The Snows of Janis an’ Arlo

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Ouch. I reasoned a snowfall cartoon would be appropriate for many of you today. Here, it’s cold rain and mud. I enjoy drawing snow scenes. I think most cartoonists do. If you go strictly by the funny pages, you’d think that the U.S. is one big Sweden. For one thing, snow is versatile. It can be beautifully rendered; what is prettier than virgin snow? Or, it can be quickly and economically rendered. One can even get away with depicting snow by drawing… nothing! Plus, snow evokes response: it’s lovely, it’s special, it’s uncomfortable, it’s messy. But most of all, cartoonists think, “It’s January. Great! I can do a snow cartoon.”

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  1. Today’s retro cartoon should forever set to rest the theory that Arlo and Janis live in the Deep South…unless it’s retro’d all the way back to January 1st of 1964, when reports were that the Sugar Bowl in Tulane Stadium in NOLA was played in six inches of snow.

  2. Jackie, as Robin Williams once said, “Cocaine is God’s way of telling you you have too much money.” He would have known.

    Heard from your doc yet? If not, it may be time for you to throw a fit, albeit in a Southern lady-like manner, of course. (BTW, if one knows what hissy fits and conniption fits are, one is probably well-read; if one knows the difference in them, one is probably a Southerner.)

  3. What kind of insider information do you have to time things like this? You do have to be familiar with a large snowfall though to understand the quiet it can leave behind.

  4. Hey, I was there for that record snowfall in Louisiana in 1964. Also a pretty intense deep one in 1960 ? When we all shut down for days and one in 1972 0r 73 when New Orleans shut down for snow storm. Must have been 73 or 74, my daughter played in it. They happen so seldom we remember.

    No, I am moving to hissy fit category for more than one reason today. Swelling may be down I hope. I am keeping that appointment with plastic surgeon no matter how bad I look. This is advance planning strategic reconnaissance visit anyway. I figure he’s good or my cardiologist wouldn’t have put latest investment in his hands. Time to find out what’s possible.

    Ghost, you know what you say about those taking off their clothes being the one you wish wouldn’t? I was cleaning my desk last night and took my membership information and magazines out, no one had better join a nudist club or resort for purient reasons! Those are not people who should be exposing it all! I must confess that the naked bodies I have seen fell into the want to see group in most cases so I was unprepared for that.

    Me, I still want to be in that want to see group even at my age. I am superficial I suppose.

  5. Hey, I was there for that record snowfall in Louisiana in 1964. Also a pretty intense deep one in 1960 ? When we all shut down for days and one in 1972 0r 73 when New Orleans shut down for snow storm. Must have been 73 or 74, my daughter played in it. They happen so seldom we remember.

    No, I am moving to hissy fit category for more than one reason today. Swelling may be down I hope. I am keeping that appointment with plastic surgeon no matter how bad I look. This is advance planning strategic reconnaissance visit anyway. I figure he’s good or my cardiologist wouldn’t have put latest investment in his hands. Time to find out what’s possible.

    Ghost, you know what you say about those taking off their clothes being the one you wish wouldn’t? I was cleaning my desk last night and took my membership information and magazines out, no one had better join a nudist club or resort for purient reasons! Those are not people who should be exposing it all! I must confess that the naked bodies I have seen fell into the want to see group in most cases so I was unprepared for that.

    Me, I still want to be in that want to see group even at my age. I am superficial I suppose.

  6. I was going to say Snow is a cartoonist’s best friend as is night time talks in the pitch black.

    I was going to say Snow is a cartoonist’s best friend as is night time talks in the pitch black.

    I was going to say Snow is a cartoonist’s best friend as is night time talks in the pitch black.

    Sorry Jackie, I couldn’t resist!

  7. Mom [from Bay St. Louis] used ‘conniption fit’ often; I gathered it was a noisy, rude sort of behavior. Only ran into hissy fit after we moved here, always or mostly used by a woman. Name itself suggests it is not polite, but otherwise, I don’t know the difference, nor if there are widely accepted definitions. Colloquialisms are like that.

    Today’s TIP BlogSpot:
    The large cat in front and also the kitten on the left are, like the two humans, females. I’ve not tried to look up the artist or title; takes too long. Also, need to read last night’s/this morning’s earlier posts.

    Peace, emb

  8. I have, but that would imply that it takes two agents. freedictionary defines it as a childish temper tantrum, which could be only one agent, which is likely true of conniptions. Of course, most of these tantrums or fits are more apt to occur if there is an audience in addition to an agent. People are such fun. I could elaborate, but HIPPA.

    Peace, emb

  9. Conniptions often involve throwing things other than a fit and frothing at the mouth. Hissy is just verbal.

    Off to hardware store. They tell me Main street is open now. We have two stop lights and a Main Street where most businesses are or just off of.

    My home repairs workman’s wife was 911 when came down. He said her boss went to pieces and Debbe held it together all day, then came home and went to bed.

  10. emb, sorry for the confusion. I didn’t mean to imply it took two, I was using the vocal sounds and the general physical actions to illustrate what one sounds like. Don’t know if the cats hissing might have influenced the naming of the event.

