The Mockingbird’s Shrill

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I don’t have a lot of time this morning, but I did want to post something, as service here has been spotty lately. I’m not sure my subconscious wasn’t at work when I chose today’s classic A&J. I’ve been fighting with my computer lately, plus the mockingbirds have begun their seasonal concert. Except, in reality, they sing about 3 a.m. For hours. I actually have gone downstairs in the middle of the night to flush one from the camellia bush below my bedroom window. I didn’t kill him, but I did scare the bejeebers out of him. Is that a sin?

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  1. JJ: No, it’s not. “They” closed one dorm at Cornell U. and moved us to another, next to a country road with telephone wires just outside our 2nd floor room. Grackle chorus at sunup. emb

  2. “gently relocating” is not sinful –
    computer problems here too – perhaps the mockingbirds have got in our equipment and are laughing at us!

  3. Doesn’t give you any thrill? Listening to the trill of the mockingbirds song?

    Who sang that? Now it’s going through my mind on rewind!

  4. However, emb, shooting grackles is a Public Service. :O)

    After decades of observation, if you want to attract grackles, French fries is the way to go. They love them some French fries.

  5. Using a colon will save you a lot of time.

    Let me demonstrate, regarding my first post above.

    “After decades of observation: if you want to attract grackles, French fries is the way to go. They love them some French fries.”

    See? Now you won’t have to observe grackles for decades before you attract them.

    Dangling participles kill or injure thousands each year. Don’t be one of them! :/

  6. Obviously I caused JJS computer. To detect suspicious pst, I used three obscure words in one post about starting over a new life every decade with panache. And yes, I really talk and think like this. No script, no reservations and the mic open on stage.

    My financial advisor blessed me with a wistful voice tone. But someone has to be responsible for those of us who fly without a parachute.

  7. Now you got by with it, Ghost! The three obscure and seldom used words. I guess it was the crashed plane?

    Like me and the two drowned drug dealers and the brief case of money in my boat slip?

    Seriously, I am going home to spend weekend chucking out too big clothing to thin out closets. I need smaller sizes, so hopefully there are some stored? Who knows..

  8. Lunch report in Marshall.TX at my favorite place, Cajuntex. I ordered an oyster poboy and promptly cackled it lunch special of grilled fish and srimp, vegs. Too much riding on losing weight to eat poboys. That’s an epiphany.

  9. cxp: Mockin’ Bird Hill – Loved the song!

    Page Patti – Mockin’ Bird Hill Lyrics
    Artist: Page Patti

    Mockin’ Bird Hill
    Tra-la-la, twiddly-dee-dee
    It gives me a thrill
    To wake up in the morning to the mockingbird’s trill
    Tra-la-la, twiddly-dee-dee
    There’s peace and goodwill
    You’re welcome as the flowers on Mockin’ Bird Hill

    When the sun in the morning
    Peeps over the hill,
    And kisses the roses ’round my windowsill
    Then my heart fills with gladness
    When I hear the trill
    Of the birds in the treetops on Mockin’ Bird Hill

    Tra-la-la, twiddly-dee-dee
    It gives me a thrill
    To wake up in the morning to the mockingbird’s trill
    Tra-la-la, twiddly-dee-dee
    There’s peace and goodwill
    You’re welcome as the flowers on Mockin’ Bird Hill

    When it’s late in the evening,
    I climb up the hill
    And survey all my kingdom while everything’s still
    Only me and the sky — and an old whippoorwill
    Singin’ songs in the twilight on Mockin’ Bird Hill

    Tra-la-la, twiddly-dee-dee
    It gives me a thrill
    To wake up in the morning to the mockingbird’s trill
    Tra-la-la, twiddly-dee-dee
    There’s peace and goodwill
    You’re welcome as the flowers on Mockin’ Bird Hill

    Tra-la-la, twiddly-dee-dee
    There’s peace and goodwill
    You’re welcome as the flowers on Mockin’ Bird Hill

  10. Denise, I suspected that. (Even if I did throw in that disclaimer. 😉 )

    “…the two drowned drug dealers and the brief case of money in my boat slip”, Jackie? Too bad John D. MacDonald is no longer living. He could use that as the plot for another Travis McGee novel, where the cash was hidden and smuggled away in the heroine’s lingerie. Titled “Monies in Black Undies”, perhaps? (That’s one color he didn’t get around to using in a title.)

  11. Ghost, in the link you posted, were you referring to the crashed drug plane or the escaped mental patient named Michael W. Jackson? One story was right below the other. Either would make an interesting tale. Carl Hiassen would find a way to combine them into one, most likely.

  12. Laughing at us all here. I heard a lot of jokes on that one but yours is best, Ghost.

    No, NodaK Wayne, it isn’t that the rest of yall wouldn’t know the word. It’s just that Ghost is only one I could picture using it correctly in context of conversation being carried on.

    Now when I really took a lot of jokes was when the non. English speaking seaman was shown on all the channels os Houston t.v. stations in a reinactment of being defrauded of 37,000 in cash in a taxi parked in my flower shop parking lot while taxi driver pretended to be checking on how soon one of the prostitutes would be available!

    Unfortunately, both times coverage clearly showed and identified house and shop.

  13. emb is out of the loop again, likely / his aversion to TV. Who is the lummox on the latest New Yorker cover? On the contents page, the cover is titled “Everybody who’s anybody.” Are all the other little kids nobody?

    Peace, emb

  14. emb, I think it’s just a reference to how popular clubs will post bouncers to only allow the “right” people in the door. Cover art not supposed to represent any particular person, most likely. Hope your weather is quiet. Ours is rumbling and rainy right now.

  15. Speaking of nice music:

    The greatest title music to a John Wayne film:

    “The Sons of Katie Elder” composed by Elmer Bernstein, who was a genius at scoring. (He also gave us “The Magnificent Seven,” “The Great Escape” and “True Grit,” among many others.)

    The film, while enjoyable, is not as epic as the title music, which is everything you could want for a John Wayne film. Bernstein said he really enjoyed scoring for a John Wayne film, “because then you can write big music.” Fifty years later, it is still big music.


  16. There was a scene where JW hit a man in the face with a pickaxe handle.
    The next day the guy had no broken nose, no black eyes, no broken teeth, nothing.
    Those cowboys were tough in the old days.

  17. Mark, thank you so much for that link to Jethro Tull. I am home finally for a few days and have easier access to youtube and music and I just clicked on entire play list. Really enjoying it.

    About John Wayne movies, I live on the banks of the South Canadian fork, as used in the original True Grit. I know very well what every scene in the movie should have looked like, I live there.
    Of course, being a John Wayne movie is was NOT shot in Oklahoma or Arkansas where it is set but in some high Rocky Mountain locale that in no possible way resembles reality.

    There is a true specific geographically verifiable piece of land, rock or water for entire movie but I must have seen it at least ten times with my dedicated JW fan husband and never realized what Oklahoma actually looked like!

    Reality goes out the door in a JW movie.

  18. Old Bear, do you know what the GI’s call the toilet paper issued with the MRE packs? John Wayne. Because it’s rough, tough and won’t take anything off anybody!

  19. emb, agreed; that’s a generic doorman/bouncer keeping out the “nobody” kids. Makes about as much sense to screen the kids waiting to get into a birthday party as it does to screen older ones trying to get into an “in” club. (See Groucho Marx, re clubs)

  20. OB, that was also “The Sons of Katie Elder”–search that title plus “hey” on YouTube for a clip of it. Good ol’ George Kennedy was on the receiving end of that handle, and as you say, we seriously underestimated how tough he was! 😉

  21. OB, the cowboys weren’t as tough as the private dicks of the 30’s and 40’s who could, after being cold cocked from behind by the Bad Guy’s blackjack, wake up; figure out where the BG is going; hotwire a car; race to intercept the BG before he can abduct “the girl”; and then beat the snot out of said BG. Whereas in real life the PI would be nursing a concussion, going “Blub-blub-blub”, and trying to remember his own name.

    Not to mention taking a .38 slug through the subclavian artery and shrugging it off as a “flesh wound”.

  22. Did not remember it was George Kennedy – It has been a while.

    I have stories of my grandfather and how tough he was.

    One was when he split his lip he went to my grandmother to have her stitch it together –
    She said “no” –
    He said “Viking women stitched their husbands”
    She said “You’re no Viking”

    He was a Square Rig Sailor – sailed from Sweden to Australia several times.
    Was a Bo’sun before he was 18.

  23. Good morning Villagers…

    Sitting here, looking out my computer room window at the bright, full moon. Which, in about a half an hour, will start the “blood moon”. Sat here last October and watched the last one.

    (Note to self….clean windows)

    Well, cages are cleaned, troughs blowed out, egg trays brushed, and now for some repair work…poor Ian and Andrew have their work cut out for them today. Tomorrow “the bomb’ gets dropped…..and the first round of 30,000 pullets start coming in on Tuesday. Of course, it’s supposed to rain, and it will be a mess.

    I love John Wayne movies and the music scores…thanks Evan.

    Some 480 eggs were given away yesterday to a some grandmotherly type of older ladies that The Boss gives eggs to (and he benefits from the ‘goodies’ baked), and 196 went to a church. Have I told you I don’t like eating eggs 🙂

    Still waiting on the blood moon……


  24. It has begun! Don’t know the time lapse of this eclipse, but when going into work, we see the sunrise (when it’s NOT raining) every morning.

    And, would someone please explain today’s real time strip, I don’t quite get it.

  25. car warming up…yes, its’ 34 degrees out there

    Just a sliver of the moon is showing, will get to watch on the way to work.

    plus, someone on TDS just explained the ‘punchline’

    Happy Caturday……

  26. Today’s might have been funnier had JJ could have changed the last line on Sunday and actually shown the correct teams. Very subtle,but then most people reading the funnies would not know that the comics are done weeks ahead.

    But then again, today’s reference was pretty darn good!

  27. Debbe, I didn’t get it either but I am absolutely not a basketball fan, never actually watched a game. Closest I got was actually working for a member of the Olympics Golden team or whatever the heck they called them back then? He’d played his career out as a super star for Houston and then for Denver. Dwight was sweet, funny and smart. Like every other man I ever worked with that fit that category I think I fascinated him, at least my dimensions did but fact I could sell did too. Anyway, all his old basketball buddies stopped in all the time, since I never knew who they were they didn’t intimidate me at all. Funny guys.

    Mark, I just left Jethro Tull on all night, that was a productive link. Still listening. Had forgotten how much I liked them/him.

    Ghost, my weight is down another six pounds since I was home to weigh myself. And yes, I am eating. Just not much and healthily.. Today is day I have promised to start walking officially again to try and build up to a 2 miles a day again. It is 37 outside so may wait to start! Beginning to purge my closet of a lot of clothes, especially the too large ones and especially the granny looking ones.

    Not going back there again. Attitude bouncing back, I don’t feel like the same person, finding out there is life there still. The Village has been a good place to live.

