A Remote Possibility

A Remote Possibility

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  1. If Arlo’s remote is like the Logitech my husband uses (I swear he changes the programming periodically, or maybe my brain changes its programming) if you hit the button in the wrong sequence, not only will it NOT turn off the TV, you have to hit a different sequence to get it to do ANYTHING. Surprisingly, I often find other things to do when my husband and I are not watching TV together.

  2. To answer the questions from yesterday: I used to drive a taxi, and sometimes a limousine, and sometimes a wheelchair-lift van. Sometimes, all three in the same day. Then the company went belly-up and I had to find a new job. Now I drive a wheelchair-lift van for a company that does non-emergency medical transportation. We sometimes take people to the theatre or shopping, but most of the work is medical.

    I said I use an iPhone. Except when I want to comment: typing on an iPhone is slow. So my comments usually wait until I get home and can use the desktop machine. By then, the conversation has moved on, so I don’t comment often.

  3. “So my comments usually wait until I get home and can use the desktop machine. By then, the conversation has moved on, so I don’t comment often.”

    ^ This…

  4. I usually try to squeeze the last bit of “juice” out of batteries. When I perceive my mouse or remote as not being up to par, I may remove a battery and rub the terminals vigorously on my flannel [for its roughness] shirt or even use an eraser on ’em. In either case, if there is just a smidgen of corrosion present, surprisingly often the treatment works. If I can get a few days more use that way, it is worth it; I don’t always have a fresh one on hand or the desire to find a store. Eventually, of course, replacement becomes necessary.

    Don’t ask me about replacing ball point pen ink cartridges.

    • Jimmy did a strip about that. The punch line was “There’s no such thing as an empty tube of toothpaste” or words very close to that.

  5. It’s funny you should run this retro today Jimmy. A couple of days ago I posted another of your remote strips to the Classic Comic Strips FB group. That one was where Arlo was sitting in the chair repeatedly pushing the buttons and grumbling. Then Janis comes in and asks if anything is wrong. Arlo answers “No, why?”. And she says, “Well, you are sitting there opening and closing the garage”.

    By the way, I need to correct what I said about my monitor. It is 22 inches, not 32. Still a very nice size to see things clearly, like your comic strips!

  6. Lost in A**2, your job sounds kinda fun. Except cold snowy days, and kneeling down to unfasten the wheelchair, and all that. When commenting, I’m home all day but don’t use the desktop till after supper, so I don’t join in till often it’s too late, same as you.

    • Charlotte, I was unable to respond timely to your reply on my post. That was when I/we could not read comments! Thank you for your kind thoughts. I consider myself blessed to have known, and loved, Jerry. We did not have much time together – in the grand scheme of things – but it was time enjoyed… even when he was so ill. I finally learned unconditional love. And I am thankful.

  7. After checking in a couple of times on Saturday to find the note that said check back later, I almost expected the same reply today. Maybe the batteries needed changing.

  8. JJ: a note in the latest newsletter from the Florida Retired Educators Association reminded me of you. Referring to “the tedious and seemingly never-ending task of up-dating our website and database” (with professional help, I’m sure), they said, “There is light at the end of the tunnel, and we are now fairly certain that it is not a train.”

  9. Returned late Fri. from a truncated 15-day round trip vacation to Austin w/ elder son and DIL. They drove the Prius, me, and my credit card. Trip shortened to 13 d. to get home before latest winter storm hit. Couldn’t have gone to church today if I’d wanted to; The Meadows got plowed out during this afternoon’s nap. Down to PO tomorrow to collect 2 week’s worth of mail, replenish groceries en route home.

    • EMB, on the main page there are links to previous pages as numbers on the bottom left. From there you can choose the comments. On each comment page there is link below the post, but above the comments, that give you the option to go back (or forward if you are already back).

  10. Being the 5th child of seven of parents that grew up during the great depression I hate to throw out anything. Shampoo has to be completely empty, my shower has several slivers of soap and I even clean off Utensils while cooking even though my dishwasher is plenty big.

    Batteries in remotes must be used to the last drop!

  11. And the worst part of the Spring time change is yet to come. Trying to get to sleep an hour early when your body is programmed not to be in bed that soon. That’s why I’m always dragging for the first week or so after it goes forward.

  12. Steve f R/O

    Grand mother tool 2 wash cloths sewed the edges and put
    slivers inside – had to resew – now would put flapper like sandwich bag.

    NO food goes to waste – it gets eaten. All organics go to compost or field. Even before
    before it was popular or had a name.

    • Yeah we had a compost pile in the back. With seven kids and a septic tank, there was no way that we were getting a garbage disposal. My mom would sometimes make maple syrup with maple flavoring and brown sugar. Now that am into cooking I realized that she didn’t render the brown sugar long enough as it was quite watery.

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