The Televised Was Not a Revolution

The Televised Was Not a Revolution

I said we would explore some more bad verse. This particular example is from 2007. I readily admit, the improvements in television technology are wonderful, especially after prices fell in line. “Improvements” really is a whopping understatement. My last cathode-ray television set had, if I recall correctly,  a 33-inch screen, but it took two grown people to lift it. The picture, of course, was made up of a fixed number of raster-scanned lines. If you are of a certain age, meaning “young,” you might wonder why I had such a small TV. Well, a 33-in. screen (measured diagonally) was considered large. If you got much larger, the picture would look awful. Remember those huge projection TVs that started showing up in bars and in the homes of people with a lot of money and adventurous ideas about how to spend it? They were ghastly! You get the picture. To say modern flat-screen televisions are better is to state the obvious. Now programming? Well, I refer you to the above.

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  1. curmudgeonly ex-professor
    Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at 5:58 pm | Reply

    The Hellgate Bridge in New York City does connect the borough/county of Queens with the borough of Manhattan [which is the county of New York], but the section of Manhattan is Randall’s Island, which was never typically visited during my youthhood, 1940-1960. It is distinctly not what people visualize when hearing/reading “Manhattan”. Maybe it is more popular nowadays.

    Lionel had a model of the bridge way back in the “Tin Plate” days

  2. It’s been surprising to me when I watch old(er) movies and TV shows online, or cable, or from disk, that the video quality on a 19″ screen is much less important than it is on even a smallish 42″ HDTV screen. We watched “Grease” last night on a cable movie channel and it was much blurrier than I remembered AND the sound quality was odd. Who knew? After watching Grease, I checked online for a clip from “Welcome Back, Kotter” to see John Travolta. The one positive thing about today’s TV vs that from 40 years ago is that the production values have improved substantially– probably due to the increase in size and quality of TV picture available.

    When I was a little kid, we sat across the room on the sofa and watched on a 13″ black and white set! I remember watching the moon landing from across from the sofa, and not thinking anything about how small it was. My computer monitor is bigger than that. I guess that the improved quality is better? Or, if it weren’t would I spend more time doing something else?

  3. Keep in mind that the resolution on old standard tv was something around 400 or 420 lines while the HD today is 1080 and UHD and 4k are even higher. Trying to watch older shows that weren’t filmed is like trying to look at newspaper photos with a microscope. You enlarge the bits that comprise the image and lose sight of the whole.

  4. Since you brought it up, TV is too stupid to waste one’s time on. It may be significant that several cheapy channels run old shows from the 50’s and 60s.

  5. I thought that “improvements in television technology” for Jimmy meant that today’s TV’s are easier to draw. They also take up less space, both in real life and in the comic strip world.

    HD has made TV quality better. A few years ago my now 90 year-old Mother-in-law got a flat screen and after trying to watch a ball game, I arranged to have the cable company provide her with HD channels. She thanked me as the quality was so much better. A couple of weeks ago we visited her and she was complaining about how hard it was to watch the weather channel because it was shrunk on the screen. When she got up to get a drink of water, I searched the guide and found the HD channel. I then had to re-explain that she shouldn’t watch any of the lower number channels as they are NON HD.

    More worrisome is that she had the medical alert removed. She was complaining about the cost and I told her that I would pay for it. She got upset with me, accusing me of saying she couldn’t afford it. I kept quiet. The next day she informed my wife that she was going to go with the medical alert. We we relieved. Then the next day we find out that my wife’s brother convinced her that she should buy a smart phone because the medical alert companies are “a big ripoff!”

    Praying that she doesn’t get light headed or has a stroke….

    • Check to see if you can lock out the non HD channels. That will solve that problem. As for the medic alert, you might consider getting one of the Wyze home security cameras and placing it where it covers the area she spends the most time. It has two way sound capability, so if you saw something questionable, you could talk directly to her. There is one that will rotate automatically to cover most of a room, stopping when something is detected. The company is also now making home security devices that tie into the cameras.

  6. We bought an OLED TV last year after seeing it on display at Costco. I have been blown away by the clarity of the picture. Even old black and white shows look better. Our old DLP TV bought 19 years ago went to the dump in pieces. Made me sad…nobody wanted it. And we bought it at a time when it was a financial strain, yet the recent TV purchase cost less than our 2000 purchase.

