The Map All Over

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I’m throwing in the final four map cartoons from 2000, because I think the seamless conversation within is interesting. It’s like a comic book page. The astute might recognize the joke in the second strip as one I used again just last week, in a different context. I don’t do such things deliberately, but after 30 years, it happens. Speaking of that, it is hard to believe I drew the above 15 years ago.

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  1. I own a collection of maps that were printed on waterproof plastic and could be held easily while driving, folded only one way and easily. They must be pre GPS and cell phone.

  2. From last post earlier
    on 16 Oct 2015 at 10:26 am #

    A Nony Mouse
    Make sure there is no onion in that sandwich you share.
    Not sure about dogs but for cats a no-no.

    Coyotes in area is why the Grand Kitties are kept in at night and why I worry
    when any do “walk about”.

  3. Yes, my mom’s name is Sarah. And you don’t want to mess with her.

    For some reason, though, I’m having a problem finding my dad on

  4. Ghost Sweetie, the song from yesterday might have been for Debbe, but I like Otis and Dock of the Bay, too. 🙂 I remember a trip to New Orleans, and singing along with a street musician. He got the money and I got a smile and a thank you.

    Neal in Bawstun, you said your parents were from Augusta, Ga. I lived there in the mid-1950s. Granted I was a small child, but we were there for seven years. My mom and I lived in the Richmond Heights subdivision, while my dad was stationed in several Army bases-notably Fort Gordon, Fort Jackson, and somewhere in Korea.

    When my kids were in elementary school we bought two maps-one North America and one world-and mounted them on a wall under a plexiglass covering. They were great for geography classes and general curiosity. When we sold the house we left them there as our kids were in college by then, and the buyers had young children. I wonder if those maps are still there?

  5. I love maps of any kind, and especially antique maps. I have a fairly good collection of antique maps of Maine. As always, don’t confuse the map with the territory . . .

  6. I love maps vs a GPS because I want to see the BIG picture, truly get the gist of where we are and where we are heading! I can refold according to my needs so it’s not all sprawled out while we are driving.

  7. Steve in Royal Oak, MI, they live in The Comic Zone. (apologies to Mr. Serling). In an area that corresponds to our Middle America, but not in the Southeast. So says our creator/artist.

    I like antique maps, antique books, antique buildings, etc. Oh yeah, and antique photos. Did any of you see the story about the lucky guy who bought a collection of old photos and wound up with an authenticated tintype of Billy the Kid playing croquet? It’s going for auction and expected to fetch a much higher price than he paid for the box o’stuff.

  8. Arlo might like aeronautical navigation sectional charts, too. They show a lot of features in addition to highways. Of course, like road maps, they have been obviated to some degree by technology. Still, they are good to have on hand if the instrument panel of your aircraft goes dark. Indeed, those charts have a special place in the heart of The Dread Pilot Ghost, for that very reason.

  9. I own a set of nautical charts covering most of the Caribbean. Come on very handy when seeking a quiet place for an overnight anchorage.

  10. John Conner – Don’t feel bad. has failed me too. Too many relatives named “John Smith.” Actually, my great aunt and I went to the library to work on nailing down those pesky relatives Monday. The day was cut short after finding out her husband had drove himself to the ER with a possible heart attack. (No heart attack. Source of pain as yet unknown.) And we are still dead in the water with relatives.

    My cousin is an unrepentant hoarder, and old maps are one of his many weaknesses. I have an WWII era puzzle map he would love to have.

    GPS makes me crazy. Drove same cousin’s Charger to Austin, TX, and the silly thing got us within view of our destination, but couldn’t get us there because it kept telling us to turn too quickly. Drove back in Ram with neither GPS nor map.

    Past few nights have been awesome for stargazing. While not as obvious as would be in higher altitudes, the Milky Way has even been visible.

    I don’t want to go back to work! Saturday is the last day of vacation. Not ready for 4a wake ups again.