  28. Debbe 😉 Dang, hon; you meant *cat* legs! Well, you got my heart started, anyway. As did the young “five by five” lady I just happened across on TWC. (Five inch heels with five inch above the knee skirt.)

    Sorry, but even somehow using the “correct teams” names would have been lost on those of us who don’t follow the b-ball play-offs. Everyone one else enjoy, though.

  29. Love this one, Too Old To Rock n Roll, Too Young to Die. His lyrics are fantastic, music is of course. Any other like this you’d recommend I commence to relisten and appreciate? Forget fact I am the age I am, I actually like a lot of stuff that would surprise.

  30. Good for you, Jackie! Keep that up…smart eating, walking, attitude and all. And remember, you burn more calories walking or exercising in cooler temperatures.

    And, ah, what were those dimensions, again? 🙂

  31. Change in lots of things, Ghost. You have been a major inspiration of course. OK, I am going outside in the cooler temperatures. Did not know that. Going cruising in Canada next month for two weeks, so cooler temps there for sure to exercise in. And no, I don’t do cruise ships.

    For basketball fans, I did look up what I was talking about in previous post. That was Dwight Jones from the 1972 Olympic team that controversially lost Olympic gold to the Russians in the Olympics where the Israeli athletes were murdered. All refused to accept their medals, good for them but I am absolutely not a basketball fan.

    I always made fun of myself for that because I had no idea who Dwight was, just an intelligent and good looking man to boot. I always claimed he had played for the Houston Rockets and the Denver Spotted Mountain Ticks. Really annoyed him but he liked my attitude too because I just could not be intimidated by anyone, famous or not.

  32. Back in the day, I meant, Jackie. Whatever they were, I have a feeling a certain expression we used to use would apply…”short stack”. 🙂

    I was just looking at pepper spray* on a well-known InterWebNet purveyor of merchandise, and when I when to add one of them to “Wish List”, I noticed it could also be added to “Wedding Registry”. That struck me as amusing, for some reason.

    * Why would I need pepper spray if I almost always have a firearm within reach, you ask? Because of the old saying, “When your only tool is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.” One needs options like hand-to-hand defensive training and pepper spray. And because “almost always” doesn’t mean “always”. (Thanks, US Postal Service.)

  33. Just rereading my favorite adventure travel writer who told anecdote about being stopped by an earnest citizen in I believe Nepal? who ran up and asked, “Are you American? Good, I have just married and can you please sir, tell me, what is the cure for premature satisfaction?”

    It is assumed all Americans are sexual experts. So, yes, Ghost, I wondered same thing. What ARE you planning to use the pepper spray for?

  34. There are times when it would be more appropriate, both morally and legally, to defend one’s self by giving one’s attacker a case of teary eyes and runny nose than a sucking chest wound.

  35. Have to go drive route and verify my elderly memory, but did one circle loop to lake and back which I believe is one mile (Long time since I did this) and two loops is two miles? Or maybe it is half a mile and two loops is a mile and two repetitions is the two miles. Am prespiring a tad and breathing hard but otherwise doing just fine. Dog and I gave two elderly men a charge walking who both commented on good looking dog. Glad I put a sports bra on, they were really old.

    I may still be youngest person in this neighborhood, I was when I moved here. I’d run or jog and six cars would stop and ask if I needed help?

    Ghost, I used to carry pepper spray after I was kidnapped in Houston. Gave it up but I know you think I should return to a defensive position. And Mace. I’d Mace anyone.

    Love. Jackie

  36. Ghost Sweetie, thank you for the song! Loved it!

    We missed the eclipse last night, but did have a nice but short thunderstorm. We sat on the screened porch and watched the lightening.

  37. Jackie (and others concerned): I’d recommend keeping a can of wasp & hornet spray out of sight but within reach of your bedside, and perhaps other places in your dwelling. It’s just as effective, if not more so, as oleoresin capsicum or Mace spray, and it has a greater (25-30 feet) range. Not necessarily the best choice for personal carry or in your vehicle, but it could be very useful at home.

    The biggest disadvantage of capsicum or Mace spray is that the container has to be in your hand and ready for immediate use when needed. If you have to fumble it out of your purse, it’s ridiculously easy to have it taken away from you before you can deploy it. That’s why “situational awareness” is so vital.

  38. You are very welcome, Jean dear. And I too love to watch God’s Own Light Show at night. Unless possibly when I’m flying through the middle of it. 🙂

  39. In those days it was in a pocket, not a purse and my hand was always in that pocket which was a jacket or loose coat. So was the gun, never in a purse and never hostered or in car.

    And yes, I became acutely sensitive to where I was, would almost never put myself in public places and never in crowds or open spaces. You become defensive to a point of phobia.

    Love, Jackie

  40. Love today’s realtime strip! JJ, you can break the 4th wall with the best of them. (The comments below it are good, too, especially the one that says that it was funny even having to have it explained. JJ’s readers are all very nice.)

  41. Jackie Monies, do you live in Marshall or just visiting? I was there last Wednesday at the OS2 listening to the live boogie woogie. First time there, and we enjoyed it. Have to go back next time we’re in the area.

  42. Good tactics, Jackie, with one exception. I’m not in love with the idea of carrying a handgun in a pocket with the trigger exposed, and I don’t think your instructor will be either, when you get one. That’s the real value of a holster of some type, to minimize the chance of a negligent discharge. (There are no “accidental” discharges, and despite what they always report in the newspaper, guns don’t just “go off” of their own volition.) Discuss it with him or her.

    A little healthy paranoia is not necessarily a bad thing in modern life.

  43. JJ:

    I just wanted to say that todays strip is utterly and completely brilliant. It was so good it took two reads for me to get the joke, and I’m usually pretty quick off the mark.

    Such a subtle breaking of the fourth (?) wall. I’m still grinning thinking of it.

    You remain a true master of the craft. Thanks for all the great laughs over the years.


  44. I do not live in Marshall, I live south of Tulsa on Lake Eufaula, lake house. I go through Marshall all the time and always have, even when I lived south in Houston, Hwy 59 has always been a corridor for me. Plus when I was in sales I had some really big customers based out of there, like Marshall Pottery, the Ellis Pottery people, a lot of big nurseries and Christmas stores that are no longer in existence.
    Yes, I loved Marshall in past, still stay in motels there a lot. Another town I enjoy is Paris, TX for the exact same reasons and I still eat and stay there a lot, for same reasons. Paris has my favorite Mexican restaurant, Ta Molly’s. Have always traveled and been a road warrior. Anyone who wants to recommend places, feel free!

  45. How do people in other parts of the country handle illness without access to Vernor’s Ginger Ale? It’s the standard treatment around here for upset tummies, colds, and generally feeling awful. Cold, room temp, or warmed up, we use it from childhood onward. Do any other areas have local remedies like this?

  46. I’ve had Vernor’s, thanks to Kroger when I lived in Tennessee. Compared to Buffalo Rock, it’s like the joke about making love in a canoe.

  47. “…as God intended.” Reminds me of our second room-and-board girl, who stayed with us 3 yr., maybe including a summer. She was a “Finlander,” weaned onto coffee.

    “Iced coffee? But, that would be . . . like putting ice in coffee!” Cannot remember if she became a convert.

    Peace, emb

  48. Coca Cola is also beneficial in removing corrosion from your battery terminals, should your car not start. Also can be poured onto knee scrapes from falling down in gravel roads to clean the wound.

    Southern cooks depend on it for many things, including cake baking and making glazes for hams or pot roast gravy,

    Goes with all meats, white, red, fish or fowl and great eye opener in morning, can float your peanuts or ice cream floats in it.

    My memory fails, someone else from South contribute here!

  49. Thank you, Mark, mixes with most alcohol for mixed drinks, like rum and coke, bourbon and coke, moonshine and coke.

    By the way, Mark I like Ian Anderson too.

  50. Jackie and Mark..Ian Anderson…great flutist. Good strong name…Ian

    Also, saw them in concert some years ago… least I remember seeing them 🙂

  51. games are getting ready to start…..

    Hey…Jerry…doing OK?

    thanks Gal……not only did you win that’s a “$75 word dollar award”, but for me being right… get to go to round ‘2’ 🙂

  52. Hey Debbe, I just ordered a pair of black pleather leggings similar to one Led Zeppelin singer is wearing. Don’t have the hair, however that he does. That 70’s and 80’s hair! Had mine cut into a simple neck link swing style, easy to maintain for outdoor activities and wind. Blows dry easily.
    That Texas big hair was always high maintenance or looked awful or both.

  53. Reminds me of my black leather riding pants from back in my “motor-cicle” days. Never had that singer’s hair, tho. Or his groupies.

  54. In my part of Texas, Dr. Pepper is the be all and cure all. There was an ad campaign to drink it hot, with lemon, many years ago. I don’t think it was successful. We drink it cold, any time of day, with any type of food or for any type of illness. Good with salted peanuts in the bottle or as a float with vanilla ice cream.

  55. Did when I was a kid. Also had a Vespa scooter like in Roman Holiday, not bike, and you’d hit gravel and skid. Never had first aid kit but you always had Cokes. Left off more obscure and not family oriented thoughts. Surely you know Monroe has the origins of Coca Cola bottling, along with Delta Airlines, same family linage.

    I do actually have a wound on right elbow from falling on gravel as we speak.

    Thought I wanted a Harley but I was too small to handle the balance of the old ones in late 50s and still have scar from burn to left ankle from exhaust I think.

  56. I am back from a rare trip out of town by myself. I just had a tanker truck driver arrested, I think. If he wasn’t drunk he was too sleepy to be driving because he was all over the road on I-10. I called it in and stayed close to him until they pulled him over. What happened after that wasn’t my business but I considered it a dangerous situation. In regards to past issues I just finally said what everyone was thinking. Right now I suppose that I’m being too obtuse as they say in everyone’s favorite prison movie. Apparently no one agrees so we’ll leave it at that. The house is basically done and will be in the Parade of Homes in June and then we will move. Thanks for noticing when I’m not here and I will try to stop to stop being a grump. Two more things: Is the Parade of Homes something that they do everywhere or do you even know what I’m talking about ? Second, I saw a movie the other day and it wasn’t American Graffeti, but it did have Mel’s Diner with all of the old cars there. In the movie someone backs away from the diner and runs into another car. I just remembered! I had never seen the movie before and I would have never guessed that Mel’s was in the movie. It was Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

  57. Remember the first scene when Richard Dreyfuss pulls into the diner parking lot in a little old Citroin? In that scene and really in the whole movie he could have been my identical twin brother when I was in my 20’s. Now we like nothing alike. Now I’m Jethro Gibbs.

  58. I once saw a brick house travelling down a highway, but since it was only one, I don’t suppose that would qualify as a Parade of Homes.

    Actually, I think they have them everywhere. It’s usually a Home Builders Association thing, I think. I’ll bet Jackie has furnished floral stuff for them.

