ll bet you did, hon! Lawdy, that was almost as interesting as the Sundress Lady.

    Also too quiet lately has been Lady Mindy. I’d suspect that things had gotten worse at work for her, but I’m not sure that’s possible.

  30. Since we often share books and authors, I am rereading a favorite “The Sharks of Lake Nicaragua” by Randy Wayne White. Adventure, travel and fishing. I noticed on the book jacket he’d written a series of mystery books with a character Doc Ford.

    Still carrying ‘Hemingway’s Boat” and wish it didn’t weigh so much while holding it in bed. I have not learned to read ebooks but maybe I will try to read on the Nook or the new tablet I need to activate

    But I like the feel of a real book in my hands. But I am trying to at least use this Smartphone although not gotten very far.

    Had several interesting conversations yesterday on mortality and life, the best of which were with my 12 year younger cousin who had buried another family member the day before. He was the younger brother I never had and most of his memories of me are like Ghosts can’t be told here and involved my creative language, high speed driving skills , free spirit and independence, love of knowledge, music, arts and theater, fearless opinions, pinball skills and everyman in several parishes and schools in love with me.

    He said he’d been thinking about the people who shaped his adult life and I was a major one. So Ghost, women who are not Mrs. Robinson can alter young boys lives. He said to keep living, I deserved happiness.

    Wish I could tell some but the most sanitized involves the deer. Convertible, a gravel road, high speed and a one lane ancient bridge. He said when the car went sideways through the bridge, the deer was face to face with him in passenger seat but I had my arm across holding him while other arm held wheel.

    Still a legend I suppose . Randy White wrote a legendary column for Outside magazine called ‘Out There” and I understand people who want to live on the edge.

  31. re: Evan “I get A&J in a newspaper, the way the Good Lord intended 😉 ” reminds me when Rip Torn’s character Artie says in the Larry Sanders Show “my TV stops at channel 13 like it’s supposed to”

  32. Wan’t Jerry’s new house supposed to be done in April? Maybe he’s moving? Hope he’s not having other troubles….

    While we’re checking on folks, how are you, Gal?

  33. emb, that was fascinating! Thank you!

    David, internal evidence within the article indicates it is an April Fish joke.

    Debbe, I wonder if the kids-in-boxes story says more about the kids or us? Nothing goes together better than a kid and a cardboard box, though. A few years back, a group that compiles a sort of hall of fame list for toys put the cardboard box on the list.

    Jerry, where are you?

    The fate of Janis’ robe reminds me of a pair of vinyl athletic shoes I had for about 20 years, from mid-teens to mid-thirties. They looked pretty ratty toward the end, but just wouldn’t die. Their soles were thick and rigid and great for propelling a shovel into the thick blue clay around here. After I planted the last of many, many plants around our then-new home, I buried those shoes next to a viburnum. I like to imagine an archaeological team excavating them, intact, a few thousand years from now.

  34. Gal’s OK – she commented on Facebook yesterday.

    Geography lesson: While traveling in Kentucky, you will need to turn at the small town of Beaverlick to get to Big Bone Lick State Park. And that’s all I have to say about that!

  35. Yes, Llee, Ruth Anne and others, I am OK. I am just about back to normal, whatever that is! I have been reading voraciously for the past month. Nothing serious, just silly junk. But I think I am through numbing my mind for I am starting to notice the poor writing and plots! So now I shall have to think of something to chase away boredom. Just took daughter to airport… she is visiting her brother in FL for 10 days. Although we get along VERY well, I find myself looking forward to being by myself for a few days.

  36. Hi, Gal. Good report.

    Arlo has never been a fan of Janis’s flannel gowns, except possible the one that was so worn it could be seen through.

    Not a big fan of flannel either, notwithstanding that I’m still intrigued by the idea of Jean’s flannel sundresses. As I’ve noted before, chilly weather and sundresses can be an interesting combination. 😉

  37. I’ve been right here. I haven’t said anything because I would offend someone and that is not what I want to do. Therefore, I will continue to hold my tongue. Is that French too?