  11. Hey, am I that old? The biggest snow in Baton Rouge that I remember is 1948! Lasted for a few days too. That is really rare.
    JJ, You are right about snow. I worked at a men’s clothing store for a few weeks back in the 60’s and the manager, Frank Malesik, who just died a few months ago at 90+, told me that people buy more when it snows but not when it rains. He loved snow. May he rest in peace.

    God bless us every one.

  12. Right. Tricolor requires that the two X chromosomes of females carry different color alleles, so a normal calico or tortie must be female. Those pictured were calico, as opposed to the more finely grained tortoise shells. The blotchiness is governed by a locus on one of the autosomes, and therefore is not X-linked. This w/b old hat to many in the Village; t’was a topic maybe 2-3 years before you came on board. If I remember, Wiki and maybe other sites are good.

    Peace, emb

  13. Debbe
    as per your 2″ snow
    I have seen a lot of 10% chance of snow – much of it above my knees.

    Will get you SKU of thingies you put on shoes to prevent sitzmarks.

  14. [Running late for both my lunch and my lunchtime bloggery agitation]

    With the great increase of women’s interest in self defense and the shooting sports, it was just a matter of time until these appeared…Tactical Yoga Pants.×660.jpg

    Not a look I’d adopt personally, but a look I certainly wouldn’t mind giving a look. (I do have a pair of boots that are very similar to hers, though.)

  15. A lot of craftsmanship in this snow cartoon. The rendering of the falling snow, the fluffy “HEY!” that can travel perhaps a foot before it is muffled, the completely gray third panel with snowflakes now having some white mixed in with the various shades of gray… all very evocative of such a snowfall.

    Of course, there is also a reason the happy song is “Walking In A Winter Wonderland” instead of “DRIVING In A Winter Wonderland”… the latter would likely need an Advisory sticker for some of the lyrics…

    Everyone stay safe and warm!

  16. Yoga pants sort of fall into the same category as Jackie’s nudist magazines…most women I’ve seen wearing them fall into the “shouldn’t” group. There was a happy exception last weekend when I pulled into a DIY car wash and stopped by the vacuums. When I parked, I noticed an expensive-looking SUV on the other side being vacuumed by an expensive-looking young lady.

    As I got out of my car, she hurried around the vacuums and told me she had tried to use the one I was parked by to no avail and had lost her money. I thanked her, and she gave me a 100-watt smile and returned to her vehicle to continue vacuuming it out, while I waited to use hers when she finished. In quick succession I (1) noticed that she was wearing yoga pants, (2) decided that she was definitely in the “should” group, and (3) realized she knew it and was flaunting it as she leaned into the rear seat area. Certainly brightened my day. “Thanks again,” I told her as she prepared to leave and got another 100-watt smile.

    And no, I wasn’t being a perv; I’m reasonably sure women don’t dress like that to be ignored.

  17. The difference in definition that I grew up with was largely based on intent. A conniption fit was likely justified either due to someone’s mistake or misbehavior. A hissy fit was more likely an unwarranted explosion due to hatefulness or spite.

    Jackie, I’d say a conniption fit may be necessary with your most recent group of former employees.


    Old Faithful isn’t being so. Current prediction says: “There is currently no prediction for Old Faithful Geyser. The next prediction will be made when it is possible to do so.”

  18. Just what goes into “predicting” an OF eruption? I’d never really thought about it, but if I had, I’d have assumed it was just basically timing the interval between them.

  19. I wondered the same thing… here is what the NPS Old Faithful Visitor’s Center says:

    A geyser is never early or late and a prediction is simply a good guess of when an eruption might occur. In most cases, predictions are based on information and observations of previous intervals and the length, size, and characteristics of past eruptions.


    There is a direct relationship between the duration of Old Faithful’s eruption and the length of time before it erupts again. During a short eruption, less water and heat are used, so both are restored in a shorter time. During longer eruptions, the opposite happens—more water and heat are spent, which means more time is needed for these ingredients to rebuild.

    It is not possible to predict more than one eruption in advance with any accuracy. The time of the next eruption is predicted by using the duration of the current eruption. The eruption’s length is timed from when the water comes out and stays out of the geyser’s cone for at least five seconds until the last appearance of water at the eruption’s end. The longer the eruption lasts, the longer it will be until the next eruption.

  20. On the current AccuGuesser radar, it appears that some less-than-liquid precip may be falling on the road to Debbe’s house.

    Jean dear, a quick “Hi, y’all!” would be nice, just to let us know you are OK. 🙂

  21. Ghost, are you sure that quote isn’t from Richard Pryor? Perhaps I’m wrong. For those (Debbe?) suffering a hand injury you may want to research synovial fluid. I speak from personal experience and the bad news is that it will most likely require surgery, Please let me know if you want further explanation. As has been noted previously I try to avoid long posts so I will explain what happened with my mother later.

  22. Between 6:30 am and noon today our temp had dropped 20 degrees, from 62 to 42. We were supposed to have winds last night of 73 mph but we never did in my area. Winds of 45 mph are predicted for tonight and a temp of 25 tomorrow night. Snow? We don’t need no steenking snow.

  23. Consensus seems to be it’s Robin Williams’s quote. I almost got it right; it’s “Cocaine is God’s way of telling you you are making too much money.” (Richard Pryor, of course, is better known for setting himself on fire.)

