The Shadow Nose

The Shadow Nose

February 2, 2013

I’ve drawn a lot of Groundhog Day cartoons over the years; it’s the rare comic strip artist who won’t pick up an available gimme. However, out of my consideration for you, Dear Reader, I do try to put an oblique A&J twist on things, as in this GD (Groundhog Day) strip from 2013. And the GD cartoon running in newspapers today! I want to give you a heads-up this morning. Sometime today, I plan to tweak this Web site. It won’t be anything drastic if I get around to doing it at all, just experimentation. I mention this, because any changes I anticipate today will be so small it won’t be worth taking down the site as I sometimes do. Of course, there’s always the possibility I’ll crash the whole shebang. I hope to see you tomorrow.

13 responses to “The Shadow Nose”

  1. I am still trying to figure out how you were able to get today’s strip out so fast. I mean how did you KNOW the Chiefs and Bucs were going to be playing this Sunday…. If you knew ahead of time then maybe I should ask you for tips. But if you did know this in advance, then why would you still be drawing silly characters! 😛

    • I’ll guess Jimmy prepped multiple strips with the same art and different wording. Then a final phone call to pick the correct version.
      But hey, I don’t know nuthin.


  2. Comments were inaccessible for a couple of hours. Instead we saw a small and large GoComics logo plus links to Facebook, Twitter and Email shares.

    There was some lines of Latin that Google translated into, well, Latin. This was probably some phony text to indicate where text fields existed.

  3. The comments from previous days do not appear and unless my just previous post went to arbitration, new posts after yours are not appearing either.

  4. Disregard the part about today’s posts. They are just slow to appear. The comment about previous day’s posts not appearing is correct (at this time.)

  5. Red colored panels and ipsem lorem text is gone from all pages current and previous. At this time, previous pages remain broken with today’s text displayed across full width, no margins, no comments shown. What I see may be browser dependent, and parsec locally on my machine. Results may vary.

    • He had a “maintenance message” up last night that apologized for just that: tinkering. The bravo buttons are gone at the moment, so I suspect he went to a stable backup for now. And we’re all anonymous unless we pay attention to our blanked out fields.

  6. Today’s comic (02/03/2021) is another in a long line of things you and I share. My lady looks better to me now than she did 25 years ago. And I do stare. And more. I also ask my GOD what I did to please him to bless me so, so I can do it again.

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