The Long Road Home

The Long Road Home

July 7, 1993

The above is a bonus cartoon. The 1993 series that is running in newspapers and on GoComics this week played out originally over two weeks. I winnowed those two weeks down to one. This was the last scene in the original sequence, also appearing on a Saturday. It immediately followed yesterday’s scene where the family was gathering gear at the end of their last day on the beach. Click on the GoComics link below to see what I mean. (Yes, it can get confusing.) Speaking of Saturday, here’s your Saturday post as promised. However, I am not going to continue our discussion of this week, also as promised. I will do that here next week, but the town is having a clean-up day, and I must get trash to the street. They will not let me do it later just because I’m a cartoonist. I know; I asked.

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  1. Did you tell them you often portray Janis running to catch the garbage men semi nude?

    Hi and Lois often featured their garbage men. A far less sophisticated strip, I remembered the dog and the garbage men before I could think of Hi and Lois names?

    Wasn’t this a spin off from Beetle Bailey? His sister?

  2. I do so enjoy the glimpses of young Gene and all his young adult angst. I for one would NEVER want to go back to that age! But I remember…

  3. Have been reading the A and J archives, inspired by the retro strips. Just got to where Gene and Mary Lou acquired the farm. Last night I made it to where Gene proposed

    All superb work. Highly recommend we all do it. Encore! Encore!

  4. I only read one other strip sporadically, Monty. It has arcs usually so easy to read that way.

    Checked in last night to find a beach segment where low and behold Monty runs his kayak onto rocks occupied by a cursing mermaid! She says she is no Arial but she is definitely no Janis!

  5. As best I recall, Gus and ML’s surname was only used twice, both times in reference to Gus. Oddly, it was used by two different characters and the spellings were slightly different. It’s been years, so don’t hold me to it, but I believe they could have been Bagino and Bagnino, or something close to that. If I run across it, I’ll verify.

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