The new GoComics site is up

Today’s classic was a subtle—or not—plug for this blog that appeared in newspapers in 2008. When cartoonists first began to insert web addresses and such into printed newspaper comics, a lot of editors weren’t keen on the practice. They felt as if they were forced to share a property after they’d paid for exclusive rights. It was even muttered that syndicates and cartoonists perhaps should pay for “advertising.” The editors might have had a point, but, muttering or no, that horse left the barn a long time ago. What we now call “social media” are an intrinsic fact of life. What, you thought we were going to talk about the art of inking? We will, but not today. Instead, I want to call your attention to the new GoComics web site, which went live this week. I will refrain from comment now, but I very much would like to know your opinion.
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312 responses to “The new GoComics site is up”

  1. Like all these “mobile-friendly” web site makeovers, the new format is considerably uglier than the old one. But what matters *has* improved: the A&J comic is considerably bigger!

  2. I am pretty perturbed that those who make the decisions (and the television networks) put a game of so-called national importance on a Monday night. Due to commercial breaks and overall slow play, the game did not end until after 12:30 pm! Of course it was a rerun of last year’s game and Nick Saban was coaching, so I was in bed by 10:30 having not watched a single play. There was NO reason that this game could not have been played on a Friday night. They could have even pushed the NFL schedules and played the game on Saturday night. I might have watched, then again I might not have, but the younger generation might have watched. Baseball has made this mistake as has basketball.

  3. “website under heavy load. this queue is full” error message at GoComics. Will try again later. (I want A&J!)

    A game of national importance? I thought the Army/Navy game had been played already….
    Just teasing, Steve! Sorry you were disappointed.

  4. Works ok on the web, but their iPhone/iPad apps (which is the primary way my wife & I view it) now crashes almost immediately. Hopefully they will roll out an update…

  5. The new site is obviously optimized for phones and mobile devices. It’s rather garish and ugly on a traditional PC screen, but is easier to use on a phone. There are a number of changes to the posting which are one step forward, two steps back. Having nested replies is good, but not being able to expand them all isn’t.

  6. The new GoComics site is certainly quite snazzy, but I’m not convinced that it’s any better than the old site, at least to me.

    I am actually a big fan of GoComics. I pay $1 a month to get a daily email with about 15 or so comics from GoComics, including A&J of course, although I do read it in my daily newspaper. It’s the best $12 per year that I’ve ever spent. However, I don’t look at the site more than once a month because I’m satisfied with the 15-20 comics that I subscribe to.

    Personally, I like your site right here. It’s small, it’s friendly, it’s easy to navigate, and it’s a community. Modern entertainment websites have too much going on. There are too many buttons and things to like or dislike. It’s too much for me. I should say that I’m no Luddite. I use my computer every day for work, but I prefer my entertainment a little simpler.

  7. The first thing I noticed about the new-and-improved page is that it seems to have a lot of unused real estate. (On my PC screen; I seldom look at it on my phone.) Or would all those blank spaces be Chock full o’Ads© if I had my ad blocker turned off?

  8. I commented on the new site yesterday, but will add to that the new Gocomics is harder to navigate, especially if you bounce around a lot on your choices. It took two days to figure out the comments, and it seemed forever on how to group the political cartoons together. I would call the overall look garish, but I’m sure some will call it bright and airy. Certainly it is meant for smaller screens. Ghost if you look you will find the ads buried between the cartoons.

  9. Am awake, AGAIN, as Forrest Gump used to say. The alarm quit or battery ran down.

    Use a phone or at best tablet most of time. The new Go comics site seems set up for that. I got my big tablet out and laid in bed reading A and J until I fell asleep about 2 a.m.

    Jimmy you have certainly improved mightily as an artist. I even think your humor and jokes have gotten better. My late husband used to say he would not want to live within my mind for five minutes. Actually your mind would be an interesting place to live.

    Did enjoy clicking cats and got Ludwig jokes, all the categories were fun to see what came up.

    Agree with Ghost that there are essential categories missing.

    Frankly I only read you so don’t do anything except A and J. Go through the link here.

  10. I do like the bigger image of the strips on the new site. I also notice the link to the “official site” (The A&J Blog) is missing from the page though. It is in my favorites, but is was easy to go to the current day’s strip and link to the blog “in a new window.”

  11. One major change for me: I can no longer download the strips on GoComics. I make a practice of emailing the daily best of my (long) list of comics to my wife (perhaps 2-5 out of about 25), who prefers not to read through all of them and isn’t computer-proficient. A couple years ago, I could no longer copy and paste from Web to email, but found I could drag-and-drop (from Web to email).

    Now I can’t do either. If I want to share a strip with my wife, I have to do a partial screenshot (using SnapzPro) and save it, then load it into email as an attachment. Not impossible, but certainly messier, and takes longer. Is this really an attempt to prohibit sharing strips? I suppose that’s fair, in the sense that people should read the ads when they look at strips… but I never do that anyway. (Don’t tell anyone…)


  12. About today’s current strip, Houston we have a problem. It is same problem of course that Gene has had in his relationship with Mary Lou since get go. Mary Lou has tunnel vision and her glasses seem to come with heavy filters.

    By the way you convey this very deftly Jimmy. You never near soap. Soup maybe but not soap.

    The comments on Go comics can stay lost.

  13. After me talking about not cutting fingers, I sliced my thumb holding a lemon for my iced tea, half asleep at noon. I take Plavix so naturally I bled.

    Bet our barkeep Ghost is deft with lemons.

  14. I’ve been a paid subscriber to GoComics ever since they started taking subscriptions. I really don’t like the redesigned site — in fact, I dislike it enough that I might not renew my subscription.

  15. Hate the new site. I used wait for several day’s comics to accrue and then scroll through them during breaks in my games. With the new system, I can’t go more than one day or one comic at a time. I could do it on the beta but not now. I was entertaining the idea of upgrading to premium but, while it might solve the number of comics I can see in a row, it would do nothing about the plethora of ads in the new site. No, I don’t have to read them, but I still have to wait for them to load before I move on.

  16. Really excited. The first two boxes of my garden seeds arrived. Tony is out turning over soil in garden and adding compost Trula is cutting back roses. We looked at seeds during lunch. They ate chicken and dumplings, salads. I had iced tea.

    This is my next big project, a large bottle tree for yard. If you do not know about bottle treeservice they are Southern folk art. Made from cedar trees that were cut down and stripped , they were covered in glass bottles in slave house yards..

    The superstition came from Africa. The bottles were to ward off and catch evil spirits during the night in the glass. Blue was favorite color called Haint Blue and we’re usually large milk of magnesia bottles.

    Here is book by an acquaintance of mine from past. I am going to order one. We are putting a bottle tree out in flowers.

  17. I just read Keith’s comment about not being able to download comics from GoComics any more. That’s a real bummer. I like to download comics onto my computer and/or to send them as email attachments. I’ll have to figure out some other way now.

  18. Ken I did that last night. Seems I remember it started with May, 1994 and I thought strip began long before that.

    When did strip begin?

    That is why I said Jimmy was so much better now because I was reading those early strips in bed. With a bottle of white Moscato wine. Finished half of wine and strips.

  19. Sorry if I’m being too intrusive, my alert level is heightened. If I am accurate, and I do not mean to be stalker-ish:

    A woman over fifty, who monitors blood sugar, is on a calorie restricted diet, recently recovered from bed-sickness, on blood thinners, has a small slice wound that has continuously bleed for nearly five hours. If you are still conscious, I humbly advise calling your local Nurse Line, so a professional can hear your voice, and ask appropriate questions.

    You add value here Jackie. Please take care.

  20. Anyone with the technical skills, associated social-site connections, and knowledge of Jackie’s locale; is invited to forward last four posts to appropriate local authority or care-giver.

  21. Bumping and opening jagged cut which was with serrated steak knife. Blood thinner you don’t coagulation well.

    Most days I have workmen around who check on me. Like today.

    When I was traveling all over and going remote places with danger of cuts my cardiologist took me off Plavix because he was afraid I’d bleed out. I got a blocked artery instead. So now back on them.

    Sounds like I need to get a quote from Ghost for a protective detail. I do not think he’d let me bleed out.

  22. Glad to see my worry was for naught.

    On your other thoughts today, Jackie- Dumplings, biscuits, pastry all the bakery goodies, are at their absolute best before whatever fatty ingredient used, butter, oil, or lard, cools from the oven the first time. Once arrived at room temperature, each re-heat just makes it — well not worse, just never quite as good. That’s why bakeries sell more doughnuts at 4:30 am, not pm. Scratch chicken and dumplings? Yes, please! Extra helpings?!

  23. I fired up my Fire 8 HD to see how gocomics looks on it. Et up with ads, mostly. Like cxp, I have ABP on my PC, and I see no gocomics ads there. My overall impression…meh. As I said, I only use the gocomics site to check less than a handful of daily cartoons.

    Ref 1-10-17 A&J: ML’s body language in the first panel tells me she is trying to convince Gene that what she is saying is true. Her body language in the final panel tells me she believes she has. Gene’s response says otherwise.

  24. Good read on current strip’s dilemma, GR6. On AdBlocking, back when I used Opera browser the plug-in or widget or what not, showed this page as zero ads, and I whitelisted it. Now that I use Vivaldi, highly recommend by the way, Avira came integrated. It is not as prohibitive, so I get to see some, bad, ads. But I do not see how to whitelist. Wonder if it is actually an ad filter/director rather than blocker. Might have to investigate that.

  25. Keith, don’t know if you will see this, but if you use firefox, there is an add-on called yesscript that lets you turn off the javascript that is keeping you from downloading the comics.

    I haven’t made my mind up about the new gocomics site except I do like the larger strips.

  26. Organic, in a check-before-post maneuver, I saw yours. So to you also:

    I looked at Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG, Wikipedia entry and website. Seems very well respected and something a fledgling browser would like to be associated with. However, there is no mention of a Vivaldi browser partner ship, or any description of an AdBlocker like product. If I stare at it long enough, the Red Bumbershoot logo seems slightly rounder on my browser address bar, compared to the website logo. The possibility of a lookalike bad actor remains.

    Anyone have information?

