The Doppler Effect

The Doppler Effect

“Extra! Extra!

Read all about it!”

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  1. The “Extra, Extra” would have been more humorous to me (I’ve been a premium member for years) if they had bothered to email my comics to me yesterday. (Maybe they wanted me to better appreciate the benefits of they plan.)

    • Mine disappeared a while back also. I contacted them and they were back the next day with apologies but no explanation. Maybe they want to be sure we are actually reading our emails.

  2. Jimmy, are they holding someone hostage and making you say such things? If everything’s ok, try to insert “sasquatch into an everyday sentence. (They’ll never notice THAT)

    ok, now on to today’s funnies……………

  3. I pay for for the email. I seldom actually access their site but I like the idea that it is there if I wish to browse. I think the price is well worth it. Without it I would not see your strip since our paper doesn’t carry it. That makes it worth the money right there.

  4. The extra is a nice touch! Is the Mob Arlo original for the story? I’ve been premium for a while, just because the ads “disrupt my viewing pleasure.” You should sell the Extra to GoComics to use as a Facebook ad!

  5. More importantly then convenience, does JJ get a little kickback from the Syndicate when we subscribe to the Premium service?

  6. We sell diaphanous bloues as Ghost should know. They are usually loose and hint at what is or isn’t underneath.

    See through leaves no doubt.

  7. I recall a conversation my all-female staff once had regarding the meanings and degrees of transparency of sheer, see-through, transparent, translucent, opaque, and semi-opaque…as applied to the type of panties they preferred to wear.* I am quite sure none of them descried their underpants as “diaphanous”.
    *Believe me, said conversation was initiated by them, not by me.

  8. My kitchen cleaning project moves slowly. The sinks are empty and dishwasher ready to unload. A little more and appliance counter will be wiped down. I am slowly cleaning cabinet facings/doors.

    We fired/let go last household cleaner a year ago. Things weren’t getting cleaned with us paying $15 hour which I thought fair for unskilled labor.

    I really WANT to cook and that requires clean organized supplied kitchen and pantry. I am planning lemon shrimp gluten free pasta for dinner in spinach with carrots on side.

  9. Supper sounds good Jackie! I’ve got the clean (mostly) part down, and the supplied part well in hand, but the organized part isn’t obvious to most… luckily, I’m the only one that cooks in my kitchen. We’re having a traditional meat and potatoes supper here tonight. Hamburger steaks from homegrown beef, mashed potatoes, and either steamed broccoli or frozen corn niblets. My concession to blood sugar is having one, smallish, serving of mashed potatoes. If we have corn, that will be a smallish serving, too. I’ll bump the insulin up a tiny bit so I can eat a small bowl of seedless watermelon for dessert! 😀

  10. Once everything is shipshape in the kitchen again, I’ll reintroduce Jackie to Rule #1 of Bachelor Housekeeping: “Never let it get ahead of you.”

    When I lived alone, I had a “30 minute rule” for used dishes, glasses, and utensils, and therefore seldom used the under-counter dishwasher except for periodic “dust removal” for dishes, etc. stored in the cabinets.

    • Speaking from experience, sometimes when there’s an illness at issue cleanup takes last place on the priorities. For me, I had to wait until the next morning to deal with the mess from supper. Cooking and eating, or not eating and leaving a clean kitchen were sometimes the choice. Usually I ate. When one’s body is rebellious, it’s often necessary to choose the battles wisely. :/

  11. I managed to get clean sheets on bed today. No longer care about aesthetics of matching, decor lsyering or a dozen decorative pillowe. Bar much lower now. Exhausted throwing into living room, drag to laundry room tomorrow!

    Ghost came home around 6 and wasn’t ready to eat. I fell asleep on top clean sheets and woke at midnight totally disoriented. Had no idea time of day, day, where I was.
    My phone was still on recipe for shrimp. My pasta on counter, pan on stove.

    I felt like one of those old horror movies where they walk in, everything sets same. Character vanished with no trace.

  12. By the way Ghost is beloved by cats. One named Skipper was rescue many years ago from an elderly man with dementia who was going to kill him.

