The Color of Funny

Today’s old strip from 2012 is offered without editorial opinion. Through the years, Janis’ interest in sports has been revealed to be purely sporting. I think this arose long ago when Janis routinely would do well in her office’s football pool, while Arlo perennially wasted his dollar. I think it’s a cute juxtaposition, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. And, yes, “cute” can be the appropriate word on occasion. I was talking about the colorization of Arlo & Janis last week. I was saying that I personally color the Sunday strips, while a third party at the syndicate colors the dailies. Until now. As of this week, all the new strips that you see in color at GoComics and in many newspapers—daily and Sunday—were colored directly by yours truly. Me. Yes, they finally convinced me this color thing isn’t going away.

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  1. Good to know that any questions on the coloring in the daily strips will no longer need to be debated – they were decided by the author. Thanks for your comics through the years and this blog. Very enjoyable.

    You’re welcome, and thank you! — JJ

  2. I’m sure last night’s game was a difficult one for you, given the options.

    I just feel relief. A great year keeps them barking until September, but a championship would have had them yapping for years.

  3. Glad to know you now have more control over how you want your work to appear. Congratulations on convincing the front office you know better than anonymous colorists!

  4. I remember you had a cardinal once that was gray. So is daily coloring an option that the artists have always had? Or is the syndicate saying they won’t or don’t want to do it anymore, but you have to?

  5. Consistent hair colors from now on! And always a salmon couch. Hm, I wonder how much time it’ll add to your cartooning.

    Thank you, Jimmy, every day!

  6. Like all above, Jimmy, I like your choices in color better. But the real compliment in today’s new strip is Janis’s burst of outrageous laughter. Simple lines make a complex emotion plain to every viewer. Well done.

  7. We who subscribe to the Tampa Bay Times (nee St. Petersburg Times) will not get to see the results of JJ’s daily color work in print. Thank goodness for GoComics. The Times prints one page of comics in color and two half pages in B&W. One of the strips on the color page is Lio which, even on Sunday, has very little color (and more recently, not much humor either.)

    H&J daily was as an inherited strip from the now defunct Tampa Tribune. The TB Times had always carried the Sunday strip.

    In the final couple of years of the Tribune’s life, the Sunday Comics were skimpy in number, filling only four pages. The two inside pages were black and white!

    The Tampa Bay Times Company bought the Tribune on a Monday. The last edition was Tuesday morning.

  8. Mark in TTown: The darkest spot near our home is our back deck… but I’ve got to convince the who lives lady behind us to either turn off her kitchen light or let us give her some curtains! I don’t know what sort of bulb she’s using, but the shadows we cast on the side of our house from it are deeper and more distinct than those from the full moon.

  9. Yeah, it doesn’t take much light to ruin viewing in an otherwise completely dark area. In my case, we had a house with no other houses behind, just woods, and our deck was angled away from the houses on either side.

  10. Mark the cats were FUNNY! I laughed out loud.

    Got my last chemo infusion of the highly toxic cocktail. I am done with this one. My blood work was great but I wasn’t feeling too great but we finished by reduction of dosage.

    In three weeks we begin a three month regime of weekly chemo infusions here in Tulsa.

    My appetite is back with a rush. I had potato soup and a terrible Subway sub in the infusion center. We got back to hotel and are a Haghen Daaz Tres Leches Dulce Leche carton.

    Then we ordered a vegetarian pizza from a locally owned mountain pizzeria. We are going to eat the other half for breakfast.

  11. I have always done the grocery shopping as I worked in retail many years ago and became a pretty savvy shopper. As I’ve pointed out before, my wife does much of the cleaning around the house and until just a few years ago, most of the cooking. I have taken over that task, so shopping is kind of important.

  12. Milt from Huntsville, AL
    The wife and I actually met Tua Tagovailoa’s father in Honolulu this past July while we were there on vaca.
    When he mentioned his son was recruited by Alabama as a quarterback I initially thought “Yeah, right!” Alabama isn’t known for recruiting from Hawaii; at least not successfully. Beside that most local Hawaii talent is scarfed by U of Hawaii or wind up at a west coast school.
    Being an Auburn fan myself, I hadn’t kept up with Bama recruiting. But, sure enough, when I looked him up, there he was on the roster.
    What do you suppose are the odds of that?

  13. Huh, look at that!

    You can really see the difference – whoever was coloring the strip at the syndicate used a simpler approach, lots of white backgrounds.

    You’ve used more gradients, like today’s second panel where the text w/o a balloon is nicely on a white background, with a gradient to match the other backgrounds.

    It looks… more like a Sunday. How about that.

    Thanks for the “inside baseball,” and good luck! For what it’s worth, I think I like “artist colored” better, I think the end product is cleaner and more consistent.

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