  27. Keith, my eyes can skip right past ads, too. We are lucky to be wired that way!

    Gosh darn it, Jackie! You didn’t have to cut your finger just to keep me company! I hope you are okay. Serrated knives are right up there with the coarse side of the grater for nasty injuries, in my book. I padded my cut with gauze for the first day till some of the ouchiness stopped.

  28. I can no longer hear the words “super glue” without thinking of Ron White.

    I have a set of ceramic knives. From Kyocera. The same outfit that makes mobile phones, I suppose. (“You’ll cut your ear off, kid!”) If you think serrated knives are dangerous, don’t get ceramic ones.

    No, Jackie, I wouldn’t let you bleed out. I have enough tourniquets on hand to prevent that, assuming decapitation is not involved.

  29. The comments on TDS are last thing I would look for!

    My manicurist is better than an emergency room. The super glue got the jagged edges and stopped pain and bleeding.

    Had a low calorie Boost chocolate shake and having a big bowl of steamed Vegs with drizzle. My weight is stalled and I am not happy. Bought new scale and going to shakes plus limited “real food” , stopping the creeping calories.

  30. On Jimmy’s Question of the Day:

    I’m with you Jackie, having to go look for comments means the are right where they belong, hidden. Ironic, I know. But the communication here seems better.

    Jimmy, I had commented yesterday, but pretty much same as everyone here. I like the look, shield icons like a family crest seen without hovering, speeds recognition; larger strip without clicking. But the data drain on a metered connection is a show stopper. I was interested in your view on fans clipping your art for wallpaper/screensaver?

    David in Austin, sorry, did not mean to ignore, had stepped away for the evening. I agree the image is retrievable, but the extra steps involved are what I referred to in my post as a joy-killing pain. Formerly, 2-keystrokes accomplished a save to local, and 2-mouseclicks changed my wallpaper to any strip I had. The additional steps to harvest the image are like a cheap padlock, intended to ‘keep honest people honest’. Where my opinion was, there had been no dishonesty involved. I used the example of scissors and newsprint to illustrate. UClick is now ‘printing on Tyvek’ to extend the metaphor. You can still snip, you just can’t use the kiddie scissors to do it. Your link looks fun but cost me 12MB just for the home page, before I killed it. I know, metered connection inferior to unlimited data.

    Keith, see David in Austin further above, for one solution.

    Dave [10:13am]- Some call it ADD candy. But I’m not sure of the causation arrow. I’ve begun to find distractions elsewhere today.

    Ursen, I also lost track of the editorial cartoons. But left before investigating.

  31. Poor Dickens has just licked my veggie bowl which consisted of steamed Vegs, no salt, no pepper and some basil drizzle. Pickings are poor for puppy dogs on my scraps.

    I am seriously going to get more petite again. I refuse to regain weight and not fit in my clothes.

    Plus, at this time of year promotions for women are exercise clothes to go with end of year guilt trip and lingerie to go with Valentines angst. OK, I have both.

    The beautiful woman who posed on Sports Illustrated cover as their first plus sized model is a popular model for lingerie ads, especially those that market to “full figured” women.

    This woman makes me feel unattractive and under endowed. In fact more than one has that effect on me. Makes me wish I’d foregone boats, boat designers and anything more nautical than a piece of salmon, better to have spent all my time at the gym and having plastic surgery.

    Anyway, I bought more exercise clothes and more lingerie for the hope chest. Going to quit hoping and start doing.

  32. Steve, I don’t remember now when I first found Arlo and Janis. A faithful newsreader, it would have been the same day my newspaper added it. I’m just not sure we were part of the big rollout, or joined later.

    But while Jimmy may have been writing what he knew, from his own history, and making up some of the other details of fiction; it coincided *extremely* well with the path I’ve trod since. In my case, a young couple struggling with establishing a home/a young child (she brought to relationship with her, Jeri did not approve)/interactions inside and outside home/COFFEE/ cat / tech / and all the other details.

    Between Jimmy’s Arlo in the morning, real life all day, and Paul Reiser’s Mad about You in the evening, I had some pretty good influences. [Can I blame Jerry Seinfeld for a twisted humor?] Villagers call it window peeking. For me getting a third and fourth opinion helped me know I wasn’t alone, and I was doing it right.

    Life ain’t always pretty, but back then, I had no regrets. And that’s what I feel every time I see those familiar lines that somehow make a face. A face that went there before and let me know it’ll be OK.

    By the way, Jimmy, I wish your daily’s were pen and ink only. GoComics colorist can’t read directions, or is an idiot. A distinction without a difference.

  33. Jackie, there are near 8,000,000,000 different versions of the divine image walking around this rock. Be healthy, but stop comparing.

    It’s near certain you have it better than 7½B of them, so don’t fret how well the rest are doing. You are the best version of you, just make it a little better.

  34. Morphy, didn’t feel neglected. Wow! on the amount of data. I admit, I’ve become somewhat spoiled to data amounts and speed. My cable modem connection is 300 Mbps and I have unlimited data. Life would be substantially different if metered. If you ever “need” on of the images, mention it here and I’ll send the direct link. Unless, of course, Jimmy says the wallpaper/bulletin-board usage is out of bounds.

  35. David in Austin, ran into that first time just this last week. Couple others have mentioned it. Seasonal? Server? Pagemaster? Roaches on the logic gates?

    Mine never resurfaced, break it apart and retry?

  36. Jackie, I’m sure you know those weight-loss “stalls” are simply the plateaus caused by your metabolism adjusting to a lower caloric intake. Your body’s defense against “starving”, in other words. And why “crash diets” don’t work. Once it acclimates to the deceased intake, it will crank back up, and you will continue losing and get sleek and sexier.

  37. Thank you Morphy. I am going to keep fighting for health and weight control.

    Today I was talking about what keeps you young with a very trim and very small cowboy from Abilene, Texas. He was my age I suspect. We were in line for pharmacy at Walmart. He was impeccable, starched jeans, button down shirt, rodeo belt buckle. Perfect hat, perfect gentleman.

    We were laughing at long line of senior citizens and the proverbial people who come to Walmart partially dressed. Laughing at ourselves too since neither of us was in rodeo condition, especially me for barrel racing (knees) and him roping. We were in line for pain killers, each of us had to pull out an ID.

    But we were laughing at our refusal to grow up or give up. I saw his significant other come up to him as he stood in line. She was old. To me the fighting weight and mobility and keeping laughing is the key to the fountain, not plastic surgery.

  38. Ghost darling, I have had creeping corpulence meaning I am regaining, have regained weight I already lost. That is what I am disgusted about, having to repose weight I had lost. I have some major money in lingerie alone and I had to try a half dozen before I got one to go under the exercise tunic, tee shirt today.

    Wrong way Corrigan!

  39. Jackie, you just sent me right back to high school. My senior year girlfriend, a junior, still competed with the younger girls in horsemanship. Her preferred event was, sorry if I don’t have it right, Posting. I was made more familiar with the event, and its particular skill set, later. God love those 4-H-ers.

    Re-read BEFORE posting this time. Later as in, later when she came to college, too.

  40. Not stopping eating, big piles of low calorie, high fibre Vegs for awhile so I feel like I am getting lots.

    Anyone here like eggplant? Cooking an Italian eggplant and chicken dish for tomorrow. Employees get it with pasta, I get it with Vegs. It involves eggplant, onion, pepper, spinach, garlic, herbs, tomatoes.

    No one sounded like they wanted Emeril seafood and eggplant.

    Plus this is healthier, no cheese, cream, bread stuffing.

  41. Yes, posting is an English riding event. I rode both English and western.

    Unless she rode poles which is Western event that is sometimes called pole bending when you ride in and out of a row of poles set in arena at prescribed distances at high speeds.

    I rode barrels and poles.

  42. Sorry, had cleared history for test.

    David in Austin, for reference, data loads from my perspective:

    That link – >12MB
    This page, from empty history, so no cheating. – <1MB
    but it is ad-free and text heavy
    Following the direct link to GoComics for A&J strip only, no navigating once there – <4MB
    that's for just one comic on a bad designed, ad heavy, graphic oriented page.

    File size for one daily strip, in color, by our favorite artist ~100KB

    These numbers have many reasons to vary by some degree between my chipset and source. But waste is still waste, and electrons cost money. Wasteful coding clogs Bandwidth.

  43. Jackie, she did both styles, multiple events as well. Happiest going all out Western style, but damn she looked good in English kit(?). Re-read that, talking about riding the horse. The big hairy beast. No, the animal she kept outside. I mean…. never mind.

  44. On the occasional Anonymous, I didn’t think GR6 had been outed. We all recognize his signal-fist — just as you all recognize my verbosity — and assumed a temporary condition.

  45. Another blast from the past. Steve, you may have noticed, I use Wikipedia a lot as a clearinghouse for info to be verified, and for clean links to major websites I don’t know. It usually has at least one open tab across the top of my browser.

    I went to look at Arlo and Janis but didn’t go up to your link, just used the inboard search box. At “arlo a” it generated in the list “‘Allo ‘Allo”, had to go look.

    When I wouldn’t pay for cable, and satellite meant a 10 foot dish with an analog tuner that drifted, I would really enjoy British comedies on PBS. I knew Hugh Laurie back when he was funny, playing second banana on Black Adder. Still like remembering Red Dwarf, low tech best tech in SciFi comedy. Strange connections come fast on the interwebs.

  46. Oh my, what an exciting evening clicking on and printing out coupons for grocery store. I have two that will double value of coupon up to a $1.

    The bad part is cutting the coupons out as I no longer have a paper whacker with a blade that comes down like the French guillotine.

    Gave up couponing two years ago so you know I plan to stay around and cook and clean when I start getting domesticated.

  47. On inappropriate humor that sounds funny inside my head. Last one tonight, I promise.

    More recently, maybe four years ago, during a time when no one wanted to be more than one-third a heartbeat from their smartphone; having lunch with a few foreman, full table, maybe six-top. This guy is a great one, capable, knowledgeable, etc., just a squared away guy. Happen to know he has a wonderful young family, and involved in church administration. In the midst of details, banter, food, and napkins, his phone goes off. Good, Bad, and Ugly whistling ringtone. He grabs it without looking, and answers…

    Hi, honey. Glad you called. Is your throat feeling better today?

    I had just taken a drink. In that fraction of time while I’m wrestling to contain the fluid inside my skull; I realize he must mean his wife had felt ill with a sore throat, was showing loving concern for her well being, and simply meant it would be better to breath without feeling that scratchy feeling of a seasonal-cold in the throat.

