The King of Hearts Extolled the Tarts

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Another old classic (a redundancy in the lingo of reruns) from 1996. Today’s cartoon, as was yesterday’s, was taken from the also-rans for my book, Beaucoup Arlo & Janis. They made the short list of cartoons to be included in the anthology but did not make the final cut because of space considerations. So, they were acceptable cartoons in my estimation, and you’ll almost certainly see them in the upcoming book, Pretty Good Arlo & Janis. Just don’t hold your breath.

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  1. Not sure if many know yet, but Larry Ramos, one of the lead singers for the Association passed away early this morning.

    In 2009, my sister was having dinner with her husband and granddaughters at a Japanese Steakhouse, where the chef cooks in front of them. A gentleman sat alone at their table and admired the interaction of my sister’s family.

    They started talking and found out that it was Larry. When they got up to leave, Larry started to call for a cab, but my brother in law insisted on giving him a ride back to his hotel. Larry gave them tickets to the show the next night. Since I was coming down anyway, I got to sit in the front row of their concert. Larry was a wonderful musician and a great guy to talk to. He will be missed, but his music will live on.

  2. Has anyone noticed that blog comments prior to 4/2/14 are closed, which I understand, but are also completely missing (at least all those I have tried to view are), which I don’t understand?

    I would hate it if those comments are lost forever. Granted, there is a lot of dross contained therein but also a certain amount of gold as well.

  3. Good morning Villagers. Yeah, I have been there, Janis. I refuse to wear lowrider jeans and what they now call “short shorts,” which are waay too revealing. I mean, I love short skirts (I’m a runner, I’m proud of my legs) but what is gained by being so explicit?

  4. “The King of Hearts Extolled the Tarts”? Wow, talk about your moderately obscure references! (Well, these days, most nursery rhymes are obscure to me.) Good one, though, Jimmy.

    But if you can call for tarts anytime you wish, it’s good to be the King. πŸ˜‰

  5. This may be a shock to some of you (I know who you are), but I agree with Lily. A woman can showcase a pair of shapely, well-groomed legs without exposing portions of what those legs are attached to. And a flash of bare trim midriff can be very sexy, but street wear that shows everything below the breasts and above the pubic area is over the line.

    Call me a proponent of tasteful sex appeal, I suppose.

  6. Sad to hear about Larry Ramos. The Association had a wonderful, distinct sound that was too under-appreciated for its time. IF you haven’t done so lately, go back and listen to some of their songs: the arrangements and harmonies stand the test of time very well, IMHO.

  7. Along with all of the unbelievable damage from the flooding we now have one of the county jails in Panama City which has now blown up apparently from a gas leak. This building contained 800 inmates and there are two confirmed deaths and hundreds of injuries. I’m beginning to have survivor’s guilt sitting her on top of my hill. I haven’t left home all week because of the widespread flooding, road collapses, etc.

  8. I assume Alpha Chi Omega is a sorority. I guess if you’re already that wet, it doesn’t matter that it’s raining. What was the occasion? Did you notice the sea urchin? What are the ones with no visible straps wearing?

    Maybe, as Joel Grey said, “. . . ask them!”

  9. Lily: ‘. . . a pair of European Starlings.’

    1. Were they both ‘pretty’, or was one a dull brown. Girl starlings, unlike girl people, are rather plain.

    2. Many North American birders dislike these highly successful transplants enough to look down their noses at anyone exclaiming over their beauty.

  10. Add my name to the pre-order list, please!

    Lilyblack, a young friend works at a local grocery store, and recently posted this on her facebook page. Even short-shorts would be better, I think, and I am not a fan of those. (Sorry Ghost dear, but I don’t wear Daisy Dukes. πŸ˜‰ )

    “I’d hoped I’d never have to mention this, but you’re going to not wear pants to the grocery store, at least wear some underwear. I don’t need or want to see your a$$ and v@gin@.”

  11. Heh, Jean, I agree with your friend. I wear shorts all the time, but they are running shorts, roomy and with built (sewed)-in panties.
    emb, they were both pretty, so I guess they were both male. They seemed to be cooperating, though, hunting together. I read that they were introduced in like 1890 in New York’s Central Park, so it just follows, doesn’t it?
    There is a mockingbird in the tree next to it, and I have never heard anybody look down on them!

  12. Again, oddly, Ghost concurs with Jean and Lily. Although the two features mentioned in Jean’s quote have their place, I do agree that the grocery store, or any other public place, is not that place.