  59. Not kidding about the brick house going down the highway; it was two stories and being moved out of the ROW of a four-lane expansion. One and only time I ever saw a brick structure being moved.

  60. What if you simply don’t like cola? Mom was from NO area [Bay St. Louis], as I’ve mentioned before, so I had plenty of chances to try it. [6 oz. bottles cost 5 cts.]

    They have parades of homes in the Twin Cities, probably also in Brainerd, Duluth, Fargo.

    Peace, emb

  61. Felt like I was in a Twilight Zone episode today: Low oil light came on in our ancient minivan as I was turning into a parking spot. Turned off engine and checked oil… none on the oil stick, but it had been full 20 miles earlier! Wife picked us up in other car, got kids where they needed to be, and went back to minivan. Checked oil again — it was full.

    Current theory: Either I’m on a new TV prank show or sludge delayed oil returning from the rockers.

    Any other ideas?

  62. Did a lot of Parade of Homes, but the biggie was Street of Dreams, no free admissions. About $25 a pop back in 80s and VIP previews and parties could be like $200 and a table about $2000 35 years ago.

    In those days had so many charity balls that ran thousands for a table, there weren’t enough weeks to hold them. Thats what so many of us did, event designing.

    Actually my account I did show homes was Perry Homes and Bob would open about 8 homes in each subdivision. One weekend alone we did 80 models and I drove 800 miles on a single day in a circle around Houston. A very long day.

  63. Llee, as I understand it the oil pump in a car is just a couple of gears that squeeze the oil up some tubes to where it’s needed. The oil then returns to the pan via gravity through some holes.

    Steve, both times I got the full reading the engine was cold (from overnight and after sitting for 2 hours). The only time the oil was missing was when the engine was hot.

  64. Sorry, that is what I meant. A cold engine will usually show full and a hot engine will show less, sometimes a lot less. Hard to diagnose without examining the engine. The fact the oil light came on is a good reason to have someone look at it, but you might be able to drive it for short times. It may be something simple and benign, but as engines age it is often more serious…and expensive.

  65. TruckerRon, I’m no mechanic, but when you have oil troubles, see a mechanic before you have engine troubles. I speak from the experience of one whose wife let her Camry die from a prolonged oil leak!

    Jerry in FL, one of our church members could be a stand-in for Jethro from NCIS.

    Ya’ll are welcome for the Ian Anderson links. People who only search for Jethro Tull can miss his solo work. And as of 2014 he is performing only under his own name. I hope you liked the David Gilmour too. It is pretty different from Pink Floyd, and had Crosby and Nash on vocals too!

  66. The truth is we’re in the middle of lowering our mortgage interest (refi with our credit union, dropping from 8% to under 5%), after which we’re planning to replace the car. Sadly, we discussed it while in the car… this might be its reaction.

  67. Because Mike and Michele didn’t do service on the Honda as they drove it, I ended up with $1800 in things damaged by lack of service, plus $800 in new tires. Not just wives who let cars crash. I was afraid I was going to end up with worse than that before I got to Monroe and put it in shop, on the side of the road and begging Allstate to come tow me. With the motor irreparably damaged.

    Ok, I am ready to find something to sleep in and give it up I think unless I revive with some insulin and V-8!! Long day of errands and exercise.

  68. And a Blessed Easter morning to all Villagers….

    I look forward to reading BC on Easter….and read the comments, Wiley’s poem was brought up….so I ‘dug’ a little and I think I found it:

    I’ve always liked Wiley’s poems….

    Last night’s games….slept through both of them, woke up in the recliner around 10ish, and went to bed……oh, well.

    Going into work, ‘Skittles’ will be working with me…..all that will be done today is get the colored, plastic eggs in. The colored, plastic eggs get placed in the back on the egg belts. When they come in the packing room, I have pulled in that day’s egg quota. Going to buy new ones when they go on sale at Dollar General…

    And my sister in town is having Easter at her house. Going there after work and get my belly full 🙂 Looking forward to seeing my great nephews, one is going on two, and the other is 10 months old.


  69. Been avoiding asking, lest everyone discover I am a word nerd. So, in the headline for the retro, “The mockingbird’s shrill”, is the apostrophe possessive or a contraction? Either is possible and both have potential merit. What say you?

  70. Happy Easter everyone! My husband’s family has Russian Orthodox roots and on Easter morning everyone greets you with “Christ is risen!” and you reply “Indeed He is risen!” except we say it in Russian – sorry I don’t know that spelling! David, I took the headline to be possessive, never thought about the other possibility.

  71. I, too, assumed that the headline was possessive. Hmmmm… wonder if JJ was giving us a test? If so, David is the only one who passed it!

  72. Quietly and slowly raining here, still dark when I got up and I didn’t notice until light broke. Birds of all sorts out there outside my window. Need to feed animals, I’ve eaten breakfast (or sorts) which nowadays doesn’t involve much effort. Still listening to Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson until I get bored and move to another form. I just like the medieval sound of it, a mystical swirling of the music and voices, unworldly somewhat.

    Mark, I suspect you have far better taste in music and more eclectic than does Bill Gates.

    David, absolutely nothing wrong with being a word nerd. I didn’t acquire a decent vocabulary from my exposure to the Mississippi Delta culture and voices of my birth. I love words and I used to read dictionaries like some do cookbooks, just for the words and what they meant. Books gave me the bones and skeletons to flesh out with my own imagination and the words.

    Sorry, rain makes me think, as does the Village.

  73. David: “The mockingbird’s shrill.” I suspect = “The m. is shrill”, since shrill, at least in my Oxford American D., is not a noun or gerund. There is a noun, shrillness. Mostly, shrill is an adjective [“piercing and high pitched”, OAD], applicable to some moms, el-hi teachers, cheerleaders, and such. Oh, and birds.

    Which reminds me, robins are back. Some have probably been around in the last week or 2, but I saw one F, and several yesterday. These are probably transients, en route to Canada; Peterson maps them at least N to tree line. Juncos were eating seeds on the ground below the feeder. Their summer and winter ranges overlap in N MN, but this was the first winter I’d seen them all winter. The ones around now will probably nest hundreds of miles N. Seems to me I said yesterday I’d seen a tridec on the lawn. Oh, and the bird of the month was a female Cooper’s hawk that lit in the flowering crab just N of my dining nook window. Pardon if I went through all of this on an earlier page. Maybe I emailed a blind-copy bio group.

    Peace, emb

  74. Guys, I am so sad right now. I lost my pet whisperer last night, she died at almost exact time I was sitting out in her yard trying to get her to answer me. She made herself sick working for me and worrying about my animals. I will miss her so much, as will my pets who adored her, one of the best, most loving and kind people who ever came into my life.

    She was who I drove thousands of miles for to rescue the cats. It was so little I could do for her that she would accept. She saw others who took advantage of me and she refused to be one, would never charge me enough for what she did. I have lost another part of my life and family.

  75. So sorry, Jackie. I lost a good friend to cancer yesterday, too.
    And thank you, Sand. The first part looks familiar, but the reply looks a little different from the way we say it – perhaps a different version.

  76. Jackie, hang tough. This life is only a test, the scores are given at the exit.

    Granny, blame Google translate. I was freelancing, Loon was still asleep when I was ppsting.

  77. Jackie, I am so sorry to read that you’ve lost such a good friend. I can only imagine how devastated you are right now, but in time, it will pass and you will be able to be cheerful again.

    If you’re still feeling down tomorrow morning, be sure to eat a good, hearty breakfast because low blood sugar isn’t going to help you recover. Have what I’m having today: Huevos Rancheros. Two heated corn tortillas topped with chili (no beans, please) a pair of fried eggs and some salsa. Garnish with cheese and onions and enjoy. Hot sauce optional.

  78. Sand, in that case my pet whisperer has a free pass past Go and a lifetime card not to go to jail.

    Thanks, Sideburns, Wilma had terrible low blood sugars and she got pneumonia down working and caring for my pets. Her death is a good example to take care of myself. She always put others first, me foremost among them.

  79. Yet again, Jackie, I’m sorry for your loss. I’m thankful that your friend was an inspiration to you in life and even more so that she will set an example for you now that her life has ended. I know how heartbreaking it is to lose a friend, but try to remind yourself, as I do, that the last thing departed friends would want is for us to be saddened by their passing.

  80. Gal, Wilma had us, the daughter i helped steal cats for and that was about it. I have a very dear friend I love very much who in discussing mortality said you begin to think about who would hold your hand as you drew your last breath. I only wish I had broken into her trailer last night when I wanted to because I could have done that for her.And I would have and held her close.

    In discussing mortality and death, I have to say it is the reason I sign my name with love, Jackie Monies, and I kiss friends and acquaintances. Not because I am a Southern woman but because I lost so many friends in the 1980s and I might see them and the next week they were gone and I never got the chance again.

    Love, Jackie

  81. Evan: Arlo is a good ornithologist and is likely right about what the birds were saying in 2007: . Sex rules!

    I’ve had little experience with mockingbirds. Saw some in NY’s Dutchess Co. [yes, speelczech, that is how you spell that co. 60 m. N of NYC], but just in passing. When I was at a workshop at UNC Chapel Hill, I saw one fly into a large dense shrub, and immediately heard TWO “robins” squabbling in there. Neat.

    The neat but improbable thing / the bird mocking Arlo is that it knows wings are homologous to human arms, so it mocks Arlo’s typing motion. It is less improbable that it also mocks his intermittent swearing.

    Peace, emb

  82. Dear Jackie, I am so very sorry. Wilma must have been a wonderful person. It’s okay to feel very sad about her death — you miss her so much.

  83. I get to have a wretched Easter. It seems since my first cornea transplant a year and a half ago, someone at eyeball university invented some new thing where they stick a humongous plastic ring covered with placenta (yes, placenta) into your eye, wedging it in from top to bottom, supposedly it speeds healing. I can’t move my head too much or it hurts, I can’t find a comfortable sleeping position, it hurts, I can’t see through it, so it’s very disorienting and it’s goopy, teary and sticky, but I’m a big boy and it comes out Tuesday. .. .. . So my hard drive at work crashed, and somehow when IT fixed me back up, the last eight months of deleted emails was back and I was able to relive my wife’s emails to me as we went through the cancer, they were mostly mundane but some were special, I don’t know; it was glum? sad? melancholy? it just threw my loss back in my face all over again. I printed them all out.

  84. I’m glad you printed them out, John. The other night, I came across some emails my Jerry had sent. I started to read them and became very sad. But… I put them away, knowing that when I am a little further along in my grieving process, I shall be able to read them and enjoy all the good (and some not-so-good) times. For me, I think it is important to remember some of those not-so-good times. Otherwise, I would be tempted to put him up on a pedestal. Lord know, he was Not a perfect man! But – it worked out, since I am not perfect either. An imperfect pair… a perfect match!