  11. OF due 1711-1731 CDT.

    She just finished a blow, webcam as usual keeping tabs on the crowd and cutting off the top. Occurs to me that its screen may have more vertical reach than my HP laptop screen. Even so, they could move the webcam up so only the left end of the crowd remained in view. Clear sky in NW WY, pc and past sunset here. 40s F and windy here. Strong N wind when I walked N late am to hospital for flu shot and workout; strong W wind and only marginally warmer when I walked S home.

    Peace, emb

  12. People are always fascinated when they come into my Ham shack/office. Yes I’m one of those radio nuts but I don’t hide in the basement. I have a 7 X 14 wall covered with a world map. Found it in the wallpaper section of the local Menards (big box store like Home Depot). It came in 8 sections and went up like wallpaper. I love staring at it while shooting the breeze with someone on another continent.

  13. “Here is your map. Unfold it, follow it, then throw it away, if you will. It is only paper. It is only paper and ink, but if you think a little, if you pause a moment, you will see that these two things have seldom joined to make a document so modest and yet so full with histories of hope or sagas of conquest.”

    From West With The Night by Beryl Markham

  14. Bob: My late father (also a Bob/Robert) would have loved your shack. He was W4CBK, had his setup in a little corner of a room – no basement in Florida. He did most of his traveling by looking at maps and talking on the radio.

  15. Mindy from Indy, check out a site called If you know the general area and possibly dates, you can find info including what is on the marker, other related family members, etc. Look into the census records which are released by the government. You need to locate a library with a good genealogy collection. There are even agricultural censuses which were done in the 1800’s which can tell you how much land was owned, what they grew and how much it was worth. Good luck!

  16. Mark – I actually have birth/death, and so forth, up to a point. A child was indentured to the family in 1863. I have a copy of this document. What we are trying to find is the child’s birth family and the correct family he was indentured to. I am a descendant of this child. He stayed with his “adopted” family, and ultimately changed his name – which just so happened to be the same name as his adopted father. And they both were married to Elizabeths.

    Old Bear – I gathered as much, but I had to play along. Especially with my ancestry woes.

  17. @ Ruth Anne in Winter Park. Greetings from WF9V. I hope your Dad enjoyed getting on the radio as much as I do now. Jaws do drop when people see the whole wall covered with a map of the world. They immediately want to look for countries they may have visited or plan to visit, then the stories start.

  18. Mindy from Indy, as to the indentured child, seems like courthouse records would be the place to follow that. Did he change his full name, or only the surname to match the new family? If you want me to help look, give me the name/dates by message on FB.

    I’m sorry, but the only Fort Wayne I know of is in Indiana. Is that the one you meant?

  19. Good morning Villagers….

    And it’s a ‘balmy’ 34 degrees outside now. Arrrgggh!!!! Called hen house and it’s 61 degrees there, still need to shut more fans down and close windows more as temp tonight is 28 degrees. Soon I’ll be dragging out my Carharts….zippidy do da zip!

    Indy Mindy, wondered where you had been all week, it was so nice of you to spend time with your grandmother. And heh, thanks for playing “Terminator” with me……when I saw the name and the mention of some sort of celestial map, and John Connor said “don’t tell my mom”….I ran with it 🙂

    Old Bear, you’re pretty clever too! I had a stray cat show up a couple of weeks ago, and I will not let it in the house. It sleeps in the barn and hangs around the porch for food. You can tell it was a people cat, she’s very friendly. I’ll feed it this winter and it can stay in the barn.

    GR 😉 that was some kind of map….I didn’t dare get out my magnifying glass I keep here beside the computer. You catching up on sleep? A new poster, named Susie, left you a message at the end of “Very Tiny” thread. Susie, why does that ring a bell with me?

    Jerry… you’ve gone MIA…..what the heh???

    Indy Mindy, the morning skies are very brilliant this time of the year too.

    gotta go..

    happy Caturday everyone

  20. I am in Texas, God’s country. Party went great, no one recognized me that hadn’t seen me in June with the huge change in appearance.