    I ran across another one of Robin’s quotes while researching the first one: “See, the problem is that God gives men a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time.”

    One of those quotes I could speak to but not the other. (Hint: It’s not the one about cocaine.)

  24. I have a HS friend of the female persuasion…in fact, several. This particular one lives alone near Chesapeake Bay at a place told to expect 2+ feet of white stuff. I inquired as to her in-house supplies in case of being snowed in with/without a power loss. She replied that she thought she had enough supplies but was concerned about being a half-mile from any road which gets plowed. She’s on a cul-de-sac apparently at the very bottom of the list of places plows ought visit. Even her considerable driveway will be a problem – she does it herself, by shovel, as she has no snow blower. My gosh – she’s older than I, and I admit concern. Not a lot I can do from a thousand miles away, however. She has 1 or 2 kids within driving distance, if they can drive, as well as friends. Hope they help out.

    I will be watching the Newseum site to see how much snow said friend gets, as well as the place of my first employment in the Blue Ridge area. With the considerable hills there, so much snow [est. at over 2 feet] will be neither safe nor funny.

  25. The worse snows I remember were in Allegany mountains when I went to school there. The drifts got so deep they dug tunnels and we had snow roofs overhead. I always wondered if they buried us in a collapse if they’d dig us out if our names weren’t Ford or Sinclair? My best friends father was lt. Governor and we figured that didn’t count for much, especially since her last name was Cohen.

  26. Any progress on the medical front, Jackie? Not idle curiosity or prying into your personal business, just concern, which I suspect you know.

  27. I’ve not lived my entire life in the Deep South, and in fact enough of it has been lived elsewhere that I deem I’ve fulfilled my personal snow quota.

    Today I got a “zero balance” statement from one of my credit card companies. Why do they do that, anyway? To remind you that you have their card and should use it? Little does this one realize I’ve shredded every card I’ve gotten from them for years since when, back in the days before almost instantaneous on-line payments were possible, they charged me some ridiculous fee for a snail-mail check payment they claimed was received one day after the due date.

    Anyhow, they thoughtfully included my current FICO score, but that raised the same question I always have when driving near an airport and see a “Caution – Low Flying Aircraft” sign…it’s undoubtedly important information, but what am I supposed to do about it?

    Much more useful, to me, was the sales circular I got from Cabela’s. Now if I just needed another jacket or pair of boots…which I don’t, dang it. My house shoes are getting worn, though, and they have, I’m not making this up, boot-style house shoes. Tactical House Slippers!

  28. David et al. That site,

    is a nice bit of science writing for laypeople, a major love and endeavor of mine. I thinks it’s a good use of taxpayers’ money [e.g., better than continuing to mint one-cent pieces, and making military eqpt. the military specifically doesn’t want].

    For money, I only did it via lecture-writing and subsequent lecturing. Motivated students thought I did well, and maybe I even motivated some previously unmotivated ones. My one book I essentially did for free; I get 6% royalties, which have never covered my initial expenses, but I didn’t expect them to. My current efforts: here, emails, some of my newspaper columns, are all done for free. It’s not all philanthropic; I obviously love doing it. Peace, emb

  29. Just curious, has anyone else picked up on the pun in the title for today’s retro strip?

    Got photos sent via text from my ex in Tennessee. They got their snow early, today. Forecast said 3 plus inches overnight tonight. But it started in early morning and county was out plowing roads before noon. Glad it wasn’t here as we don’t really have the equipment to do much about it.

  30. Mark: Someone mentioned it in a post above. I’d missed it. I’ve seen them from a distance, in Kenya. Kilimanjaro in one world famous sight I’m grateful to have seen, especially under the particular circumstances. Safari, ’87, mostly mammalogists + signif. others, incl. Elaine.

    A former BSU biology student, now a botany prof. at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN, climbed all the way to the top a few yr. ago [in a guided group, of course]. Takes a few days.

    In Nairobi, bought a contour map of Kenya + Tanzania. Measured from where the contour lines bunch at the base, the footprint of that mt. is the size of Rhode Island. Peace,

  31. Ghost, I know you are concerned and I love you for it. I just realized today was Friday and he was in Tulsa, I left message in Tahlequah and lord knows where my file is? I should have called Tulsa.

    My cardiologist was the super star chest cracker in Tulsa, heading up almost every heart hospital there. He moved to Tahlequah in a financial deal with hospital and the Tulsa office is maintained but only until the old patients die off. He goes there twice a month. I’m in the old patients because I was young at first surgery.

    He is good. My neck is swollen and hot but not as bad as yesterday. He did say I could resume walking, my water aerobics, exercise and almost anything I did, except no high impact or heavy weights. You’d have to feel good to resume and I don’t.

    Our town is lonely, people aren’t around and about, I went by grocery to buy a dozen roses for myself and to offer to help them do flowers if they get swamped at no charge, just to lend a hand free. Makes me feel better to do something. They had hired a new helper, a teen, who had no training. I could teach her enough in a few hours but no one will let me of course. The teen was crying none stop softly.

