The Day the Musing Died

Poor Arlo! He’s so ancient! This is an old series, isn’t it? Remember that television drama “Thirty Something” that was airing about the time these strips originally appeared? It was all about the angst of turning 30. The horror. I suppose I shouldn’t throw stones, for that was pretty much the premise of that new strip Arlo & Janis! Anyway, this is the last of the “’57 Chevy” series.

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  1. American Pie was one of those songs that really captured many of us at the time that it was release. First of all, there were two versions, mainly because the song was so long. I actually taped the long version of the song off the radio and transcribed the lyrics (today we would Google it and seconds later have it at our disposal)

    After writing down the lyrics, we spent hours looking for the meaning of the song. I must have seen an article in the paper where the local music critic tried to explain the song. Frankly, it was a head scratcher. Even more puzzling than the occasional Arlo and Janis that someone has to explain to me! lol lol lol

  2. Jimmy, can I “heart” your blog entries?!?

    Yes, you can! Sort of. There is a FB “like” button at the bottom of the post, as well as a FB “share” button. Or you can do it the old fashion way: tell everyone you meet, “I like Arlo & Janis!” — JJ

  3. @sandcastler™, Loon and Debbe,

    Symply the best vibes for these Fargone tough times….thinking of you guys and several others from other areas of my life in tough times…

    Villagers who are not doing so well and me needing to restock on healthy vibes to send out to everyone….I’ll be cooking as much virtual chicken soup as Arlo!

    Two friends now possibly homeless…..not good. Let’s hope today brings some sunshine in the Village’s and all my friends and yours back door!

    Amen, and virtual chicken soup never gets freezer burn. — JJ

  4. It’s a good example of the human mindset that can make an inanimate object a classic at 35 while making the human just “old”. But calendar age doesn’t translate into biological age, folks! Sure, some parts wear out and the shocks don’t absorb as well, but you’re still running.

  5. About naming cars, we have three out in driveway, all named and with a name plate.

    Last two of my trucks had loving names. Some cars I hated had none or less affectionate names.

    One, which we inherited was called the sheet metal Back Forty, a cavernous station wagon. It died an ignominious death on side of road.

  6. That station wagon was usually called the Sheet Metal Estate because my husband’s dad left it and little else. I hated it.

    Our Suburu station wagon was named the Subaroo, as in sub because we lived i. Often flooded Houston and it plowed through flooded streets and kept running.

  7. Guys and gals,
    We appreciate all the wishes and the virtual chicken soup.

    On naming cars. In the early years of our marriage ever vehicle had a name. At some point in auto naming history manufacturers started using three character model designations. In large part we ceased naming vehicles and started calling them by their brand indentifier.

  8. My first was a Fargone Peugeot 404Camel a ’67, we drove the camel alias the wildebeast for 200k+ miles and still Symply got 20+ mpg, through frozen radiator in the Finger Lakes of NY and perforated body that dumped water on your ankles after it rained if you opened the vents.

    Never named another, not even my current Infiniti M35x at for me a long time 100k+ miles and still getting 20mpg…need a new one looking at Audi S7s currently….

  9. Got the baby girl home from hospital yesterday. She has hit the trifecta back surgery, heart surgery and now brain surgery all before age 28. I will be glad when she is back up and running. Getting up and taking the grands to school is harder than I remember it being. Her husband is off Friday so I can sleep my normal hours. I guess she got the worst genes from both of us. As we age we all have to many ologists in our lives. You know rhuematologists, cardiologists ect.

  10. Ghost and I just learned something this morning. Protein whey powder comes in chocolate? It was a surprise since I made banana peach BlackBerry with orange juice and yogurt!

    I looked at blender and said, “Yuck, that is ugly color. I need a plastic glass to gag it down.”

    then I tasted it and looked at GIANT Wal-Mart container and in tiny print on dark background in brown lettering, Rich Chocolate. Not the Ghosts fault.

    Not supposed to eat caffeine and chocolate on chemo but this giant smoothie contained 30 grams of protein, a full serving of dairy in yogurt and and three full servings of fruit.

    I am gagging it down. Then we find vanilla or neutral whey protein.

  11. Debbe, consider this for your dad to add nutrition since he loves chocolate milk or the chocolate Boost or Ensure. If he can have chocolate.

    You can add neutral whey protein to eggs, grits, oatmeal, soups, chili, puddings, anything you can mix into they say.

    Sand, make notes, are you doing nutrition for Loon? I bet she likes Vietnamese style smoothies, I do. They can be modified.

    Not adding chocolate protein into my homemade vegetable chicken and ham soup.

  12. Jimmy you nailed us this morning! I laughed out loud. We are going to wonder the same thing on leftovers.

    I am cooking with a lot of peeled sweet potatoes from freezer because Ghost thought they were boneless skinless chicken breasts in baroque or Cajun seasoning. In his defense they were in a heavily frosted Ziploc.

  13. Prayers and Hugs

    Mark from TT
    Had the hand in the door also -1939 Roadmaster with back door open forward so
    just a post. Great to hang on getting in. Grandmother slammed her door and when
    it did not latch, slammed it again. The first slam made me speechless. Not the second
    I think the neighbors heard me 1/4 mile away. Talk about room in the back,
    Dad would haul chest of draws. It had jump seats at one time.

