The Pangea Looks Good!

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  1. Jean, I actually did watch Ally McBeal for a couple of seasons, although I now cannot remember why. Perhaps it was the short skirts. 🙂

    One of my favorite dream-sequence-musical-moments on the show was when Ally woke up in her bedroom to find Al Green and his backup singers singing “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” to her, which was already (and still is) my favorite Al Green song.

  2. DaveP:

    ‘or is it a failure of our schools?’

    Some teachers/schools may avoid such topics because of the creedal objections of some parents, pastors, or school board members. This is still widespread in our supposedly non-sectarian public schools. I surveyed college biology classes occasionally, ’58-’94, and found that there continue to be many public h.s. classes where evolution and relevant geology are simply not taught, and some where creationism is specifically taught. That ‘public’ is not a typo.

  3. Good morning, Villagers. YouTube is blocked for me at work. As I said, I don’t really mind. I just wish she would block Facebook so I don’t have to listen to my coworkers and their little spats.

  4. The last time I went for an in-person visit on my clinical trial (instead of just interviewing me by phone) they weighed me. They had me take my shoes off, empty my pockets and even take my belt off. And, I was fasting because they needed to take a fasting blood-draw. Three vials and a cup. Before breakfast.

  5. Ghost, I suppose those videos are for the family living several states away or across the country. But yes, the modern version of home movies. 🙂

    I tried watching Ally McBeal, but it just didn’t click with me. I’m more the Criminal Mind and NCIS type.

    Lily, as I just told a friend, breathe in…breathe out…breathe in…

  6. If you are going to eat alone at a sit-down restaurant, you better bring a book, ipad, laptop, or something to amuse yourself with. No need to berate the waiter when the final prep of the meal takes at least 20-30 minutes.

  7. EMB,

    I’m happy to say that I attended a rural Arkansas high school in the late 70s. We were taught origin of species, evolution, and plate tectonics. At that point in history the church emphasis was the wall of separation between church and state, not running schools, towns, state or national government as if they were part of the church. For any of the evolutionary or geologic science to be believable, one has to accept that the Earth is more than six thousand years old. Fundamentalists are currently insisting that the Genisis account be literal, with a 168 hour creation week. There’s no way to reconcile the literal creation story with the apparent age of the earth. Accepting it as allegory or metaphor makes the two compatible. I don’t see any contradiction in understanding something about the science of creation along with having faith in the creator.

  8. David:

    ‘I don’t see any contradiction in understanding something about the science of creation along with having faith in the creator.’

    Neither do I, along with many other scientists. Unfortunately, many scientists who are not church members or people of faith have made that choice because they accept the selective literalists’ view that accepting the 6-day creation story, the Flood, and such is necessary for Christian, Orthodox Jewish, or some versions of Muslim faith. I am not worried about the salvation of such unchurched scientists. But Elohim* may have some questions to ask those who have driven them to reject faith. James 2:18.

    *The name for God used in the first but more recent creation story [Gen. 1:1-2:4a]. Yaweh is the name used in the different and older creation story, Gen. 2:4b-2:25. Note that scripture was divided up into chapters and verses well after it was first written down, but well before the development of modern methods of biblical scholarship. None of this is original with me.

  9. James R.: and it really helps a single woman eating alone to keep from inadvertently catching some creep’s eye. If they actually wander over and say something lame like, “Is this seat taken,” you just look up and look puzzled, as if they were speaking Hottentot, then register understanding, say “um” noncommittally, and go back to your reading, etc.

  10. If Arlo subscribes to The Catastrophic Theory of Tectonic Plate Shifting, then the lasagna arrived quite quickly, and the tapping fingers are a sign that he is sensing imminent disaster.

  11. There is currently a storm that’s about as strong as it gets moving across Mississippi. It is far enough north to be no threat to me but our friends there should watch their local weather.

  12. Hope all our group – and others – in the SE quadrant of the country are coping well with the stormy weather.
    How is Pass Christian and our esteemed leader?

  13. Good morning Villagers….

    Mother Nature’s wrath has been unleashed… prayers go out to all who was in harm’s way yesterday. I cannot even fathom the destruction and the loss of lives seen on last night. And it’s not over yet.