  85. Well put and thanks for the earlier comment. My wife knows that she is lucky and I am lucky too. We’ve had some heated arguments, but any couple that hasn’t must lead a pretty boring life. I occasionally wear an NCIS cap to the mall and enjoy the doubletakes although obviously Mark Harmon would not be in a mall in Florida wearing his NCIS cap.

  86. Well, Jerry if you look that much like Jethro I would agree your wife is indeed lucky and I am sorry I didn’t meet you between wives. I agree with People magazine when they said he was the sexiest man alive then and now.

    Of course I am not complaining , I am not settling for anything less than my sea captain since I already had the Most Interesting Man Alive, got that out of my system already.

  87. EMB, the reason I asked is that after you’ve listened to a mocking bird for several hours, especially pre-dawn, it becomes something other than a song… not a tweet, not a chirp, but coining a new noun-a “shrill” is entirely possible. The other option is shriek, but the pitch is more clearly conveyed with shrill as the new noun.

  88. Jackie and Granny Carol, I’m so sorry for both your losses. Loving someone and losing them is the hardest thing we ever do.

    Okay, John, that procedure officially sounds icky but miraculous; I hope it comes out *early* Tuesday. You sound pretty conflicted about the emails coming back, but now you have choices you didn’t have before. And whatever you choose to do will be the right thing.

    I’ll look up Buffalo Rock, Mark…but I don’t know the joke about lovemaking in a canoe. Maybe I can figure out a way to look that up! 🙂 Vernor’s, Dr. Pepper, and Coke all have creation stories related to medicine or pharmacies, I think. I had to chuckle at Debbe’s hot toddy…my Grandpa swore by hot tea with whisky, honey, and lemon, but maintained that in a pinch, you could do without the tea, honey, and lemon!

  89. Have spent the day pretty much doing one of most therapeutic things possible for myself and in my friends memory. I have been in purging my closets and giving away great piles of my clothes and life, most of which will go to the local women’s shelter or their resale shop to benefit someone who needs it far more than I do. Wilma thought I was one of the most beautiful women she had ever known both spiritually and physically. She was so proud of me and the progress I have made in reclaiming my own life and soul.

    I always try to benefit the women’s shelters where ever I am but since we have so few here in Oklahoma it becomes even more important to do so. What greater tribute could I pay her than a serious commitment and promise to never go back where I have been? She will know.
    Love, Jackie

  90. Denise in Michigan, “It’s ****ing close to water!”. Insert your own favorite verb. If you can’t find Buffalo Rock, try Jamaican Ginger Beer, it’s close.

  91. Jackie, very sorry to hear of your loss. And I’m sure your animals will miss her as well. And now we will never know if your deputy pit bull might have been Mr. cat whisperer #8.

  92. No, no Mark, Wilma was my age. The employee with seven husbands is still alive and with me!
    She is young enough to be my daughter and is going to have to take over pet care, along with yard and house.

    And my deputy came by just now to tell me about Wilma’s death himself. His mama is ill and she is younger than me, he was in OKC taking care of his own mom. His fiance is in law enforcement too, that is how they met, She is apparently a tiny but tough police woman?

    Somehow it intrigues me that anyone could actually be married that many times and divorced.
    She says that no one lasted longer than 24 months average.

    All this constant loss is difficult to adjust to and my pets are not wanting to be separated from the few of us left, which I can understand.

    By the way, Ghost, my deputy is bringing me the paper work to begin the concealed weapon permitting and get me signed up for classes when I return.

  93. Jackie, glad to hear your gardener is still with you! Especially as the season is upon us.
    The seven husbands story reminds me of a scripture reference our pastor used today. Pastor brought up the story where the Pharisees try to catch Jesus out by asking him a hypothetical question. If a woman had 7 husbands, all of whom died before fathering children with her, which man would be her husband in Heaven? At this point, pastor said, “I don’t know about you, but somebody should have been looking into this woman. Maybe get a little dog to taste the meals or something? Cause something’s wrong here!”.

  94. Better late than never. Prayers and hugs for everyone who needs them. Today is a special day to me. He is truly risen. Amen. God bless us every one.

  95. Jerry: Some of us long-married folks (coming up on 35 years here) don’t have heated arguments. There were a few gals I dated who would have held up their ends of such things, but given my heart history I think I was wise to hold out for one who shared most opinions on important things with me but had complementary talents (interior design, sewing, etc., are NOT my fortes, but she is dangerous with power tools). I think we’re well matched and united against the obstacles and trials in our lives.

  96. Trucker: Re

    “cherished”? Which scientific theories, in particular, are cherished more than other scientific theories? I expect any differences lie in the personalities of the theorists, and that anthropologists, ON AVERAGE, cherish their theories neither more nor less than chemists, parasitologists, astrophysicists, paleobotanists, etc.

    Peace, emb

  97. I used the somewhat loaded word “cherished” deliberately. I refer to those who, having learned something in school somewhere along the way, never question its accuracy and are resistant to reconsidering it in the future. They ignore any and all evidence that would upset their applecart. These people are NOT scientists but, because an authority figure told them something, cling to it as a matter of faith. Politicians frequently are in this group, and since they make decisions that affect the rest of us, their belief systems matter.

  98. Trucker:

    I see. Unfortunately, I most commonly see wording such as, “Looks like ancient people moved around and interbred more than some cherished theories tell us” used pejoratively, in two contexts, both implying that it is scientific theorists themselves doing the “cherishing.”

    First, in various written or oral media intended to create or sensationalize conflict where little or none exists, and second, in religious or secular presentations that seem eager to discredit scientists or science in general, to support unscientific alternatives for religious or self-interest reasons.

    Thanks, emb

  99. Good, Jackie; the sooner the better. If you tackle firearms training with your normal level of enthusiasm, I have no doubt you will soon be better at it than I am.

    I checked an online reciprocity site and found that an Oklahoma carry permit is recognized just about everywhere you are likely to travel in the US, with the exception of California, Illinois and a few other like-minded states that apparently feel out-of-state citizens shouldn’t be allowed the means to defend themselves from violent muggers and rapists*. Including those like me, whose home-state permit required the same criminal/mental health background check and the same or greater level of demonstrated competency and safety knowledge as they require of their own licensed citizens, not to mention that I train more hours and fire more practice rounds a year than probably 90% of their own law enforcement officers. (End of Rant)

    * Who, if they are even halfway smart, would choose their victims from among those driving vehicles with out-of-states plates.

  100. I shall try to avoid California with enthusiasm as well, although the northern part of state is beautiful and not as totally fruit cake as the southern part. I want to get my permit completed before I go out to Washington to pick up Cookies so I had not planned California as on my route.

    Falling asleep, this has been another long and sobering day for me.I thought you were happy I was pitching all the staid and too large clothes! Hope you spent Easter with your mom, Ghost and same hopes to all you who still have your mothers in your life.

    Love, Jackie

  101. I grew up with White Rock Soda/Ginger Ale
    Toast & Ginger Ale to settle stomach.

    As long as we tell stories of those that stepped on the Rainbow they will never die.

    We set a place at the table at gatherings or occasions for those that are not with us.
    It is a small thing to remember all those that brought us where we are.

  102. Yes, Jackie, I did indeed spend most of the day with my Mom. She was pain-free and in good spirits. What more could I ask?

    And yes, I am very pleased you are already able to donate clothes that are too large for you. But I’ll expect progress reports. Especially in regard to new purchases of silky/lacy/skimpy items. 🙂

    Click the link below, select Oklahoma, click YES and NO, and you should see an easy to read map showing the states that will recognize your Oklahoma permit (AND WHICH YOU WOULD THEREFORE WANT TO STOP IN AND SPEND MONEY, IF NECESSARY). Looks like you will be fine on your way to WA, as long as you don’t stray into NE or OR (WHERE YOU WOULD NOT WANT TO STOP AND SPEND YOUR MONEY).

  103. You guys are the greatest. You do all know that I hope?

    I not only am giving things away that are too big already but brutally asking myself if wearing most of them even makes me happy? Or good about myself? If answer is yes, I keep it. Otherwise it goes.

    Strange way to look at clothes or life I suppose.

  104. Good morning Villagers…

    Jackie, I am saddened by the news of your friend’s passing. I like the fact you called her your ‘pet whisperer’….and they too know of her passing. I firmly believe in that. I have a friend too, whose name is Wilma. I love her dearly. I was going through a dark time once, and she gave me a wall plaque that says: “Friends are the family that we choose for ourselves”…it hangs above my computer, and I see it everyday.

    Granny Carol, my condolences too, on the loss of your friend.

    Didn’t make it anywhere except work yesterday. My get up and go, got up and went at about 2ish. Made phone calls…and yes, it is the next best thing to being there.

    Ruth….are you watching the women’s tourney? Notre Dame won last night. I was able to stay awake long enough to watch them win….

    Ya’lll have a blessed day

    Denise…glad I could make you chuckle…chuckling is good 🙂

    GR 😉

  105. Off to Louisiana for a couple days, Mark, so more opportunity for oysters. But I love them fried and that is not too healthy as I am giving up on fried foods. I was trying to explain to my server the other night that I couldn’t get oysters up here in OK. She asked if they didn’t fry them, how did they cook them. I explained that they didn’t cook them at all, just don’t have them available to even order!

    Debbe, Wilma was a real animal whisperer. Before moving here from Florida she sat foals for the largest horse breeding farm in Ocala, FL and sat with mares, delivered their foals, worked with the little foals and the mothers. She could tame any animal and they trusted her. That is why I now have Hootchy Mama and five little kittens in my bedroom closet. She was working on all the other strays and ferals I feed to tame them.I have to call my groomer too and make sure she knows, as Wilma worked for her until she began sitting for me all the time.

    Still in a brief satin and black gown, Ghost, and I need to go get dressed. My workmen always come and check out my office window to “make sure I am OK”. I have this habit of becoming personal friends with anyone who works for me, life long problem. And yes, Debbe, I agree that friends are the family you choose for yourself.

    Love, Jackie

  106. Yesterday was spent with Husband’s brother and sister and their families. Really good day, but I ate too much.

    Jackie, sending hugs and good energy to you.

    Ghost Sweetie, 🙂

  107. CG, condolences to you also. I initially missed your post about the loss of your friend, something I normally do not do.

    Jean dear 😉 Good morning, Long Cool Woman. (I like the 11 minute version best.)

    Jackie, I don’t blame your workmen; I’d come check on you, also. Be safe on your trip.

  108. Debbe – yes, we’ve been watching the women’s tournament and have seen some really good games. Would love to see Notre Dame pull off a game like the Wisconsin men did the other night.

  109. Ref today’s real-time, I have resolved to do this year what I had intended for the past few years and somehow had not…watch as many of the Atlanta Braves’ games as possible. (Not that I am out of touch with MLB or anything, but I didn’t know until last night when I printed out the Braves’ schedule that the “Florida Marlins” are now the “Miami Marlins”.)

    My Dad would have known. He started watching the Braves on TV back in the “Superstation” days, and I doubt he missed more than a handful of games from the day he retired until he went into the hospital for the last time. I’ll be thinking of him during tonight’s Braves opener with the Marlins. But then, I always do that anyway.

