The Eagle Screams

Friday is payday! Well, for some of us somewhere. Ol’ Fred was lucky in 2005; at least his employers still gave him an option. I really had not intended to launch a close-out book sale this week, but I have. As I mentioned yesterday, there are about three dozen first-edition copies of the book Beaucoup Arlo & Janis left for sale. As of now, there are no plans for another edition. I sure would like to get rid of the remaining books and move on to other things. I know many of you already have the book, and I appreciate that. However, if some of you have waited, the time is now. Just click the link below! Of course, you can always go on Amazon and buy a used copy.

Buy the new book, "Beaucoup Arlo & Janis!"Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. Thanks to a 2008 merger, I went from a weekly paper check to (as a salaried employee) a monthly direct deposit in one swell foop. Liked the latter better…after the first month, anyway.

  2. @Mark in TTown:
    I would have thought it would have been more appropriate for the navy people to say “The day the seagulls sh!t”. Well perhaps not, seagulls crap several times a day it seems.

  3. JJ, maybe YOU ought to offer the remaining books on Amazon and reap the extra cash. I have already bought 4 or 5, so am not in the market for more currently.

    You’ve done your duty, to be sure. Thanks! Your suggestion isn’t a bad one, but I don’t think it would be cricket at this point. If I don’t sell the remaining inventory by next week sometime, though, I might just do that. — JJ

  4. Ghost
    Army said the same. Brought it to my last job and even had the guy that drives
    the brown truck saying it.

    My dad’s company paid in CASH well into the 70’s. Until some perps tried to do a heist.
    They knew it was carried in a paper bag. They grabbed a paper bag from the foreman
    that was coming in at that time — it was his lunch. 🙂

  5. For about the last 5 or 6 years we had the option to get a paper copy of the direct deposit or we could keep track of it online. I was one of the few that chose the paper copy (even though I had access to the electronic version) and EVERY 2 weeks the gal who handed them out would complain about it and asked me why I took the paper copy. I told her that if the company wanted to make it worth my while to take the electronic version or penalize me for accepting the paper version, I would keep the status quo.

    Fortunately this gal was fired and I didn’t have to hear her complaining any more. But sometime in January I tried to use my pre-paid tax free insurance card and it was denied. When I looked for my paper pay deposit, I realized that I had not received one for the last two pay periods. I went to HR and they told me “Oh we got a new provider and they missed it”. They also quit allowing the paper copy. When I asked why, I was told that we had been sent an email telling us this with instructions on how to use the new online service. I went to the 20 other people in the office and no one had received an email. When I finally got back online I realized that they also were not paying my car allowance.

    To be honest, I didn’t need the paper copy and the electronic version is better when you need to apply for loans, etc., but all they had to do was tell me and I would have been OK. I guess that I am a little bit of a rebel….

  6. It is a lot harder to hack a paper copy – and unless your electronic copy
    is locked on your machine they can deny anything/everything.

    And your situation is exactly why you should check your stub for accuracy EVERY
    pay period.

  7. That’s also the reason I insisted on a paper copy of my Comcast bill. If not for that, I would have been paying for something I did not order till I left Alabama. Nor would I have known when they put it back after taking it off at my insistence, because the electronic version only made viewing the total easy. To work out a breakdown of the charges required more digging than the average customer probably was willing to put in.

  8. If anyone wants my copy of Bop Till you Drop, I’ll sell it to you for the bargain price of 499.99! That’s half off the Amazon rate!

  9. In spite of a little pressure to have direct deposit, I kept going for the paper checks right up to my retirement almost 16 years ago.

    In retirement, however, my two sources of income simply don’t give a choice; they both use direct deposit. I check the amounts each month, noting any change in the one which is supposed to be constant (except for annual increases), while the variable one sends out a paper notice of how much to expect, and how that was computed. It’s been working nicely.

    In the matter of paying bills, I stick with the send-them-a-check routine except for two insurances, one medical for the MBH and the other being for our vehicles plus an “umbrella” policy. Nothing wrong with that process, either, although it is annoying to list the amounts & deduct them in the check roster only to receive notice of a minor change in amount a few days later.

  10. PS: My reasons for insisting on the paper paychecks were several, including the fact that I’d be going to the bank anyway to get some cash out, so why not take the check with me?

  11. Jimmy, if we order another copy of Beaucoup Arlo & Janis, will you autograph it? My original wasn’t, although I had preordered it.

  12. Mr Johnson,

    Hire someone locally to sell on Amazon or E-Bay. Along with the sales blurb including something like, “Out-of-print, First Edition”.


  13. Just sticking my nose in to say hello, not in much medical duress, finally after three weeks got drains out, thanked my surgeon. For saving my life. It could have easily killed me had it not had dead tissues removed completely.

    Met with substitute oncologist for second time. They are taking aggressive course of treatment with my metastatic breast cancer not just doing palliative treatment. There is still no cure but there is hope of arresting further spread it growth.

    Not to make light of your discussion, I think David’s suggestions are best.

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