    But that wasn’t the image as it occurred to me when I first heard his robust greeting. Try as I might, I could not forget how eagerly he had answered. As if he had caused her discomfort. I was fighting a laughing fit like Dom Deluise facing Burt Reynolds. Had to leave the table, and go out for a cigarette to recover.

    Hunh, cigarette. Must have been six years ago.

  48. I once belonged to a Diet group called Tops which was take off pounds sensibly. Make that I was an officer? Anyway they awarded charms for pounds lost.

    I had so many if I had fallen in a pool with the bracelet I’d have drowned. Mike always swore I just kept losing the same pounds over and over.

    What do people think about Diet Coke? I think maybe it is helping to make me gain or not lose. I have to get unaddicted to them.

  49. Current strip. Gene is pragmatic realist. Mary Lou is not. He is scared, she is excited.

    This marriage is never going to go smoothly.

    Did I mention how excited we all were at lunch looking at the boxes of seeds? Real gardeners plant seeds.

  50. Re 1-11-17: Being Gus’s daughter, I’d have figured Lou could run a P&L sheet when she was eight years old…and could have fully understood its importance.

    I run one, too. I call it a Household Budget.

  51. I think you are right Ghost. Every knowledgeable or even whacky diet program I have been on says to not drink carbonation or artificially sweetened beverages.

  52. My friends, real physical people I know and respect, are urging me to file suit against my insurance company over the debacle that Trigger has turned into. One of my Oklahoma friends, a very respected engineer and manufacturer, has even called his personal attorney to discuss my case and is urging me to have him file suit.

    What do you all think? Ghost what do you think? I don’t care how wispy you are, I think you are real.

  53. Regarding the diet drinks, there have been articles suggesting that some, maybe all artificial sweeteners interfere with the health of the friendly bacteria in our gut and mess up our ability to eat healthy foods in appropriate quantities. I’ve made a point of avoiding them since mid-August and can report that my weight swings are diminishing.

    Now that my back seems to have recovered from the car crash back on September 24, I am trying to get back into the exercise habit. If I ever lose the first twenty pounds instead of just repeatedly losing and regaining 5 pounds, I’ll be sure to brag about it here.

  54. Good Morning Village and Jimmy!

    You guys (and gals) don’t recognize me, but I have been reading this blog on a weekly or so basis since before Katrina hit the coast. And being a late night reader I have a minimal chance of Jimmy actually catching my post. But…

    Since Jimmy has started asking so many questions about what we think and explaining about his artistic choices, etc. I have a couple of things I have been wondering about (or maybe I just missed the clues).

    First, have Arlo and Janis retired from work? I cannot remember the last time I saw a strip relating to the office routine or co-workers. (As they say… inquiring minds want to know)

    And today’s strip (1/11/17) has Gene as the fiscally responsible and Mary Lou as the idealist. But I thought early on that it was the other way around.

    And just to weigh in on an old topic; I can see the difference in the ink vs felt tip drawings. I believe the ink allows Jimmy to create angles of the nib to create “shading” and “texture” that the felt tip drawings tend to lack. But for the record, it has always been the content that counts when I read the strip.

    So thank you Jimmy for hanging in there for us and I am ready to buy that next book.

  55. Jackie:

    No insult intended, and I’m sorry if I caused offense. I honestly thought one of your posts meant that you were looking for the comments and couldn’t find them.

    I agree with Morphy about the comments being better in this forum.

  56. Rick sweet thing for being so nice, I am hard to offend! No, I meant they could stay lost!

    The Village truly cares and their comments reflect it. No one here makes snarky or mean comments. Heck, we aren’t even critical!

    Somewhere in last few days I read some comments directed at another cartoonist and strip and while it obviously wasn’t one I read the person commenting was so rude I wanted to say to him “You just try being funny 365 days a year and draw it too!”

  57. Forgot to say good morning. I am going back to sleep. But I thought a few seconds about drawing and writing a comic strip.

    Comics are not bound by reality nor precedent history nor “facts”. They are fiction and as such can change at writer-artist’s whim. A character can be blonde blue eyed and suddenly new cast, he’s got brown hair. Or has a personality change.

    The issue arises if the reader is unwilling to accept the change. We want the characters to look or behave in a certain way.

    So not unlike a movie, a TV show, a book, Jimmy is not bound to have reality or even consistency in his strip. The big BUTTER is he can’t tick us off where we stop reading.

    A good example I think would be Chickweed Lane or Lou Ann, two strips I gave up on. But that is just me.

    Jimmy’s problem is staying fresh, not running same jokes over and over. But I know he asks himself, “Would Arlo do that? Would Janis?”

  58. Jackie, re a lawsuit, do as your heart leads you. But remember that the problem with legal action against a corporation, especially a large one, is that they have deeper pockets, more attorneys on staff, and will likely survive most of us. I guess what I’m saying is, that unless you feel very strongly about it or if you, due to financial reasons, cannot let it go…”Life is too short.”

    After the dust settles, however it does, find another insurance carrier and then report and document this mess to your state department of insurance. That’s just me, though.

  59. ‘Wiki says I overestimated World Population.’

    Not by much, and 8B will be right on all too soon. This is the elephant* in the room of most of humanity’s major problems. There is no such thing as a world without population control. Humanity does, however, have it in our power to decide what kind. I fear for my grandchildren.


    *Elephants have left the Kenya webcam’s view.

  60. Thank you Ghost, that is my opinion too. I am not prone to file suits. I did it once because of principles and to try to right a wrong for others, not just for me. I know about deep pockets. My little (literally small height) attorney went up against Leon Jaworski and a team of a dozen assistants. We changed direction for others and that mattered. A truck doesn’t seem that important.

    Good morning all. Awake again.

    Debbe, I hope all goes well with your dad’s surgery. Stay calm and strong. Love.

  61. Good morning all. Glad to hear from you Debbe, hope your dad comes through the operation and recovery without any problems.

    Jackie and Ghost, I’m not in favor of lawsuits either. But when a corporation ignores its responsibilities to its paying customers, they may be the only way to get results. It seems the Good Hands People were hoping to ignore Jackie till she went away. When that didn’t work, they tried to get out of it as cheaply as they could.

    At this point, the lawsuit is like the club in the old joke about training a mule. First you have to get their attention. It might not be necessary to do anything more than have the attorney communicate with them to light a fire under them and get the matter resolved.

    Whatever happens, Jackie, good luck. And it’s time to find another insurance company, I think.

  62. Mark, I totally agree that if the transgression is severe enough, corporations, like individuals, need to be punished, and through the legal system if necessary. But from what I understand of it, I suspect Jackie’s situation with her insurance carrier may be more aptly covered by Hanlon’s razor: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

  63. Hi, Debbe! 😉 [Big Hug & Kiss] I’ve missed you, too, hon.

    You didn’t say what type procedure your dad is having, but at his age I’d suspect it’s a TUR-P to relieve urinary blockage. My dad had that some years ago, and although he was uncomfortable for a few days following it, the procedure relieved a problem that made him uncomfortable every day. He’s on my thoughts-and-prayers list. As are you. Hang in there, babe.

  64. Small world, Jackie. My former-USAF JAG Colonel, former-USMC fighter jock cousin worked for Leon Jaworski’s firm out of law school. But he was doing petroleum work for them and very shortly after he started, the 1980s oil crash occurred, and he was let go. Both he and his wife had enjoyed his prior time in the Marine Corps, so he decided to go into the Air Force.

  65. My situation involves family too, my guardians, and about all the family I have left in a narrowing world. In the south we do nothing to harm to family if possible. So they get another call from my guardian who is actually more oil and gas attorney but knows insurance companies well.

    We live in small world’s. They just seem big at times.

    Just wrote final check to personal attorney whose uncle taught me the driving skills that saved Mark and I in that hit and run. The south moves in revolving circles that sometimes collide.

  66. Change the I to me and correct all the stupid Hal mistakes. I am more literate than he.

    These exchanges in cyberspace are supposed to be casual. I look at things posted by those literate in Twitter, Instagram and the dozens of social media and I go “Huh?”

    Give me a translator!

  67. I do but I also drive legal speed limits (most of time) and obey driving laws, Lane changes, etc. Do you realize that most people who have a driver’s license actually have no driving skills?

  68. Me, too, Jackie. If I’m allowed to occasionally define the “speed limit” as “the rear bumper of the car in front of me”. A/k/a moving with the flow of traffic.

  69. Jackie, have you thought of replacing the Diet Coke habit with drinking milk? Cold milk from the refrigerator can be very refreshing, and it has protein, and calcium, and vitamins, and other good stuff. I drink some every day and find 1% very tasty. You can make cocoa with it, I use Hershey’s Unsweetened cocoa, with a couple of packets of artificial sweetener — surely less than diet soft drinks contain. Or put in sugar, doesn’t take an awful lot. But it’s very good plain. Must add that I never drink soft drinks and never have, since childhood when I would get a bottle — 5 cents — from the store, when I had the money; which wasn’t every day!

    I’m having ups and downs with the new GoComics site. The difficulty of figuring out how to choose my Favorites and make a list of them, is time consuming, everything else too. Wish they would include directions for managing the site, but no, we’re on our own; so it seems. I’m taking the hints you guys offer for finding the stuff, and will ask the Villagers for specific help if needed.

  70. Charlotte, if you’ll look at the Nutritional Chart on the milk carton, you’ll see that milk also has more carbs than you’d expect because it has to provide enough fuel to keep the infant alive. For those of us who need to limit our carbs, milk is a fairly rare luxury, unless the rest of your meal is very low carb.

  71. Thanks Sideburns, I was going to explain why I don’t just drink milk or milk products. I use skim milk and low fat dairy when they are available, mainly for whole grain cereal, rarely to drink.

    The carbs and extra calories make milk an occasional item or any dairy. On an exchange list a cup of skim milk or 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese or low fat, low sugar yogurt is a serving and most only allow one serving per day.

    Canot remember drinking cocoa or chocolate milk last time. Years. I drink weak iced tea no sugar or water.

  72. Only had one can Diet Coke so far today. Lots water. In line for ladies room.

    Went to see my insurance agent in person to provide proof of insurance liability. She asked about truck, I told her. She is stunned and surprised I am speaking to her, much less being sweet.

