The coffee fairy


Good morning! If you could look back, you’d see that if I draw a “coffee gag” it often will be placed on a Monday morning. It just seems appropriate somehow. A variety of job-related cartoons also are placed on Monday, using the same logic. Up and at ’em, and all that.

I took a couple of days off from the Web site over the weekend. I enjoyed my holiday. I hope you did, too.

Speaking of fireworks, my favorite thing was shooting tin cans into the air. When I was a kid, we’d fill a metal bucket with a few inches of water. Then, we’d retrieve a discarded metal can and, with a nail, punch a small hole in the remaining end. There we’d insert a small firecracker–the cheap, multi-colored, non-lethal garden variety–and place the can, open end down, in the water. When we lit the firecracker, the resulting explosion would send the can soaring high into the air. It was great fun! I do not recommend this.