  32. EMB,

    No disrespect from me about the Park Service website. I thought it did a great job, too. My reading of Ghost’s comment meant that the lack of ‘official’ observation was an example of our tax dollars at work. There was certainly still ‘someone’ there, because they were working the camera.

  33. It was, David. Meaning if someone had been assigned to fulfill a certain duty, it should have been so, as it was on our dime. I wasn’t expressing any opinion about the site.

  34. Jackie: I know your community is suffering, but that’s a sign that it is a community.

    Sorry your cardiologist got rustled, but that’s the way it is in the med biz these days. At least he still works in his old office part time. Usually existing patients are faced with the choice of travelling to keep their physician or having to get established with another one. Which is also why one should try to be seen only by docs younger than one’s self*, thereby probably not having to worry about them retiring before one dies.

    *Well, not if you’re a child, of course. There aren’t many four-year-old pediatricians out there.

  35. I eat at my friend’s Chinese restaurant a lot. It is easy, they know I don’t ear fried, noodles, rice, fattening foods. They always cook fresh vegetables and have shrimp, vegetarian dishes for me, fresh fruit, send Dickens a small chicken treat or steak. I love them, we speak little in common. My money helps them, they work hard and struggle.

    Lately I have been striking up conversations with women, meet some unusual ones. Tonight it was most interesting, this one seemed to be in favor of overthrowing our government and at the .east was prepared to survive as a prepper. I suspect she might be homeless. Didn’t agree with everything but she was not delusional and could speak well, talked about testifying at Congressional hearings, being interviewed for nespapers, magazines, not easily faked. She was OPPOSED to the out sourcing of jobs taking employme to foreign countries, an issue I agreed with. Many points she talked about were valid but I cannot oppose our government, I served it as best and fairly as I could, to the taxpayers not the bureaucracy or politicians.

    Not a conversation I expected with dinner. I excused myself genuinely needing to get somewhere before the sidewalks rolled up at 5 p.m. went to counter and paid mine and her bill and left a 20% tip because many don’t tip at all because it’s a buffet. That made me feel a little better about yesterdaysevents, even if I felt she was radical because I wanted her to know there were a few decent people left in America. It doesn’t seem so at times.

  36. None closing in my area. Not surprised; we keep our Redneck Gallerias profitable, so they will stay. Guess I’ll have to add to my Bug Out Bag and Bug In Kit at regular prices.

  37. TR, I read some of your blog and found it interesting. Keep it up. Ghost, that reminds me that I am way overdue on checking my supplies. I know that I have thrown out some food supplies and haven’t replaced them. Arlo Guthrie will be in Ocean Springs. I think that it’s around groundhog day. Interesting things that you can learn on the net-ex-wife #2 lost her home to forclosure. The check’s in the mail darling. (:,) I thought of that because Feb. 2 is her birthday. And you thought husbands never remember.

  38. Good morning Villagers….

    The poor east coast is getting hammered….I pray Miss Charlotte is and will be OK. And Miss Charlotte, please post and let us know…worried about you.

    Jerry’s back, and still throwing in those little snippets 🙂

    Bill Cosby once said “they say cocaine enhances your personality…but, what if you are an a$$hole”! He sure has a lot of female fingers pointing at him lately, maybe it was his “enhanced personality” 🙂

    Old Bear and Mark…thank you for your concern, but I kind of like being escorted by Jonathan I may be 62, but I’m not dead 🙂

    Old Bear, spent $190 at TV yesterday on supplies, bio-security supplies and such. The owner is the same one who owns the one in Dubois, the ‘epic center’ of the virus. One of the employees told me that customers phone in supplies and the employees take the order out to their vehicle…avoiding traffic and following bio-security.

    We got an official state government ruling, on paper, that says we cannot do this and we cannot do that…..our hen house is in the red zone, but the other is not. We are not allowed to even ‘blow’ out our house as the virus is airborne..right now it is dormant because of the cold. I just pray people don’t let their ‘guard’ down during this stage…next weekend, the highs will be in the fifties… anxiety will kick in then.

    And yes, Jean, just post a comment and let us know you’re doing fine. Are you snowed in?

    gotta go, and yes, happy Caturday!!!!

  39. GR 😉 I do believe they have that series on DVD. There was the one character I just loved, he was kind of a loner…will research to see what his name was….

    …and then there were many singing this song, but only this group got it right. I watched the video, and was wondering if they were lip syncing as there is an audience, like American Bandstand…..

  40. Debbe 😉 Bill Cosby’s “enhanced personality”? Why, hon, that was a snark remark worthy of me! 😀

    I see that various TV meteorologists are up to their usual winter storm foolishness, standing outside freezing and being snowed upon to tell people it’s cold and snowing outside. Dumb-butts. Don’t they know that TV meteorologists are supposed to sit in nice warm, dry offices; looking at radar screens, satellite photos and synoptic maps; drink coffee; and then go on the air and say what the National Weather Service says? Quick, what did TWC name the current East Coast winter storm? I thought so. They should do what the people impacted by the storms probably do…call them all “Winter Storm Well Digger’s Ass”. Or “Winter Storm Brass Monkey”.

    Think of me and stay warm, hon. 😉

  41. Current temperature high atop the local (one story) Emergency Management Agency building is sub-freezing. And I’m indoors, drinking a tall cup of chai tea latte. We now return you to the studio for your regularly scheduled activities.