    She says I am sweetest client she has ever met.

  73. Since your agent is your point of contact with the company, she should have not only been aware of the problem but all over it. I hope she misses her commission on your business when you change insurance companies.

  74. Ghost, I did make her aware of it since beginning, then a couple of calls to them with pleas for help. She said she thought truck was all repaired and claimed she had no idea. I had asked they phone me back and they never did.

    I insure two boats, two vehicles, an expensive property and large liability property. I am a customer of over 20 years continuous loyalty, never had an accident.

    Did tell her how disappointed I was in the company.

  75. Do all of you know that tonight’s January full moon is called a wolf moon?

    When it rose tonight it was surrounded by a giant luminous ring. So eerie it did not look real.

    Our resident Village wolf needs to go howl at the moon.

  76. Yep, time to move on. She should have been on the phone to you at least weekly since you called her initially. Also, she needs to know that her company has a thing called a computer system that would allow her to check the status of your claim at anytime. If she cared to.

    Vote with your feet…and your check book. #CrappyInsuranceAgent

  77. Jackie I had much to say on insurance, but as I read on all was covered, I would re-emphasize GR6 point from earlier, give a copy, not original, file over to Oklahoma department that has authority over insurance and torts. Helping the next person can be rewarding.

    I would add that your agent being surprised, should have been your agent fearing for job security. You were too kind when you deflected blame to the company. The company only knows what the agent tells them. Maybe I’m too simplistic.

  78. Oops, didn’t refresh before post. Sorry Ghost.

    Debbe’s back! Glad to see you, hope all went well. Discomfort is temporary, I’m sure your father will be better having done.

    But emb, were any pachyderms observed wearing sleepwear trousers?

  79. Nice one, emb. I wanted to counter with a quote, and turned to see if I might still have a copy. Mais, non. [If you don’t use it you lose it, and I may be stretching my Français]

    When mine were little, PBS had another iteration of the Babar world on on children’s television. So I had a reprint of two original stories, along with Le Petit Prince in a side by side translation printing. Kept them on the shelf for the kids to have interest. Never knew they really had until daughter took French in high school and reminded me of it. I’ll admit I had to look up Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Glad I did, never would have spelled it right. Probably would have tried euxe or something like. Son and I visited USAF museum with Scouts, I believe there may have been a P-38 there. But he did not remember the author.

    Thanks for that.

  80. Morphy: Elaine and I [and maybe an adult kid or whatever] saw a rendition of ‘Babar’ at a children’s theater in Mpls maybe 30 YA. Rich old lady portrayed by Wendy somebody [Lehr?] , who was well known in MN then, maybe had some connection w/ Bemidji. Narrator read the whole tale [= original Babar mostly, I think] in English but actors spoke French. Babar, of course, was two guys in an elephant suit. Much fun.

    It’s tomorrow in Kenya, sun is up:


  81. GR6, maybe of interest to you. My strongest memory of that visit to Wright-Patterson, is of the Doolittle Raiders. I know I should not be maudlin so early in our new year, but I went to look at the Wikipedia entry. Time marches on. I do not recall how many sterling silver goblets still stood upright in the display, but I knew the significance. I remember more recently when the few survivors [maybe last two] decided to end the toast as travel had become burdensome. Most of that write up has been removed from the article. Col. Richard E. Cole, copilot of aircraft No. 1 (age 101) is now listed as last survivor, and deserves mention.

    Sidetrack, I know Wikipedia has a weakness in crowdsourcing veracity. But what disturbs me more is when material is removed in interest of brevity. I fear it is a metaphor of our disappearing knowledge base, and the volatility of electronic stored information over the pen and parchment of antiquity. If some body of curators can decide to remove or change information at will; you have to consider who’s will is important.

    Too dark, That’s one hell of a museum there. Two days was not enough, but I have not returned. Anyone with a passing interest in flight should go, pick a time period, and limit yourself to that section. Otherwise you’ll breeze by too much good stuff.

  82. Hello Jackie — sorry, I did not know about diabetics’ issues with dairy products. No one in my family is diabetic, except for one son-in-law. He seems to be doing okay, is careful.
    Well, that is a bummer; too bad, for milk is good food. You are very careful with what you eat, I can see; good for you.

  83. Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

    Believe it or not, I was only 25 miles south in McAlester all this time.

    Had a huge green salad at Rib Crib, shared most of meat with Dickens and brought half salad back for lunch tomorrow. Believe it or not, that may be healthiest place in town to eat! One of only a couple I will eat in down there. My waitress said she ate there and otherwise drove to Tulsa like me.

    Arranging my roses and going to bed. A friend from Texas is supposed to come up and get a boat I am giving him and we are to eat barbque so who knows where we’ll end up.

  84. One quick comment. So far I have no objections to the new GoComics site. I do appreciate the strip appearing in a larger size now. Somewhat harder to navigate to other strips from A&J when I get there, but I’m managing.

    Good night everybody.

  85. Putting together a very colorful collection to wear tomorrow. I think I have become my own pallette I paint and color match. A challenge far harder than silk flowers for someone’s living room.
    But fun.

    Bought interesting foods at that big super Walmart which is stocked from a different distribution center than the one 15 miles north of me, the one where Carrie Underwood worked.

    Got ghee which I needed, some tiki marsala curry sauce, bunch of ethnic stuff. I only needed coarse ground black pepper when I went in. Somehow a couple hundred $$$ flew in cart including two lovely green dinosaur stuffed animals for grandson Jack and a black fleece jacket with a big Green man eating dinosaur on front. For Valentines. You don’t give a 4 year old who transforms himself into a snarling dinosaur like Calvin and Hobbes a cute teddy bear with a heart.

  86. Ghost sir, the famous chicken fried steak restaurant here in town burned down before Christmas. Today I stopped in to ask their meat supplier if they were still doing the steaks with them gone? They have one commercial account left, so yes. But only once a week now and not cutting and stocking in meat case.

    The butcher’s husband used to be head cook at the famous CFS restaurant but left for job at Army munitions plant when restaurant sold to current owner. Of course the fire is suspicious but I say they weren’t cleaning grease traps often enough, just sloppy.

    Long story short, I am ordering some custom cut this Friday and putting them in the big freezer with a DO NOT EAT on container and a date just in case you accidently have to come this way some day. Can’t believe I would have a hope chest of meat!

  87. Some trouble on the new site with large (top-to-bottom) cartoons like Pibgorn. The lower part gets cut off. There is a bar labelled “expand” at the bottom, but clicking or trying to drag it doesn’t do anything I notice. Ideas?

  88. Miss Charlotte, to complicate diabetic diets further there are low and high glycemic foods to count too. Diabetics try to eat from lower ones.

    Typically for me I try for two servings lean protein , three of whole grains, six to eight vegetable or fruit servings, no more than two fruits normally so four to six Vegs. One or two dairy at most, a few good fats. Lots of water and iced tea up to 200 ounces daily.

    Some days more protein or grains. Try to add no sugars, no fats or little, no salt. I eat almost no whites, like potatoes, bread, rice, pasta. For those I have to use a whole grain version.

  89. Jackie:

    Love you, but couldn’t let ‘two lovely green dinosaur stuffed animals’ go by. Where does one get green dinosaur to stuff the animals with?

    Don’t know about GoComics, but Melcher has not yet posted a new TIP. Maybe I’m up too early; I am, but I feel good and plan an afternoon nap, after [in order] copy-editing the BUMC bulletin, grocery shopping, working out, and lunch.


  90. Trouble in GoComics land! Almost 7:00 CST and nothing (that I’ve found) updated on GoComics. Perhaps the new site wasn’t really ready after all. As a former information technology manager, I suspect that someone is going to be facing reprimand.

  91. However, there is beautiful moonlit snow at Old Faithful. No update on the prediction for the next eruption there. Maybe the world has stopped updating today?

  92. Though the new GoComics site has one obnoxious feature: If you follow the link at the bottom of the blog page to, you’ll get today’s comic. But if you wait a day and go to that URL again, it gives you the comic you’ve seen already (which, by that point, is the previous day’s). You have to clear cookies before the URL will take you to the current comic.

  93. appears to have updated in the past hour or so. I attempted to check it last night before turning it and got a message to the effect that the site was either “overloaded or undergoing maintenance”.

    So yeah, no. Apparently not ready for prime time.

  94. We must be getting really good at work. Ran out of charts to code early. Asked for rest of day off and got it. Going to get and enjoy my new car and go places before the rain and possible winter storm sets in. Later, y’all!

  95. Good morning and good night again, going down for another nap. I am back to that 2 a.m. bed time again.

    Had such a fascinating night printing grocery coupons. So looking forward to cutting them out and organizing them. NOT!

    Go comics is not cooperating at all.

    About today’s current strip, when I was 40 I opened my gift shop florist candy shop. I had a legal kitchen inspected by Harris County, Texas food inspectors monthly. Not unlike the kids. We were legal for selling bulk candy, making food and fruit baskets, making candy, jelly, packing our bean soup mix, all of which we did.

    People begged me to cater. Mike always said if I added catering he would divorce me. Or a tea room to serve lunches.

    Genes point is same as Mike’s. You end with no life because it all goes to business. Mine did.

  96. Deep South weather at its Deep Southest…

    A week ago: Sleet, snow and freezing rain with a low of 20
    Today: Partly cloudy with a high in the mid-70s

  97. Yep, that super glue seems to have fixed me right up.

    First aid not necessary, second or third will do. Lucy Van Pelt.

    Just gave away another boat, my Tender Behind “Fancy Free”. She is going down to Texas to live with a good friend and hang out with boats in his barn.

    Leon is another one of us, he belongs in the Village, is probably lurking. You’d like him.

  98. Finally got dressed to go to tag office and post office. I gave away boat in my pajamas, just like those Walmart shoppers except mine looked not unlike my regular clothes today.

    “A granny in Leopard tights, just what I always wanted,” words of a Rotary Club member when I told him I was too old for him but I had dated his brother long ago.

    New animal tights, I think these are cheetah, tee shirt and big bulky sweater. The cold weather has arrived back here.

  99. Temps here 39 feels like 32. We are just south of ice storm per weather channel. I need to see what local guy in Tulsa says.

    Snuggle weather. I will change the bedding and try to get cats in tonight. And wear some warm pajamas. That’s the best I can do I am afraid.

