10 thoughts on “The Great Leveler”

  1. JJ: Your last panel comes close. Have never had a kid fall out of a treehouse I’ve built, but that embrace + ironic question is pure Elaine. Lovable, and had a way with words. Thanks.

  2. Jimmy, that was a dirty trick leading me to Arlo and Janis in 2000 in GoComics! Now I have to stream all the “episodes” up to current (or at least until I start remembering them)! I’ll be reading your comics all day and tomorrow, too!

  3. A long-gone half-sister Virginia went by “Ginger.” Too many Virginias in the family. Dad’s younger sister was Virginia; no idea whom she might have been named after, but that was a usual thing, but Dad and his later deceased first wife named their first daughter after her. Among the later nieces & nephews, she was “Aunt Budge.” Then Virginia’s older brother married a Virginia [delightful woman; wrote a column about her]. Then, sister Virginia & husband named a daughter Virginia, when I was 10+. She decided to go by Sue, still does.

    • You must have fondness attached to the name. Though my “real” name is Virginia though I have always gone by Ginger. I cannot tell you the number of times after introducing myself as Ginger, the other replied with either, “I had a dog named Ginger.” or “I had a horse named Ginger.” I suppose I should have considered these people have fondness attached to my name, but I interpreted the name as ordinary. Guess I should elevate my name!

      Ginger in Auburn

  4. Cut a tree down for a neighbor – everywhere I cut were nails,(buried deep) I could not get away from them.
    Turns out it was the kid’s tree house tree long ago.

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