  110. TIP BlogSpot and comic are = today. It will resonate more w/ men than w/ women. Both of my urologists = men [first now retired]. Once was guinea pig for woman studying to be a nurse practitioner. Biol. prof cannot very well refuse to help in a teaching situation. Besides, MD’s office is no place for false modesty.

    Peace, emb

  111. emb, I happen to know a female urologist who is *much* better looking than “Dr. Sheila Rasmussen”. Plus, she’s a blonde. And I suspect I know what the budding NP practiced on you. 🙂

    I have also been examined by a nurse practitioner, although not in a professional setting. 😉

  112. Although I’ve had stone chips repaired before on windshields, I’ve never had to have an entire windshield replaced due to a crack. I am thrilled to learn it runs much less than I had expected. Whew! (wiping brow)

  113. Ghost: She did the prostate exam, the testes cancer exam, “cough”, and everything else. I doubt it raised my blood pressure any. She was shadowing my FP physician, not my urologist. I’d been going to him for decades. He knows me pretty well; I suspect he realized I’d be a more laid back subject than some of his male patients, so scheduled her with me well ahead. It’s an honor, really, to be so trusted.

    We’d best get used to it; something like half med school students are women*. One of my former students is a FP here; I’ve never had occasion to see her, but it wouldn’t be a big deal.

    *So are seminarians, excepting, of course, RC, LDS, MO Synod and WI Synod Luth., prob. some Baptist, some others. I don’t know / SDA. I’ve been please with most of the female UMC pastors I’ve encountered; also UCC, Presb, ELCA, Episc.[?].

    Local Newman Center was headed by a laywoman until a decade or so ago. New priest at the city’s RC church fired her on the spot. Didn’t raise NC attendance any. Actually, all the college student groups are declining in ##. Part, I think, of a societal decline in participation in most voluntary organizations: VFW, AL, Elks, Eagles, churches.

    Am reading an article in The New Yorker that points out, AOT, that crisis centers have more success with potential suicides, unwanted pregnancies, abuse victims [“It was Dad!”] by texting than by telephone or email. Strange, but encouraging progress.

    Peace, emb

  114. Of course, I also had “been examined by a nurse [RN, not NP], although not in a professional setting”, for almost 6 decades. She wasn’t much into false modesty, either.

    Peace, emb

  115. emb 🙂

    I’ve had a (platonic) relationship with a younger female friend for several years who, about two years ago, approached me for help and advice with some serious personal problems she has. (Yes, Ghost can be avuncular. Who knew?) Although we have had plenty of frank face-to-face discussions, I have noticed that it is obviously easier for her to be forthcoming about very personal details via text messages.

  116. Denise, did I miss something? How was your windshield cracked? And yes, I too hate when that happens. I have a $500 deductible on windshields in my coverage. (Nicks for nothin’, and your chips for free.)

  117. I’ve been a guinea pig for any number of students, interns and residents, because the VA facilities I use are all teaching establishments. Once, when I was hospitalized, I was examined by a group of three students, one at a time (The others waited outside so that they wouldn’t know what the others had done.) and each one came up with things to check that the others hadn’t. All in all, a very nice way to pass the time.

  118. Perhaps it’s because the “Stone” is more apt to miss the mark these days, especially the “Rolling” variety. Jann had best get his checkbook out. Especially after basically just telling his (irresponsible) responsible employees to “Go and try not to sin any more.”

  119. Dang, yall are funny today! I have enjoyed the Bachelor party, guys. Can women join in? Would anyone like to hear about breast exams or pelvic exams? Other than Ghost who no doubt owns a white jacket to play doctor in.

  120. They won’t see anything that they haven’t seen before and they won’t see anything that hasn’t been seen before. It would be a different story if I was 16 but that was a long time ago. As the old man said ” It takes me all night to do what I used to do all night.”

  121. I found and posted on FB an old newspaper clipping of my now 40 yr old niece of an event that she attended and they took a picture of her on a horse. The article mentioned several of the prices and one of them was a black and white radio. One of my younger relatives got a nice chuckle out of the fact that they were giving B/W TVs.

    I told him that that was nothing, in my day they gave away B/W radios.

    Either they did not get my sense of humor or they believed me….

  122. Tell him you can remember when there were only AM radios and you only got stereo at home if you had a record player that would play that. I saw an article on the Consumerist website last year that showed a Radio Shack ad from the 1980’s, with the story being that a smartphone now replaced every gadget in the ad.

  123. Jackie, women are welcome to join any party I have anything to do with. But how did you know I have a white lab coat?

    I read a few years ago that more breast tumors are initially detected by women’s significant others than by the women themselves. As a female comic once said, “When you take a shower with your boyfriend, your boobs will get really, really clean.”

  124. Gee, I miss quadrophonic and I remember AM Stereo was supposed to be the next big thing. .. .what y’all were talking about a little ways up – I had about a dozen Baylor students look at my cornea dystrophy and they actually took photos for I guess, textbook use.

  125. 1991 was the year I got my first cell phone (a Nokia “bag phone”) I used mostly in my Toyota Cressida, the only auto I ever owned with a sunroof and without rear-wheel-drive. And the year Radio Shack was one of my favorite places to shop. Thus began an almost 25-year journey to my current do-it-all iPhone.

  126. I have a cracked windshield….and it’s been that way for four years….and all it took was a couple of “stray” pellet shots…but what counts is that I can still see, the road 🙂 , same road I’ve driven for the past 20 some years. What I don’t like is at times, I will catch the sun’s rays through the cracked glass and a prism will ‘catch’ my eye….”squirrel” 🙂

    I bet, before the “game” tonight…I’m asleep…..any other wagers?


    good night, Jackie…..sleep

  127. Belated thanks to Our Humble Author for posting a Sunday comic that is not available at GoComics. My paper does not carry A&J on Sunday (yep, I tried…) and back in 2006, I was unaware of any online archive.

    All that to say that I realized I had never seen this mockingbird saga before. So thanks again.

  128. emb: You are correct, sir. The Cressida was indeed RWD. I misremembered. So my record is intact…no FWD autos. Still the only one with a sunroof, although I did own a convertible. (Yes, Jackie..a red one.)

  129. Debbie, you can get a “fix-it” ticket for driving with a cracked windshield, even if it doesn’t obscure your view. And, at least out here, you have to pay administrative fees to get the ticked marked off after you’ve replaced it. Getting it replaced is easy, and not too expensive; in fact, some shops will actually come out and do the work instead of making you drive in. Depending on where you live, getting it replaced before the cops spot it might save you a fair amount of money.

  130. Dearest Ghost, I don’t understand your post about having a $500 deductible on your windshield — I don’t think there is anything in my policy about this. What are the implications, if it does get broken? Please explain so that I can understand it.

  131. Charlotte,

    Depends on the “comprehensive” deductible on your policy. Some policies also have separate “glass coverage.” Some also will waive your deductible if you have a chip repaired before the window itself cracks and requires a full windshield replacement. You need to find the coverage sheet that should be sent to you every year when you renew. Also, you can call your insurance company to ask specifically about windshield repair and replacement.


  132. Thank you everyone for the condolences. My friend was buried today after an almost three year battle with gallbladder cancer. We worked together for twelve years prior to her retirement (due to her illness). She reminded me of my beloved Aunt Myrtle who died when I was 14. She was the kind of person who spoke her mind, enjoyed a lively discussion, but had a heart of gold and was the one in her family who took care of everybody. (Sounds like a few of you folks here in the village!)

  133. Charlotte in NH, $500 deductible on windshield means that if repair costs $500 or less, Ghost pays. Anything over $500 insurance should pay, unless they find a sneaky way out of it. I have Liberty Mutual, policy does not charge for crack repair.

  134. To David and to Mark, thanks for the help. I pretty much understand about the deductible but I would explain it the other way around. As for the coverage sheet, I’d better look around for it (I am rather disorganised). I think I have Liberty Mutual too.

  135. Yes, my glass coverage is rolled into my comprehensive (collision) coverage, and I have chosen a “high” deductible to keep my monthly premiums down. Not an unreasonable decision, considering that since I’ve been driving I’ve had one broken windshield (30+ years ago) and one accident (a freak one a few years ago involving a truck wheel and tire in the roadway at night with oncoming headlights…the bright kind of headlights, not the feminine kind), which cost me $500 of the $5000+ cost of the repairs.

    I have had two rock chips fixed by my insurance carrier at no charge to me, both on my current car, with both occurring during the seven month period when my sister was hospitalized out of town, requiring me to drive over 16,000 miles. So I judge that I am in reasonably “Good Hands”.

  136. The man who fell into an upholstery machine is fully recovered.

    50 years ago we could replace our own windshield – had a rock come from between the duels
    on a dump truck – I thought I was far enough back.
    Now like everything else it takes a “certified” expert.

  137. Good morning Villagers…

    Don’t know why my copy and paste didn’t want to cooperate with me this morning. The repeat of yesterday’s cheezburger kept coming up….had to ‘reboot’ the old gal this morning.

    And I win, woke up to three minutes left in the game…about the same amount of time it took me to consume three cookies and a big glass of milk and hit the bed.

    Sideburns, thank you for your advise, will check out Indiana’s laws. I remember when I lived in Texas, one had to have yearly inspections on their cars, and if the car didn’t pass, you got no sticker.

    After I got my Izuzu paid off, my husband decided to carry only liability….I learned a long time ago not to get into debates with him, as he pays the insurance.

    Busy day today…..the little peeps start coming in around ten this morning. Pray The Boss doesn’t send Marlene and me over to count hens in cages….that just drives me nuts.

    ya’ll have a blessed day………….

  138. Thank you Mindy! Is it really National Tartan Day? We could declare one daily for Mr Connery. Just choose a subject.

    Nice to wake up to. .

  139. Dearest Ghost, now it’s all making more sense to me. Thank you. Are you paying your insurance premiums monthly? I save some money by paying once a year only.

    You would laugh at the few measly miles I put on the Dodge Caravan. Don’t need to go much of anywhere, and right now I can’t drive because of the knee-to-toe cast on leg — it’s the accelerator foot, too — looking forward to next Monday, the 13th. The cast will be cut off and I hope to have a brace of some sort, more comfortable and easier to get around in.

  140. Was beginning to recover from a long week, along came the NCAA Championship. Stayed up late just to watch the wrong team win. Might be time to retire and take up industrial drawing.

  141. Good news, that you are about to lose the cast, Miz Charlotte.

    My auto insurance is paid bi-annually, by bank draft, which both entitles me to a discount and insures that I become just somewhat broke once every six months, rather than very broke once every twelve months.

    I will admit to being a “leg man”, but with all due respect to both certain villagers of the female persuasion and to Sir Sean, my admiration for such does not extend to his legs.

  142. Good morning Ghost, I need to get up, shower and dress. The drive here has become like s commute but for some reason yesterday wiped me out.

