The Family Way

We’re back and open for business here, but I can’t spend a lot of time with you this morning. Remember that appointment with the dermatologist I mentioned last week? I apologize for leaving the maintenance page up for three days, but take comfort knowing progress is being made behind the scenes. As for the old cartoon today, it is a very old Arlo & JanisĀ from 1987, and I chose it to demonstrate what I mean when I say the artwork on the strip as come a long way. This was a very typical scene, actually: Arlo sitting on the sofa conversing with Gene who sits in his lap. Each panel is in silhouette. I soon learned I had to do better when even little kids would say things like, “Arlo & Janis? Oh, yeah! That’s the strip where everyone is always facing sideways!”

7 thoughts on “The Family Way”

    • Art Linkletter used to ask kids if there was anything their parents had told them not to say, and of course, the kids told him. I’m amazed that nobody ever told their kid not to tell Mr. Linkletter that he was a poopoohead. Would have served him right!

  1. Glad things are back up. Hope the dermatologist appointment went well. My son, Dan ran the Boston Marathon. To qualify for next year’s race, he needed a time of 3:05:00. His official time was 3:05:20, although his watch said 3:05:01. So he will have to run another marathon under 3:05 if he wants to run the 2020 race. Training for the race is almost as difficult mentally as it is physically. It takes a great commitment.
    His reaction was good. He told me that he made it through the hills great and was ready to finish under 3:00, but his hamstring cramped up. Probably due to dehydration and/or electrolyte depletion. Hopefully there is next year.

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