    Credit card company shut my card down as stolen because I was buying over $600 worth of beer on an island in Texas. It was a good party. Love.

  21. Anonymous, if I had a dollar for every time a credit card had been shut down for buying $600 of beer, I’d have enough money to, well, buy $600 dollars of beer. 🙂 BTW, did I miss an explanation during The Last Two Weeks From Hell™ as to why you are still posting as Anonymous? I had thought for a while it had something to do with the new device you were using, but it seems you’d have been able to change that by now if you so desired. I guess it doesn’t matter, since you have become the least anonymous “Anonymous” in the Village.

    Why do I get the feeling you’ve decided you’ve “lived” in OK long enough and have decided to “live” in a lot of other places now? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. In fact, good on you. And it sounds as though your diet/exercise regimen is proceeding apace. Good on you, again. Mine suffered a bit during The Last Two Weeks From Hell™ (the exercise part, anyway; by now I don’t have to give the diet part much thought), but I’m head to the gym in a bit to remedy that. Take care.

  22. Debbe 😉 Yes, hon, I did catch up on some sleep last night…some of it by falling asleep in my recliner. (Sound familiar?) That reminds me of the many times I’d stop by to visit my parents in the evening and “catch” my Dad asleep in his in front of the TV. Wish I could still do that. I missed posting your tune last night, so I’ll send you two this evening. I’m thinking one “sweet” and one “down and dirty”. Somehow that seems appropriate for you. 🙂

    Hard to believe you’re having temps in the 30s already; seems it was just a month or so ago you were having 90s. Your mention of your Carhartts always makes me picture you walking the aisles and doing your Dance of the Seven Zippers™. 😉

    You take care, too. And thanks for the alert about my message from “Susie”; I had not seen that. I may have to give her a shout back; you know I’m a sucker for the ladies. And I don’t think she is That Susie™, who would be a bit too young to remember 25 cent packs of coffin nails.

  23. Hi, Gal! You seem to surviving the new job.

    My godson told me this one. Some might say he has spent too much time around me…

    Four guys had been going on the same fishing trip for many years. But two days before the group was to leave, Ron’s wife put her foot down and told him he wasn’t going. Ron’s friends were very upset that he couldn’t go, but what could they do?

    Two days later the three get to the camp site, only to find Ron sitting there with a tent set up, firewood gathered, and dinner cooking on the fire.

    “Ron, how long have you been here, and how did you talk your missus into letting you go?”

    “Well, I’ve been here since last night. Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in my chair and my wife came up behind me and put her hands over my eyes and said, ‘Guess who?’

    “I pulled her hands off, and she was wearing a brand new and very sheer black nightie. She took my hand and pulled me to our bedroom. The room had candles and rose petals all over. On the bed she had handcuffs, and ropes! She told me to tie her up and cuff her to the bed, so I did. Then she smiled and said, ‘Do whatever you want.’

    “And, here I am.”

  24. Troubling item:

    At BSU, I knew of only one possible case in biology, and he [of evangelical bent] left shortly for a job in a religiously conservative area of another state, eventually retired [in good standing I think], and died at about 80, much lauded by their alums. Maybe repented and reformed. Local rumors in subjects outside the sciences, maybe some with complaints or consequences. One of two known faculty suicides was supposedly because victim was going to go public.

    OTOH, I was offered sex for a grade at least twice in my early career. Nipped that in the bud by ‘incidentally’ referring often to my happily married estate during lectures and in advising sessions in my office, door opened of course. Maybe the offers stopped early on because I was getting less attractive, but wife and I did have a rep as lovebirds. Did close the door on a few occasions, e.g., when a well-loved coed and her boyfriend suggested it so they could tell me they were pregnant. Another pregnant single girl asked me to tell her other instructors. Both of these, and some others went on to fulfilling marriages and careers. Not all confidants work in the counseling office.