    The wisteria and dogwoods were. Incredible. I have never seen the woods blanketed in purples like they were.

    Perhaps primitive people worshipped in caves?

    Gar, didn’t answer you. Going to BC and Desolation Bay.

  143. Hmm Jackie, that is a little far for me to go to meet you (about 3000 miles). That is quite a distance for you too. How are you getting there?

  144. Gary, i am flying in to the charter location. I didn’t actually look to see if last leg was by seaplane or just island jumper..

    Few people would actually drive 3000 miles to meet me.

    I’m going to be in Townsend, WA for large part of summer, from mid July on to September unless plans change. I am stll supposed to go to Wooden Boat Shool I Maine in June and Texas in June unless things change.

    You all do my life is real, right Jerry? No made up fictions.

  145. Mark: As the old song says…

    “In olden days a glimpse of stocking
    Was looked on as something shocking
    Now, heaven knows, anything goes”

  146. Ghost, nothing dramatic on the windshield. While driving in the dark, I heard something hit it. When I got home, I realized I had a four-inch crack.

    sand, 2:40 yesterday :D.

    MIndy and Mark, thank you for the kilt pics!

    John, I hope all goes (went) well at the doctor today.

  147. Die Muskel is a feminine noun; all German nouns are capitalized. The einen takes the feminine form. Der is masculine and would have required einer. Das is the neutral gender and would only need ein.

  148. Good morning (belatedly), Jackie. I hope no Federal agency is tracking your movements, because if so, you are probably confusing the hell out it it.

    And it’s about to get worse.

  149. Denise 🙂 As I noted, my only traffic accident also occurred in the dark. Fortunately, most things that have happened to me in the dark were much more pleasant.

    And didn’t cost me $500.

  150. GR6, I once was part of a multiple state search for a “deceased person.” Finally, a random drive by caught them living two doors away from last known address. Moral of the story, most crimes and criminals do not have much separation. Jackie’s wandering are more likely to cause a silver alert. 😉

  151. Listening to Jimmy Buffet singing one of my favorites, Wheel Within A Wheel.

    My movements are tied to the world of small boats, mostly sail. Yeah, they are going to be even moreso. My passport may start looking like Sands except I am sure ther r is sailing and boat shows he goes to. Although now that I think about it, one of my good friends did sail one of his designs to Russia.

  152. GR6 said: “Fortunately, most things that have happened to me in the dark were much more pleasant.
    And didn’t cost me $500.”

    Clearly, he is not buying premium cuts. 😉

  153. LOL.

    Jackie, back in the days of old I use to sail in and out of St. Georges, Granada. Company had a nice boat, good relationship with the harbor master, but eventually business soured.

  154. Well, thank God that remark wasn’t aimed at me as I initially thought!

    McDonalds just gave sweet tea again. Going on their parking lot.

  155. Re “Silver Alerts”, some years ago, an elderly gentleman drove away from his home early one morning; got lost; and late that afternoon and 600 miles away, ran a stop sign and struck my aunt’s car, breaking her arm. Her response (probably the same as mine would have been): “Just my luck!”

  156. GfO, German was one of my minors in college. Add in having lived there, it stuck. Though I must confess I am no longer a good speaker of the language, barely passable.

  157. Ghost, you know, that is a good use for those GPS tracking devices. Families who know one of their members is not sharp as they used to be should install one of those on the car. It could save a life in helping track where they are. After all, it might not be a mental condition that is stopping someone from coming home, they might have been carjacked or kidnapped. It isn’t necessarily an age dependent thing either. My neighbor’s husband had a stroke and is not supposed to drive till medically cleared. The wife took a nap and when she woke up, the car was gone. Her husband was tired of staying home and decided to go for a drive that would have taken him over 20 miles from home via the interstate. If he had not had a cell phone with him, she would not have known where he was.

  158. The ‘Senior Moment’ cheez cat from a few days ago is probably a prized breed, but has to be the ugliest non-deformed cat I’ve seen.

    Peace, emb

  159. The rest of you must be having supper, and I should be.

    “Now, heaven knows, anything goes” is from the title song of “Anything Goes” the first musical the local community theatre [their spelling] group did. Wife was in the chorus. I took the college girl who was living with us to a performance. A psych prof played the guy who wanted out of a coming marriage, and did one scene in his boxer shorts. She had been in his [our, actually, 3-prof team-taught course], couldn’t handle it, embarrassed, must have laughed/cried whatever for many minutes. Tracy, if I remember right, good student. Supper!

    Peace, emb

  160. Diet report, only ate one meal out, relatively healthy considering where I was. Duck Diner is in parking lot of my hotel. Never realized anyone came to eat. In costumes except Princess at Disney world.

    Had 6 barbeque shrimp. Grilled vegs and half the risotto and sent bread and rest of risotto back.

    Service and staff are great, you can find nonfried food and its convenient as long as your resolution
    holds up. Just got invitation I want to accept so rewards inspire.

  161. Dearest Ghost, I see — you are getting a good deal on the insurance and are being frugal. You are way ahead of me (no surprise there.)

    Dear emb, I saw a rabbit last night, the day after Easter; slightly weird coincidence! Quite exciting, because we NEVER see rabbits here; not the right habitat, or the population is way down, or both. Two years ago I was goggle eyed to see a good-sized, full grown rabbit. It came to the back yard off and on for a while, then it disappeared and was seen no more. Last night’s rabbit was really cute! Not a baby, but a child sized rabbit, rather short ears, a very attractive light brown. It appeared to be eating the seeds my tenant scatters on the ground for the sparrows and other ground-feeders. No green plants here at all yet, only last year’s brown grass. A few Crocuses are up; the bunny had better not nibble them, or its reputation will go down.

  162. Forgot to say, it was twilight last night, exactly the right time for rabbits to be out foraging. (What are they doing the other 22 to 23 hours of the day?)

    That is a Cole Porter musical, isn’t it? He wrote such perfectly clever lyrics.

  163. What are the rabbits doing the other 22 to 23 hours of the day, Miz Charlotte? I’m not sure but it may have something to do with why there are so many little bunnies. 🙂

  164. Denise in Michigan on 07 Apr 2015 at 2:16 pm #

    John, I hope all goes (went) well at the doctor today.

    thank you
    a huge sigh of relief, aaaaaaaaahhh, my eye is out of it’s strait jacket. I hired a hospice person to drive me around today, along with eye doctor, I had one last little Social Security thing about my late wife to attend to, and then she took me to the grocery store and pushed my cart around (almost sounds like some kind of euphemism). but now I can drive. I’m in a lot of email clubs for food places and I got my free pastry from La Madeleine (French style restaurant/sandwich place with pastry counter up front, I don’t know in all what parts of the country they’re in, but they’re here in the Houston area) So I treated myself to my cheesecake and am reliving the happy times of my youth listening to 70’s – 80’s new wave music, I remember a great place in Houston called Spit, it had chain link fence around the dance floor

  165. to Old Bear – I’m finally into the first Matt Helm, yeah, it’s pretty wild, what you said about everything being so well described, yeah it’s fully packed, makes it very real, . it’s almost too much to absorb after sedate Agatha Christies. … … .. .. .. and if anyone watches Mad Men – actor John Slattery – character Roger Sterling — that’s what the main eye doctor who usually checks on me looks like, kind of weird looking up at him

  166. Charlotte: Distribution maps from 1890 or so show that Eastern Cottontails did not then range into New England. The only native rabbit was the New England Cottontail, which is now endangered:

    Eastern Cottontails now occur in all the New England states, and probably have displaced NE Cottontails in many areas. You may have seen both in your yard.

    Eastern Cottontails have been introduced in the Pacific Coast states, and are doing well there.

    Peace, emb

  167. Jerry in F

    My caves are above ground. Would prefer earth sheltered but
    Frau Bjorn resists strenuously.

    Finished “Expecting Someone Taller” will reserve comment till I finish
    “Flying Dutch” & “Who’s Afraid of Beowulf”

  168. John in RT
    I’m up to Interlopers will do westerns after reading Tom Holt and then Gandelara series.
    I think a Cormeran Striker may be coming out this summer also.
    If you can get Hamilton’s early books – “Murder Twice Told”, “Night Walker”
    “The Steel Mirror”. Was reading a 1949 “Model Railroader” it was a little disorienting
    reading modern books. Fascinating telephone #s in 1949, no standardization, some rather
    large cities had 4 digit phone #s. Of course many had letter exchanges but a few had letters
    at the end.

  169. Dear emb, thank you for the information. From what I’ve read, it’s really hard to be sure of what rabbit species one is looking at; would take a real expert, such as yourself.

  170. Nancy, thank you, too!

    John in Richmond, I’m so happy things went well today!

    Charlotte, in my backyard, they like to hide under shrubs from aerial predators for a good part of the daylight hours. Then they do silly bunny things all night (I know this because I sometimes can’t sleep). Occasionally, I’m lucky enough to see one especially full of high spirits dance in the moonlight. The baby bunnies wander around trying out plants and spitting out the ones they don’t like. They all seem to enjoy new growth on hollyhocks, but none have ever liked oregano. 😉

  171. Denise, if you get tired of watching the rabbits do silly things, I have a good recipe for Hasenpfeffer. Doesn’t call for oregano, though.

  172. Ghost, when I was five, my Grandpa took my pet rabbit to live in a nice farmer’s barn where he would be happy. I was eleven before I realized where Frosty really wound up.

  173. I am so far behind on comments right now. First, thank you Bill, for the “Doesn’t it make you want To Kill A Mockingbird” line. I thought that too, and laughed myself silly.

    Jerry – If you look that much like Gibbs, I am also jealous of your wife. And I was giggling over your jokes too. Holy ground indeed.

    Debbe – I’ve had small cracks I Herbie’s windshield for years. Our local leo’s haven’t bothered me about them.

    John in Texas and Miss Charlotte – Great news on the health updates!

    I had a cooler reset yestetday; it did not go to plan. Long story short, nothing has been right about the cooler shelving for years. There was literally no way to follow the “offical” product placement plan – which always earned someone an ear full. Today I finally put the right person on the spot to get most of the shelving corrected. However, much to the dismay of the assorted minions sent to reset the darn thing, this person was a two-hour wait away. And to cap off the day, two of the companies reset minions never showed. And as the cooler is actually correct now, all of their products had been pulled from the shelves, but no one was there to put them back – except my clerk and I. After all of that, I still had to sort and corral all of the outdated, overstock, and discontinued products. My boss told me to do the bare minimum and let it go; he would come in this morning after his 8am dr appt. and finish up. Nice thought, but my first deliveries come at 6:30am. Both are beverage companies, and need to be able to see what products they need to bring in and get to the cooler – did I mention I am off today? Finally left at seven last night. Came home, at dinner, and crashed on the couch. Now I am wide awake with a sleeping kitty on my lap.

