The Cat Takes the Mouse

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Here’s a cat cartoon from 1996. I’m sorry I missed posting yesterday, but I was driving. I hope you will excuse me: the purpose of my trip is to be at the print shop when the first A&J tee shirts start rolling off the heater this afternoon. There’s a lot happening right now! I’ll tell you a lot more about it all very soon.

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  1. I haven’t figured out if our cats are lazy because they present us with our socks and not mice or if they are such a deterrent that there are no mice in the house. I tell my wife the latter, but I think the former is true.

    Can’t wait for the t-shirts. Shoot a picture and let us see!

  2. “The Cat Takes the Mouse”:
    Trying to unmouse a cat is a good way to get two easily infected puncture wounds, from the cat’s upper canines.

    The proper term for dogs, foxes, jackals, wolves, Fido, and other members of the dog family is canids, not canines. Canidae is the official family name. I will now teach all 3 terms to speelczech.

    Peace, emb

  3. The heater is the ink setting mechanism on tee shirt printing mschine. These machines are huge, like giant mechanical octopus unless J J is using another method.

    Mark, Sand look under Workhorse Products website for an example.

  4. That’s certainly my favorite when I raid a laundry room.

    Survived my trip. Weather was sucky. Think I went IFR for a few miles on one stretch of highway. At least it should be cleared out tonight for my return to base.

  5. Somewhere I still have a Pat Paulsen for President button. Last time around I printed a sign that said Obi-Wan Kenobi – Our Only Hope. Of course, for Florida governor I’m sticking with Re-elect Skink!

  6. GR6, you just came off as the apartment complex dirty old man. 😉 Damn, almost inserted an emoji.

    Ruth Anne, in 2004 I had a small batch of bumper stickers printed;

    Jack Ryan – Thomas Clancy ’04

  7. Loon: Our cats figured out how to open the bathroom door in the basement and open the door to where the clothes end up from the laundry shoot. Came home one day to her sports bra, panties, shirt and shorts strewn out in the hallway leading to our bedroom. I was half tempted to lay in the bed till she got home, but then she might have wondered what I was doing wearing her sports bra….

  8. Ruth-Anne, I’m with you on Skink. But he’s too smart to take the job, having already walked out on Florida’s governorship. Skink and Lazarus Long would be the perfect ticket. Anything happens to Skink and you get an immortal as President.

  9. [tried two different ways to include a link. Google Mike Rowe and “represent” if you want the link]

    For those of you supporting Freddy & the Biped (Mike Rowe) there is a T-Shirt campaign that is using proceeds to fund MikeRoweWorks foundation scholarships. I bought a sport hoodie, and a T-shirt for my wife. Still waiting with pent-up demand for an A&J shirt…

  10. Without looking it up, I’ve always assumed that coyote is a Spanish word that came here by way of Mexico. Pronunciation is ki-o-tay I think. Accent on the middle syllable — the o.

  11. My Luddie was named Max, and he was quite the mouser.

    I lost count of the severed mouse heads that I found on the back steps; they were his way of showing that he was contributing to the family.

    When he wasn’t hungry, he brought the entire (dead) mouse to the back door, knocked with both front paws until I opened it, and waited for me to praise and thank him.

    Once praised and thanked, he proudly sauntered off to an undiscoverable location, presumably to engage in a thorough cleaning.

  12. Freddy is Mike Rowes dog. Mike Rowe is Dirty Jobs, pickup flogger and writer of great blogs and commentary. Freddy is running for president and Mike as vp. Supposedly half a million people have written into his blog, sponsors and television show urging him to run. Mike declined but Freddy told him he liked running so he accepted. I am a Mike Rowe fan, along with several other Villagers. I am ready for bed, spent afternoon ordering doors and moldings to repair breezeway. Things are surfacing from the chaos and warehouses, storage.

    Opening boxes where your past is shoved into bins and boxes and a lid closed on the mess is like opening Pandoras box. Confronting what comes out is rather like the anxiety closet in Bloom County.

    My cat scarf was a huge hit at beauty shop and Lowes.

  13. Good morning Villagers….

    OK, now I know who you all are talking about…..Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” ……he can come to my chicken house for a coup any day 🙂

    Husband had the news on, switching from news source to other news source….I asked him, how much more are you going to go on like this…..channeled surfed to TCM and watched a classic with Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando….very different movie, Taylor was her usual sultry self, and Brando, I never thought much of him as ‘good’ actor…the name of the movie “Reflections in a Golden Eye”.

    Weill almost, I said almost, Carhart weather this weekend….nite time lows….low 20’s.

    Dad weasled out on me yesterday…he was tired. He goes out on Wednesdays and has breakfast with his friends and the trip to Mississippi, well yes I can understand him being tired. I will tread on this softly, reminding him he has four lovely daughters to keep living for.

    Jerry, I thought that was you at the bakery yesterday 🙂

    Steve, your story was funny….our furry friends can be very entertaining.

    Have a blessed day, ya’ll

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