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Where did autumn go?! I was so looking forward to crisp blue skies and perfect temperatures. After six months of heat and humidity, I felt I was due, right? But no. During October, that most perfect of months, the temperatures went from near 90 degrees one day to damp November overcast the next, and things have only gotten worse as genuine November weather moved in. Oh, there was the odd promising day here and there, but I’ll bet there weren’t more than two passable days back-to-back. I am reminded of Halley’s Comet. All my life up to the point of its return, I had looked forward to seeing that most famous of cosmic visitors, but when the appointed time finally came, it wasn’t even visible to the naked eye. Friends said they “think” they could make it out, but it didn’t matter. It was dud. This non-autumn is almost that disappointing. I know, I know. It’s rather pointless to carp about the weather, but it is all that’s left to me. If I could do something about it, I would.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. W e must live in the same region. I have had exactly the same weather experience. With the Halley comet as well, but a few months later a really good comet came along and we got to watch it for about a week.

  2. Jimmy, I have read that the Air Force used BUFF as a nickname for the B-52. But it was an acronym with an entirely different meaning from the fit and polished body Janis is referring to.

  3. Jackie claims i am as buff as i was back when i was in the Air Force. Despite a photo of me then that has somehow made its way onto the InerWebNet, i don’t buy that.

    Of course, i am closing in on being the same weight as i was then, which was a goal i set for myself a couple of years ago.

  4. I had same exact feeling, like the character in Charlie Brown, I feel cheated of fall. Oklahoma went from hot to winter. I did not get to wear fall clothes!

    About Ghost, as of tonight 154 of my friends love his Alaska service photo. He was a hot cutie. I will see if they are all lady friends. We posted Jon, Ben and Ghost on our women’s boutique page as The Men of Steals. I think the likes were in hundreds.

  5. Sideburns

    Our Skeezix likes to play games – she will come to the deck, then walk away
    (checking to see if you follow) about 20 feet, then lay down (or stretch w/ butt
    in the air) waiting to be picked up. Of course in this weather there is no fooling.
    “Open the door dad I want IN”

  6. Jimmy you hit the mark with the weather and Haley’s comet. I remember talking about it as a kid with my Mom and she told me how much she was looking forward to it. She died a couple of years before it came in 1986 and I was really disappointed when I couldn’t see it. I figured that she had a better view of it.

    Her sister sent me a picture of the Hale-Bopp comet in 1997 and that was pretty awesome to see with the naked eye. It’s last appearance had been 4200 years before, so I doubt that we will see that one again.

  7. The Comet of the Century (that wasn’t!)

    The comet Kohoutek was promoted by the media as the “comet of the century” as it approached perihelion. However, its display was definitely a let-down. It had been hyped as going to be nearly as bright as the moon, but it turned out to be a stony comet, not the usual mix of dust and ice. It was still a naked-eye object, with its greatest visual magnitude of ?3, which made it brighter than even Sirius, but it was too close to the sun for most people to see. By the time we could see it well, it had dimmed to a visual magnitude of about +4, making it impossible to see unless you were far from city lights and knew where to look. Frankly, unless you really knew the sky, it was just another star.

    Fun fact: Kohoutek was the first comet to be observed from space:

  8. Dickens totally adores Ghost. Ghost keeps telling him “I didn’t request a puppy but I got one anyway.”

    Ghost definitely did not request a cat but he seems to have gotten one anyway. Skipper has pleaded to get back in the house for months, meowing at doors and wiindows. I let him in finally and he took over Dickens’s dog beds and then moved into our bed and loves on Ghost.

    Dickens is majorly upset. Ghost says he didn’t ask for a cat.

  9. Often, when Leo gets out, he’ll come up to me just as I’m about to go back inside. Most of the time, I don’t even know he’s come back until I feel him rubbing against my ankles. When I pick him up, I can feel him purring in satisfaction. I don’t know if he doesn’t come up to the door and ask to come in, or if we just don’t hear him, but I guess that it’s the former because he can get very loud when he wants our attention.

    Marcia tells me that when she was taking Sadie for a walk this morning, she saw some paw prints in the snow that were big enough that she thinks they were made by a bear. I know I’ve seen deer a few times, once within fifty feet or so, but I’d rather not have any direct evidence of bear.

  10. By the way, Jackie, I think I know what Dickens ancestry is. I saw a photo of a dog that was said to be a cross between toy poodle and Pomeranian and it was a dead ringer for Dickens. Except for being solid black.

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