He’s eaten worse

FYI, a new season of “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” kicked off Tuesday night on the Travel Channel. Andrew has come a long way since he broke into our consciousness as “that guy who eats weird stuff” although he still does that. And speaking of Ludwig, the cat. You know how a cartoonist sometimes will copy a comic strip panel, usually of talking heads, and sequentially paste it, changing only the dialog, or maybe a few details to throw you off? It’s very easy and very common (and very tempting!) in this digital age. I’m not being judgmental; I’ve done it myself in a pinch. The point I want to make is, sometimes repetition serves a purpose. Take, for example, today’s A&J appearing at GoComics.com and in newspapers. The gag is built around the merciless stare of cats. Each panel is individually drawn and inked, as usual, except for the cat figure, which was copied and pasted three times. Works perfectly.

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  1. Fried rat is about the same thing as fried squirrel… squirrel is pretty good if it is cooked appropriately (not too done, but not too raw). It’s a Goldilocks food.

    I have eaten squirrel. And you are right, of course. — JJ

  2. Coming from a hunting family we cooked squirrel but I gave up eatting it at about age 9 or so, along with rabbits.

    My oldest aunt, bless her soul, loved squirrel and dumplings. We’d have to cook them for her at every visit as she never learned to cook them herself. Her delicacy was squirrel brains ehich she sucked from the heads like crawfish. .

    Squirrels have brains!? — JJ

  3. Anonymous, but I have seen stories in the last few years that people eating squirrel brains are showing up with symptoms similar to mad cow disease. Not something I’d care to risk if I liked that. But as it is, I’m in no danger.

    Never watched one of his shows as the commercials alone put me off anything he might recommend.

  4. OK so I was anonymous in the squirrel story about my aunt but not in the Ode to Joy comment!

    Mark, my aunt would be about 120 years old if she were ice. She was a bit odd but we thought it genetic not squirrelly.

    Personally I did not eat my family road kill if I could avoid it.

  5. This post brings us (well, me, anyway) back to the discussion of cat food. Why not rat and mouse flavored Friskies? Or squirrel, for that matter? I can guarantee my furry horde would enjoy them and rats are cheaper to raise/catch than fish and chicken scrap.
    I can even see some of the flavor names, “Rodent Delight”, Wharf-rat Wonder” and a favorite “Mouse Mousse Pate”.

  6. ‘Twas I who liked the “Ode to Joy”.
    Ha! Almost sent this in anonymously, too!

    Took a tumble off a stairstep around midnight. No apparent lasting damage, but my right [Leno-ism coming up] buttockal area really got creamed and has been telling me so. Elbow cleared out a heavy oak chair, while my noggin actually moved the oak table before bouncing off the maple flooring. Ouch, but no symptoms of anything worth investigating. Yes, I am on the watch for such, as is the MBH.

  7. c ex-p, maybe you need to redecorate with forgiving surfaces, rather than wood which is hard on the body? Glad to hear you came away with nothing broken as that is not a happy tale. Take care of yourself.

  8. Folks in my local astronomy club are distraught that on Facebook they’re being told “Trump wants to end funding for the International Space Station in 2024.” It took about 2 minutes of research to find that its original end-of-service date, complete with a plunge into the Pacific, was 2020. In 2014 Congress extended that to 2024, with NASA tasked to see if it could be safely extended to 2028. I haven’t access to their classified reports to Congress or the President, but it’s likely the ISS mission will end as currently scheduled.

    Why are so many people willing to believe everything they see on FB and not bother to find out for themselves what’s really going on? FB is hardly a reliable news source.

  9. Good morning Villagers! Let’s all rise and shine and get going. Make this a good Saturday!

    Get out and do something interesting. Don’t stay home and .be bored even if you are snowed in.

    Getting up early to start rearranging the living room today.

    That has been interesting. We found things I had never seen!

  10. What? No one up? You say you found things to do in bed?

    Sleep? Read? Watch t.v.? Knit? Exercise?

    Living room is 90% done and looks 200% better.

    Ghost has to clean his desk top. We aren’t supposed to mess with it.

  11. Jackie: Thanks. I’ll attend a funeral, then finish working on signature West Afr. style chicken curry for Sunday’s potluck. May have a stout w/ supper.


  12. Working from 0530 to 1130 trying to get caught up while fighting a case of acute bronchitis. Coughing like Val Kilmer’s Doc Holliday while trying to not touch the keyboard during the spells. No telling what I would type out while shaken by the coughs.

    Good luck to c ex-p today. Bruises always seem to hurt more the second day.

  13. Getting ready to drive up to SLC for a Red Cross luncheon/awards thing with my wife. And we’re not in your time zone, Jackie, so getting up at 7:30 our time on a Saturday isn’t sleeping in that much!

  14. ..and a happy, rainy Caturday to all….esp to you Cxp. You are a very fortunate man to come out not seriously hurt. Glad to have read that your MBH is on the look out for you.

    Mark, sounds like it’s time for antibiotics…take care of yourself.

    Jackie, you are one busy lady…I’ve been busy too 🙂 : https://i.chzbgr.com/full/9119300352/hBE918C23/ …and I’m still looking!!

    Going to venture out and get some milk for Dad, rain is ended. Temps are dropping too.


  15. Debbe, that’s a good one. Doc put me on Azithromycin for 5 days. Said I ought to be feeling better by day 4. Monday, I guess. Thanks and be careful if it’s raining out. Some people seem to lose IQ points when they drive in rain or snow!

  16. January 26, you drew Ludwig once, copied it, and pasted it three times. True confessions!! I suspect the same with other comic strips. But this is different! This is good! Here Luddie is staring! Looking at it knowing all this now makes him look sort of Egyptian or something.

    Thank you, Jimmie. Love knowing that.

    When *was* the last time Ludwig made a vocaliztion? One silent cat.

    By “inked,” you mean hand-drawn, not computer for the 26th? Zowie.

  17. Be of good cheer, Mark. Based on our experience with our respiratory infections between Thanksgiving and about a week ago, in six to eight weeks you should be feeling as right as rain. 😀

  18. Thanks Ghost. You may be closer to the truth than you expect. I’ve had something since the Friday before New Year’s. I think I had the flu first and about the time that wound down, this crept in on its coattails. I am sick of being sick and hope the rest of 2018 leaves me well.

  19. Mark – good luck with the bronchitis. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe you (and Ghost) have had RSV infections – that’s a virus that usually causes mild symptoms in adults but can put babies or people whose immune systems are compromised (for instance, fighting another problem) in the hospital. Symptoms most commonly last only about a week, but can take several weeks to get over. Two of my grandkids got it in pre-school and were coughing for a month.

  20. Judy I was worse than Ghost. I coughed so badly and so long my vocal chords were damaged. I developed severe laryngitis and, horrors, could not make a sound.

    Yet I never had a degree of fever.

    Twenty-five boxes of kleenex and antibiotics and narcotic cough syrup I began to improve.

    And thanks to this I know the answer to question Ghost raised last year.

    How much snot can the human nose produce??

  21. There would have been a heck of a pun baked into today’s cartoon if Arlo had used “broad jump” instead of “long jump”. Alas, the latter term has likely been declared politically incorrect.

    There was a previous cartoon regarding Janis’s dash for the bed on a cold winter’s night. I remember it well, as she was stripping off her clothes and donning her nightgown on the fly. I’ll post a link when I have time to look it up.

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