  38. Liked that video, huh, GR 😉 was worried it would raise your BP 🙂

    Speaking of flannel sundresses…..wear is Jean been?

    Jerry….what could you possibly say that would offend any of us? As Jack Nicholson said “you can’t handle the truth!”

  39. It does us good to get worked up sometimes, Jerry. I always feel a little more lively after my thoughts have been shaken up a bit. 😉

  40. Jerry: And, in addition to the other comments, remember – your comments paid a pretty important role in Village events fairly recently…

  41. Reporting in, everything rolling down the Delta and back roads. Fats Domino singing Jambalaya and the country in bloom. Forgot about Easter holidays, so going home for weekend and heading back next week again. I am happy and the swamps are lacking I ghosts of all kinds.

  42. I know they will and they do. My financial advisor had to put his 16 year old dog to sleep and I felt so bad for him. Consoled him on dog and now my cousin who lost her mother this week. I am a good hugger and truly feel their pain, so it is sincere.

    This has been a trip of saying goodbyes and burying the past. But I am happy and it is just that, the goodbyes are heartfelt but not painful.

  43. Results of the one-week post-op check of my eye today…all’s well. No sign of infection, intraocular pressure tested normal, and I read the 20/20 line on the chart with no problem.

  44. One has to see the future to say goodbyes with a true composure of the soul. I told my cousin this when she asked me how I had done this because she is truly distraught and it is like a weight lifts. There are still goodbyes but this was a major one to the only home and family I ever knew. Virginia Wolfe and Thomas Wolf were both right of course and I probably spelled both nan wrong. Ghost will know.

  45. Jerry – Stir the pot. It’s the best way to see what’s in there. ? I miss your weather reports too. How IS the house coming?

    Ghost – Still kicking. Still losing to the cat. She woke me up twenty minutes before my alarm went off this morning. She comes thundering into the bedroom, sounding like a one-kitty cattle stampede. Annoyed, I shuffled my way into a semi-presentable state for work. By the time I wandered back out into the living room, Blacklight *was* sound asleep in her kitty bed in front of the fireplace. *Was* because MY fumbling of my cell phone woke HER up! And then she had the NERVE to grumble at me! I countered with the reminder of my wake up only a few minutes earlier. She stop grumbling, thought about it a moment, then started to purr. Too cute to be mad at her. Darn it.

    Life is … well, life. I have survived the past few weeks in extreme minimal coverage mode at work – 24 hour location = three 8 hour shifts. Eight hour solo shift for me means I don’t get much else done except book work and register. We won’t discuss my cooler, or the impending cooler reset on Monday.
    (BUT came up with a great fix to an ongoing cooler shelving issue today! Yay!) Had another rotten inventory audit Monday. I knew it was coming though – a new and large batch of low-life, ne’er do wells have infested the already questionable neighborhood. Shoplifting is back on the rise again. Our SOP for all of the drug deals in the parking lot is to just stay inside and keep the phone handy in case the deal goes sour. Unless LEOs see the deal first-hand, not much they can do. And this isn’t just at my location either – a Lafayette location has recently had issues with syringes left in amongst the potato chip bags. Our heroin users are too cheap to leave theirs behind, a small blessing I suppose.

    But then again, I meet awesome people like G* who leaves Monday, just shy of his 60th birthday for Georgia so he can hike the Appalachian trail up to Maine. He did it once already ten years ago and wanted to give it one more go before he “got old.” ? He said he would be back some time in September. I personally wouldn’t last one day. Amazing guy.

  46. I hear thunder in the distance…..and there is a song about that too… a matter of fact…more than one 🙂

    good night all

    Indy Mindy…damn junkies… careful, really careful. I think it’s time for you to find a more ‘passive’ occupation.

