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(Cartoonist’s note: I am combining two days of the “Peggy Sue Got Married” send-up to move things along. As for the 10-year-old “prudent cartoonist” comments, I don’t know what the prudent cartoonist does in an environment where some newspapers publish three and four days a week. Truly, I don’t.)
I have never knowingly aped another cartoonist in Arlo and Janis, but looking at this strip I can’t help but see a little Doonesbury influence. It could have been unconscious, or it could have been coincidence. Not even I can say for sure. However, little Arlo’s expression in the third panel makes him look like a Trudeau character, Boopsie to be exact, and his father’s deadpan reaction sounds like something Mark Slackmeyer’s father might have said.

This, by the way, was a Saturday strip. When working on a continuing storyline, a cartoonist really has only five days with which to work. Many small daily newspapers don’t publish a Saturday edition, so it’s wise to avoid a Saturday installment that greatly affects plot development. The prudent cartoonist runs in place on Saturday with a gag that is related to events but stands alone.
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  1. Steve
    Way back it was Lake Center Switch.
    There was a plant in Rushford about then (90s)?
    The town MB was born.

    They used local resources (college kids)
    And yes it is a great hunting and fishing area.
    Bub’s brewery was under Sugar Loaf. (Literally)

  2. I posted this earlier today on the prior thread:

    I see JJ’s tribute to Tony Bourdain today. I think most people will get it.

    Old Bear:

    Yes Rushford did have a plant that made switches and Climate Controls. They also had a plant at the Engineering Center that butted up next to the local airport. Guys would get up at Way Too Early in the morning and board a private plane so that I could pick them up at 8:00 AM in Detroit. Most of them were kind of sleepy during meetings.

    A few years before, I worked for Northern Engraving, which was a privately owned company that made interior trim products for automotive. The owners had a Cessna with two pilots which were actually named Captain Speed and Captain Comfort. I got to fly on it a few times. My first plane ride was when I started to work for Northern Engraving and the ride on the Cessna was about my 3rd or 4th trip on an airplane.

  3. “The prudent cartoonist runs in place on Saturday with a gag that is related to events but stands alone.”

    …or, he runs a cat cartoon.


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