The Flesh Is Weak

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I’m sorry about missing yesterday morning, but I was busy with less important things. I was so busy all day, in fact, that I didn’t get a chance to go through most of the discussion about cooking fish until today. Very interesting. Thanks to all who weighted in. If there were one thing I wish I had more time to do (Well, in a professional sense), it would be to go through your comments at a leisurely pace and reply to individual posts much more than I do now. If I can ever convince myself that what I’m doing here is part of my job, perhaps I could devote an hour or so in the afternoon to doing it, instead of staggering out of bed with my morning coffee. For instance, Rick in Ohio mentioned learning a “new” word, bream. I think it’s been covered, but bream, pronounced “brim,” are perch—or sunfish—to southerners. There are many varieties, and they’re delicious fish. They tend to be on the small side, however, and are quite boney. As my neighbors used to say when I lived at Pickwick Lake in Tennessee, “You eat ’em till your throat hurts.”