The Green-Eyed Monster

(Cartoonist’s note: this is another old post from five years go. Think of them as summer reruns. And cell-phone cameras have improved, but I haven’t seen the titmouse in a while.)
The problem with cell-phone cameras is the lag time. In the past, the photographer pointed a camera and clicked. Now, one points a cell-phone “camera” and pushes a button and… nothing happens. Then, one turns the phone over and looks at it and asks the subject, “Did anything happen?” And one tries again. If one mashes the button often and at length, the telephone might take a picture and reward the photographer with a phony “click click” noise indicating the facsimile work of a camera has been done. If this were not true, I’d be showing you a picture of the tufted titmouse that has for the past three afternoons landed on my head, as I sat in the garden, and pecked around as if for insects. He does not stay long, but he does come with disquieting regularity. Maybe we’ll remember to have a real camera out there one day.
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  1. Jimmy, check your settings. Many phones let you set the shutter sound or turn it off. The olive strip is good, would be improved with your coloring it so the red center shows in the green olives.

    Where is everybody? Sitting in front of their air conditioners? Actual temp for Tulsa forecast for 107 F today. Glad I am getting my car a/c fixed. Haven’t been able to use it since early June.

  2. clarification to my earlier post. I haven’t been able to use the A/C. The car is running well since they replaced the starter.

  3. And there is also software that can add extra options to a phone’s camera. I use the NightCap Camera app for what little astrophotography I get to do.

    With a local state holiday and such, I’ll have 4 nights starting tonight that I can stay up extra late for stargazing… and the forecast for the next 4 days and nights call for a LOT of clouds. 🙁

  4. Mark: Can’t speak for anyone else, but we’ve been at Peaks of Otter, on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, where the weather was cool, the views lovely, and the Wi-Fi really slow! (Until a few years ago there was no connectivity at all – not even a landline phone except in the lobby.)

  5. Mark in TTown,

    But since it is not in color, it can keeps one guessing what they are until the last panel. He just looks weird till then! That’s Arlo—

    (Suddenly I’m thinking of when once he burst in at work, crying, “There’s gold in them thar hills!” I love that one.)

  6. Mark In TTown: It did hit exactly 107°F at about 4 PM yesterday out here in Rogers County, according to my Walmart thermometer on the porch. The local airport, Claremore Regional, said it was only 104°. Could be worse. Remember the summer of 2012?

  7. Adrian, I was in Alabama in 2012. How hot did it get here? I’ve been here since Oct 2016 and the last couple of weeks have been the hottest since i arrived.

    I’ve got one of those wireless thermometers on my front porch in the shade, so I can get an accurate reading at my place. I use Weather Underground for the forecast.

  8. Yesterday at 7:19 pm we were driving a stretch of US-69 (apparently known to many East Texas drivers as “The Oklahoma Autobahn”) through eastern OK when I noticed the (unfortunately) pretty accurate OAT thermometer in True Grit reading 111 degrees F. By the time Jackie could get a cell picture of it, it had dropped to 110 degrees.

    The high today, however, is supposed to be a much balmier 97 degrees.

  9. Today’s (7-21-18) cartoon about the million dollars reminded me of the old Steve Martin bit about “How to Be a Millionaire and Never Pay Taxes” that began…

    You can be a millionaire…and never pay taxes! You say…“Steve…how can I be a millionaire… and never pay taxes?” First…(spoken rapidly) get a million dollars.

  10. No religion, no politics [not even the word, “politics”?]; how about art? IMO, Sunday 22 July “Hi and Lois is spot on. And I grew up visiting MOMA, MMA, and the Whitney.

    Didn’t realize mashes, in that sense, was Southern, but what do I know? Maybe Mom [nee Bay St. Louis] never had occasion. Have heard/read it, but don’t remember where.


  11. emb, I think it is a Southern thing, to use the word mash when we mean to press something.

    And that reminds me of a good laugh I had lately. I was looking at an online auction site and saw a product described as a baby foot masher. Not seeing a reason for such a thing, i read the complete information and found out it was a baby food masher. Typo strikes again!

  12. I once caused a managers’ meeting with our VP and the IT Director to slightly jump the rails. We were discussing our major software vendor’s use of confusing terms on their report to us indicating whether fixes of problems we had reported had been completed or were still pending. I suggested, deadpan, that they should simply report them to us as either “fixed” or “fixing to be fixed”.

  13. I was fixin’ to be a millionaire — then my Mother threw out my baseball cards.
    Well to be fair a couple I used to make flappers on my bike.

  14. Old Bear, I’ve seen t-shirts with similar wording. “I used to be a millionaire, but my mother threw away my comic book/baseball card collection.”

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