The Only Constant

As I have mentioned before, a lot of my household furniture, or former household furniture, finds its way into Arlo & Janis. One example would be the Queen Anne-style table that appears in the corner of many panels, whenever someone needs to drop a set of keys or the mail. I have a very similar table I found in an antique store many years ago. The style, I think, is more interesting than a simple straight-leg table, but that’s a happy coincidence. Arlo and Janis and I have the same table, because it’s a convenient model for me. I still have the table, but the ubiquitous sofa is modeled on one I had when the strip began, and it is long gone. It’s a good cartoon sofa! It’s low, allowing the characters to be seen, and it’s simple. I have thought of having it recovered, i.e. using a different color in Photoshop. I have to pick clothing colors that don’t clash too badly with the upholstery, and it’s generally icky. I used to not have to worry about such things.
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  1. Some years ago, I was working out of the house. My wife used to come home from her job, stand in the kitchen, stick her arms out, shake a bit and pull her bra from her sleeve. One day (after some preparation of course), after she did this, I stood up, shook my hips and pulled my shorts out of my pants. I thought she was going to faint she was laughing so hard. Alas, it’s not something you can repeat.

  2. Having to worry about coloring dailies is an unfortunate hazard of dailies now having color. (Sorry I could not write that more concisely.) But what other cartoon strip or panel has a salmon-colored sofa?

  3. Ghost has been offered his perfect job opportunity, the bikini concession at Kat Daddy’s Cove during the truck Burnout contest and at the Cove bar for the Whole Hawg Days bikini and wet tee shirt competition. He actually doesn’t seem excited.

    It is so hot here we may have lots of takers on bikinis, especially on sale!

  4. Selling bikinis right next to where the bikini/wet t-shirt contest is being held is going to be awfully hot…with temperatures in the 90s, I mean.

    Meanwhile, from The Department of Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining:

    “Soaring temperatures are giving men ‘summer penises’: Doctors confirm the heatwave is having a positive effect on the size of male genitals” – Daily Mail headline

    The opposite of George Constanza’s “shrinkage”, I suppose.

  5. As long as you aren’t selling Speedos alongside the bikinis. Reliable sources say 98% of non-competition-swimmer Speedo wearers SHOULD NOT be wearing them…

  6. My estimate would be closer to 100%, David.

    Just for the record, I’ve never dated a woman young enough to be my granddaughter. Some, though, were young enough to be daughters. Apparently some find maturity attractive.

  7. If I were single again and trying to date, any gal who chose to date me would be doing so out of pity for the geezer with thinning hair, too much weight, and a device in his chest to keep his heart behaving!

  8. John Kelly, I loved your story! You just can’t make this stuff up — wish I could have seen it. Your vivid story is the next best thing.

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