  7. Ft. Collins Colorado had previously lost a 10th Circuit Court decision barring the enforcement of Ft. Collin’s ordinances against topless women in their city. The city has now decided not to appeal that ruling. An article I read says that has the effect of overruling similar ordinances in the other five states covered by the 10th Circuit as well…Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and OKLAHOMA.

    Lake Eufaula beaches may have a *very* different look next summer. Also, I may finally get to run the “Bikinis Half Off” sale I’ve been considering at the boutique. 😉

  8. Photos from my daughter in Katy, TX show water levels very high. She said it was terrifying for awhile but water dropped rapidly. She also said Houston and I-10 was a mess. A situation I know well.

    So we are worried about Sand and Loon again. My old subdivision Kingwood and Intercontinental Airport area went under again. How did Katy fare? My daughter didn’t elaborate.

  9. Good weather report: I’d have to backtrack for dates. About 2 wks. ago, pred. was 4-5 days of “Indian Summer,” highs in 70s-lo 80s. With one or two exceptions, that has stretched to almost 2 wks. Unheard of. Hard-to-please unnamed person complained that a couple of those days were muggy. I’ve been eating most of my lunches & suppers on the patio. No frosts yet [though there may have a few in low spots back in Sept.]

    Just heard from Melissa Ousley, during MN Orch. intermission, that next wk they’ll doing St. Saens’s 3rd Violin Concerto. St. Saens is my favorite 2nd rate composer [pace’ R. Strauss].


  10. For the second time this summer we’ve had snow on the mountains above our happy valley. We’re supposed to have a star party tonight up a nearby canyon, so I’m hoping the day will be as sunny and warm as today was wet and cold.

  11. Today’s comic comment. I’m with Arlo. I could live my whole life in short sleeves and shorts. No jackets, sweaters, gloves, etc. The temperatures from late spring to early fall are perfect for me.

  12. TruckerRon, that is closer than I would want to come without a barrier between us. And face to face is certainly not the view I’d want like those divers got. Not that I’m scared of snakes, but I believe in being careful. And while it might not be aggressive, if it took a test bite to see if you tasted good, ouch.

  13. Mark you and I should have stayed in Hawaii for the weather. I should have stayed for many other reasons. Following emotional feelings toward having children, marriage, family are not always the right thing to do.

    As a side note I weighed only 107 pounds back then and could wear 12 inches of fabric as a bikini.

    • Jackie, experiencing the Hawaiian weather for two years ruined me for cold weather. I can take it, but I don’t like it. And the only time I care to see snow is on TV!

  14. Ghost & Jackie – I do not know of any Villagers who were swamped by Imelda, but there are plenty of people in the area who got hit. My neighborhood in Conroe did not get water in homes, but the street flooding was a little higher than with Harvey, even though less rain fell here. Like with Harvey, we were stranded for a short time because vital intersections (1/2 mile west and 2 miles east of us) were flooded deeply enough that it was not safe to try to drive through. It did drain off fairly quickly, thank goodness. Here are some pictures of the flooding in Conroe, the Woodlands, etc. The closest flooded intersection to me is about a mile away, at loop 336 S and I-45 – one of the intersections that would keep me from getting out or getting home if I were out already.

  15. There was a video on the news that shows I-45 and the feeder road flooding on I-45 not far from loop 336. This is the feeder road that I would have to drive to get out of our neighborhood.
    Luckily we were able to shelter in place with no problems, and the water had receded by the next day. It is my opinion that the flooding is worse in this area than it was with Hurricane Harvey because of a new subdivision that is being built on the west side of I-45. It is a beautiful neighborhood (Grand Central Park) with a lot of associated businesses (grocery store, restaurants, etc) that are built or will be built over the next year or two, plus lots of streets and homes that are being built. It has lovely landscaping and a drainage plan, but realistically, the trees and vegetation that are being removed soak up water and concrete does not. I fear that our vulnerability to flooding will continue to increase.

  16. Thanks Judy. I lived in Houston about 20 years and saw much flooding. It seems worse now, yet I remember all the stranding atop overpasses the drownings under overpasses, the flooded subdivisions, flooded Medical Center. I-10 flooding, etc.