    And Jean, if your legs are as long as I imagine they are, I suspect Bermuda shorts might look like Daisy Dukes on you. πŸ˜‰

  13. Ghost, I don’t wear shorts much any more because I don’t get enough of a tan on my legs to look good, but even in my younger days I stayed with bermudas or walking shorts.

    Lily, I expect you have the opposite of my problem-finding pants that fit properly. I have a problem finding ones long enough. You, I’ll bet, have to have them hemmed up.

    Symply, should I appologise? πŸ˜‰

  14. Jean, yeah, especially in my working clothes, which are scrubs. If I don’t go to the “Petite” section. Jeans, of course, I just roll up. But most of the year, I wear shorts at home and dresses when I go out.

  15. I am six two, and many of the women I’ve dated are five two. Go figure.

    Of course, I’m currently dating a woman who is six feet tall. I suppose she could be termed “Jeanesque”. πŸ˜‰

  16. Probably a spandex mini with a cropped tank. I saw somebody wearing that the mall and I thought, “Hello, sailor”

    I don’t really like any of Clapton’s songs except “Promises” but that I love.

  17. GR6, probably anything popular with the 16-20 year old crowd. Although Lilyblack’s “Hello, sailor” also provides a vivid mental image.

    GR6, I am 6’5″ and when I try to find clothes its like that ad on tv, a barren wasteland of awful colors and patterns most of the time. So I stick to t-shirts in the summer and pullovers in the winter. As I told friends, I buy what I can fit into and stand to see myself in.

  18. Trapper Jean, your friend’s sign reminds me of an old joke I had read. When women’s outfits started to shorten drastically in the 1920’s a reporter asked a man what he thought of the new styles. His answer? Two more cheeks to powder and a little more hair to curl.

  19. Jean, Mindy, and any others who read SF novels, I recently read “Ancillary Justice” by Ann Leckie and have since learned it has won the Clarke Award and the BSFA Best Novel Award. And it has garnered nominations for the Nebula and the Hugo as well. I would highly recommend it.

  20. “Not So Good/Bad Arlo and Janis” reminds me of the food description Garrison Kellar often used for Lake Woebegone cooking. I’d buy one, the book.

    While I was “out” I missed a lot, apparently now gone into ether somewhere. But what happened to the planned opportunity to offer us A and J nuts shopping at the Arlo and Janis Boutique or the Luddie Kitty Boutique? Much anticipated here, I might add.

    With a two year old train nut in temporary residence my funds are being spent on Chuggington choo-choos and assorted train tracks. I have learned to watch Chuggington videos on you-tube in Russian, Japanese and Spanish. Weirdly interesting. The grandson stands on a “riser” to reach desk height and thinks grandma’s computer spits out “choos”.

    Quick, get the Luddie shop up so grandma can send JJ money!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  21. Hi, Jackie. Good to hear from you. A two-year-old? You have even more of my prayers now. πŸ™‚

    The “Pretty Good Arlo & Janis” book (or would it be “TrΓ¨s Bon Arlo & Janis”?), should it ever actually materialize, would definitely fall in the category of “Shut up and take my money”, at least for those of us around here.

    Love, Ghost

  22. Good morning Villagers….

    GR πŸ˜‰ thanks…..Layla is the ultimate classic, in my opinion. Love the bird at the end.

    Lily…Clapton’s “Promises” is one of my favorites too…..”I got a problem, can you relate, I got a woman (man) calling my fate, we made a vow to always be friends, how could we know that promises end.”

    Had a stressful few days at work, somehow the water got turned off to the top row of cages in the first row…..for two days! Now they are in a molt. I was pretty hard on myself for not catching that. If one stops and thinks what responsibility there is in keeping 75,000 laying hens healthy and productive…not because it’s my job, it’s because I care. I really hate to see a “distressed” hen “put down”. I know, some of you may think I eccentric, but I’m I like to think….and have been told….I’m “anal”.

    Working this weekend, the smell of Prom is in the air around here…….anyone remember their prom dates and what they wore? I remember my first prom dress and my hair style…. a pastel blue organza overlay with small white tufts of suede spots, long sleeves with cuffs and a collared jewel neckline….my hair was done up in banana curls! Nowdays, too much information in prom dresses that are barely there.

    Ya’ll have a blessed Caturday….