    My condolences to Jackie and Granny Carol (and anyone else who is missing a loved one and needs a hug). Two of the prior managers of my store lost brothers in the past few days. I believe both gentlemen had heart attacks. The one gentleman happened to be driving – the only merciful thing was it was only a single vehicle accident. I had planned on slipping away for the funeral today, but the FUBAR reset trashed the idea, sadly. I am friends with the former manager, and knew his brother in passing. Thankfully, another manager was able to go at least. The tragedy could have been so much worse. Then yesterday, one of customers came in sobbing as he’d just lost his wife. One thing about managing a small, neighborhood location like mine is everyone knows everyone. The whole area is reeling from all of the sudden losses.

  174. Good morning Villagers…

    I see we’re on the road again with Jackie 🙂 You go girl.

    Mindy, we too have experienced a couple of losses within our small family owned business. The Boss’s girlfriend’s mother passed away, and Marlene’s brother’s wife died due to complications of a lung transplant from 6 months ago. Then The Corp guy who comes in every Tuesday to weigh eggs, his mother died last week. I know one thing, live every day like it was your last. Amen.

    Went over to the other hen house to see the new peeps….they are beautiful….snow white. They look so cute with just the start of their combs coming up. When mine were delivered they traveled two hours to get here….they were nasty looking, except the ones on the top. These new peeps only had to travel a half an hour to get here. Round two of hens will be in the next couple weeks.

    Missed out on the women’s championship game….woke up to husband watching wrestling….got my cookies and milk and wen to bed.

    Here are some interesting and nostalgic sounds that are soon or are no more:

    Cha Ching…..have a blessed day everyone

    John…good to you rebounded well.

  175. emb…I agree, they are not attractive cats, and I don’t think I’d want one on my lap. There’s something to be said about a warm, fluffy lap cat.

  176. ..and there’s something to be said about a sharp dressed man in kilts….now Mr. Connery knows the feel of a breeze between the legs (Pic with foot on big rock)

  177. Good morning, took dog for walk and it was nice and cool. We’re it nor for all the stops and sniffs this would be great place to walk, empty spaces. I know I am inviting comment but with indoor pool, exercise room and good flat surfaces in parking a motel or hotel is great place to stay in shape.

  178. Don’t sweat it, Jackie. We usually understand what you are trying to say. 🙂

    And I proofread all my comments, and some of them still turn out awful.

  179. Mindy…resets! Ugh! Always such a weight off when they’re finally over.

    It is kind of sad, Debbe, to think that everyday sounds, the background music of our lives, can die, too. We can now record things so the future knows how they sound. But it makes me wonder about all the sounds from the past that may be gone forever. What may they have been like? What did everyday life sound like in 1802 CE, 547 CE, 4793 BCE?

  180. Interesting, Lady Mindy. I saw many of those same moves in the self-defense class I attended recently, plus some even worse things that can be done to an attacker with one’s hands, feet and knees. And you probably noticed the use of blows to pressure points such as to above and/or outside of the knees, and where the neck joins the top of the shoulder. “The only fair fight is the one you lose.”

    One thing that might be a little misleading in the video…the purpose of such self-dense moves is of course to stop the attack and discourage/disable the attacker long enough to get away/seek help. In a real-life situation, you probably wouldn’t want to stand around to see what the attacker is going to do next.

  181. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, surviving Boston marathon bomber, found guilty on capital charges. Not too shocking, that.

    Now begins the decision as to whether he should be sentenced to death. That would seem not to be a difficult call, seeing that one of the bombs exploded and disemboweled an 8-year-old boy and ripped the leg off his sister.

  182. OK…had to have Google ‘define defcon one’….it has two meanings…don’t go to UB, which I didn’t, but in the intro below link page site it tells you Hey. I scroll, never take the first link at the first impulse. Now, what if I didn’t want to know the UB definition…and knowing UB…I just had to look…I mean it’s right there…in smaller print…and you keep on reading…. 🙂

    And Denise….I called my husband over to read the dates that had CE behind them. He explained it to me….then curiosity took me to this link…..

    More storms moving in..and more tomorrow.


    say a prayer………………………..

  184. Ghost:
    “What are the rabbits doing the other 22 to 23 hours of the day, Miz Charlotte? I’m not sure but it may have something to do with why there are so many little bunnies.”

    Rabbits, of course are the proverbial example of reproductive potential in mammals, but they are overrated. Best NA example I know of is the Meadow Vole [or “mouse”], Microtus pennsylvanicus. Eurasian voles may be just as prolific. Females are ready to breed at age 25 days. Gestation is 21 days or less, average litter 5-6 young, but highest known is 11 or so, a waste because mom has only 8 teats, I think. Minimum generation time is thus under 7 weeks. Around here they breed from roughly now-mid Oct. or so, = 4-5 litters / season.

    Males take no role in raising young, I think. M.p. are promiscuous, which is common in mammals. Our unique method of nourishing young makes males more superfluous, e.g., in contrast to birds and beetles. Some related voles do form pair bonds, probably not long lasting. Many mammal spp. have more complex societies, with various interesting male/female roles/division of labor, sometimes different from place to place in a single species’ range.

    Never have watched voles mate, but have watched rabbits, not our native cottontails, but domesticated European, Orytolagus cuniculus, the only rabbits I know of that are naturally colonial. It ain’t romantic. Nice thing about raising them for food is that females can be impregnated most of their cycle. Each adult rabbit is housed in its own hutch. Your kids can name the adults but not the young, since they end up as dinner at age 8 weeks. You need only one adult male, unless, as a reward, you keep one “out to pasture,” as with Man o’ War and other stud race horses.

    Anyway, when you judge a female [we had 3-4 adult females] to be receptive [I don’t remember how], you put her in Pete’s hutch. If she repulses him or he shows no interest, you know you were wrong and take him out. Next week should be good. If she is ready, she soon quiets down, he sniffs around, mounts, and goes at it, no foreplay. If he simply climbs off, he has not connected. When he ejaculates, he keels over unconscious, briefly. Then he gets up and wonders why this adult is in HIS hutch. Stomps indicating his resentment, and you take her out. Don’t know if he remembers anything, or whether it’s a new experience each time. I presume it’s much the same in wild rabbits of most spp., but don’t know for sure. End of today’s mammal porn.

    Peace, emb

  185. We are about 11 miles north of Jasper, outside a little community called Alfordsville. The bow was at our backdoor….too close for comfort. Heavy winds, rain and hail is all we got here at home. Heard on the radio, a couple of trees across hwy 231.

    Well, I had my rush for the evening.

    Thanks GR 😉

  186. Debbe 😉 Then you were extremely fortunate, hon. That wasn’t the “green” or “yellow” rain Arlo and Janis speak of, or even the “red”. That sucker was PURPLE. And the center of rotation would have been very close to you.

  187. Sand, I bow to the master. I probably know less German than Sgt. Schultz. Ghost, Self-dense? Good one. EMB, The description was much like some of the episodes that other guys have told me about, but waking up next to a lovely lass is a great reminder that I wasn’t dreaming. As for females that don’t like to be “bothered” in the morning, you probably don’t look like a queen by dawn’s early light either, but a little rise and shine is a great way to start the day my dear. I’m hearing in my head “Memories”. My wife thanks you and I thank you for forgetting Mark Harmon as Ted Bundy.

  188. For emb and others, a story I heard many years ago:

    An older lady had gotten information from her county agent about raising rabbits as a source of extra income. Her husband had built the hutches, and she had obtained the rabbits, but she then realized she had forgotten to ask something important. She called the county agent and asked how long she should leave the female rabbit in with the male for breeding.

    The agent, having never been asked that question, decided he’d best look up the correct answer. “Just a minute,” he said, as he reached into his desk drawer for the file containing that information

    “OK, that’s what I thought; thank you,” the lady said and hung up.

    (A little county agent humor, told to me by a county agent.)

  189. Thought for the Day: You can tell a lot about a woman’s mood just by her hands. For instance, if she’s holding a gun, she’s probably angry.

  190. The odds increase greatly if she points it at you. If she pulls the trigger, you have nothing to worry about. Either you’re dead or it wasn’t loaded.

  191. Thankful that you are OK, Debbe. Hope those storms were not around Mindy.

    I am listening to the rumble of thunder, but no worries… just rain and far off lightening…

  192. Jerry, if her weapon is loaded you have only two things to worry about: going to heaven, or hell. If you go to heaven no more worries, if hell you will be to busy shaking hands to have time to worry.

  193. Dear emb, thanks for the “Rabbit porn” — it was interesting, but not very stimulating to the imagination. I haven’t seen the cute little brown rabbit since that one time Easter Monday. Didn’t expect to this evening as it snowed quite generously this afternoon and the ground was well covered. Denise, your charming description of your back yard rabbits was most welcome. It must be nice to watch them dancing in the moonlight!

    Debbe, thank goodness you and your family are all right after the tornado went so close to you! I think I would die of fright if that happened near our neighborhood!

    Mindy, you are a mighty tough woman to go through all those troubles at the store — the mixups with the cooler shelving, and the deaths among the relatives and friends. Boy, human error is so powerful, it’s a wonder anything ever gets done.

  194. emb:

    >>M.p. are promiscuous<<

    British newspapers depend upon this in order to sell more copies.

    What? You weren't referring to Members of Parliament? Never mind, then. 😉

  195. emb
    I write before catching up.
    Nature – “Animal Homes” repeats on TPT (PBS) at 1am CDT all about nests,
    from Humming Birds to Ospreys. Oven Birds with Cow Birds trying to lay in nest,
    and relevant here, Cow Birds laying in Mocking Bird nest. In one scene the Mocking Bird picked
    up the Cow Bird and threw her out of the nest.

    I am pretty sure Lake Land will show later – or on line “Nature On Line” @ PBS.ORG
    now back to your regularly scheduled reading

  196. “but domesticated European, Orytolagus cuniculus, the only rabbits I know of that are naturally colonial.” I left out the ‘c’ in Oryctolagus, but speelczech doesn’t like that either. Peace, nighty bunch. emb

  197. Debbe
    Sounds 4 & 8 are common here.

    Mindy from Indy
    corporate sends out plan-o-grams for resetting displays – I think if they can’t
    get product to fit the 4feet (or whatever) they just reduce the package outline
    on the copy machine. Many times their 4 feet takes up 5 feet in the real world.
    And they foist stuff on us that does not sell and remove good movers.
    Buy back product (at a discount) that customers like/are used to and send same stuff
    in a different brand.

    rant over

  198. Good morning Villagers…

    and I mean it is a good morning with the scare we had yesterday evening….we didn’t lose power, satellite went out and we had the radio on and my…and yes, it was too close for comfort. The cold front is coming in this evening, and they are predicting more severe storms for this evening. Let’s pay attention people. My husband’s sister called to tell us about the tornado warning and she lives near Vincennes. Call people, we had the whether channel on, but was busy putting pork chops and such on my plate….put that aside. Lost satellite and ran to the computer and sure enough, had us on tornado warning and that cell looked to be at our back door….my husband stood on the porch and watched the clouds….Alfordsville has no warning system, and besides I don’t think we could hear it this far out. Our plan is to go to the church basement…if not, I’m hitting the bathtub in the guest bathroom, next to Ian’s room and the computer room.