    One of my worse memories were the thousands of commuters trapped on I-10 back in 1990 ? When water rose so fast it put miles of cars. Under water. Houston is Water World waiting to submerge agsin.

  17. Headline from Channel 6 in Tulsa: “Man Accused of Stealing Liquor in Sand Springs (OK) Gets Hit by Truck While Running Away”. (There was video of it; he wasn’t seriously injured; and he was caught.)
    Apparently his mama never taught him to look both ways before fleeing a crime scene.

  18. Last night’s star party had the best skies of any that I’ve attended up above Timpanogos Cave. We had over 350 guests according to the ranger who directed people where to park. I just wish modern cars would all let the driver turn off the headlamps (parking lights only, please) while the car is in motion!

  19. As the days shorten and Standard Time looms, I wish some modern cars had not switched to halogen[?] lights so bright you cannot tell low beams from high. I avoid driving in the dark, so w/b on the streets less for several months. First BSO concert is Sun. 29 Sept., but at 3pm.

    An added local problem has been that they are repaving the street which is our only way out of this half of our development, & that we were recently treated to a week of substantial rain on the unpaved gravel. Lately, it’s been warm enough to walk across Salisbury Plain to the hospital [= gym + volunteer], but I’ve had to combine church, grocery shopping, & other driving errands to minimize navigating ruts & such. Curb is in for most of the project; maybe we’ll have a new road before freeze-up.

    Reconsecrated BUMC today [lots of material and procedural changes]: communion service, chicken dinner + potluck fixins, + hobby show; my stuff was bones & writing. Fun.


  20. Current strip. Sadly I have been unable to drink wine for many, many years. Sadly I love wine, so I cheated off and on a little. Now with cancer I can’t drink again. I think if you have cancer and you are going through daily unpleasantness one should get to enjoy SOMETHING!

    I am limited to cooking with wine so we buy small very small innocuous wines. Have a pot roast defrosted and some fresh rosemary so there’s nothing to do but braise it in some red wine until it falls to pieces.

    Such is life.

  21. Anu Garg’s word for today is “hebetic.” Considering its meaning, you’d think we’d see or hear it more often.

    Wordsmith , or maybe just search A.Word.A.Day .


  22. Whoops. Forgot the site would delete
    btw “Wordsmith” and that comma above, ’cause “less than” and “more than” chevrons were on either side. Was that “Hal”?
    P.S. Don’t read the Lippman’s “political” quote at the end, but note that Walter Lippman was a highly regarded* middle of the road early-mid 20th c. columnist.
    *Except maybe by Westbrook Pegler, a relatively unrestrained anti-Semite. [This site just capitalized that “s”.] Maybe Pegler didn’t know WL was Jewish. Learned it much later myself.

  23. This made me recall there is/was a carton named “Haiku Ewe”. Checked and found it is still on gocomics. By Allison Garwood. There is also another cartoon, “Neurotica” by Allison Garwood there. I assume the same person. Can’t find much on Wiki about her. Anyone know anything about her? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Jimmy?

  24. A pet gripe having nothing to do at all with any of our current topics:
    Why don’t the makers/packagers/users of those expanded plastic foam (tiny spheres) packing splurge on an extra few degrees of temperature and ensure that the little spheres don’t separate when the purchaser, me, tries to open the box and assemble the device? As I age, it becomes more difficult to pick all the little buggers off/out of the rug….

  25. Doing ordinary things seems to consume my day, expanding and enlarging until they become the day. So it was cooking a small roast with wine and rosemary. I was still at it when Ghost returned finally to get a larger Lodge Dutch oven down for my tiny roast.
    Could not help thinking I was cooking like Arlo with every surface covered in dirty pans. Ironically I clean kitchen completely at least once daily and we seldom eat “real” meals. We also generate bags and bags of trash and giant piles of laundry. Since I seldom dress we want to locate the four other people living with us.

  26. Jackie, I hope today isn’t one of your Tulsa days. They are having street flooding this morning, with 100 percent chance of rain and totals possibly over 1.5 inches. Not a good day for driving around here, it seems.

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