  42. Well where I am in the Appalachians got hammered, a local hospital closed to all new patients because of the storm. Nothing but emergency vehicles allowed on the road for a long, long time. We just don’t get this kind of snow. I am well and truly snowed in, shoveling snow so my little dog can go out to the bathroom, otherwise I would lose her in the snow. I have my emergency kerosene heater ready if we lose power, but it has quit for now, maybe more later. It has moved on and there in the east it is going to get it worse than us. Snugged down and I have winter gear left from living in the far north for a while so I am fine and dandy. I’m good for a couple of weeks if I can’t get out so no worries for me.

  43. I prepared breakfast for Mom earlier this morning and carried it to her at her apartment. When I got there, she was watching the TWC blizzard coverage on her living room TV. She looked up at at me and asked, deadpan, “Do you remember back when snow on the TV meant there was something wrong with the picture?”

    Everyone stay warm and do not attempt to adjust your set.

  44. Short note, it was in low 20s here last night. as many cats in as I could entice in. There are still a couple semi feral outside and we put a substantial dog cottage out on porch with a bed. I think we need to run a cord with a shop light for warmth, everyone says a heater will set house on fire. Anyone use a heated dog bed outside in a house? The porch gets some rain and snow.

  45. Jackie, a few companies do make heated pads for outdoor animals. Check the farm/hardware/pet stores in your area and see. Around here, nobody stocks them and they are special order. In your area, I would think they are more likely to be in the stores.

  46. Some years ago, the drop cord my sister had run to the light bulb used to heat her dog’s house shorted out and set fire to it. Fortunately, her dog did his best smoke alarm impression to alert her, and she got him out uninjured. So any type of AC current running to a wooden animal shelter may be somewhat problematic.

  47. OF due 1349-1409 CST. Scroll above posts for emb + the OF website.

    Re: weather back East. Below is the current, live view of downtown Baltimore and upper Chesapeake Bay as seen from the peregrine nest site on a skyscraper ledge. Smaller views of what it looks like on clear days on the left.

    It’s 20 F or so here today, I think. Have to shop for ingredients for W. African style fruit curry for BUMC potluck tomorrow. Remind me to post the recipe.

    Peace, emb

  48. One should speak for one’s self. 😉

    “Galaxy Quest” is showing on SyFy Channel in about 30 minutes, if anyone is snowed in and has two and a half hours to spare.

  49. Like the snow story GR6

    Talked to Sevierville TN they had less than 3″.
    Friend said no frost in ground so melting from underneath.
    Hard for natives to cope – but he is a Yankee so he sits by the woodfire
    and smiles.

    Some place out of wind and wet is really all that is necessary, especially if there
    is more than one – they snuggle. You would not believe how many fit in a
    14 X 24 X 10 inch box – I just drilled a 6 inch hole in the lid of a tote and put a piece of
    carpet down.

  50. Dear Debbe, thank you for asking about me. The weather forecast tells me that the storm will nearly miss Southern NH; hope they are right about this! Supposedly Boston will get some inches of snow; we are 45 or 50 miles north of the city, but the storm will swerve East and go out toward the ocean. I will keep the Village informed about this.

    Thinking of you, Debbe, and wishing you all the best in this chicken crisis. You are so great at dealing with this VERY difficult situation.

  51. Sweet Charlotte, when was over at my Mom’s apartment a while ago (making sure she had her dinner, changing her bed linens, doing her laundry…how the mighty have fallen 🙂 ), I was thinking we hadn’t heard from you since the weather began to move your way. Then I returned to find your post. Thanks and keep us posted.

    Ah, Jean dear…?

  52. “Well, screw THAT!” exclaims Sigourney Weaver… but I do not thin that what her mouth was saying at the time was thos words, Lucy… :O

    “Galaxy Quest” was my favorite Alan Rickman film. He was so good as the Shakespearean actor who had to wear alien makeup and hated his popular catchphrase. Since the show left the air and the crew had been typecast, they did conventions and store openings to make ends meet. Watch the sheer agony as Rickman must say his hated catchphrase and pair it with the motto of the store. RIP Mr. Rickman.

  53. I loved Galaxy Quest but I love satire. Surprise, My new tee shirt arrived today. “Well behaved women rarely make history.”

    Visionary. This one has something of a torn tee shirt neckline.

  54. Yes, Evan, a certain word uttered by the lovely Lt. Tawny Madison (don’t you love that name?) was indeed dubbed, as one of the sacrifices of artist integrity which had to be made to secure the coveted PG rating. 🙂

    Practical people, those Utahns, with their well-stocked 72-hour bags. And how did I not know “Utahns” was the correct term for them?

  55. Good morning Villagers….

    Why, thank you emb, for explaining the pun to me…..but I didn’t see any pic in your link.

    Why GR 😉 I love your Mother, still laughing too. The acorn did not fall to far from the tree with you….and yes, that was snarky 🙂

    Miss Charlotte, thanks for dropping in, and I am so glad that the blizzard missed you. I often think of you and wonder how you are doing. You are a very special lady here. Tight now the virus is dormant because of the sub freezing temps…next weekend we’ll be in the 50’s…then we’ll see if we have any more outbreaks. But we are still ‘hazmating it” I’ve started calling my new perfume (Lysol) Laysall..think French when pronouncing it.

