The Mutinous Years

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Did you see the peak of the Draconid meteor shower last evening? It was cloudy where I am, but there’s another chance tonight, if not the peak. Draconid, though not flashy, is a good time for our demographic here: it’s best just after sunset, unlike many meteor showers which show off after midnight. I’m hoping for another shot at it tonight, myself. Speaking of looking up, go outside early on any clear evening with a sharp-eyed friend or two and maybe some binoculars and look for satellites. You’d be amazed how many pass constantly overhead. I actually remember going into the backyard with my family to watch the Russian satellite “Sputnik,” when the radio or TV would tell us it would be visible. I remember seeing it; it’s incredible today to think it was the only manmade thing up there. It was big news. We even had a dog named “Sputnik.”