    As to this being science’s or any other academic discipline’s ‘dark secret’, it’s a pretty open secret that men and women in power sometimes abuse that power. Vulgar cartoon in ‘Playboy’ in the ’80s or so: side view of posh office, executive at his kneehole desk, on phone saying [approx.] “Oh nothing, same old, same old.” Fully clothed hind end of kneeling woman sticking out from the kneehole. Looked more like movie studio exec office than faculty office.

    And we haven’t even mentioned the clergy. Father Porter was hail-fellow-well-met youth pastor a few blocks S of our UMC. We didn’t know it at the time, but we’d had our own on board, I believe a few years earlier. Soon as we found out from victim years later, pastor contacted District Superintendent, DS contacted Bishop, B contacted culprit’s current B, culprit lost his ordination. Unfortunately, long past statute of limitations.

    Peace, emb

  25. Mindy: the Allen County library is quite good, especially if you are interested in genealogy. I went to Homestead. Did you attend HS in Fort Wayne?

    Bob I am WA9URU . I’ve had my license since 1967, when I 10. Not active any more, but used to talk with my Dad I’m Fort Wayne (WA9ALY) when he was still alive. He also worked at WOWO and helped Bob Sievers with his Ham equipment.

  26. Reminds me of my “Paint my house joke”. Does anyone have any idea how to post a picture to I registered and have spent all morning trying to figure it out. If you can explain it to me like I’m three years old and know nothing about computers. Thanks.

  27. @Steve From Royal Oak, Mi….. Yeah, there’s still a good number us us around especially since the marriage of computers and radios created the digital age on Ham radio. Lots of new faces doing exotic things on the bands these days. Keep your license current, I hope you get active again someday.

  28. I see from her TV show that that Giada is in Italy, again pretending that she is really Italian. However, she doesn’t have to pretend that she can make a low-cut sundress look good. She actually can.

    Remember the whiny “my kayak is sinking and I don’t know what to dooooo” guy? This video shows that annoying wimps come in all genders. And also that trying to appeal to a predator’s “better nature” and to “reason” with it may perhaps not be an optimal survival strategy.

  29. As part of planning my Thanksgiving menu, I’m looking through the November issue of Food Network Magazine. (A friend gave me a subscription a couple of years ago, and it’s not a bad food magazine.) I suspect that all the recipes for relatively simple, straightforward dishes have already been published; thus explaining ones such as Maple-Whisky Turkey: Rosemary Focaccia Stuffing with Pancetta; Tex-Mex Green Bean Casserole; and Brussels Sprouts with Butternut Squash and Pomegranate Seeds. It’s gotten so I seldom bother with a dish if the recipe calls for more than ten or twelve ingredients, including the seasonings.

    I did notice in FNM that this November will be the 100th anniversary of the iconic curvy green-glass Coca-Cola bottle. I know there were economic and other considerations for putting their beverage in other containers, but I still think straying from the classic six-and-a-half-ounce glass bottle was the worst thing Coca-Cola ever did. Except for New Coke, of course.

  30. RA, this quote from the FNM magazine regarding the 100-year-old glass Coke bottle design might be of interest to you and others:

    “The famous shape was a mistake! Earl Dean and Clyde Edwards of the Root Glass Company incorrectly believed that cocoa beans were among Coke’s secret ingredients, so they based the bottle design on the cocoa pod.”

  31. Mark in TTown – The whole darned name, and not all at once, and never “legally” that we can tell. Johann Freidrich Schwab eventually turned into John M. Smith (at least, that is what his obituary says).

    Steve from RO – I personally did not, but my mother’s entire family did. However, looking at Homestead on a map, you were on the other side of 24. My lot goes from New Haven and north. My grandmother is actually a descendant of two pioneer families of Allen county.

  32. Just in case some think we try to keep this sort of thing under wraps, there is an article in today’s [Sat. 17 Oct. ’15] Sky & Telescope weekly newsletter about a prominent exoplanet astronomer whose has had to resign because of sexual harassment. JJ’s filter apparently will not let extra long URLs through, so try typing ‘Geoff Marcy Exoplanet leader’ in a search engine. Let’s see if this goes through

    Peace, emb

  33. NEWSFLASH LSU! When the holder on the field goal passed the ball he stopped being the holder and because he was still on his knee he was down and the touchdown did not count.

