The Mice that Roared

Speaking of literature, I guess you’ve heard by now. Bob Dylan won this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature! You go, Bob!

I saw a flat-bed truck loaded with generator-powered work lights headed toward the coast yesterday. I want to revisit Tuesday’s post, for I may have been unclear. My point was, Hurricane Matthew was a historic and destructive storm. It’s already yesterday’s news, but some flooding rivers in North Carolina have not crested as I write. There is, literally, untold damage for hundreds of miles. Amazingly, though, it could have been much worse given the unique path of Matthew. That’s all I meant by, “We were very very lucky.” I think most of us don’t realize yet how bad it actually was.

I didn’t mean to get into hurricanes again today, but after rereading my post of Tuesday, I didn’t want to be misunderstood. I had intended to give you some good news! Remember the Kickstarter campaign? Sure you do! Well, the rewards have begun flowing. Although nothing was promised earlier than October, I had hoped to get some rewards out by now. September, however, was an unusually frenetic month around here, but it’s past. We’ll talk more about the rewards and the parsonage project soon. Thank you!

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  1. domaucan1, it sounds like you’re knee-deep in little people. How many are you herding altogether? God bless you and yours, too.
    Jackie, it sounds like you’re swimming in the deep end!
    Jimmy, in today’s A&J, I bet the trash collectors still talk about the cute gal in the nighty who used to run out of that house.

  2. Jimmy, I understand what you mean. So much about Matthew was not as predicted…in some ways, a better outcome; in some ways, a worse. We prepared for one set of circumstances and got another.

  3. Things got better. Picked up Trigger my truck and he looked so good, like new again. Found out Ford would repair my Honda and detail it, good service girl, so I skipped going to Tulsa.

    Out of canned cat food so back to Wally World for cases for Endless Kitty Buffet, the back to opposite end of Lake to ATT and Lowe’s who did deliver stuff, albeit a day late.

    So, I am back on to drive to Alabama, Mississippi tomorrow, a day late and in different vehicle. With clothes.

    Like a duck, paddling fiercely under all those feathers you see on top of water.

  4. I have many friends near New Bern, good friends I was supposed to be going to see for their boating festival this weekend I believe. I am very worried about them. I am sure they cancelled boating event on water.

  5. Thanks, Smigz. An ex-student had honored me with an invitation to her wedding almost 45 years ago. As a result, I drove 725 miles each way to attend.

    Earlier, I had been to Newbern – her home – for other college-related matters, and I liked the place; her parents were very nice too. In fact, her dad once told me that, if he ever endowed a college, he’d insist of me being the chemistry professor…music to my ears.

    The young lady was my son’s favorite babysitter, too.

    Now, she and her husband are both retired dentists, parents & grandparents several times over, and, when they wish, still residents of Newbern.

  6. Smigz, Loon is healing, thanks for asking.

    Speaking of cats. A certain presidential candidate commented today their administration would be good for both people and cats. Canned tuna in every pantry?

  7. Here’s the thing to make us feel old, it did me. I was excited to be going to Cains Ballroom to see Kris Kristopherson receive the Woody Guthrie award next week, even if my seat is behind a post.
    So I told my hair dresser I had to be home by Tuesday night to go.

    She knew about Woody Guthrie award, knew it was a big deal. Had NO idea who Kris K. Was, had never heard a single song he had written despite me telling her about song writing, acting. Movies, Bobby McGee and 150 others.

    She thinks I am cool and she knows about Cains, is in college, so she says he must be cool if I love him. I promised to find a good pic from his youth and play Janis Joplin for her.

  8. Where the name of our beloved Janis Day came from. Woody Guthrie’s son Arlo is where our beloved Arlo Day got his name. And the above beloved Luddie got his name from either Ludwig Beethoven or the Mad King.

  9. GM Debbe
    on 09 Oct 2016 at 4:45 am #

    Trying to adjust to this keyboard as compared to the old one. Have to type slowly.

    “I write slowly because I know you cannot read very fast”. (Was that on Hee Haw?)

  10. Good morning Villagers…

    GM Old Bear…getting to this keyboard slowly.

    So many cats, so little time…love Stuart Little.

    Sand, good to hear Loon is doing better.

    …and it’s good to know Bob Dylan got the recognition as a songwriter that he is…a good story teller, but, his voice sure has changed these last few years.

    Happy payday

  11. Very interesting, Jimmy, about Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. I love Dylan’s work, but find it a mix of sublime ideas and simple wordplay. Still, the best of it is very poetic, and I can’t think of anyone who has brought more poetry more effectively out into the world of everyday people– and encouraged more to others to do the same– than Bob Dylan.

    “I been double-crossed now for the very last time and now I’m finally free
    I kissed goodbye the howling beast on the borderline which separated you from me
    You’ll never know the hurt I suffered nor the pain I rise above
    And I’ll never know the same about you, your holiness or your kind of love
    And it makes me feel so sorry”

  12. Jimmy, my husband used to doze off with the remote in his hand, pointed at the TV, and not drop it. He would do that with a book, too, then wake up and continue to read. (That was before the diagnosis of sleep apnea and the use of a CPAP.)

  13. Up and at it here. Been out to the coffee shop on the highway, coffee and news. Irrigation is turned on, all day task. Cats feed, watered, and sick one pilled. Going to stream more Dylan today; amazed at how his words still echo true in these times.

  14. Wish I had sprung for the Bob Dylan tickets but I thought they were too expensive. Bet they cost more from the resale sources today.

    I agree with sand. His words are amazing.

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