    My computer is running slow today, can’t even bring up my email. Maybe I need to defrag it.

    Well, they put concrete steps at the back door of the hen house, and the Boss has designated a special parking spot for me so that I don’t have to step up the slope onto the back porch. I just get out and walk right onto the concrete pad to the steps. Gosh I love being spoiled 🙂

    Ya’ll have a blessed Lord’s day

  56. Debbe, they likely spoil you because few would work as hard as you, with the commitment to do things right. An employer that wants to keep good people recognizes when they have someone that excels.

  57. Debbe 😉 Did you get your Laysall fragrance at the J. C. Penne? store? And I’d say having a reserved parking spot was more than justified by your seniority alone. (Your work seniority, not your age, of course.)

    Think of me and stay warm, hon.

  58. Debbe:

    Just scrolled up to the previous post, clicked on the URL, and there was the peregrine nest ledge. Of course, today is clear as a bell, good view of city and bay. When I posted it, you couldn’t see anything except the ledge: Complete whiteout.

    Several days ago, there was a peregrine, so I expect we’ll have eggs and youngsters anon.

    Peace, emb

  59. Mark: OMG that might have been the funniest story that I’ve ever read. I loved the fact that it stopped at the 2 mile mark to investigate a dead rabbit.

    I needed that as my former sister-in-law succumbed to cancer last night. She was the Godmother of my son ( who will run Boston in April). He and his wife are expecting our 1st grandchild any day! I’m off to walk 10 miles. Will be keeping my cell phone handy.

  60. Steve from Royal Oak, MI, glad the timing was right for the story. When I saw it, I thought of you because of your connection to competitive running. No way to know you needed cheering up, but I am glad it helped.

  61. Steve or anyone else here who lost someone to cancer or has someone a survivor or fighting cancer, my boat Boat Widow will be covered in names on one side of those lost, those surviving and those fighting. A separate area for each in permanent paint pens. I will also have a rubber ducky for each with their names which I will mail to family after the event if I have an address. At events I take the boat to in advance to do this I will have manila envelopes to address and ducks to choose from. I think a number on ducks may help me find them to do this?

    We are planning to cover the six boats I am helping sponsor and build the same way. It is why we are sailing no motors for the Texas 200 in tiny boats, to sail for those who cannot, because we can. I just got a post that a sailing friend has stage 4 esophageal cancer, bad prognosis. I read your post next. I am still tearing up. I will think of this no matter how hot and muddy I am next June.

    We don’t ask for donations although we are trying to raise $20,000 as our donations run through ACS online.

  62. I am leaving first Walmart. No one here buys cat food so I scored a lot along with healthy and organic snacks. My tastes are different so I got a lot but the everyday stuff like food, detergents all gone.

  63. Debbe 😉 I fixed dinner for my mom tonight, and somehow the topic of chickens came up. I told her I had a friend named Debbe in Indiana who worked in a hen house, how many hens there were, and about how many eggs were produced per day. I told her you had to move all those eggs from the packing room to the cooler. She asked me how you moved them. “One at a time,” I told her. She threw her napkin at me.

    I did explain to her about the avian flu and what would happen if your flock tested positive for it. She said she will pray for your “girls”. And she will.

  64. You know I have been listening to Sirius as I drive and I have discovered thanks to their titles that I like a lot of artists and groups I didn’t know I liked. That comes from listening to popular music in 1970s and 80s with my girls who never knew who we were listening to unless it was Genesis and the stations rarely said.

    I swore I wasn’t buying any more cds but Walmart had a group of quiet meditative ones on clearance and I need the tranquility so I got another stack, this one for truck. Hope I don’t put myself to sleep. Now I am going to listen to Mark’s selections.

    By the way, I got lots of good stuff on clearance besides cat food and treats, toys. Filters for my furnace a/c with pet filters, more pet cleaning stuff, candles that destroy odors, weird things like lentils, barley, couscous, tons of gluten free, healthy bars of whole grains, nuts, organics. But the towns themselves were so dead. So depressing. These used to be oil towns but never recovered from crash in late 80s and it’s worse. See you tomorrow.

  65. Glad your shopping trip got you lots of good stuff. There’s another advantage of being out of the mainstream, you get all the goodies everybody else passed over! If you want relaxation, try the second music selection and save the first for when you are awake. The last three are humor. Short and funny. Good night.

  66. Good morning Villagers….

    David, I humbly thank you for your compliments….I enjoy my job, and that’s what makes for a good employee. If one does not like their job, you get unproductive work and attitude.

    The front entrance is too close to the entrance to the hen house, so the Boss wants us to come in the back door. We sectioned off an area to change shoes, remove Carharts, and put on our hazmat stuff….and we don’t leave that section until we are completely hazmatted. I’m going to tell the Boss that I don’t like the hair nets….I want one like Ruth Buzzy wore in ‘Laugh In” 🙂 Before I left yesterday, I spray the entire packing room floor with liquid Lysol in one of those two gallon sprayers. Oh, and the Corp supplies all the hazmat suits, boots, hair nets and cans of Lysol. The flock belongs to them, we just take care of them and bring in the eggs, don’t know what the Boss gets for the eggs, but I love to hear him say “they don’t pay me enough for these eggs to do such and such”

    Ursen, hope you are doing ok, and have electricity..thought about you and the possibility of being ‘holed up’ for two weeks…I’d go nuts.