    Skipper has attached himself to Ghost and is sleeping on pillow between us. Ghost said he did not ask for a cat. Skipper loves hom, even licks him and talks to him

    • Tell Ghost that you don’t pick a cat, the cat picks you.

      Sorry to hear of your horror movie experience. I had something similar Friday night. The nurse at the VA warned me that the anesthetic might cause a mild amnesia for what went on. I can recall everything up to them inserting the bite block, then it was lights out. I have no problem remembering waking up in recovery, but I don’t recall getting dressed. I was good through lunch with Ghost and getting to my room. Then I got so sleepy I laid down on the bed and next thing I knew it was midnight.

  13. Pretty typical for Versed, Mark. It will kick your butt, but mostly in a good way. (Not letting you remember the parts you don’t want to remember.) I was given that once for a procedure that required an overnight stay in hospital. I later wondered aloud to my sister why Godson I and Godson II had not come to check on me. She gently reminded me they had spent almost an hour visiting with me.

    • Thanks for taking me in, Ghost. It’s good to have someone you know around while such things are going on, even if you aren’t aware of them.

  14. 2am loud cat talking! Recognized Lily saying “I got a mouse”
    3 others showed up to help – luckily it was expired, because it took a while
    to get a light on. Much praise and a treat after I chucked the corpse. (Not enough fat to render)
    It looks to be a hard winter again if the meeces are coming in already. (3 in 3 days)

  15. As far as I know, introduced House Mice [Mus musculus and allies] rarely, if ever, spend the summer outdoors this far north. Don’t know if any field guides or online sites have distribution maps differentiating indoor vs. indoor ranges. May check.

  16. About your Monday strip, very identifiable. Funny.

    About your cartooning, you keep getting better and better. Great dark background and coloration in this “simple” strip.

  17. That was me. The kitchen cleaning continues slowly but I am down to finishing wiping down stuff like cabinet doors, fridge again and appliances.

    About Sunday cartoon I asked Ghost where Skipper was? Went searching, curled up in his/Dickens bed asleep in kitchen.

  18. Speaking of the Weather Channel, I can’t recall the last time that I checked it for anything.

    Now, I use my phone exclusively – providing that I ever care about the weather.

    Usually, I just look out the window.

  19. I mostly use weather apps to plan whether to take my telescope out that evening once I’m done with a rehearsal or family activity. At the moment the coming week looks good every night.

  20. Woke up at 5.30 a.m. by Skipper frantically meowing. Thought he wanted out. Nope, he did a Ludwig dash to kitchen ti show me the one or two spots you could see bottom of bowl.

    So, worked on kitchen more, dragged towels and linens to laundry and reopened the Chinese laundry . Really need to eat breakfast, my morning pills do not like empty stomach.

    French toadt?

  21. ‘Enry ‘Iggins: “The French don’t care what they do, actually, as long as they pronounce it properly.”
    Actually, what I came here for was to post this:
    An adult, presumably one of the Great Spirit parents. Am guessing junior has gone off to establish its own territory somewhere. Don’t know its sex, but think it’s banded, so presume MDNR determined that when it was on the ground below the fly-blown nest. Critters live hard lives.

    • Do you mean the 4 panels with blue backgrounds? That site seems a bit ambiguous as to what goes with what.
      Thanks for the effort, though.

  22. Something I found on the Internet and would like verified by someone who’d know more than I about mosquitos: They apparently shut down their bloodsucking activities when the temperature falls below 50F. True or False?

  23. TR: This native Floridian can’t help with your mosquito question. When the temperature is below 50, my skin is all covered up, probably with multiple layers, so they have no target ?

    • Here in Utah that’s light jacket weather, unless it’s also windy or raining. When I was trucking I usually got by with a hooded windbreaker until the temps dropped below freezing since I generally produced more heat than I needed when working. Now that circumstances have retired me from the road, I rely on a heavier jacket… but at the local schools the kids seem impervious to even colder extremes during the winters. They’re so anxious for warmer weather during the late winter/early spring that they go back to shorts and flip-flops when it hits 50F.

  24. That’s the “next” video after the one about the kodkod, Leopardus guigna, the world’s smallest wild cat, which I cannot now find. Maybe if we just arrow left from the trickery above. Peace,

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