  23. Jackie, Chuggington? Don’t know that one. We watched quite a lot of Thomas the Tank Engine in our house.

    Ghost, thanks! I’ve always loved Layla.

    Debbe, I get it. As much as I love animals I could not work in a shelter. I would end up taking all of the animals home.

    I didn’t go to my high school prom. There’s a long story behind it, but the short version is that I didn’t like any of the boys enough to go out with, and they wouldn’t have asked me anyway because I was taller than the captain of the basketball team.

  24. Debbe πŸ˜‰ Eccentric because you care? I don’t think so. But despite Jean’s comment, no, you cannot take 75,000 hens home with you. And you are correct about today’s prom dresses…perhaps one of those is what made Janis feel she looked like a tart. I had to look up “banana curls”. And I won’t say what I pictured before I looked that up. πŸ™‚ But I’ll bet you looked cute.

    Jean πŸ˜‰ But then there was college, right? Which I’m pretty sure you found a hell of a lot more fun than a prom. πŸ™‚

    Yes, I remember my prom dates, junior year and senior year. More to the point, I wonder if they remember me.

  25. Ghost, none of the hookers around here would ever wear a long-sleeved top. Maybe a bomber jacket in some foul shade of neon. The skirt was cute. but I would never wear heels that high with it. Actually, I almost never wear heels taller than 2″, because I hate the way you have to walk in them. Or I have to walk in them, anyway. I usually walk in a swinging stride and taking those little mincing steps seems silly.
    Oh, yeah, I remember my senior prom. Cerise satin short off the shoulder ball gown and white pattern stockings. I don’t think the guy was happy with me, he never asked me out again. I was tired and I wanted to go home, not neck in the park.

  26. Should anyone other than me have a two year old to entertain, Chuggington trains are far more interesting than Thomas. For one thing, they get in more trouble than the Duck Dynasty reality t.v. guys, but with better morality/virtue lessons. Popular in England and around the world, they are shown on Disney in America and dubbed into dozens of languages. Animation is excellent actually but not done by Disney?

    Since I have memorized most of the video scripts by now, watching them in Russian is sort of mesmerizing.

    Yep, having a 93 year old mother and a two year old grandson, plus his mom in residence (she is ramrodding her dad’s chemo treatment) is a trip and a half. I am living in back apartment with my mom and four cats and four dogs. Scattered around since they don’t all like each other (dogs)

    I will confess to coming into work late one lunch hour and announcing to entire office that I had just been arrested for streetwalking on Canal Street! One of my co-workers dryly said she wondered how I could afford to dress so well on an intern’s pay! (I meant I’d been ticketed for jaywalking!)

    Love, Jackie Monies (Who still tries to check in here!)

  27. I like high heels (as in “I enjoy seeing some women wear high heels with a reasonably short skirt”), but I’m not partial to the thick-soled ones the young lady is wearing with her short skirt. They don’t strike me as tasteful, and I call ’em “hooker heels”.

    I’m surprised no one has asked if I’ve seen today’s “nightmare” strip. (Although I’m sure Mindy would have, if she were still speaking to me.) I have, and as usual, they can’t quite agree on what it all means over on The Dark Side. Myself, I believe Arlo is using the generic “you”, not a Janis-specific “you”, and that if Janis had been featured in his dream, he would not have dodged the question.

  28. Jackie, jaywalking on Canal may be a crime, but apparently streetwalking there is not. At least not judging by my last visit there. πŸ˜‰

  29. Ghost, I don’t wear augmented soles (“platforms” some call them). I think they are vulgar and tacky. But I sure see them at the stores and being worn in malls, by well dressed women. I have a friend my height who wears them, because they make her look taller. But she dates and I don’t. I’m short and I am not ashamed of it, as the mirror tells me I look okay. Why try and be something you are not?

    Yeah, I left the dark side alone today. I took it that Arlo was having an erotic dream, and not about Janis. (My reading tells me men almost never have erotic dreams about women they are “with”. Me, I have an occasional kiss, but when I am naked in dreams, I am embarrassed by it.

  30. GR πŸ˜‰ thanks for the LZ link…… πŸ˜‰

    I had been in such a funk…..I forgot it’s Derby Day….love thoroughbred racing…in my early twenties I worked at a couple of tracks (one was in Homestead, FL and then Ellis Park around Evansville) hot walking horses early in the morning…after they had been for their morning runs….interesting stories to tell….for another day. AND I’m off….be nice to see the woman on the gray one win (have to pull up the line-up). Just now started watching the “prepping up” on NBC. Just don’t get the hats these women wear….kind of like ‘platform heels’…..don’t like. Give me a black Fedora (which I do own) any day πŸ˜‰

    Thanks Jean….thanks for caring. Do you watch much Animal Planet? Love the “Too Cute” series…….