  34. Good morning Villagers….

    Good grief, $600 worth of cerveza !!! Only on Padre Island, right Jackie 🙂

    Gal, I thought the same thing about 25 cent cigs, but the child did have flights of fantasy.

    TR, I thought the same thing, not that I’m into bondage. But it was a cute joke 🙂

    Brought George the rooster into the packing room yesterday. You can tell he is spoiled. Rachael and Kyler were there all moring, and Rachael just held him and petted him. Patty, the other worker from the other hen house is going to take him home before they ‘purge’ the building. I’m glad as he is quite the hunk and she has a couple of brown hens…as pets!! She showed me a pic of one of the hens perched on her son’s head (had baseball cap on) eating off the bill of his cap. I enjoyed working with her….she would have enjoyed $600 worth of beer too.

    Jerry, did you get your problems solved? Mark hasn’t posted anything since yours, and I’m sure he would be able to help you. What’s the pic of? Tippy, I hope.

    Ya’ll have a blessed Lord’s day.

  35. Debbe 😉 I tried to explain it to you, but my explanation goes into The Dark Hole of Moderation™, even without including the pejorative term itself, or any other words that are even remotely offensive. WordPress must have gone Full PC™ on us.

  36. Debbe 😉 Thanks for the “Brass in Pocket” video. But I don’t think Chrissie’s miniskirt had any pockets. It barely had any skirt.

  37. About that joke, Ghost Sweetie…*headdesk*

    And I’ve always loved both the “sweet” and “down and dirty” songs, so thanks for posting those. 🙂

    Debbe, let’s see if I can help here-have you ever watched the original Star Wars movie? Sand People live on a desert planet, and walk single file so no one will know how many of them there are. They aren’t very nice.

  38. He’s a 22-year-old with a great sense of humor, Anonymous. BTW, Brad Paisley did a C&W song about a man whose wife told him to choose either her or his fishing. It’s called “I’m Gonna Miss Her”. 🙂

    Glad you liked the tunes and the joke, too, Jean dear. And I knew you’d get the SF connection of the term.

  39. Mindy from Indy, here’s another site you can try:

    I took a look, but John Smith is so common that without birth/death dates it was hopeless for me. But since you have his obituary, you should be able to find something if it is there.

    I looked up my surname and found some connections. Oddly enough, there are some Johann Friedrich with the same surname, but no relation.

    Debbe, whatever the problems connecting were, they went away by Saturday.

  40. Summer is sorta back 70°.

    Just checking in for some cheering up. Reading “Voices From Chernobyl” by Svetlana Alexievich. It lifts the curtain on life in the CCCP. Only able to take it in short reads.

    GR6, liked the tee shirt. 😉 Think I’ve seen several young ladies who were alcohol infused prior to their dancing on stage.

  41. A re-post from FB, sorry those who get a double dose.

    Just call me Mother Nature. I’ve been trying to figure out how the outside kitty dish keeps getting so yucky. I’d been blaming the boys (Prince and Silver Tiger) getting territorial, but the other day, it finally clicked. This morning I had confirmation. I leave for work while the sun is still hitting the snooze button, and I could only make out a sturdy silhouette and the barest glimmer of silver in the dark. I said hi to Tiger, and went to fill the kibble bowl. He ran, not unusual, and when I called him back, I suddenly realized I was talking to Ricky Racoon, and not Tiger. I didn’t fill the dish, and Ricky wasn’t happy he was denied a second breakfast. What concerns me most is HE CAME WHEN I CALLED. Now I wonder how many times I’ve leaned down to give this stupid racoon a scritch on the ears as I rush out off to work.

    Mark, Even with birth and death dates, it’s rough going. I will dig out the information later; I could use a fresh set of synapses looking at this.

  42. “I wonder how many times I’ve leaned down to give this stupid racoon a scritch on the ears as I rush out off to work.”

