The More Things Change

The More Things Change

March 10, 2011

Inside the past 30 days, I probably have watched more cable-news shows than during the near decade that has passed since this A&J comic first ran. What was obvious then is obvious now: old people watch these shows. Regardless of the network, the incessant advertising is for prescription drugs or financial services, almost exclusively. Only now, there is the additional irony. We watch in hope of getting useful information about the ravages of the COVID 19 pandemic, squeezed in between endless pitches for psoriasis treatment and reverse mortgages.

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  1. Don’t watch to much cable news. It’s bad for your emotional health.
    Get an update each day, then shut it off.
    Take a walk in the sunshine, or pet the dog.

  2. My Mother-in-law admonished her son for not tuning in to the news. Yesterday when we talked to her she was talking about driving an hour to the grocery store in Alpena. To get 2 things…that she really didn’t need! All that they say on the news is to stay home.

    Fortunately I left the room and start yelling and cursing So that she couldn’t hear me! My wife really poured it on her to Stay Home. But like a teenager do they really listen? Praying.

  3. Has every chicken on the planet been killed by Covid-19? One can find beef and pork in the stores but no chicken (other than wings which must be the only thing the virus leaves behind.)

  4. No Flour period – There are not that many people baking is there?
    On the other hand home with kids….. just so long as they are not dusting the house
    with it.

    Ghost – somewhere on the interweb there was a picture of a bra cup used as a facemask.

  5. Don’t know if you saw this Jimmy-I posted the other day (late,very):
    JJ –
    Just watched a program called “You Live In What?”
    Odd places people make a home, Churches, Fire Houses, Light Houses, Barns
    and Schools. You may have been by or heard of in Bay St. Louis,
    Webb School built 1913 was 1 to 4 grade Elementary, it is 2 blocks from beach,
    was used as school till the 60s then a Civic Building, It is designated Mississippi Landmark.
    It has a Veranda with 8 doors on front.
    It was used as a neighborhood shelter after Katrina. The present owner had renovated it shortly before.
    You knowing is not as odd as meeting the neighbor of my MIL best friend 1300 miles from home.
    Or meeting my next door neighbor’s minister at Sturbridge Village again 1300 miles from home.
    We are all connected by 6º of separation – or less.

  6. We’re finally seeing facial tissue and paper towels in the stores. But no instant dry milk, flour (except certain artisan brands), TP, baking soda, or regular sugar. And that’s with the stores enforcing limits on quantities. I’m just going to have to get up tomorrow for the 7 a.m. seniors’ shopping hour at Kroger’s.

  7. Give me a pair of scissors and I guarantee that I can make you a dozen masks from stuff in your home in half an hour. Don’t want to cut your clothes up? You’r welcome to my share of the virus. I admit that respitory therapy was a big gap in my small supply of medical knowledge. It turns out that there are simple ways to create a ventilater. It won’t play the violin or show movies but you can create one out of the machine used for sleep apnea. I had two of them and gave them away. I have a mask from one and it works as, can you guess, a face mask.

  8. I see some of you enjoy bird cams. I live in central ny state. Several years ago after observing Kestrels I put up a box for them. This is their third year and today I see the female is back and on the perch. I have been a fan of Arlo and Janis for years reading them everyday in the Syracuse Post Standard until I retired. I have been referring to the pair as Arlo and Janis as I always admired JJ’s couple. Thanks for all the years of such a good creation Jimmy. When ever I follow the link back in time I am lost for a month or 2 of clicks.

    • That’s almost like asking folks to pay attention to the Supremes while Diana Ross is out front belting out the melody! Actually with a clear, dark sky most of us can pick out just 6 of the brightest stars; with binoculars you can see considerably more of them… and astronomers claim there are about 1,000 stars in the cluster. What we’ll see tonight (clouds permitting) will be similar to what it would look like if one of the Pleiades went supernova.

  9. I must confess since retiring I watch cable news all day long. The commercials are surely geared to us old folks, as mentioned investment/retirement, insurance/Medicare supplements, and meds from memory drugs to toenail fungus. But when I listen to the disclaimers after the meds pitch, the side effects, I’d rather have the disease. I am surprised that don’t see any Cialis or Viagra commercials. Must not need to advertise.

    • Those drugs aren’t nearly as profitable today as they were a decade ago. Sildenafil, the generic for the “little blue friend” Bob Dole alluded to when introducing a new flavor of M&Ms, can be had for $2.50 for the standard 100mg dose.

  10. Today’s live strip. Ludwig snubs the gourmet dish Arlo has (Lovingly? You be the judge) prepared. Arlo held a small red bottle. Doesn’t quite look like ketchup. I’m thinking tobasco might be a common condiment he’d use. (It probably could kill coronavirus, too. Alert the CDC.) Any ideas folks?????

  11. If you have ever had panic attacks you know that the effects are like suddenly having symptoms of the virus. You can become extremely weak, have trouble talking, chest pains and troulbe breathing. You will not have a cough or a fever. If you have a panic attack, a result of stress, sit down and take deep, slow breaths, don’t think abut paperwork or your boss and it should go away.

  12. Upon seeing today’s Ludwig and his food strip, I’m guessing that you recently watched the film “The Long Goodbye.” (If you haven’t, you should. You’d dig it!)

  13. One young woman in our congregation has died because of COVID-19. She never caught the disease, but having struggled with depression her whole life then losing her job at a museum because it had to close, she committed suicide. 🙁

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