The Good Ol’ Days

January 26, 2006

From this date in 2005. I can’t decide if this old A&J strip is dated or timely. I think, perhaps, the latter. If you have your health that’s always good, but especially now. Companionship always is good and, again, especially now. And if you’re lucky enough to have 46 bucks, well, that will just about cover the cost of having a meal to share delivered by the struggling restaurant of your choice. Definitely timely. As for the current A&J strips running in newspapers and at GoComics, there is a story behind them; I will share it with you tomorrow. (No squirrels were harmed in the creation of these cartoons. Yet.)

16 thoughts on “The Good Ol’ Days”

  1. I’d say this flashback is very timely in these times. I’m lucky my wife has recovered from COVID. She just got her second vaccination yesterday cause she’s a nurse. She feels really crappy today.

  2. Re 1-26-21 retro cartoon: I’m with Arlo, all the way. Except I don’t have $46 in my pocket. (Perhaps by now he has one of those new-fangled debit cards, and he wouldn’t, either.)

    • I seem to recall from some years ago TV ads flogging a credit card with a well-to-do appearing gentleman stating (a bit condescendingly, I felt), “I never carry more than $20 in cash.” Other than the fact that would probably be $200 now, they pretty well hit it. Survey shows that 50% of people today carry no more than $20 in cash, and 9% carry none at all. Heck, in most places you can pay for purchases with your smartphone, fer cryin’ out loud.

      • But I never heard of a scammer emptying out a bank account because they took one $20 bill from you, while I have had mine dried up after buying computer parts online from a legit operation. All I had on it at the time was a little over $200, lucky they didn’t hit me after payday. So I still use cash whenever I can.

  3. Be advised that if your GoComics premium subscription expires, you will, without warning, return to the free level. I was surprised this morning when my “Comics I Follow” page had reverted to the free level. I assumed and was correct that my premium subscription had expired and thought I had missed a warning email that it would happen. That was not the case. The last message I received about the account was on 1/25/2020, the last time I renewed. Email is cheap. A reminder would have been appreciated.

    • Something must be going wrong at GoComics.

      When I became a premium member, the process enrolled me in their automatic renewal program.

      However, I still receive an annual reminder so that I can quit if I so desire.

  4. Re: 01/25/21 our electric Co-op sends out a monthly news letter – one of the things they
    report is outages. The # 1 cause of outages, normally, is animal caused. (Fried Squirrel)

  5. Gregg: What says posts heremust relate to A&J? To my knowledge, the only topics [+ or -] verboten here are religion & politics. Just thought I’d let you all in on a gag I appreciated. My post says nothing re Brooke’s decision not to converse on a blog, nor my total lack of interest in that as a topic here.

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