    Mark, the snow covered car was different from the usual snowman…and I loved all the pics of the cats, especially the one that looked like a violet flower garden, I think in was in the first page.

    Emb.. the little falcons are so cute. I love watching them and the hawks fly out here in the country…..they just ride the air.

    Jackie…just where do you find the strength to go to Walmart….I absolutely refuse to go there…too many people, and finding a parking spot is a challenge.

    GR 😉 you really had your Mother going didn’t you. I’m happy for you that you can visit her and spoil her…she raised a fine son, and from what you’ve told us, a fine daughter too/

    On the subject of mothers…Mark, how is your Mother doing with her foot?

    …ya’ll have a blessed Monday…it is Monday isn’t it?

  67. Debbe, mom was supposed to go for ultrasound on Thursday. But because of the thunderstorms, that was put off till tomorrow. It is still red and painful.
    And the Walmart Jackie visited yesterday was one of those going out of business. So I guess it couldn’t have been too busy. Given what she said about the locations, it seems obvious why they are closing. One of the Supercenters is closing in a community near Birmingham. That area is very run down and going to get worse. Most industry there was already gone, and this past year US Steel started closing down most of their operation there.

  68. No trouble at Walmart parking as Mark said, however on Friday they had small riots. They are cleaning shelves.

    I like small towns, hate to see them die. The Dollar General and Family Dollar are still there. The small Walmart were a knee jerk reaction when their lunch got eaten by those two and it seems they kept on eating it. I doubt the typical Walmart customer has a clue what really is behind any decision corporate makes..but I doubt they understand the dollar stores either and follow financial news and definitely don’t follow supermarkets and mass marketers.

    It’s a past life for me, I exercise idle curiousity. I ended up happy when Dollar General got taken over and expanded. Their buyers keep getting better and better. Walmart should have studied why they work first.

  69. Mark, competitive running? hahahaha. Not me! That pooch is the competitive runner. My son actually won a half marathon this summer and the dog would have been a Top Ten finisher. The cool thing about the story is that the race was to raise money for the local HS cross country team and with all of the publicity from the dog, hopefully they will. But the dog is so fast it might demoralize the kids!

    Still on baby watch. Due date is Wednesday. Funeral for my sister-in-law is Thursday. So if she does not have the baby by Wednesday, they may induce on Thursday. I’ll be there to support my daughter-in-law. My nieces will understand.

  70. Debbe 😉 Walken was a professional hoofer before he was an actor.

    Jackie, I was reading recently that various business, union, social and government special interest groups fought tooth-and-nail to keep Walmart out of the Washington DC area (“evil corporation”, “mom-and-pop killers”, “slave wages”, etc.) and now they are screaming bloody murder because Walmart is closing some of their area stores (“need the jobs”, “people don’t have places to shop”, etc.). As you say, many people don’t understand (or perhaps don’t want to understand) how business works.

  71. Mark, I love the Motley Fool and they are experts on Walmart. I keep telling you I reinvented myself constantly every time a door slammed I opened another. This was one. I ended up an expert on super markets and chains and selling to them. I got picked to be part of Cornell University’s top 100 leaders and influences in the industry as part of their studies of the mass markets. The following year my company I worked for went belly up after a hundred years because they didn’t understand either.

    Because I did there was an immediate offer to hire me and my rep group to obtain my customers. Guess who? Walmart who had bought a competing company to become their own provider and everyone elses. Thanks to the Walstreet Journal and the Motley Fool I knew to say no thanks. That’s when I became a car salesman, I decided I was already sunk too low. Actually selling Lin olns was a step up.

  72. My detailed explanation of exactly why I know so much about Walmart vanished. Maybe I knew too much?

    Back to break in at my house. At four a.m.someone was on front porch. Dickens let me know someone was out with the boxes from FedEx and UPS we hadn’t stored due to me spending weekend giving away boats and materials. Lights on, Dickens and I scared them off.

    Had Glenn looking for medications in truck at 6 a.m. before he went on patrol. Everything o.k. Kids came in at 8 a.m. to feed animals and go back to wallpapering. Someone had gone into fenced back yard and opened new dog house, let 20 year old dog out and left doors and gate open. Kids searched and no dog. A nice man found her alive over a mile down road. She is blind and old. Kids went to pick her up and take her to vet.

    Next search is for the expensive padlocks last minion was supposed to put on gates that day I handed them to him. They were never put on.

    Then I called local phone company as to why no one had come to install new lines for cable, phone and computer and the new cameras for surveillance? They had issued an order, they had no idea when.

    Called cardiologist, both offices. No one had gotten messages or found tests. They found, surgeon needs to talk to me. I’ll explain Walmart someday!

  73. Well, there’s the explanation. I wasn’t sunk low enough to sell for a Walmart cover company! Then they openly began doing it through Sam’s and I got to turn that one down too. It’s inconvenient having ethics I suppose.The cover company is gone and Walmart makes no pretense to be supplied by American companies any longer.