    The cord across the back of the front seat was for a Lap Blanket because heat did not get to back very well and it was hung there when not in use.

    I always thought the plural of Roof was spelled Roofs but pronounced Rooves.

    Oct Readers Digest had a story from a Medical Transcriptionist about voice recognition
    software. Her interpretation was it was a teen age boy. It got complicated medical terms
    correct but could not get names (5 different interpretations in one form) and many mistakes
    were of a slightly salacious nature. So HAL has a teenage brother.

  14. Old Bear, our hospital uses that type of system too. But only some doctors can use it. If the system can’t learn to recognize their speech, they still have to use the human transcriptionist to handle them. Some of the errors I’ve seen are really the way they talk, not the fault of the system. Saying whelps for welts, for example. That one always gives me a laugh since a whelp is a puppy or young dog and the word they’re looking for is welt.

  15. Jackie is doing remarkably well, actually gaining weight. I have had to adjust my thinking from eating to lose weight to eating to build muscle and NOT lose weight. Way outside my box.

    Ghost is at store looking for fresh apple juices and fruit nectar both to drink and to mix with smoothies. I am to avoid most stores like box stores, groceries where people shop ill, especially pharmacies.

    Good tasted have changed on me, some stuff painfully spiceh, some sickening sweet, some so salty or bitter. But I am eating well. No fried things, avoid beef but I are pork chops and Turkey no problems. Mouth sites have started so soft is better, as is cold or warm.

    It’s a learning experience every day.

  16. Mouth sores.

    Did I tell you how amazing Ghost looked with his long legs in those tight skinny jeans he fits now?

    And a real King Ranch shirt, the collarless and tiny pleated front ones like George Strait wears at times. With a beautiful brown leather jacket from the NRA that comes with its own built in gun concealed weapons pockets.

    Which did no good at the Kris Kristofferson concert.

    Rita Coolidge and Jessi Coulter are truly beautiful women for any age but they are mine and stunning for 70s with great voices. Loved them, especially Amazing Grace in Cherokee.

  17. Baroque seasoning. Equal parts rosemary and thyme, dash each of Shakespeare and Vivaldi, and add Milton to taste. Works well with both roasted and meat pies.

  18. Jackie,
    When in Vietnam, Loon prefers French hotels or resorts so she can eat western. She will go local only if out with a group. Think I’ve said this before, she is a grilled cheese style eater.

  19. Sand I would go to Vietnam for the food! So would many others.

    French isn’t bad.

    Hey, Ghost and I just won free tickets to see Jack Hanna tomorrow night.

  20. A traffic officer stops a self-driving car. He walks up and finds no one behind the wheel and one man in the passenger seat. Write your own material from there.

  21. Mr. Johnson: I’ve always imagined you’re sometimes slow to post a new entry on your blog because the effort required to create a clever title. “The Day the Musing Died” is worth an ovation and extra bow.

    My German motorcycle is “Brunhilde.”

  22. Nowadays the same can be said of American food Sand. As Ghost often observes there is no where to eat fit to eat in our small country town. Totally true, yet many gobble it down.

  23. Referring to today’s strip: My MBH often freezes raw chicken offal during the hot months simply because when such sits for days in a hot garbage can, they become overly fragrant. No doubt, some of your southerners do this more frequently. Occasionally, a baggie thereof remains in the storage freezer (cellar) for longer than intended, but it still gets tossed into the can on a night before collection morning.
    Extending this, she also will freeze a newly-departed pet bird if the ground is too frozen to dig a suitable hole. No way will I ever try cooking something from the freezer without a looong peek, first!

  24. My mama unfortunately would shoot anything with fur including otters and Bobcats. She would then put the bodies in freezer bags and into freezer whole so she could pull them out to show fellow hunters and other small children. They would sink in archival layers and she’d dig through leftovers to find them.

    They were still there when my mom died. My poor cousin inherited the decades old frozen food when I sold house.

    Needless to say I did not eat meals at my mom’s houses but others did with gusto.

  25. Can afford regular prices, but still check out the short-dated bin, habit from grad student days. Recently found 2 small cans with non-alerting titles, ingredients sounded ok but odd, tossed them in the cart. After I got home, realized I had 2 cans of cat food. Opened one, didn’t taste bad, so put both in the freezer soup container, have since eaten the slow-cooker soup that contained contents, noticed nothing odd. Lots else besides the frozen leftovers goes into said soups, yield about 10-12 scant pt. containers / batch. Almost always mix contains a can of JYOTi Delhi Saag and another JYOTi can of some sort, brown rice, onions, and maybe 2-3 oz. / pt. container of meat of some sort. An all-day project, during which I can do many other things, but yields many suppers [sometimes lunches; there’s microwave in the science faculty lounge at BSU]. Have no pet birds but do get a few window-kills / yr. Freeze, take to BSU for my successor to use as specimens. Peace,

  26. About your strip for today, it didn’t occur to us to keep wine corks, we only kept champagne corks. After we shot them from the bottles.

  27. We were in the wine business for twenty years and drank a lot of wine, some of it significant bottles. I cannot remember for the life of me if we ever saved corks. But strip is funny.

    Wine sommeliers and waiters present the cork to host and he is supposed to sniff it and inspect for damage. Some people save.

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