    Thanks for caring guys……

    Twenty five years ago, Ian and I were living with my mother and stepdad. We were under a warning. We had just finished supper, and I was sitting on the bench, looking west and noticed a funnel cloud in the horizon. It would dip down a little, go back up and come back down….heading north east….went outside to watch it roll over the country side. When it looked like it finally hit ground, I had Ian on my hip and I headed to the basement. Took the steeple off of the church in Whitfield, several homes damaged. But the bigger one almost wiped out Petersburg. That is something I have etched in my brain….the forming of a tornado….and something I never want to see again.

    Then the other morning it rained so hard at work, it flooded the road beside the hen house, nearly wiped out the creek bank on the road side.

    gotta go…ya’ll have a blessed day.

    I’m glad some of you enjoyed the “lost” sounds…#10 is so true.

  199. Old Bear – My company’s POGs are generally okay with spacing – unless a new size (less, with bigger packaging)/formula/other “merchandising update” rolls out from the maker after plans have been finalized. My company’s biggest product issue is relevance – the new sets come out once a year, and only very rarely do we get the latest “must have products” in a timely manner. Products other places have been carrying for months, we still don’t carry. Frustrating. And yeah, force outs of unwanted product can drive you bonkers. The one advantage to my location – the bigwigs rarely show, so I tend to “forget” to bring in unwanted products after initial run and backfill with what I know I can sell. Ah, retail. 🙂

  200. Debbe, sure am thankful you were not impacted by the tornado! About a year ago we had a devastating one go through our area. Many homes damaged and quite a few mobile homes wiped out. The only death was a lady whose mobile home literally disappeared – one day it was there, the next, completely gone – even the debris seemed to be blown away. She lived alone and it was out in an open field. She was found in the field, still alive, and was treated and released from the hospital. However, she did not live too much longer after that. She was in her 90’s and I guess the trauma of the experience was too much for her. 🙁

  201. Yall, I absolutely hate tornado season and have my entire life. I moved to bad location, I know but if I had given in to Mike on OKC and Norman it would be worse. Good reason National Weather offices are located there.

    Hope we are all safe this year. My life has taken a dramatic upward turn, I am happy and want to live and love life a good deal longer. Prayers for the Village.

  202. Debbe and Mindy, I’m thankful you made it through all right. I’m a coward; high winds scare the heck out of me. I want to watch outside to see what is going on, but I want to go hunker down in the basement, too.

  203. Todays A.W.A.D. quote: “Bad weather always looks worse through a window.” Tom Lehrer, singer-songwriter and mathematician (b. 9 Apr 1928).

    There’s some truth in that, and when you’re outside, it’s hard to separate how it looks from how it feels, and if you then see a twister, it’s surely false. But a greater objection is that someone is always reminding you how old you are. Impossible: TOM LEHRER JUST TURNED 87!

    Peace, emb


    “I has a nose?” reminds us of something: in nature, there are few mirrors. Most critters that have image-forming vision have never seen themselves, especially their own facial features. They have to learn which moving things they see are kin, which are food, which are predators, etc. Much of this may be predetermined by genetics, more so in some forms than others. Other than eels, most fishes have never seen their bodies at all. Yet a hen wood duck sure knows a gaudy male when she sees one, which is why we still have wood ducks. Natural selection and all that.

    Peace, emb

  205. Northern IL, including Chicago, now under a 6 rating for tornadoes until 11 pm. While twisters fascinate me no end, they also scare the bejabbers out of me.

    Here’s a prayer that ALL miss out on injury and serious damage.

  206. Well, they had the sense or luck to watch with the wind to their backs. Presume there was no webcam operator or they’d have been shooed off. OTOH, maybe they were a VIP family w/ a ranger. Found a “contact us” and sent an email, but it was about 1645 Fri. YNP, of course can watch its own webcam; maybe nobody was watching, or it was arranged. More than 6 people total. Peace, emb

  207. c ex-p, that weather is heading here. Tigers had a rain delay at home but managed to squeeze the game in the doughnut hole between storms.

  208. So, not only did I have to redo yesterday’s paperwork – again, battle malfunctioning machines – again, add an almost complete order for another store onto mine (can’t wait to untangle *that* mess tomorrow), maintenance shows up to take BOTH freezers. Apparently, the higher powers changed the game plan – again, and failed to inform the people who really, kinda, sorta, needed to know this.

    Hope Our Fearless Leader has a Luddie strip in the queue for tomorrow. I’m going to need a dose of kitty humor to get through tomorrow.

  209. The tiny burg of Fairdale, IL, was hit very hard by the largest of the IL storms this evening. From what a chaser showed right after the hit, it may have been wiped off the map. I pray that the residents were all underground. The wedge twister was thought to be somewhat more than a half-mile in diameter at its base; Fairdale probably didn’t measure that much in any direction.

  210. Made it home in one piece, took my house keeper/animal sitter/ gardener out to eat, she had chile rellanos and I had grilled shrimp and salad more or less. Managed to go off and leave my ice chest with a large amount of Glucerna, Ensure and Special K protein shakes, have to call them and tell them I’ll pick it up in a few days when I have to go back.

    Looks like I got off the Monroe to Texas to Oklahoma milk run just ahead of the tornadoes there. If I am lucky it will take out the old house I am going to have to demolish or someone is on the bayou lot to build new. It won’t be me.

    Hope it doesn’t hit the hotel, iI have gotten fond of that property, it is nice, friendly and convenient. Now that I have gotten accustomed to driving there again, I had forgotten how small it really is in a town like that, you can cross entire town in about 5-10 minutes, unlike Houston or Dallas where 30 minutes barely got you to a grocery store and going to work was a two hour or more commute.

    I am seriously worried about all of you, I took a look at the weather radar in the Mexican restaurant and it was scary, scary. Everyone get a plan if you don’t have a tornado shelter.
    It is fun being friends with the Village and we need to stay alive.

    Love, Jackie

  211. emb, there is a note on the OF page that says for the next week they will be using ground penetrating radar (GPR) to try and get a view of the structures under OF to better understand what is going on. The folk doing the work are apparently experience with this environment and are dressed accordingly. They decided not to drag the GPR on a sled but rather use a cart so prevent damage to the surface around OF.

  212. Video of large tornado hitting Illinois and word is that Michigan was hit too. We hope that Denise and everybody will be ok. “Significant damage”. We had company and haven’t had the tv on.

  213. Since Ghost is not here to admonish me about stuff I will admit I am not only buying myself my own little Scamp micro cruiser sailboat but am back talking to a friend who is also building one and has a Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 trailerable blue water sailor that I have been lusting after for at least thirty years. Not this particular boat but the type of boat. It is small and can travel on its own special trailer which means it can be moved over land without breaking the bank. Yet it can sail anywhere in the world and they have, including around the world many times. This is most unusual, these size boats are not normally suitable for that type of sailing conditions and a trailerable boat is normally limited to what we call coastal cruising.

    I know Jimmy knows what I am talking about and would understand what I mean. This is me living my own dreams, not those of someone else. My husband Mike neither wanted a fiberglass Scamp nor a Dana, in fact when I suggested buying one last while he was better he was not the least interested. I am funny, I often keep things I love, like my pickup truck which is quite old but I have loved. That is how I am with dreams too. Don’t quit dreaming. Especially if you can make them come true. How will we know if we don’t go?

    Love, Jackie

  214. Gary, There was at least one smallish kid there, presumably well supervised. Variety in clothing suggested visitors to me. Maybe workers brought family. Mostly they kept well W of OF. When I first saw them, they were about 2/3 closer, perhaps having just set up instruments. Fun. I’d like to see a 3D model of the basement.

    Peace, emb

  215. Northern Illinois got hit pretty bad with storms and twisters. I’m about 25 miles southwest of Chicago and we got the last of the storms but just rain and high winds. I feel sorry for the folks who lost property plus I understand there was at least one fatality.

  216. Jackie

    If you take 5 min to cross this town – you are walking and stopping to talk to friends.
    Length wise maybe 10 min

    I notice Lakeland public TV will have the Nature program (Nests) on – at 3 am.
    Next Wed. on TPT is Location Location Location (Animal Homes)

    Prayers for Tornado victims

  217. Jimmy, thank you for today’s strip to remind us what matters in life. My drive today and all week has been filled with the beauty of wild flowers, green forests filled with clouds of white dogwood, purple wisteria covering acres like the thing that ate Pittsburgh. Got off my usual track and went through a remote area I haven’t been in years to see even more white blooms in the woods.

  218. Good morning Villagers….

    You’re right Jackie, it is eerily quite in the Village. Pray storms end soon. So much devastation up north. The front has gone through, heard the wind kick up at 1:30 am, too tired to care, rolled over and went back to sleep.

    Ruth Anne, I’ve bookmarked ‘Breaking News’ also, here’s a link I found in the comments section, that the cartoonist posts: rats…it didn’t copy. Any hoo….scroll down on the comments and a poster posted a couple of links…interesting reading…she just had her second child.

    Also, Old Bear turned me on to the strip called “Savage Chickens”….I read that one too 🙂

    GR 😉 hope all is well with you…..and your mother.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

    Denise, Gal, Jean and Miss Charlotte…ya’ll OK? And poor Indy Mindy…..I do not envy your job.

  219. I am sorry but I just don’t want to hear the bad news about our country, whether from nature, attack or the the weather. It is a beautiful morning here in Oklahoma and sun is shining gloriiously out there. I hope with all my heart we are all safe and I do worry about us all but I know what severe weather does. I am from Oklahoma now.

    My friends, some of you check in once and awhile to let us know things are well with you and yours. I promise to do the same.

    There is a red squirrel out on the stone wall and I am getting ready to put on some stretch leggings, go walk a mile I hope and get some phone calls made, go get my hair and nails done. Not much ambition I am afraid.

    My weight is going down but not as fast or dramatic as I’d like but I have promised a lot of people I do love to do it safely and for good this time, no anorexia and refusal to eat or to do similar destructive behaviors. That is all we can do in life, keep promises we make.

    Still listening to Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull and I actually would like to thank Mark who it was I think that linked to him originally. His music is fascinating and his lyrics actually operatic and fascinating.

    Did I tell you that the Dana cruiser I am hoping to buy half interest in is named “Magic”? It has always been her name and her current owner is superstitious as am I about changing names, so it is her name for life. If we can work out the legal terms of ownership and responsibility I have definitely made up my mind to do this. I have blessing of my financial advisor so it isn’t rash behavior.

    Personally I am beginning to subscribe to a belief in both magic and fairy godmothers. How often do we get a genuine chance at both a new life and one you have always dreamed of?

    Love, Jackie

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