The specialist

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I want to show you something today, only because I think you’ll find it interesting. You might remember the A&J comic strip that ran in newspapers this past Wednesday. It was a wordless cartoon that depicted Gene and Mary Lou walking to a tidal river near the rural house they plan to live in when (if?) they get married soon. If you don’t remember, this is the cartoon. If you do remember, take a look anyway, because we’re going to be talking about the colors in the cartoon.

This cartoon, and all the daily cartoons, are colored by individuals with whom I have no contact. I don’t worry about this too much, because coloring Arlo and Janis sitting on the sofa or around the kitchen table really is not that challenging. However, I threw the unsuspecting colorist a curve on this one—and, as always, at the last minute. This last two panels, particularly the third, are not what I envisioned. In fact, this is a quick-and-dirty version of the way I would have colored it, based on the colorist’s original effort.

As I said, I mention this only because I think you’ll enjoy seeing it. I don’t fret about such hiccups; the world will continue to spin on its axis. However, if I’m going to stretch myself artistically, I think I am going to have to get more involved in the total process. The failing is not the colorist’s. It’s mine.

As for the retro cartoon, something for a Monday morning.