    Jackie….gotta love your patience….a two year old and a 93 year old mother and 8 four legged pets…God bless you.


  31. Ghost, back in the 60’s when I was young, there was a stretch of Canal Street that was kept “upscale” with expensive department stores, hotels. Ladies wore hats, gloves and matching shoes and purses, suits. They kept the “undesirables” down the street below certain blocks, more of less, but I suppose the expensive hookers could pass for ladies?

    Sadly, New Orleans probably doesn’t have much upscale anything left now. I have not been back since before Katrina, I know I would cry too much. I feel the same way about Gulf Port and Biloxi, the coast. I had finally recovered enough to enjoy it again when Katrina wiped it out again. For those not as ancient as I, there were other devastating hurricanes that took out the Gulf Coast. I made mistake of visiting coast since Katrina to spend some money which they needed and I cried and cried.

    By the way, I thought Ludwig biting Arlo’s nose was hilarious, as I have had both cats and dogs nip mine while being affectionate. Just like a man!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  32. Jackie, being fortunate enough to have a lady friend who owned a condo there back in the day, I spent a good bit of time in Biloxi, pre-Katrina. I don’t get back there as often now, and yes, it is sad to see, in some regards. But it’s still “the Coast” in many ways.

  33. Ghost, I have spent many hours looking at my nose, and I blame my Cherokee great-Grandmother

    Jackie, my favorite man went to Tulane in the 60s, and I have spent a lot of time with him in the kitchen, where he is teaching me to cook. My favorite story is that when a Tulane man back then took a young lady out on the town, he put two dimes in the slits in his penny loafers, so if he ran out of money (muggers didn’t seem to exist back then) he would have the fare to take him and his date home on the last streetcar.

  34. Lily, I had not heard the “penny loafers” Tulane story. Tell him hello for me, it is amazingly true but men in New Orleans can COOK. The joke is New Orleanians are either eating, cooking, planning the next meal or talking about the ones they have eaten or will eat.

    We lived in Garden District sort of across from Tulane and most entertaining involved food and beverage. We gave a birthday party for my one year old daughter that involved a party for the children, a second party for the parents and a third party for the nannies or maids.
    All parties for adults whether in morning, afternoon or night involved alcoholic refreshments. even children’s BD events.

    Since we were seriously in the wine industry then, we had a good supply from the best slopes of the vineyard!

    I still miss New Orleans.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  35. Woohoo!!!!!….3 of the 4 horses I picked came in…sadly, Rosie came in 19th (the grey horse)….sure would be nice to see another Cinderella story with California Chrome…..mother bought for eight thousand and stud fees were two thousand…..he came in first…..they are absolutely beautiful to watch in the morning hours….the sun rising the only horse on the track running against the morning……miss those days….

    Never been to New Orleans, Jackie…..but one should see the rolling hills of Lexington, KY…and the horses….white fences…and the quiet sound and smell of…..thoroughbred horses….


  36. Debbe- You and I share something here, loving horses. When I went to boarding school I learned to ride English and we rode hunters and jumpers. So, when I went to ag school for my second degree I actually knew how to ride well, as opposed to a lot of the “cowboys” in school. There was a huge development in south Louisiana about then of race horses and show horses, what with all the oil money pouring in. So, I got to ride and exercise (for no pay) a lot of very valuable horse flesh. Horses I knew I could never touch any other way, but they are wonderful, wonderful if they trust you. They love their humans too.

    Have to stop this and go feed and clean dogs and cats. This afternoon is too much remembering of things best not yearned for.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  37. Debbe πŸ˜‰ Put New Orleans on your bucket list, hon. It’s definitely worth seeing at least once.

    Jackie, I had a wine question for you, but after seeing your last post, perhaps some other time. Hugs.

  38. Jackie, my friend is the best nonprofessional chef I know of. When we go to New Orleans, the French Market is always high on our list of places to visit. Wonderful veggies, baked goods, and great huge prawns and shrimp that he has mailed the morning of our departure packed in ice and we enjoy the next few days. Oysters ditto, Funny when I moved in here, I couldn’t cook a lick. My mother just heats things up, apart from a very few simple things (but I have since learned that a “simple roast chicken” can be so very much better!) Others may visit NO for the booze, the strippers, and the music. For us it is always about the food.

