The Late Late Woe

The Late Late Woe

I’m still mining the archives from about 10 years ago, the above from April, 2008. Paraphrasing the fine print in the advertisements for lawyers, “This is not to suggest the services of this comic strip are superior to the services of any other comic strip.” However, innocuous as it is, newspaper readers simply were not used to encountering this sort of thing very often. It simply wasn’t done. Except in Arlo & Janis. (“Honey! Did you see this? He said, ‘Rhymes with witching!’ I can’t believe they printed that!) Honest, I do not believe my contributions have coarsened printed comics strips at all; it’s just that the accepted standards, for so long, were ridiculous.


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  1. “…it’s just that the accepted standards, for so long, were ridiculous.” Why, yes, I was just thinking that very thing as I perused the 12-26-13 cartoon in which Janis was crawling across the bathroom floor, au naturel, after using her Christmas bath oil in the tub.
    I suppose that in an earlier time, Janis would have been shown (somehow) climbing out of the tub already wrapped in a towel…which wouldn’t have been nearly as humorous. Nor as noteworthy. 🙂

  2. Oh no. I had almost finished a long post, went back to yesterday to check something, and it had gone away. Sigh. I was just saying that I knew you were also a KU alum, cxp, and perhaps also others here. But no other Jayhawk mascots, unlike tigers or wildcats. Lots of wildcats, including my now adopted U of Arizona and most of my family’s K-State. There are plenty of other unique ones, of course, including Sparty Spartan and the Blue Hens spoken of here, not to mention the Banana Slugs. Did you know Scottsdale Community College students here in Arizona once voted to be the Artichokes with pink and white for their colors?

  3. I kid Oklahoma. Well, not about its roads, though. Driving in the rain is often a challenge, even on primary highways. (Looking at you, US-69.) Over two thousand years ago, the Romans were building roads that water would drain off of. I’m hoping Oklahoma DOT will catch onto that one day.* Also, some of that newfangled reflective paint or some of those raised reflective markers would be nice, so that painted lane markers don’t fade out at night or disappear entirely when it rains at night. Oh, well…I suppose all states have infrastructure problems, to one degree or another.

    *Every place else, when someone hydroplanes, they say, “Oh, $#!+.” In OK, they apparently say, ”Hold my beer and watch this.” 🙂

  4. AWAD’s thought for today. Wald lived to be 91 or so. I turned 90 yesterday. My kids threw a good informal party at church, 2-4 pm. No standard b’day cake; at age 11 or 12, I decreed pound cake w/ caramel sauce, and so it has been [when feasible] since. 50+ came.

    Wald, Geo., sci., Nobel (18 Nov 1906-1997). Physicists are made of atoms. A physicist is the atom’s way of knowing about atoms. 191118


  5. emb: I hope you have as many more birthdays as you want!
    I’ve considered birthdays to be the mile markers of life. The question on my mind is why is my “truck” speeding up? Those markers are flying past too fast!

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