    GR 😉 I’m like Jean, maybe the videos were for family members far away, but still…I remember when Ian was first born….I had a camera all the time…even took the time to put the photos in an album and write little quips about each pose. I treasure that photo album….but about the age of 4, the photos slowed down…

    Years ago, someone set fire to a bunch of tires about 1 mile from us as the crow flies. Standing on our porch you could see the brightness of the flames and hear the searing of the tire and trees. My first thought was….if we have to evacuate, what would I take…my photo albums, my music and my Bible…..not necessarily in that order 🙂

    Now if you really want to watch the real Arlo, and have 28 minutes, and I love to hear this song every Thanksgiving as we’re driving to a family gathering:

    Lily, strange that U tube is blocked and not Facebook at your work place….that would be a big distraction to me….the bickering. Maybe you should talk to your employer about it, I would. Have a patient day, my friend.

    Be alert, be safe… blessed


  14. yeah, about above stuff, John Ankerberg likes to have factual and/or scientific and historical explanations of the bible and Christianity. Once he had some real scientist guy (paired with a 4000 year old earth guy) explaining how there is no doubt as to the billions year age of the earth and in no way does that negate the bible, stuff like “day” could just mean “in the day of” . Stuff like how some people say the bible mentions unicorns so we know it’s all junk, he explains that some people took the two horns on an oryx and tied them to make them grow together to look like one horn. and When translating, there’s a one letter difference between camel and rope, obviously rope through a needle is a more logical metaphor. Billy Graham once said, paraphrasing, the fact dinosaurs existed doesn’t make Jesus less real. I don’t go to church, (except I’m always a delegate to the state Republican convention every two years) it’s just interesting, to know at least a little of eveything. When I got a business degree at Letourneau University they make you take an old testament and a new testament class, Man! that old testament is rough slogging through.

  15. For all the storms that went through the general area we got less than a half inch of rain and all the thunder and lightening were far enough off that it didn’t even wake us up. I’m not sure whether I’m glad of this or disappointed to miss the fun.

    Debbe, left you a message there, too.

    Ghost, 😉

  16. Debbe, I talk to my employer all the time about, oh, everything. She is also my landlady and best friend. But she says that FB is quiet and YT is loud and she doesn’t want the patients overhearing some of that stuff. I agree, I would just add FB, but no dice.

  17. It was a dark and stormy night…

    Really, it was…again.

    Last night, on radar, I watched a “Doppler-confirmed” tornado (a step up from “Doppler-indicated”) pass less than four miles north of my location. It was the most severely color-coded cell I’ve ever seen on radar. From reports today, it seems it may have been touching down only sporadically but did have 2″ hail in it.

    I hope everyone fared fairly well, weather-wise, yesterday, last night and this morning. Oh, and they say there is still more to come later today.

  18. A happening place? So there should be news? Here:

    At our UMC, we have a retired public health officer, a layman who has devoted much energy, scholarship, and travel [e.g., to various places in the UK] to all things John Wesley. The narthex in our building has displays of all sorts of memorabilia, including china, pictures, documents, and such.

    He just learned that his newest great[?] grandson has been named Calvin.

  19. Don’t look at me, FranAn; I’m still trying to do my part. I tried “weather” and didn’t get much of a bite. I guess I could try “food” next. I’m thinking stir-fry beef and Chinese veggies over fried rice noodles for dinner tonight. Anyone else?

    If all else fails, there’s always “pokies”, I suppose.

  20. Sandcastler – thanks for the link about what a book is today. I immediately sent the link to my principal and the other department chairs at the high school where I work. This is the time of year when I spend a couple of days a week proctoring various online tests (FCAT – Florida’s “high stakes” test – and end of course exams). I see kids scrolling up and down, from reading passage to questions, and have often thought that I would have trouble keeping track of everything – I can’t imagine how a weak reader can do it!

    And why, you ask, do I get to spend so much time proctoring? Because I’m the librarian, and the library is closed because all our computers are needed for testing. But I only have one more year to go 🙂

  21. Ghost, I made the fabled Chicken Ric last night, and was it good! I substituted “real” (not canned :P) “mushrumps” and omitted the tomatoes and green peppers. sicne I was working with leftover roasted chicken carcasses that I stripped of all meat and I got the pan juices, too! It was very very good!