  39. I guess I never realized it was anything but the food myself! We were a group of “foodies” before the word had been invented, a mixture of amateurs and professionals and want-a-be’s. all cooking and chewing and drinking good wine. Fun way to make a living, chefs, some management people, lots of “amateurs with talent”. The only strippers I saw were the ones where the door was open when I walked home to the Quarter but the music and parades were hard to miss. Then we left the Quarter when crime got bad and went to Garden District where crime followed, of course.

    I cried for two years when we got sent to Texas and Houston. New Orleans has a life unlike anywhere else I know of. Then I wouldn’t leave Houston for six months to come to Oklahoma until Mike said he’d divorce me if I didn’t move!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  40. “Hank the Tank” is the train, right? Where does it run? We have one in Fort Smith, Arkansas that we plan to take the little train nut on. His mother has been on more than she can remember but that was because we did that sort of stuff. Now I am looking for trips on trains for Jack, the grandson. Here I am at 70 when most people have great-grandchildren with a 2 year old! Regular grandson. My daughters say we all started late!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  41. Debbe, no, I don’t watch Animal Planet. My sister says I watch “murder porn”-NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds, you get the drift. It’s entertainment.

    I got to New Orleans late, and I loved it, but haven’t been back since Katrina. Bourbon Street is great fun, but I particularly liked sitting at Cafe du Monde and just watching the people go by.

    Ghost, yes, and then there was college!

  42. Jackie, you’re right, Hank is the nickname for number 75. The father and son in the video have bought and restored 4 of those small saddletank engines now. They travel around the country to demonstrate steam engine operations to people who would not see one anywhere else. They go to various railroad museums, having the engines hauled on flatbed semi-trucks. This weekend and next number 75 is at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum in Calera, Alabama. It was about 140 mile roundtrip for me but I wanted to see this one run.

  43. Good morning Villagers….

    My son loved to watch Thomas the Tank…..and if I remember correctly, George Carlin and Ringo Starr portrayed the conductor….miss old George, loved his humor….loved his version of Snow White and the Seven Dwrafs

    Jackie….every other weekend, my nephew-in-law (who is living with us and works too at the hen houses) gets his daughter Brooklyn Rose who is six years old. He returned last night from her first tap dance recital with video footage….she will probably be the closest way I’ll ever get to play “Grandma”…I look forward to those weekends….

    Jean….around here, it’s the Investigative Discovery Channel….my husband and brother-in-law are glued to it (and yes, my brother-in-law has returned for another stay, his house is not livable)…..I actually got them to watch a movie on the Sundance Channel….”Blood Diamond”…with Leonardo DiCaprio….excellent movie….makes me never to want to wear a diamond.

    Not working today…my son said no way I was working 13 straight days….going in early to see my Mom…..


  44. GR πŸ˜‰ ….I cannot remember why Mindy has stopped posting….do you?

    … morning Mindy…if you’re still reading the Village Blog πŸ™‚

  45. Debbe, my husband watches the History Channel most often. Recently my “not-murder-porn” has been the British show Hustle with Robert Vaughan (remember Napoleon Solo from UNCLE?) on HULU. Haven’t seen “Blood Diamond”. I’m not a big DiCaprio fan.

    Neither Mindy nor Shelly have posted recently. Can’t help but wonder what they’re up to.

    For a good Star Wars Day comic, go read Foxtrot today. πŸ™‚

  46. This must be what old age feels like, a flood of memories! Mark, while not serious train riders, we do love the old trains. When we lived in Hawaii, Mike worked for the corporation that owned the Laahaina Kanapali Railroad, the Sugar Cane Train, We, especially I, rode it a lot because they comp’d us and tons of people visit you when you live places like Hawaii and New Orleans! Actually, it was a great corporation, they owned Hotel Hana Ranch, Sea Life Park where Mike ran restaurant, the railroad, their own tourist airline, lots of good tourist attractions which were always free or low cost to visit. For us, not the tourists!