  100. Ghost and friends, Allstate found my truck. They towed it to Springdale, Arkansas and those were Ford people. They got their experts on it and they said Trigger was not repairable but totalled.

    I am still absorbing this.

  101. Next step, Jackie: See what the Slippery Hands (well, they did sort of let your claim slide between their fingers, didn’t they?) people offer you as a settlement. (Was an adjuster ever actually assigned to your case?)

    If you don’t mind saying, was the vehicle financed?

  102. Yes, through Ford with a LARGE down payment in lieu of trade. I do not honestly know what I should do. That doesn’t sound like a hard ___<___<___ car salesman does it?

    Trigger was an emotional purchase for me, one of those in your face gestures. "You can't tell me what to do! I want my truck!"

    Do I get another one just like it? Do I get another one nothing like it? Do.I listen to the advice I flaunted and accept driving a mini van? Do I proceed with selling and giving away all my boats so I have no need of a truck to justify it?

    Taking Ghosts advice and sleeping on it and with it while I come to terms with the emotion behind all this.

  103. Slippery Hands, I see an opportunity for J.K. Simmons to make a plaque out of that for a Farmer’s commercial.

    Not an endorsement, just really have fun with their ads. Stark contrast to those Statue of Liberty idiots who’ve never heard the concept of insurance before.

    I’m using ‘idiot’ too much lately, I think. Should moderate tone, or open a thesaurus; one or the other.

  104. Morphy, I am a customer of those Statue of Liberty folks. When Nephew wrecked my car while driving without permission, they paid me off and did not charge me a higher rate when I bought the Honda Element. In fact, a local agent called me about the online quote I got and she managed to reduce the yearly rate by $700. Beats Jackie’s experience.

  105. Jackie has had an English muffins, a Boost shake and an apple all day. I have been fighting an overwhelming inclination to eat fried chicken, biscuits and Diet Cokes.

  106. Mark, glad to hear Liberty Mutual services policy-holders promptly. Yours is the first second hand knowledge I have, good to know. Hope you were not personally insulted, because it is the advertising agency they have hired, or their in-house marketing geniuses, that have written such abysmal 30-second spots, that I am openly mocking. Not their apparently capable agents. Or the customers who support them.

  107. Ghost, I think of you every time I am tempted.

    Fed my body and my soul on boiled peel.your own shrimp, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed chicken tidbets, sautéed shrimp and six slices of oranges.

    My friend the chef made steamed dumplings for me, not on menu. I am eating some pecans that require shelling.

    Anything that involves hand to mouth slows you down. My friends know I don’t like gravy or fried foods or starches. They are very fit and healthy, unlike their customers. I am their only customer that eats anything like they do.

  108. Read that sentence again Ghost. I think of you every time I am tempted,

    Think of how often that is.

    By the way folks, just in case you think a Chinese buffet reflects how Chinese people eat, it does not. Nor do they comprehend our obesity and over eating, the piles of food we balance on a plate.

    They cook it as we want to eat it and serve the unhealthy food to us, but they know we should not eat it. They just have to do it or no one comes to eat.

    That is sad. I am special customer and I love them, the only language we speak in common is Spanish.

  109. Morphy, I know that one bad ad campaign can taint a company’s images for years beyond the run of the spots. One can only hope that they will hire better help the next time.

    I had never had a claim on an insurance policy and I have been driving since 1972. Now I’ve had one thanks to someone who wasn’t supposed to be driving a car that was being transferred to my brother and was not supposed to be driven at all till he insured it himself. Under the circumstances, I was very glad to learn that the company did not hold it against me.

    I did have a car totaled by another driver, but their insurer (the same ones Jackie is having trouble with now) paid me promptly and without haggling.

  110. Just had a cat-astrophy here, one tried to squeeze himself into bookshelf that won’t even hold all the books. He knocked off Larry McMurty and Texasville plus about a 30 inch huge rose vase. Only the book survived and cat lost a life.

    Dickens just turned a pink sweater into a dog bed on table, I am heading for bed with a book on flower gardening or two.

    Thank you Ruth Ann for thinking of me. My helper got all excited about the passion flower seeds today. I knew she would. That’s why I bought them.

  111. Mark, I wish it was years past, if it has been it has really stuck with me. Because it seems like less than a week since I last saw a young woman pining for ‘Brad’, her first car. Or another being surprised that rates might be determined by prior record and actuarial formulas, rather than how pretty they are. I’ll back up a DVR to enjoy J.K. explain another bizarre, possibly true story. But if I see a yellow banner with a green statue, I stab the forward button from 2nd gear to 4th. Braaaad.

    Could be they are really frugal with their policy-holders money, and don’t pay an Oscar/Globe/BAFTA/SAG/… Award winning actor and stunt-puppies on a water proof soundstage. It works both ways.

  112. Brief check-in: Marie got to go home from rehab the Tuesday after Christmas. That Thursday, she had a mild stroke (ruptured vessels in brain, not thrown clot). She had a large continuation of that stroke a couole of days later. Her right side has been affected. She was to be released on the 6th, but an ill-timed bout of a-fib,combined with indigestion and exhaustion, delayed her release until the 7th. She turned 93 on the 8th. When I saw her that night, most of her slurring was already gone, and she is working diligently to recover her right side mobility.

    Work is still stressful, but at least, FINALLY, useless boss finally quit* at the end of the year. Have yet to meet my new boss. Grandest Pooh-bah did a turn, and deemed my store sub-par; complaints mainly geared toward broken, missing, or rubber-band-and-baling-wire repaired equipment. I missed the dog and pony show, but get to be on-site for the second-string rerun tomorrow. Sadly, I have yet to get my application in elsewhere, but am still planning on doing so – I do not like the direction the company has taken.

    Can’t bail on this round because I am currently sans-assistant. She is in the hospital. Long story short, congenital heart failure. The right side of her heart does not appear to be working at all, and they have only managed to drain TEN of the TWENTY POUNDS (all gained in a couple weeks) of fluid she is retaining. There are other things terribly wrong with her, and the doctors are already talking transplant. She is 35. She is scared, but trying her best to be upbeat. She is worried I will replace her. Can’t replace her, but will have to do something, she is going to out for a while (probably permanently, but she is in denial), and I’m not staying. Long hours for me until then.

    *Strongly suspect it was a “quit or be fired” situation. There was already a replacement lined up when she told me Christmas Eve.

  113. Mindy, you have dedication most employers would love to reward, if only they knew how to see it. I long to hear of the day you have a proper owner/corporate support for whatever position you move into. Well done, keep going.

  114. I keep thinking Mindy, go work for the Beaver! Buc-cees pays phenomenally and rewards their employees, huge loyalty of employees and customers.

    They are Disney of convenience stores.

  115. Thanks for the update, Lady Mindy. I was beginning to wonder if something really catastrophic (as opposed to normally, for you, catastrophic 🙂 ) had occurred. Good fortune in your job search; you deserve much better than what you have now.

  116. Lying here in bed I have been looking at expanding my chicken pets. Our chickens have started laying, we have two that lay lovely blue eggs and two that lay two different beige shades.

    We will have to keep the new chick’s inside in a cage until they get big enough to go out in chicken yard with the adults.

    Decided to get six more chickens and get those that lay colored eggs, greens, blues, browns, beige. Just for fun.

  117. Easter egg chickens?

    Stopped in at my neighborhood market this afternoon. Noticed an empty table with sign: Coming Soon! King Cakes!

    Mardi Gras is February 28th, and Easter is April 16th.

  118. Yes, exactly, Easter egg chickens naturally colored.

    Tomorrow I clean and tidy up around house. I am going to get it clean and have Trula and friend, her assistant help me keep it that way.

    Trula loves Ghost Kitty, she picks him up and loves on him all the time.

    Actually that reminds me of this genius idea I had back in 1980s when I had florist shop. I bought beautiful large white mums and we sprayed each flower a different color, did fancy ruffled and ribboned baskets all in ribbons and Easter treats and toys. They sold like crazy.

    So this lady gets one and comes in to ask how to get it to rebloom like that the next year?

    We said buy eight different cans of spray floral dye. She didn’t think we were funny.

  119. Mindy, it’s so good to hear from you! Marie is in my prayers, as are you. Strokes and recovery from them are such unpredictable things, but it’s really promising that she’s fighting to recover. She’s so lucky to have you, sweetie.

    Jackie, I’m sorry for the bad news about Trigger. I know how much you loved that truck.

    Ghost, I’m fortunate to be a quick healer. My finger is still pretty sore when I put pressure on it, but in a few days I won’t even need a bandage anymore. There is no shortage of Bandaids in this house; each time my husband has a Bandaid coupon about to expire, he buys another box. In addition to the usual assortment, we have fingertip, knuckle, medium, extra-large, sport, and Lord knows what else. Come the Apocalypse, I will knit socks and he will bandage boo-boos, apparently.

    Gene and Mary Lou need to hold hands across the kitchen table and talk this out.

  120. Too clever Ghost. I just woke up and I had to reread to get it. But I like it.

    Since Jimmy is Jimmy none of us know where this is going, unlike other predictable strips.

  121. What is difference between pink ice and purple ice on map?

    The ice is just north of me, getting ready to hit Tulsa.

    Llee in Carthage, MO is covered up already, the storm following the road from Oklahoma City to St. Louis as I was expecting.

  122. I’m hopeful that they will work it out. Neither has an angry expression in the final panel. Gene is shocked and Mary Lou seems remorseful.
    From last night– Jackie, my hand-to-mouth method to slow down the eating as therapy is salted, in-the-shell sunflower seeds. It is high sodium, but with a healthy working kidney and no other salt retaining pathology the sodium levels test fine. A side benefit is that it “seems” impossible to fall asleep if eating seeds while driving. A boost to my on-the-road safety!

  123. Saw a map on cptr weather channel. Believe pink was in the center of the danger area, and weather person indicated worst damage was due there.

    -30 here this am, hi pred. to be +3. Hi 15 tomorrow: heat wave.

    In any case, avoid yellow snow.


  124. Jackie, the convention is Green for Rain, Blue for Snow, Pink (or puce or something) for Icing Conditions, and Blue for Mixed Precipitation. The darker the shade of each, the heavier or more severe the condition.