  74. When did mere competency become such a rare commodity?

    Little known factoid: Archangel Gabriel smells like bread-and-butter pickles, and Archangel Raphael smells like fresh-baked calzone.

  75. And that is the other inside joke on name of my boat Cookies. It’s worthy of one of Jimmys better double entendres and I didn’t name it but did agree it was a perfect name.

  76. Here I am enroute to Tulsa without hair or nails done. This has been a bad day. Cardiologist says ultrasound indicates encapsulated fluid or blood
    He’d rather leave it alone. I am enroute to see his best friend. Plastic surgeon, who is to call him if I look bad on surgery site. Not if I look bad period

    Made vets, have a cat in cage. Paid major debt for other visits. They said old staggering dog could have made it that far but I doubt it. Gates are locked now. I am home tomorrow. We will get electrician onto this stuff too. I am tired of all this
    I would shoot someone about now and hang the body as a warning like they did hidtorically.

  77. I am not ready for an apartment, they don’t come with closets that will begin to hold my clothes. I’d rather just shoot someone as an example.

    Off to drop off some of my favorite art to be framed. It wasn’t destroyed which is miracle.

    Excited to find out plastic surgery is reasonable, even with the best. And this is the best. We have a goal, some target dstes, we agree on what is important and why. I passed the motivation meeting and got accepted. And most important, I didn’t Date him in college or residency! I would have too.

  78. Jackie, find a nice apartment, rent the two units to either side, and convert them into huge walk-in closets.

    I don’t necessarily disagree with the concept, but as I’ve said before in a slightly different context, once one begins shooting those who need shooting and hanging up the bodies as object lessons, the problem would become knowing where to stop. And possibly having enough room to stash all the stiffs.

    Ghostly Observation #4: “A good friend will help you move, but a true friend will help you move a body.”

  79. Here’s my favorite part, the plastic surgeon who did interview did not believe how old I was. He thought like everyone else 20 years younger. He said I got good genes. So, I passed the part where they decide if they will operate on you when you get to the status of this one with magazine covers and articles in frames all over walls. And not even my Houston shrinks had four full sized large sofas and miscellaneous furniture plus a oil that looked like at the least a good copy of a Hudson River School painting. Really liked him too, from Mississippi and Tulane. Nicer than me of course.

    If you rent three apartments how many cats do they allow you?

    Special note to Ghost, I need no breast surgery, just go back to exercising. And cost is only 20% of what I thought. We agreed I will return to steady exercise working back to level I was at, return to calorie counting healthy meals and whatever weight I am at in October I stop at. Which allows slow loss and stabilization so I can have surgery one year after the carotid surgery. It is same area that I am trying to heal.

  80. Patrick Swayze was from Houston where his mother taught dance. I remember him young, it is so hard to think of him gone. He was a wonderful trained dancer who didn’t get to do enough dancing roles.

  81. I recall a TV series from 1999…Hey, kids! Remember all the fun we had getting ready for the world to end in Y2K? What’s that? It didn’t? Well, OK then…that was about a writer who moved from NY to LA, and on the show his neighbor was Jennifer Grey. Not Jennifer Grey playing a character, but the actual Jennifer Grey. The running gag was that she couldn’t convince anyone she was really Jennifer Grey because everyone knew her from “Dirty Dancing” and she’d had a nose job since then. That’s about all I do remember about it.

    Jackie, you’re not going to have that kind of problem are you?

  82. Oh, and Jackie, a little “lift” never hurt anyone. 😉

    Actually, Millionaire Widow Lady used to demonstrate to me what she would look like if she got a breast lift, but I convinced her she looked fine the way she was. (She was busty but had minimal sagging. Good genes, I suppose.)

  83. Good morning Villagers…

    Well, it’s simply a fargone time you dropped in SF…and how is business?

    I love $ General and Ben Franklin stores….was just in a Ben Franklin last night. I am friends with the owners, and went to school with the wife. And she’s nuttier than I am. It wouldn’t take me long to drop a couple of thousand dollars in Ben Franklin.

    The times I did have to go to Walmart, I dreaded the people driving and driving looking for that patron leaving. They would stop the car and wait until the people put their stuff in the car and pull out just so they could get that spot which was close to the door. Think the scene from “Green Tomatoes” where she crashed into the young girls’ car…told them “I have more insurance”…that would probably describe me.

    Got my stitches out and some advice too…besides stay away from augers, to be sure and put suncreen on finger as it is prone to skin cancer because of the scarring. Put that in your Funk and Wagnalls…..

    Mark, I’ll say a little prayer for your Mother…………Amen

    Old Bear, clicked on your link, on the right is a video of Atkins playing with Mark Knoepfler…going to have to check that one out too.

    Ya’ll have a blessed Tuesday….it is Tuesday, isn’t it?

  84. My favorite angel and where I stole the cookie aroma from.

    Nope on nose, I had it done 20 years ago and they didn’t do a thing to change it. Perfect shape.

    Analysis of a surgeon who sees women, I look better than 90% of Oklahoman women of all ages and 99% of my age. He says a lower face lift and maybe tummy tuck but keep exercising.

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