The Christmas Caller III

December 23, 1993

I have a doozey of an excuse this morning! My neighbor is having a driveway poured. She knew she was going to have a yard of the stuff left over, and she offered it to me. So, I’ve been up since dawn moving junk out from around my garage and building concrete forms, to make a work space. The concrete truck is here as I write, but here’s the next installment of “The Christmas Caller.” We will get back around to talking about comic strips.

15 thoughts on “The Christmas Caller III”

  1. Re 8-20-20 real-time cartoon: Ah, the mysterious and magical brassiere. Object of many boys’ (of all ages) fancy and fantasies. Little did Gene realize one day ML would have (and wear) a “45%-tip” top. Possibly braless, one would think, to command that level of gratuity.

  2. Regarding Gene’s reaction in the classic, I’m assuming he’s blushing as well as mentally freezing… Which raises the question of why do we blush? What evolutionary advantage, if any, is there?
    “Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to.”

    ? Mark Twain

  3. I once had a concrete truck fill my red convertible with concrete while I ate lunch in the school cafeteria. It covered all the school books and class notes I left on back seat. Obviously top was down.

  4. Obviously Mary Lou was an early developer physically and mentally. I related to her because I got my first bra at 8. I was not excited, I was mortified. It was 1952 and they did not make kiddy bras, it was a hideous white quilted full coverage bra like the kinds featured in Sears catalog.

    Easy to see how she ended up pregnant with Meg as a too young teen. By age 12 adult men were groping me, trying to proposition me, asking me to go to hotel rooms! Concede they had no idea my age but……

    Jimmy hit the too old child with no parental guidance so correct in Mary Lou. We make mistakes but we are tough and too old too fast.

    • I recall reading an old Dick Tracy story that had an older politician involved with a 20-something woman. It ended badly for him, and Tracy’s final comment on the situation was “Too soon old, too late smart”.

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