  125. Thanks to’s Word of the Day, I now know there is a word for what results when I attempt to write a limerick:

    crambo (n) – inferior rhyme

  126. I just walked by a TV, on which toothy and toothsome Giada appears to be cooking in one of her nightgowns. The one that doesn’t button up very high. At all.

  127. Good morning again. Can I come visit you Ghost? I need some Southern therapy. I miss the south.

    So, thinking about our young Days, I see a solution but only because I have been there. Gas can have a heart attack or other survivable illness, move to farm, help with the farm stand restaurant and Meg.

    And bring back a senior character I liked and enjoyed.

    Not telling JJ how to write his plot, but it would benefit all.

  128. We seem to have a clash between book learning and on-the-job training developing in the strip, don’t we? The restaurant business is tough, as evidenced by all the places that open and close within a couple of years. Surely there is no hard-and-fast formula for success in that field, or most would continue for the owner’s lifetimes.

  129. About Giada and cooking (Hal had no trouble with her name).

    I am surprised she has never caught one on fire or cut it off.

    When I wore long flammable nails I was always setting them on fire or slicing them off with knives and scissors, both in flower shop and kitchen.

    Closest I got was that Russian Blue of ours using his back feet to launch off my super structure and almost slicing me in half. I have a scar that runs from top to middle and only improved with application of first aide with some British horse wound salve.

    Seriously, my veterinarian that is best product to treat open wounds. I did not show him the scar but think I did most of my human doctors.

    Noticed in rereading workers compensation schedules that breasts, along with other personal body parts, have been designated as scheduled members, so should she damage one and it is not heavily insured, she is covered if she does it on television.

  130. Am I only one who orders stuff and don’t remember? Unpacking boxes that includes gifts I ordered for others which is fine, I love to give gifts and they will go to friends and service people starting with Trula my yard and animal person.

    But I have two hats that look like Evil Eye Fleegle the cartoon character to go with my Dick Tracy watch. Sharp.

    Maybe I can wear them to go with the thigh high black stocking with red bows or the rhinestone ones? And the lingerie so small it fits in an envelope so small it wouldn’t hold a letter. Boy, do they have nerve charging that much for no fabric!

    Fun times.

  131. Yes, I used to hate having to explain that term to both attorney and he who had lost one.

    I never had a woman lose a breast but there are always injury precedents.

    Sitting in my Janis suds so I need to actually use them before I drop phone in tub.

  132. Jackie, Gus dammit, HAL! caused a near spit-take. Might become my new swearing euphemism.

    May the great Gus above rain HAL upon you , sir.

    A bit of Simon and Garfunkel sprinkling from the spice rack is nice.

    And Smigz, I second GR6 that is a very sweet wording that I like better than the admonition, ‘don’t go to bed angry’. Positive direction is always better than negative prohibition.

    Not gonna touch the whole ‘scheduled member’ discussion, just gonna leave it hanging there. Turn back, I see danger.

    Art interest: Wikipedia today showcases View From the Artist’s Window by Martinus Rørbye of the Danish Golden Age. To me, I would say it attempts photographic level realism in oils; and does it very well. Short article for such a detailed work, discusses some symbolic themes. Download image available in high quality 4,281×5,430 pixels, and smaller. Caution the big one is nearly 7MB in size.

  133. I forget, Jackie! (ok I forget my name but that’s another thing….) Day before yesterday the maillady brought me a breadbox-size box. What’s that? Don’t YOU know? ummmmmm no return address that I know, no name…..

    It was a crowdfunding perk! They’d gotten a bigger response than expected and it was delayed…and I forgot 🙂 I’d heard shipping was going to start soon but it was not on my radar at all. Surprise! Fun.

  134. Jimmy, is Gene going to stay Arlo Blond or revert to Janis Brune on Sunday? I apologize if the GoComics color dept is following your directions, I had thought they were on their own initiative. Like the neighbor woman being mistaken for Janis. Or is it giving over to the inevitable, as making Ludwig into a Blue?

    Also just realized Sunday may not fit daily story line, so…

  135. Wow! Am I glad to be back in The Village! For some unknown reason, I have been unable to get into The Village for several weeks. I tried everything i could think of, and being semi-illiterate about computers, had no luck. I kept getting a note saying, “the server could not be reached” or something like that. I was “found” by Morphy on my e-mail and even what he so graciously told me to try did not work. I really don’t know what I did to get back but I am back. I don’t usually write much but I have really missed all the great comments. I’m not going to try to catch up since it would be too much of a task but I will keep up from now on, providing I am able to access The Village. Thanks to anyone who missed me. I really missed all of you!

    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  136. We are addictive. I am at beauty shop in a cougar outfit that involves a scoop neck spotted cat of some kind sweater, dark brown tights, knee high leather boots, a black fur vest that looks like Sonny Bono would wear. Plus that black Evil Eye Fleegle hat,a cat skin jacket and purse, plus assorted jewelry.

    No Walmart pajamas for me.

    Real animals are never killed for me.

  137. Glad to see you domaucan1, I was puzzled how to help. You could read and respond email, much more involved from a browser standpoint than loading a page. Like David/Austin above, I thought clearing out old information might do it.

    My father used to take a broken toaster or vacuum cleaner, tear it apart, fix absolutely nothing, put it back together. When it worked, he just shook his head, said, “don’t ask”, and moved on. I’ve reused the same technique many times.

    Sounds like you found a Baton Rouge corollary that worked for you too. The trick is remembering how you did it next time.

    GR6 is making the rest of us jealous with his weather. Hope yours is good too.

  138. Interesting outfit, Jackie. Does it include the envelope lingerie was well?

    I agree that lingerie pricing often appears to be inversely proportional to the coverage it provides.

  139. It’s not the value by the yard, GR6. It’s the value in the eye.

    I am a political animal, but even I have to tune out from the never ending drivel time to time for sanity’s sake. A small AM/FM(actual dual speaker stereo capable) portable radio is close to hand. I like it for small size, but analog design; do not require amplification provided by larger units with an AC cord, can grab to change stations easily or move to another location. But I did learn that FM stereo circuits demand a bit more from two AA batteries than old style AM band radio. My area still has four non-talkers, one that may play anything from big band/crooners up to hip-hop/grunge and 21st C. genres I can’t name. So it gives lots of surprises.

    A big grin came from the heavy beat of Funky Col’ Medina performed by Tone L?c (written by other, not familiar). Weak on a 2¼” speaker pair, but hit all the synapses to fill in the beat from deafening club speakers. As my focus drifted past the storyline in the song, a humorous take on dating, it occurred to me that our definition of aphrodisiac morality has gone through several changes, just in my lifetime. Wishing it were true, laughing about the possibility, fear of the misuse, and round the cycle at least three times. More if I haven’t paid attention.

    Love Potion #9, oh that’s cute bubble gum pop. Baby It’s Cold Outside, naïveties [scratched idiots, I’m overusing it] who don’t have perspective to know that the young woman was the rebellious one on the fence at the time, think it describes date rape. Funky Col’ Medina plays it both ways then turns it on its head in an L-O-L-A Lola kind of way. Being hip hop of the DJ/MC combo era, it has sampled riffs from bigger artists, Stones, Free, BTO, Funkadelic and others.

    It’s got a strong beat, Dick. Fun to dance to. I’ll give it a 79.

  140. I haven’t looked in on TDS, but I’d bet good money at least one person there has posted that where this current kerfuffle between the kids is headed is to bed, for make-up sex.

    Based on the fact that ML received what I would presume, from her reaction, to be a substantial sum for her share of the sale of The Dock, I’m going out on a limb and proposing that what we may have going on here is related to male ego and social norms. Gene may feel that his perceived duty to be the “head of household” and provide for his family is being undercut, or at least rendered unnecessary, by his wife’s reserve wealth.

    If so, ML snapping that “Pop and I ran ‘The Dock’ when you were in high school!” (even without adding the implied “…without you!”) was exactly the wrong thing for her to say. A fact she seems to have realized (if a bit late) in the final panel of today’s cartoon.

    All this analyzing of human emotions and motivations is making my head hurt, so I’m going to lie down for a while now.

  141. Thanks, TruckerRon. Way back in the day, when ‘the computer room’ was wallpapered with dot matrix printouts of reference charts, I had a photocopied extended ASCII code table. Xerox photocopies didn’t fade like worn out ribbons would. It even cross referenced old teletype bell codes. Over the years I’ve lost lots of lists. These days I keep a .txt document of special characters I’ve looked up in a character map out of need.

    Like your suggestion, I’ll do the small effort of [alt]+#### if I know it; degrees°, daggers†‡, fractions ¼, but don’t bother with unicode. I have a blank spot on copyright and registered marks.

    Anthony Smith’s stage name was copypasted the first time, then I printed Tone Lõc with the tilde instead of macron using Alt0245. Had to look it up.

    I used to do it dreamily thinking I may impress some young French mademoiselle with my accent graves and dangling cedillas. Alas, it never came up. Now I just do it because I can. Or in this case, because a Wild Thing of a whim comes out.

  142. Jamie Lee Curtis made me wish I had studied Russian. Never could grow a ‘stache like Kevin Kline or Tom Selleck. Got John Cleese and Michael Palin beat though.

  143. I always thought it had to do with the robust, authoritative, staccato delivery that did it. Kind of a Harley vs. Yamaha as a Russian vs. French.

    My first boss swore by the loins loosening power of a Harley-Davidson.

  144. Well, good news, my assistant *should* get to go home tomorrow, pending ice and/or orther disaster. She is no longer critical, and medicines seem to be working – slowly.
    Bad news, both sides of her heart are now malfunctioning, she is getting put on a transplant list, and there is also a strong tentative diagnosis of lupus. AND they found cells in the fluid they drained of undetermined origin. An MRI is scheduled to make sure nothing else is wrong (but they strongly suspect a couple other things.) Amazed they are letting her go, but basically, not really a whole lot they can do right now but wait and let medications, test results, and time determine the next move.

  145. No doubt Mr. Ghost has gone out on a hot date with a real woman and I am going to take a lot of ribbing (ahem) over those teal melons over on Facebook and I will be forbidden to come see my grandson.

  146. Unless he had joined the masses at the ‘book of faces’, I think he called it, before now. He might be busy setting up a plausibly deniable account now.

  147. Mindy, that is indeed a mixture of goodish news. A sensitive reading has hopes rising and falling at every other phrase. I’m happy for the progress your assistant has seen, and hope it continues through the cautious treatment offered.