    The answer may be never, because the raccoon would likely have bitten you. Is your rabies shot up to date? Do they even have rabies vaccinations? Just got my required [/ volunteering at the hospital] flu shot Friday, and had a tetanus shot along w/ antibiotics after a bite in Sep.

    Peace, emb

  43. Thanks, Mindy. And don’t pet the raccoon. I took the trash out a few nights ago and what I took for a cat on our side porch wasn’t. It was a full-grown opossum. So glad I turned on the extra lights outside. We didn’t threaten each other, just stared a few seconds. Then I put the bag in the cart and went back inside through the front door while Mr. or (Ms.) opossum stayed put.

  44. Several weeks ago some media folks got excited by a large astroid passing “near” the earth. I looked it up and saw that it was missing us by several million miles. Big whoop! They haven’t been upset by a much closer, larger-than-average rock:

    It’s newly discovered this year, 2015 TB145, it’s 470 m across, and on October 31 it’ll pass 1.3 LD away… where 1 LD = 384,401 km, the distance between Earth and the Moon. So, it’ll miss us by a mere 310,000 miles.

  45. Good morning all. I caught up on posts and fell asleep before I could say hello. Having a great time with my friends who are not exactly party animals, we ended up having a pizza party last night after my first choice of a boker-redneck-cowboy bar and grill put off some of the more conservative ones. Even the native Texas ones.

    How about a Brown Eyed Handsome Man?

  46. Good morning Villagers….

    Indy Mindy, your story reminded me of that commercial where a woman lets in a racoon thinking its her cat…I think its about eye wear or something.

    Like today’s real time strip, I love it. Maybe they should run that commercial back to back, then I’ll write it down 🙂

    GR 😉 what a lovely song, and yes Christina can belt out a tune. I’ve bookmarked it, I know my husband will love it too. Love the T-shirt too 🙂

    And…regarding eye color….hazel, sometimes blue, sometimes green, my hair color in younger days was a natural reddish blonde, with natural curls….Ian carries the same traits. He let his hair grow long a couple of times, just right above his shoulders with natural waves. We would call him, after the song, “Sister Golden Hair. Even my co-worker asked the other day if Ian still had his long hair. I told him no, and laughed that most women would kill to have hair like Ian’s, and he agreed. He asked if I had the same color….I wear my long hair up in a bun, and told him at one time yes, but alas, the grey is coming through now. And it’s Ian’s fault 🙂

    Busted butt yesterday at work, cranked up the packer to 65 (usually it’s on 44.5) and it took three of us to keep it running, one packed, one stayed at the packer picking up dirty, broken eggs and keeping the belt clean, and the other stayed out in the hen house watching for egg blocks….got out of there at 1ish, but wrote down 2ish. We felt we deserved it, considering the pay wage.

    Jean, thanks for helping me out there. And yes, I remember the sand people from Star Wars, so now it makes sense to me. They were creepy too. Isn’t there another installment coming up in the Star Wars series?

    Mark, Jerry was having problems with putting a pic link up on his computer. Now we have Jerry missing….I thought that maybe you could walk him through it.

    Gotta go…..It’s Monday

    ya’ll have a blessed day.

  47. Debbe, Jerry was trying to post to some photo website, like Flickr, I guess. I have never used one of those so I doubt I could do anything for him. Better he gets sandcastler ™, who has used them before.

  48. Brown Eyed girl/men: Grateful that my Brown Eyed Redhead settled for a blue-eyed, crew-cut, redhead nerd. Ran across a relevant q. this morning; will be back if I find it. Peace, emb

  49. It was right where I looked first, in the Quotes[wisdom] file:
    Murdoch, Iris, novelist and philosopher (Dublin, 15 July 1919-8 Feb. 1999, Oxfordshire). “Writing is like getting married. One should never commit oneself until one is amazed at one’s luck.” Wr.A. 110715
    I was amazed at my luck; maybe wife-to-be was, too. Her dad, whom I grew to love, wasn’t. Her mother thought I would leave her / she was no immaculate housekeeper.

