‘The fat skinny ones’

This oldie is from 2003. I was experimenting yet again with Janis’ hair, trying to come up with a cartoonish, stylized ‘do. Apparently I haven’t succeeded yet. I regularly get email asking, “What’s with Janis’ hair!?” I am at a loss as to what the writers mean, and they rarely elaborate, but it seems to agitate them greatly. It’s cartoon hair! I think they just remember her hair from the early days when it was long and prefer that. In my opinion, it looked pretty weird back then, too, but for some reason no one ever complain back then.

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  1. I didn’t start reading A&J until Janis’s hair was pretty much the way it is today. (I retired and had time for comics.) For a long time, I thought she was always wearing a hat. It was very distracting, but I loved everything else about the strip. I still have a hard time seeing a hairdo, but I’m used to it now and don’t focus on her hair anymore. If you were going to change it, I’d vote for just smoothing the sharp points.

  2. Today’s retro makes me think of something else. Anybody else notice that when sitting on the couch, Arlo is the first to go to sleep while Janis stays awake? Then when they go to bed, Arlo sits up watching tv while Janis zones out. Quit sleeping on the couch, Arlo, and then maybe you’ll both go to sleep at the same time.

  3. TruckerRon, there might be better ways, but I guess the guy had fun doing it with his toy. At least it kept him out of reach of the stingers. And having tangled with a yellowjacket nest, I can say that is a huge plus.

  4. The Temple Owls are favored over the Tulsa Golden Hurricane. One would not think an owl would stand much of a chance against a hurricane, would one?

    Wondering when Tulsa last had a hurricane come visit. And also what made it gold in color.

  5. Bird of Prey Passes Big Wind

    Temple Owls 31
    Tulsa Golden Hurricane 17

    The score was actually tied 7-7 at the beginning of the second quarter. Arlo had probably already consumed all the comestibles and dozed off by then.

  6. Should have known better than to think that was Ivy League football. Have no idea what Brown’s standing is there, nor Cornell’s, for that matter. Today, etting admitted to either school is not a breeze, nor to the other 6.


  7. In my younger, wilder (OK, military) days, we actually would celebrate the Autumnal Equinox much the same way we did New Year’s. We’d sit outside and toast every leaf that fell.

    Yeah, pretty much any excuse would do.

  8. Looks easy when the quarterbacks do it, eh, Arlo?

    There will be no speculation on my part as to whether that makes Janis the “tight end” in the family. You’re welcome.

  9. c x-p: “It” was a full-sized immature [= brown] bald eagle, perched on a stump in shallow Miss. R. water, surrounded by unconcerned white pelicans, gulls, and terns, hence “Edenic.” Later saw an adult lone eagle* and 2 immatures perched in a similar area. Not “he” or “she” because only obvious sexual dimorphism = females average larger, as in many buzzards, hawks, and falcons.

    *Be interesting to know how many Villagers know the reference.


  10. Last Sunday evening, thanks to a cooperative chap in Germany (who helps run a great site), I learned of four new-to-me ancestors and the fact that they were, indeed, related to me. Yesterday I found a different but similar chap, and today found another twenty-six hitherto-unknown-to-me ancestors!

    Considering all the ancillary data provided [names/dates/places/events] I shall be busy for quite a while listing them all on my tree.

    One line now goes back to 1580. I’d really like to find the line which bears the family name….

  11. Just a note since I am awake with insomnia. Many of you are Facebook friends and already know my metastatic breast cancer was metastatic when diagnosed in 2017. It has again metastasized and is now in my left long leg bone.

    We begin treatment this week or so to try and slow it down. It cannot be cured but can be slowed. Ghost doesn’t like this because he thinks I should be the one exception to that statement..

    Don’t know yet what treatment will be tried i am on hormone modifying medications for last two months that has caused menopause symptoms for third time in my life. Hot flashes and sleep disorders.

  12. Jackie, prayers. Doctors don’t know everything. After all, it wasn’t long ago that one of yours told you the tests said you shouldn’t be able to walk. But you walked in and walked out of his office, didn’t you?

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