    Prayers also, that all your plates stay spinning.

  148. Thanks for the update, Lady Mindy. As ambiguous as what your assistant was told was, it still beats, “I’m sorry; there is nothing more we can do.”

  149. I am indeed getting laughed at or something. At least I didn’t use this crate full of extra large Texas Ruby Red grapefruit and put each in a different color, since this set came in six colors. The grapefruit were too small. Somehow the bras don’t look as bad on me as they do the melons.

    Just remember, I have been out of that garden a long time.

  150. On phone with my guardian over Trigger. He was very depressing and not encouraging at all.

    On the other hand he is my first cousin and like my brother. So I enjoyed talking to him about alligators in Stock pond at home, his new hunting dog, his son, the rats that ate the wires in his new sports car. He is sweet, as are we all.

  151. Good save Jimmy. I see my life over more in Gene and Mary Lou sometimes than I do Arlo and Janis, although sometimes I am so like Janis is scary.

    Warning, I am a lot like your ex-wife, so glad you are happily married. To someone else.

    But I see myself as a younger person in Mary Lou too.

    In case I never told you, Gene has grown up to be a fine young man. You should be proud of him.

  152. GM Debbe
    Prayers for your dad

    Now is the time to call/contact the Better Business Bureau
    once a week until the situation is resolved. Also as stated the state
    insurance regulator – they have deeper pockets than the insurance
    company. Of course the pockets the state is reaching into are our pockets.
    Shouldn’t the insurance co. be paying for a rental to substitute for Trigger
    till you get him back?
    Trying to catch up — again
    Where is Mindy From Indy?
    Greetings Mizz Charlotte

  153. Jackie
    My contention is 75% of people behind the wheel are not driving –
    just pointing the car down the road.

    The other morning before daylight, icy slick roads, cars were doing 45 mph (still too fast)(in a 55mph zone)
    bumper to bumper, that is 1 car length between cars. I was leaving 5 to 6 seconds
    between the car ahead. A pickup and trailer passed me – 10miles later I was 6 seconds behind him. He risked the ditch for 6 seconds.
    Now “Up the wooden stair to Bedfordshire” quote from Vera Lynn.

  154. Good morning. Is the test of the Village buried under ice and snow? Just rain here, miserably cold and wet. Going back to bed.

    Cats and Dickens say hello.

  155. And Good Morning to Cats and Dickens. It’s a frigid 50 degrees here now, on the way to a high of around 80. Try not to hate me.

    Jackie, re OB’s question (and I had wondered the same): My Slippery Hands™ auto policy would pay, I believe. a max of $40 per day for 30 days for a rental vehicle. I assume you got one, to get home, but did you keep it for the first month? Also, that coverage is optional (at < $100 per year), so you may have declined it when the policy was written. Or, since your agent seems to have such insensitive notional testicles, she may have failed to offer it to you.

  156. They did not write policy for a rental car or gap insurance. Nor mention they had not done so. I had in past.

    When I asked why I didn’t have it they said because I had a second vehicle they assumed I didn’t need it! Now they knew darn well how much driving I did and how much we had done for 22 years they covered us! I make it no secret.

    Same thing on gap, I did not specifically ask because it was there on prior jointly insured vehicles with my mom. Until I moved mama in with me and took her keys away she wrecked vans frequently and never repaired, just got a new one and the ones she wrecked were new too.

  157. Ghost I would be happy to come down to Gulf Coast and buy Triggers replacement with your Ford dealer. My guardian says I am going to end up having to do that probably.

    Want to help me truck shop?

    Of course, guardian is calling the totalling department on Monday when he heads back to Florida.

  158. Here is where Jackie admits ignorance until recent past couple years. I did not realize that semi-obscene underwear existed. I never shopped online until recently and never shopped places with racy lingerie. Remember I am not fitting in Victoria Secret sizes.

    I knew that in many states like Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas the women had mostly moved into being plus sized clothing. What I didn’t know is that plus sized racy underwear is the biggest seller (it is) not the petite skinny stuff!

    Who would have known that men favored Ruebenesq women in flamboyant teddies? I didn’t. So, is it a result of fact women have gotten that big or men like large women?

  159. Weather in Big BR, LA Wednesday broke a 1980 record for the date:83! About the same today. The birds think it’s Summer. Will probably need to cut grass in a couple of weeks if this keeps up.

    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  160. We missed you too, domaucan1! Welcome home!

    Morphy, my repair technique is also to take it mostly apart and put it back together again. I tighten what seems too loose, loosen what seems too tight, clean everything, and lubricate what seems to need it. That seems to solve any problem 90% of the time.

    Mindy, from my experiences with friends/family in hospitals during the last fifteen years, doctors will sometimes send a patient home if they consider that the risk of contracting a nasty, antibiotic-resistant infection in the hospital is greater than the risks involved in being sent home. That may be the situation in your co-worker’s case.

  161. Southern Tool Kit: WD-40™ and Duct Tape

    Directions: If it’s supposed to move and doesn’t, use the former. If it’s not supposed to move and does, use the latter.

  162. You left out the baling wire and twine. Or does no one carry those anymore?

    It it corroded pour Coke on it to eat the corrosion. If that doesn’t work, hit it with a bigger wrench.

  163. Old Bear, I liked your observation of impatient drivers. I notice it year-round in all conditions. The driver of a questionsble manuveur some miles back is three cars in front of me at the same stoplight. Light turns green for both of us at the same time, so he has gained 25 feet(?). Laughable, quietly behind my hand. Road rage is a thing, and I liked my kids seeing a more calm approach to driving.

    GR6, Notional Testes and their questionable level of fortitude. Hat doffed, sir.

    Smigz, the key has been to stifle my snicker, and pretend I did something profound to repair whatever it was. An illusion that leads to gains.

  164. Saw today is anniversary of Ratification Day(1784), celebrating the vote here on the Treaty of Paris (1783), marking the end of our Revolutionary War. Had thoughts to share, but it turned into six paragraphs. So just wanted to post, if the winter of ’84 had held up either CT or SC from attending the ‘Continental Congress’ in Annapolis; George III could have called our bluff, and had a new argument against representative self-government.

    He would still have to win a war, but history hinged on how high the snowbanks were in Jan 1784, in the academic and political sense. The single quotes on ‘CC’ above was a reminder that at this time we still had our Articles of Confederation [1st or 2nd edition] that would soon fail again, not our now nearly 230 year old Constitution.

  165. Mindy, if there is cancer in the cells that they can’t identify, then they would most likely be off the transplant list.

    Had a strange experience filling up the car. A car came up to the pump and a man got out and realized that he was on the wrong side. He jumped back in and looked like he was trying to figure out how he was going to fill up as the other pumps were occupied. A female in a truck had pulled up and she easily could have pulled in, but decided to wait to see if the man wanted to back in. As she was waiting, another guy zipped in off the street and pulled right in. The female (I can’t use the term lady) honked her horn and then jumped out of the truck and started yelling at the man who had zipped it.

    I was just opening he door to get back in and my wife told me “Quick, get it in gear and get out of here!” I did as instructed. She said any more, she is concerned that people with road rage might pull out a gun. I honestly did not feel that vibe, but frankly I found the whole experience embarrassing. Watching two people at not their finest hours.

  166. Steve, I had not considered the combined information. Could that mean if the transplant list designation is true; then the questionable cells are classed benign or even non cancerous?

    Asking from ignorance. Only third hand knowledge.

  167. I would say that lupus might also negate transplant but that might not be true. Lupus causes problems with healing and surgeries I have been told all my life. I have been denied a couple surgeries because lupus was on list to disqualify me.

  168. Jackie, did not mean to make light of your ongoing situation. Rather, sharing other common occurrences that, thankfully [knock-knock] avoided harm to all involved. Your thoughtless driver was beyond the pale. And likely feared more than just an increased premium payment.

    But most troubling for you, I would imagine, is not the criminal that damaged you; but the insurance policy that has failed to make you whole, so far as money can. Both have caused a tort. Only one is within your reach. Private litigation, state agency assistance, or chalking it up to experience, seem to be the options available. Each has its benefits and hazards. I’m sorry, I cannot make it different.

  169. Something completely off tangent – after commenting on a friend’s Facebook page, I glaced at her friends list. She is the cousin of my high school best friend, so on a whim, I scrolled through the list, just to see who I might know. I recognized a former classmate, and switched over to his friends list. Growing up we fell into the same category – poor, non-Catholic (in a 90%+ Catholic county), not related to most of our classmates, and general mis-fits. I had a solid support system in my extended family who kept me out of trouble. Most of the rest of them did not. His list was filled with the riffraff, scoundrels, and ruffians of small town rural life. The scapegoats the authorities always tracked down first when something went down.

    And for the most part, they made it. I know nothing of their past, but as I glanced through a dozen or more pages, seeing little victories – job promotion, new bike, and big victories – kids in college, themselves in college, I teared up with joy for people I haven’t seen in over twenty years. I’m sure it was not easy for any of them – how dare anyone rise above their station in a small town, but they found a way despite it all. A small reminder thay sometimes all someone really needs in a chance.

  170. Mindy, I would be pounding on an upvote button if there were one. Beautiful story/remembrance. Thank you.

    Not that I would like to see karma buttons, Jimmy. They tend to make people do strange things.

  171. And yes, lupus negating a transplant has crossed my mind. It is not a firm diagnosis yet because she has to have more tests taken in a month. I also worry they will find cancer too. The doctor was vague (I happened to be there when the hospitalist arrived.), and said only the cells they found in the fluid were not from the heart as expected, and they were uncertain of the origin. The MRI is to look for “anything else” that might be origin. Combine that with her abnormal pap smear, and cancer climbs to the top of my short list. I just hope I am wrong. Mercifully, she and her family have not made such leap, and can focus on processing the massive dump of bad news they already have received.

  172. Mindy: Thanks for sharing that. Reminds me of a book that came out in the late 1970s – Is There Life after High School by Ralph Keyes. Before your time, I know, but some things never change. I’m glad you and your classmates have done well.

  173. Jackie, your description made clearer to me what pictures did not. Or I’m just thick headed.

    That passing, or overtaking, then returning to lane blind, maneuver that I read in your post above, sent me searching. And it took a while, because I thought it was named for a hollywood stunt designer. It’s not. Useful at surface speeds. Considered dangerous to perform at highway speeds. Potentially lethal if done wrong. The Precision Immobilization Technique.