  22. Lily, I thought perhaps “Chicken Ric” was something like a Gin Rickey, which is a good way to get one’s Vitamin C. They didn’t call those British sailors “Limeys” for nothing.

    I sometimes like to play “stump the bartender”. My current “stumper” is a Bourbon Sidecar.

    And you omitted Rotel from a recipe? Heresy, I say! Heresy!

  23. I like your priorities, Lilyblack. I have been eating green peppers, both cooked and raw, all my life, although I never liked them very much. My mother served them a lot, and then, recipes called for them, so I put them in. A few years ago, my frugal NH nature gave way to the daring experiment of buying and eating one of the greenhouse grown sweet red peppers. Well! Friends, I never went back to the green ones again! A ripe, sweet bell pepper is SO GOOD. See, here in NH the growing season isn’t long enough for them to get ripe, so we have to eat them green or import the ripe ones. All those years I didn’t know what I was missing!

  24. Lily, if canned tomatoes and chilies are too strong for you, you must have a really delicate palate. 🙂 However, Charlotte is correct…a red bell pepper is infinitely superior in taste to a green one.

  25. Yes, a Sidecar is a type of Sour, but a Sour is usually served in a Rocks glass and garnished with a cherry, while a Sidecar is properly served in a sugar-rimmed Martini glass (and contains triple sec), as I recall from my relief bar-tending days. Face it; there are many cocktails that are basically the same except for their presentation and a single ingredient. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many differently named cocktails.

    Hey, a new topic…booze.

  26. I was tasting with my mental palate, Ghost. I remembered what the pan sauce tasted like (made by roasting a chicken stuffed with diced celery, carrots, and onions and sliced lemons; basting with butter and lemon juice and chicken stock, I thought of adding tomatoes and my mind went “ew!” but I might try tomatoes next time if I just poach a chicken or use a rotisserie bird from the deli (lemon pepper only).

    Charlotte, I will definitely try the sweet red pepper next time!

  27. EMB:

    If you have not yet read it, I can highly recommend “A Brief History of God.”

    Superb book, for believers and non-believers alike.

  28. I have other pressing commitments, incl. a presentation this summer on implications of recent science for theology. I thought I’d heard of the book, but a search didn’t yield that exact title. Did you mean ‘God, a Brief History’ by John Bowker? emb

  29. Less reverent, and incorporating several world religions – “Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal” by Christopher Moore

  30. Good morning Villagers……

    I see one poster gets bored easily 🙂

    GR 😉 speak English, now I have to look up pour (which I am, but rich with emotions), but what is vous? Or did you mean to says poor yous “) Ah, loved the video will come home and play it louder then…..

    Did someone mention booze as a new subject? I use to be a bartender in my way younger days in Homestead FL….just one of my many travel ventures…..oh, the stories I could tell….but mass Alzheimer’s has blocked some of my memories…..or was it a plague….or is it all those U tube videos….I don’t know….in the words of Bugs Bunny…”I don’t ask questions, I just have fun”.

    Jean…yes, RDJ is a good one to look at in the video. I enjoy watching his Sherlock Holmes movies. I love his eccentric dress style at, outlandish bow ties and sneakers…only he could pull that off.

    Jerry….you still with us? Pray so.


    ya’ll have a blessed day

  31. Debbe, I don’t know why, but I haven’t watched RDJ’s Sherlock. I have really enjoyed him as Tony Stark in the Iron Man and Avenger movies, though.

    Lily, don’t let Ghost pick on you. My daughter doesn’t like Rotel, either.

  32. Still here Debbe in spite of continuous non-stop lightning and heavy rain and winds all night long. Many roads closed we hear although we don’t plan on going anywhere. We hear that there were deaths in the area.

  33. when we melt the Velveeta with the Rotel for nachos, it really gets my nose running, but I still love it. There used to be just one Rotel period, then they came out with different flavors, like Mexican. I thought Mexican was what it was to begin with.

  34. I had to google Rotel because I had no idea what you guys were talking about. Now I see … hot chili peppers are just too powerful for me so I don’t use them. The stuff looks good if you are accustomed to the heat.

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