  47. Dear Indy Mindy, Debbe is right, as usual — please take great care in this demanding occupation you have chosen. I bet your good customers love you! What a good sport “G” is, to hike the trail again. I sure hope he makes it okay; he will enjoy it.

    Lots of love, from me and all the other Villagers.

    Dearest Ghost, great news about your eye doing so well. I’m very glad.

  48. Debbe – It’s not just me out there. My company alone has seven stores in here, and we all run 4 – 8 employees. Add in all of our competitors (and indirect ones like Walgreens, CVS, and all of the dollar stores), first responders, and fast food places, and you realize a HUGE segment of the population sees the same stuff I do, only on a much larger scale. You should see how thick the bullet-resistant plexiglass is on the locations where things are even worse. At the end of the day, all anyone can do is minimize the risks as best as possible and accept what so many don’t want to admit – the only person truly responsible for your own safety is you. And even if you do your best, there is still random chance, and no one gets out alive anyway.

    And speaking of grieving and healing, above, I heard my mother speak to me in a dream as I flung myself down (in the dream) in despair. Quite clearly I heard her tell me to see it through, and things would get better. I was dreaming about work. Whether it was my subconscious giving a pep rally or some serious effort on my mother’s part, I have no way of knowing. I am too small a piece of the cosmos to claim any certainty of its inner workings. All I claim to know for certain is I think of her and miss her so much more than I ever realized I would.

  49. And Miss Charlotte, I feel the same way about Debbe! Hers is a job I could not do – Go Debbe!

    And to the Village – I have learned, laughed, expanded my world, and am an all around better human by “knowing” you all. Thank you JJ for giving us a place to enjoy your works and each others’ company. 🙂 <- THIS smiley ought to work!

  50. I’ve mentioned Spider Robinson on here before. I don’t check his website often because he’s been too busy to post on it. However, I just looked it up, and he had a rough Christmas, too. On the order of Jackie’s, except he lost his father and his daughter. But read his latest post to see his take on this:

  51. Lady Mindy et al: Never pass up a chance to tell loved ones how you feel about them. I am so happy that the last thing I said to my sister as I was leaving her the evening before she lapsed into a coma was, “I love you.”

  52. Debbe and Mindy, both of you are also inspiring. Your ability to put one foot before the other is a life lesson for us all. Prayers for strength for all of us. Thank you, Village!

  53. Have to admit I ran into Duck Diner tonight 12 minutes before closing. They seated me, whipped out a fresh oyster poboy and small side of red beans in minutes. It was delicious, service was great and friendly, fast and I resisted the deserts. I hereby eat my words and wish I had tried them sooner. Good tea, lots of lemons and some to take back to room.

    I will go back, after trying several other hotels.this one is my favorite and I will be regular here, at three stays recently I may already be one.

    Good thing I did not know I had a group of special agents in rooms across hall. I was so enthralled by the fantastic guy in elevator this morning we sat and chatted until I asked if problem with elevator? I didn’t push a floor it seems. If they didn’t all call me m’am so politely and tell me to be careful driving on wet roads. The FbI shirt was a tip off, along with physique.

  54. Also, when Did special agents start looking so buff? All the old ones I knew when I was a fed myself were nothing fabulous. But all the special forces, Seals, guys I meet on the water look like central casting called them. And why are they so polite and call me mam?

  55. Feeling misty-eyed over the inspiring and emotional last few posts. Wish I could find the right words, as Mindy, Debbe, Denise, Ghost, Galliglo, and more Villagers — and Jackie for sure, are so adept with. Maybe my writing will improve with age (ha, that’s meant as a joke.) You are a wonderful bunch to hang out with, and so good for my mental health, no kidding.

  56. Because you are a mam – mam and I am a sir-
    the guy looking out isn’t but the guy he sees in the mirror is (Dad what are you doing here)
    just cringe and sat thank you.

    Where did you find polite gvmnt employees?

    Practice safe eating – always use condiments.