    Seen in NASCAR illegally, action movies thrillingly, and MythBusters surprisingly violently. The PIT maneuver [not Pitt like I had it] can go wrong in bad ways. At higher than legal speeds, I’m very glad for your results.

    Well done.

  174. Mindy, I have always been impressed by the small town high school I attended my last year. We had about 20 graduates, perhaps two or three could be considered well off. Most were children of janitors, cafeteria workers, farm hands, a school teacher, a small store owner?

    Yet it produced a veterinarian, a PhD, a lawyer, a high school coach, a military pilot and officer, people who taught school, held civil service jobs. I don’t think any ended in jail or welfare. Yet my parish is the poorest of the poor in Louisiana. I kept up with people via mom and family telling me and I’d read local newspapers occasionally.

    One ended as a nationally renowned watchdog investigative blogger on Louisiana governmental malfeasance. I was really proud of him. Domacain knew one the veterinarian and we agree on how extraordinary he was.

    Makes you wonder and have hope. Why?

  175. The devil finds work for idle hands.

    Often means well-off, or conveniently provided for people make some really bad choices. But it leads to a contrasting possibility.

    Them’s that ain’ts, are too damn busy gettin’ their own to cause problems. I know it kept me out of trouble.

  176. CAPCOM Houston:
    Houston copies you Arlo, standby for systems review.
    FDO is go.
    GPO is go.
    DPS is go.
    PROP is go.
    GNC is go.
    EECOM is go.
    EGIL is go.
    INCO is go.
    FAO is go.
    Arlo you’re go for video streaming.

  177. Quiet, gray morning in Oklahoma. Lying in bed with Dickens curled at back of my legs, cats lying nose to nose on other side. Watching drops falling from house eaves periodically, as seen through open shutters and a cat in window.

    Don’t see much point in moving.

  178. Do like Arlo and Janis. Get up and move your feet (and your groove thing). It does a body good, not to mention your mind. What better thing do you have to do a cold, dreary Sunday afternoon?

    When I can get “a round tuit”, I’m going to make me a 60-minute playlist to do all that stuff I learned in aerobics class all those years ago, despite the best efforts of all those sweet young (and toned) things to distract me. The above tune will definitely be on it.

    Ah, Jackie…this is not meant for just you, but you got to keep working it, babe. When was the last time you went to a water aerobics class?

  179. All right I am sitting here in my Daisy Fuentes not Daisy Dukes eating breakfast at 2.30 p.m. English muffins and iced tea. Whole grain and unsweetened is the best I can say about that situation.

    Picking up kitchen a little and going to find something cheery to listen to besides baroque chamber music and do some exercises. You are right, Ghost, I have given up again and going no where. Heck, my part time house keeper packed up my swim suits and exercise bras and shorts.

    Mea culpable, mea culpable. Forgive me, for I have sinned, multiple times. In flesh and in spirit.

  180. Remember how I said national or traditional holidays are horrible for loss or memories if lost loved ones? Martin Luther King day is one for me.

    My late husband shared Dr. Kings birthday so we joked about his birthday being a national holiday. It is a hard holiday for me, I remember Dr. King’s death vividly and I cried as many tears for him as I shed for JFK. Of course I cried even more for Bobby.

    Think this was the death of my heroes, the ones I innocently admired. Now it also represents the death of another lost dream.

    Certainly I will not ask you have a happy holiday, but I will ask you give serious thought to the good Dr. King achieved and his death, the positive changes in human rights our country has made. We have done so much in my lifetime and I am proud to have played a small part.

    Based on trending news when I woke up finally we all need to reflect and pray today.

  181. Jackie, I second your sentiment on a Thoughtful MLK Day. Encourage all to look up your favorite quotations page and read the speech he gave in Stockholm(?) on the occasion of his award, separate from the acceptance speech. Last or maybe two years ago, I think I even found the Nobel Committee themselves have it on their own site.

    Not projecting on to you J, and realizing you have more personal reasons, but for myself, I am having a frustration. I am younger, so was raised on MLK’s words as an established fact. And admired him, and others, deeply for it. What I experience now, in the name of continuing the struggle, is a feeling that many people want to pretend that today is the same as Jim Crow Era horror. I prefer to acknowledge that a great many people actually accomplished change many decades ago. They were not empty words of no effect. The idea that the world will ever be perfect is naive, but we are very much nearer now than ever before. I find it very disrespectful to the Rev. King and his message to pretend nothing has changed.

    If it matters, I am not sheltered entirely. As a young person, I and my family shopped daily at the Giant Foods shopping center that was the site of a latter assassination attempt. So I had to learn a few things too young. I regret the feeling that this information somehow gives me more standing than a white kid from Wyoming, but there it is.

    Ending message now before I attain full head of rant. Hope this is well received. Thank you.

  182. No Morphy I agree with you entirely. I lived Jim Crow. Supporting, much less acting on your beliefs in Dr. King’s day took much courage, even small acts took courage. Larger ones took much courage.

    We have come far. Granted a perfect world will never exist but it is indeed better in our country. I am proud of that. Americans should travel outside their comfort zones to see the rest of the world, for better or worse.

  183. Surely you have heard my legend of registering to vote at the courthouse on the day that black Americans were allowed to register freely for the first time in history in my parish?

    I did not have to stand in line behind the ropes and guns. The marshals escorted me in personally and right back out to my convertible. I think of that on every election day.

  184. Yes, Jackie, I think I do recall that legendary telling. I’m glad you have good stories of confusing times. Sometimes it is hard for me to remember other peoples stories when I’m trying to tease out threads in my own dusty attic. But seeing it in print, I am reminded.

    I also enjoyed the current Arlo and Janis. It portrays the very reason I, and a lot of us if we admit it, are so wasteful as to leave the darn opiate of the masses on mute the entire time I am awake at home. I can make coffee with less theatrics and almost as fast as turning on my morning news.

    Though I was disappointed. I was hoping for an authoritative word on Gene’s hair. Sun-bleached or colorist mistake? I miss looking at other strips, but I have to stay current with the Day’s happenings.

  185. As far as I am concerned Gene can use peroxide. I like him blonde.

    Yes, if Southerners couldn’t laugh at ourselves we’d be somber Yankees or have all moved to Central America with the rest of the Confederacy.

    Mine stayed loyal, fought night riders and the Klang, taught me to treat all people with love and respect and courage.

  186. Had a staircase thought to share. Should have teased, Keeping a-breast of the Day’s happenings.

    Klang, huh? I thought Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja kicked his azz. or was that Buck Rogers?

  187. No Hal has apparently forgotten the past rapidly. Word meant nothing to him. Same with lots of our country apparently.

    It’s raining here again.

  188. I did choose Wyoming for the alliterative W. But I also like to needle East Coast progs on Wyoming’s early and continuing efforts at extending rights where staid tradition forbids.

    When Michiganders celebrated their first governor lacking a member of any schedule. I was reminded of Washington’s Dixie Lee Ray, who most of us assumed without making an issue of it, checked a couple of today’s alphabet soup boxes. And by that I mean the fluid and questioning melange of gender un-norms.

    Guess those Western Stud-muffins were a bit more understanding long before some mountains had a back injury.

    I’ve run to far amuck. Thanks for your patience, all.

  189. Through my distracted wanderings I came across Slap Shot (1977). A film that was apparently, surprisingly, one of Paul Newman’s favorite portrayals. With his career that says more about the movie than I would have. But I must admit, if you need a relief from over the top Hollywood, this is a film so earthy it smells of peat moss, or unwashed jock straps packed away in a duffel bag. It feels French in a very Nord Americano way. A simple presentation of simple people leading unsimple lives of their own messing. And somehow coming out on top. Granted that part is Hollywood.

    Maybe not, I’ve forgotten how it actually resolves. But it is entertaining how it gets there. The actors obviously enjoyed a certain freedom during production, but held together a production value better than say Caddyshack. A film with its own merits, nearly destroyed by location shooting out of reach of bosses who did not realize the volume of cocaine being consumed. But it was a different time.

    Anyway, Slap Shot, it’s no Citizen Kane, but then again it gloriously never tried to be.

  190. Not I, Jackie. No icing in 60 and 70 degree temps; and I refuse to give in to depression…any more. Non deficere.

    I just haven’t had much of note about which to comment the last couple of days. Of course, that’s never stopped me before, but I deferred a number of household projects through the holidays, and I’m trying to play catch up.

    Plus, it’s Football Night in America.

  191. You inspired me Ghost to cook a healthy meal, chicken, squash and red peppers in a pepper sauce with Cuban black beans and Spanish rice. Cleaned kitchen and rearranged my roses and flowers, doing laundry now and more cleaning in bedroom.

    Finishing with some energetic leg exercises. Hope Springs eternal.

    Not going down to depression. Want to truck shop with me? In Mississippi, Louisiana or Oklahoma. I have dealers I can buy from in all three.

  192. Today’s strip with Gene. Oh yeah, they are both brutal. Got several tee shirts. Didn’t marry any agriculture boyfriends who might have been a better choice. LOL

    Wanted a more normal life. Married a business major who then decided he wanted to be in restaurant business so I put him through a second degree after helping him get first, both financial and hands on help with student papers, etc.

    Then I we nt into floral industry that is possibly more brutal. Do none of us have a lick of sense?

  193. I went into trucking at age 49, but had better sense than to become an owner operator. Were I a younger man today considering it, I’d definitely say no to that. Before long the autonomous vehicles will include big trucks, and drivers will become mere cargo handlers. 🙁

  194. Haven’t read any post since before midnight, but pretty sure I’m changing the subject:;_103_Bowery_by_Berenice_Abbott_in_1935.jpg

    Was looking up Stephen Crane, short-lived 19th c. Amer. writer, and clicked on Bowery [which farther N in Manhattan becomes 3rd Ave.]. Scrolled R from initial photo and got to above shot by one of 20th c’s. top photographers; 1935, I was 5, lived a mile or two from this site.

    That sirloin steak for $0.20 was probably not as tender as one you’d get at, say Luchow’s, for maybe $1.50. Scroll L and R for more neat photos.


  195. Hey! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this page to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  196. The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention.

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