    Lately I have been looking for trains to take Jack on, his mom got to ride lots of them ,including Amtrak voyages. It has gotten awfully $$$ to ride trains.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  47. I have been to Hawaii twice. Stayed at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel on the Big Island. Still my hallmark for fine hotels

    Mindy and Shelly have quit posting? Hope it was nothing I did or said

  48. Mine too, Lily. The only hotel I ever stayed at on Hawaii, but like I said, all the properties then treated U of H hotel students and grads like royalty. One trip I stayed at the Rockefellers ranch house (part of the hotel then) and had their entire staff waiting on me and Mike’s grandparents, ironed all the clothes in my suitcase, hung them in closet, laid out clothes, nightgown, custom cooked breakfasts/brunch. Beautiful home or B and B, not a hotel at all. I could get used to being wealthy but never really had a chance! Just little nibbles and tastes now and then.

    If I remember correctly the hotel charged us $50 a night back then, including meals. But I may be carrying nostalgia a bit too far? Many times we were not charged at all.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  49. Jackie, I too lived in Hawaii for two years, courtesy of Uncle Sam. I was a Navy Crypto Tech stationed on Oahu up past Wahiawa. Between 1974 and 1976 there was a nice hotel (the Reef Towers, where Don Ho was the featured performer) that had military rate of $10/$15 a night. My work schedule gave me 3 straight days off so I used to spend a couple of nights there and just wander around. Great times for a 19 year old from Alabama!

  50. Mark…my son and I have been exchanging U tube tunes…..if you like good blues. Have you heard of Moby? I was telling him about Tangerine Dream….he asked “the movie”? NO…. (I think he was thinking of Clockwork Orange or is there a movie by the name) this is a group I think you’d like…….gonna post a couple of links….

    GR πŸ˜‰ I think you would enjoy this link…

    OOOHHH…beautiful day with my mother and cruising the plush, green hills of S. IN. Moral mushroom season in full swing here…had some last night….yuummmm

  51. Ian first intro me to this song:

    Read some of the comments below, and one mentioned it was an old slave song sung in the cotton field….gonna do some research on this group

    Also just noticed a reference to the movie “Saving Private Ryan”….gonna hit the left arrow button…curious….

  52. I suspect JJ meant Arlo was dreaming about Janis. Why not? Shakespeare was [day]dreaming about his mistress: “Beauty’s self she is when all her clothes are gone.”

  53. Just got an email from my son who is in Hawaii at the moment. I don’t really care to go but I replied with a hint about a t-shirt.

  54. Oops! It’s not Shakespeare, but a 1602 anonymous madrigal:


    My love in her attire doth show her wit,
    it doth so well become her:
    for every season she hath dressings fit,
    for winter, spring, and summer.
    No beauty she doth miss,
    when all her robes are on:
    but beauty’s self she is,
    when all her robes are gone.

  55. Debbe, or your son might have been thinking of one of their soundtracks. They have done quite a few over the years, including one for Legend.

  56. Ghost, before today is over-May the Fourth be with you!

    Did I ever mention that for several years Husband cosplayed George Lucas at Dragon*Con?

  57. Yes, Jean dear, you did. You also told the story about the time at the Con the “French maid” wanted to be spanked. Hard. On video. I still think about that a lot. πŸ˜‰

  58. Lily, I see you’re not of Moby’s generation, either. πŸ™‚

    But remember, in pop music, a generation is five years…or less.

  59. Good morning Villagers….

    Mark….that was one of the tunes I shared with him….I’ve bookmarked a few of their songs, thanks.

    GR πŸ˜‰ …the link was, the name of the song, by Moby, is Natural Blues….I found it, on a scale of 1 to 10….about a 7, catchy tune, something I can sing while I’m walking those aisles at work πŸ™‚

    I do give my son credit for his taste in music, it spans several generations, including mine.

    Going to be a warm one today, and I’m not going to complain. I love this time of the year in the country….everything is so plush and green.

    They had some interesting ideas on the Dark Side yesterday about keeping ants and squirrels out of bird feeders….everything from WD 40 to Vaseline on poles πŸ™‚

    Ya’ll have a blessed Monday

  60. Oh, and GR…thanks for the link….some good, vintage video footage there πŸ™‚ I’m sure you’d agree on the beach scenes.

  61. Good morning, Villagers! We have a great bird feeder that has a hemisphere of Plexiglass suspended over it. The squirrels go crazy trying to climb down it. Invariably they slip off and land in the grass, chittering. Cussing me, I am quite sure, in squirrel talk. It can be hours of fun entertainment! Well, minutes, anyway. I sit on a chaise on our deck and watch them through binoculars, but if there is no action for a bit, I get bored and go do something else.

    No links, but if I find something funny I’ll post/

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