The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know

May 31, 1998

Poor Janis. When will she learn not to lean over in the garden? There are lots of clichés in cartooning. There’s “marooned on a desert island,” and there’s the “burglar with mask and striped shirt,” and there’s the “horse crashes New Year’s Eve party.” (OK, maybe that last one is more like a personal phobia than a cliché.) And, of course, there’s the struggle of conscience represented by the angel-figure in one ear and the devil figure in the other. A worn-out cliché is fun to play around with now and them.

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  1. I saw a meme that showed a woman is a slip with “Ego, SuperEgo, Id, Oedipus Complex etc). It was called a Freudian Slip.

    The cliches are sometimes parodies in themselves that set up a great joke. That is what I have seen with Arlo and Janis.

  2. “Poor Janis. When will she learn not to lean over in the garden?”

    Never, I hope! Her leaning over has engendered some of the best A&J!

  3. A cliché is never worn-out. Over used, abused, inappropriate, but never worn-out.

    As the saying goes “Any joke first heard is a new joke” no matter how ancient.

    • You’d think with all the travel restrictions in place that you wouldn’t find a FLORIDA man in California.
      The story doesn’t mention that the culprit was from Florida but you just know he is.

  4. Little anecdote… I was once in a farce where I played a character dresses as a burglar (don’t ask!). The theatre got burgled one night, and the would be thief set off the alarm, so grabbed the nearest bag he could find and hightailed it to the door. Outside, he was apprehended.
    “Is that yours sir?”
    May I see?”
    As the burglar handed over the bag, he then noticed it said “swag” on the outside, and inside were a stripy shirt, mask and a crowbar…

  5. VE Day, 2020.
    For those WWII veterans still living: Thank you for your service.
    For those not (including Jackie’s father and five of my uncles): RIP, Heroes.

    • A couple of years ago, some company introduced a battery-powered “A-Salt Gun” to take down houseflies with a burst of table salt. If that company is on the ball, they’ll introduce a fully-automatic “Magnum” version of it for the Giant Murder Hornets.

  6. Husky Halfway House update: Our friend Jenni had to make a middle-of-the-night emergency run to the veterinarian’s office, just hours after the rescue of the 72 animals from the puppy-mill operation last week. Three of the new-born pups were suffering from dehydration due to the conditions under which they were being kept prior to being rescued.
    They were treated with IV fluids but, sadly, one of them did not make it. The other two, however, were returned to HHH and are doing fine. One of the survivors, a female, is barely more than half the size of her littermates, but Jenni posted a video a couple of days later, showing that little girl literally knocking her much larger siblings out of her way as she battled her way to the “dinner table”. She’s got heart, and she’ll make someone a wonderful companion one day.

  7. So I am heading out in the morning to walk 26.2 mi. This will be the second marathon that I’ve completed in 6 weeks. It comes less than 2 weeks after getting run over by a car but I’m no worse for wear. I feel absolutely great and figure I might as well do something productive with my time.

    The temperature is expected to be 28°, but living in Michigan and I’m kind of used to. Of course last week it was 80 degrees!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all.

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