    You are not supposed to notice the missing parallel phrase in the above short paragraph just above.

    Peace, emb

  50. Debbe, in our house we’ve had conversations that go rather like this: “Do you remember the commercial where the people do this thing, then that thing?” “Yeah, I love that one! Don’t remember what it’s for, but it’s a great ad!”

    Something I read here in the last day or so reminded me of this song. I forget now what that was, but I’m posting the link because it’s a funny song. 🙂

  51. My Dad’s somewhat curly black hair was passed down to me as somewhat wavy black hair. In recent years I’ve worn it short enough to disguise its tendency to wave, but thanks to The Period of Time Formally Known as The Past Two Weeks From Hell™ that’s not exactly the case right now. (At least it didn’t “wave” goodbye. Full heads of hair until the end of life are the norm among my male relatives.)

    My pneumatic and pulchritudinous hair stylist tells me my hair grows faster than that of anyone she has ever seen, so one item on my calendar this week is to book an appointment with her before my hair gets much longer. And also before the cooler weather unfavorably impacts the skimpiness of her work attire. 😉

  52. This is funny, I have pictured you all this time as blonde Ghost. Please don’t tell me you’re a brown eyed man too. Let’s get back to that kilt all the women here wanted to gift to you.

    Do you also have a mustache and beard neatly trimmed? Just asking for the rest of the females here.

  53. Jean, that was funny and I had forgotten that Vince Gill song, remembered the one George Jones did about lawn mower. I was trying to tell someone last week, “You know, that song where the wife hides the car keys and he goes off to the bar on the tractor or lawnmower.”

    Had never seen the video, this was early in Vinces career.

  54. Blonde? Really? No, Anonie, black, or more accurately now, salt-and-pepper. (The “salt” began arriving prematurely but has propagated rather slowly.)

    Eyes are green, with flecks of gold. I’m not sure how many women would kill for my hair, but a number have said they would for my eyelashes. My mustache and non-pointed goatee are kept neatly groomed, of course. Have taken the kilt idea under advisement.

  55. Sorry Debbe. I’ve been busy as well as not feeling my best. I was having a problem with, but I have received some instructions from some of their members and I think that it will work out. I don’t have any real good pictures of Tippy, but I will post a picture of Elvis. It’s interesting that the local fish wrapper will publish any old picture of a cat, dog or whathaveyou, but I have sent in two photos of Elvis and they apparently think that I stole the picture from a greeting card or something. Their loss.

  56. I don’t recall that anyone mentioned the passing of Chef Paul Prudhomme last week, but that was during The Period of Time Formally Known as The Last Two Weeks from Hell™. For anyone interested in the culinary arts, or Americana, or just good eats, I found this article by a restaurateur who knew and admired both the chef and his food.

    I don’t always go to the French Quarter when I’m in New Orleans, but when I do, I eat at K-Paul’s. Stay hungry, my friends.

  57. Hi Ghost, I am stopped at a Dairy Queen in Rosebud, TX for a bathroom not the cuisine but their 50 calorie fudge bars are good and have 24% of your daily fiber requirement.

    Yes, we paid tribute to Chef Paul and his food. I had blackened shrimp tacos with remoulade sauce for lunch and thought of him.

  58. Fiber One Oats & Chocolate Chewy Bars each have 35% of the DRMA (9 grams) of dietary fiber. I haven’t checked the caloric value, but one bar is just 4 Weight Watchers PointsPlus©. And they are delicious.

  59. Trying to imagine how one would mount up on an F-4 while wearing kilt and do it in a gentlemanly manner.

    Last eat at K-Paul’s about a year ago. Loon and her friend later that night received tickets, story for another day.

  60. Well, that DO had to dig the poster for the light menu out of trash , said no one ordered it. And they had no fudge bars or any of the stuff on poster for same reason. I shared a grilled chicken breast burger and they put mayo on it, tried to sell me fries. Shared the chicken with Dickens.