  57. Jackie, if you like buff, your tongue would probably have been hanging at the sight of some of the local LEO’s participating in the recent self-defense classes. Except for the female K-9 handler, who could handle me anytime she wished. (Defeated me in hand-to-hand. What did you think I meant?) I didn’t look entirely like chopped liver compared to them, so that was good for the old ego, anyway.

    Fitness is in, again. I know a formally pudgy local surgeon who has been doing Cross Fit for a couple of years and now looks more like an “operator” than someone who does the medical kind of operations.

  58. Good morning Villagers..

    Golly guys, (blushing) thanks. If I can put one smile on one face, I feel I have accomplished that day’s blessing.

    And Mark, thanks for taking me back to the Deep Purple days. Ah, memories around a campfire with Deep Purple playing in an 8 track ‘stereo’…

    It’s been really pleasant working with the other lady from house #1. Marlene has been with the family business 20 some years. She is 68…I plan on plugging along until then too.

    Rachael came to pick up Kyler early, in a huff, mad as a hornet, and Ian was with her. Seems someone promised the teens they’d buy them some beer if they could finish cleaning the cages last night…..wrong thing to say. I wonder if theyr’e still cleaning 🙂

    Rain, rain and more rain….60 right now and down to 30 tonight.

    And it’s PAYDAY, plus the bank account showed our IRS refund deposited. We rent property, 50 acres out to a rancher with beef. So I’m always afraid we’ll have to pay. Got a whopping $2.00 refund from the State of Indiana….beats paying them.

    Steve….the hick from French Lick…I think I know who you are referring to.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.

  59. Debbe 😉 Thanks, hon, for the thought and the tune. Still miss The Big Man.

    Those camp fires can get smokey, can’t they? 🙂

  60. Kmow why Debbe is up but Ghost? Are you just going to bed or an eatly riser?

    You know I can’t leave you lusting alone in the Village, thought you needed company. Who would offer comments that entertain like you and I? Educate and inspire perhaps but not the ooze of slight improptietry.

    You know, I was thinking yesterday about the fact I had a male friend who used the word outre” in a sentence correctly and properly spelled? And was neither effete nor the man in the Hathaway shirt, a strange thought. Since I know you have excellent recall, it isn’t you.

    My life seems to fascinate my friends and family from here. But then it always did I think.

  61. Good evening. Just trying to get caught up before going to bed. Tomorrow comes early here and I have a long day of dates with shiny aluminum tubes.

    Enjoy your Good Friday.

  62. Sand, good morning, Moscow? Sorry to have missed you, you are definitely mysterious enough but if somewhat otre’, well you keep it too close to your chest.

  63. Jackie: because we’re OLD, and some youngsters are polite. I lunch most weeks with my still-in-the-saddle colleagues; many students hold doors and I’m ‘sir’. I’ve broken some folks of calling me ‘Dr.’ when I’m volunteering or going to work out at the hospital.

    Mark: As I’ve noted before, I lost my wife over Christmas [28 Dec. ’10]. Didn’t have financial problems [annoyances, yes], but we were and I still am surrounded with loving people. E.g., I’m invited out for Easter dinner, by my cleaning lady and her family.

    Peace, emb

  64. Interesring, Ghost, I realized you might be the only other person I knew who might have used the word that I know, especially in context of the conversation? That speaks volumes or else you may be less out there than you claim?

    Sorry, I am in a pull your chain mode today, also wearing those leopard silk leggings and black to deal with traffic home on I-20. Funny to think how far I am from here and have always been, yet these are the roots that formed me.

  65. EMB, I grant the years but I also bought the Jimmy Buffet tee shirt, *Growing older but not up.” Actually daughter picked it out, I paid. I may never grow up, Peter Pan was a life time hero, never Wendy, but I liked Tinkerbells attitude.

  66. Gal..had to look that word up. This is better than Mr. Roberts 🙂 AND, I believe that is a $75 word…beating GR “s e_______ word…and I’m not going back to look it up.


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