    Remembering Paul Prudhomme made me recall me trying to blacken chicken or fish, setting off fire alarms and filling house with smoke.

    Told Paul who started laughing (he had a great laugh and expressive face) He said not to even try without the high heat commercial gas stove and a commercial smoke exhaust. I don’t think I did again. Early right after he opened when we were young, Christopher Robin.

  61. Yes, they don’t call that “commercial” kitchen equipment for nothing. And even then, they sometimes manage to set the place on fire. I know one restaurant that burned to the ground three times, from “grease fires in the vent hood”. What a string of bad luck! After that, they couldn’t get insurance for some reason, and the location has a chain pharmacy on it now.

  62. Listened to that by Clapton today. Liked it better. Who originated it?

    Sometimes restaurants seem to burn down deliberstely. One in Eufaula kept having grease fires and fire department could have them reopen for dinner. We always said it was they wanted to eat but present owner doesn’t have as good food.

    They might let it burn next time.

  63. A Nony Mouse
    Thought of you when exPB brought her silver lame Bunny outfit – complete –
    to be evaluated on Antiques Roadshow (Tonight 10/19/15) (Chicago).
    4X cover – center fold 1978 I think she said.

    Will be right back

  64. Old Bear that Bunny would/could be my daughter almost, about 15 years or so younger. How did she look?

    The more weight I lose, the more wrinkles I see. Skin loses elasticity and I guess the far keeps it plump and smooth.

    I.I .need a marinade

  65. A nony Mouse
    On the show she had a buzz cut and it was gray. In the old days she appeared blond.
    You can probably view the show on line later this week – the one from Chicago

  66. Trucket, as adjudicator for workmens comp cases I have handled many strange cases involving pelvic injuried. All these yearlater I can remember delicate and not so delicate wording about what defines a scheduled member and questioning whether loss caused permanent disability or caused a loss of employment other rendered one unable to be employed for any work.

    Some incidents were so bizarre they challenged belief. Shooting oneself would be cut and dried case but I seem to remember shooting themselves in toes the most.

  67. Good morning Villagers….

    Jerry, I’m glad to see you posting again. Was getting a little worried. I do hope you get to filling better soon. Mark posted something about getting Sandcastler to help you post your pic. Would love to see Elvis though. Are you keeping up with BCN’s Halloween special on Georgia’s website?

    Miss Charlotte, now where are you?????

    Yesterday, uneventful, busy, but uneventful. Same chicken$hit but different day!

    Jean, you are absolutely correct about those commercials….and I can’t stand Flo, she drives me nuts.

    OB…remember the memory one, it is the truth though, funny that I remember that one though.

    ya’ll have a blessed day….

  68. Thanks Mark! I will out my papers tomorrow. Hopefully work goes well enough I can get home at a decent hour.

    Had the day off, and got my first text of the day at 5:30a. Sigh. And since either texts or phone calls kept coming roughly every half hour, I gave up on sleeping in by 9a. (Maybe I should have warned them about the plumbers coming with a jackhammer this morning?) Anyhow, did some shopping – Harbor Frieght is having a huge sale. It was tough passing up on some new power tools. Came home and started cleaning and rearranging the front porch. Took a part the screen door and cleaned it thoroughly – something its needed since day one. Keeping Blacklight inside was laughably easy. I simply put the screen from the door horizontally across the threshold, and put the mail basket in front of it to keep it upright. She could have jumped it with no problem, but she never looked up.

    Tonight’s play date with the adorable neighbor urchins included playing in leaf piles, frisbee, and working on bike riding skills. I haven’t chased a munchkin with training wheels in almost twenty-five years. I am goung ti have to invest in quality mittens and coat this year. I forsee snowball fights in my future. 🙂

  69. sandcastler,

    For businesses, it’s pretty effective to build it into the firewalls/proxy servers. I used a few different versions at the companies I did IT for before I was medically disabled. I’m sure there are newer, better, faster systems know than there was when I was in technology.

    At home, it’s called self-discipline or parental supervision…

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