The Thinker

The Thinker

October 6, 2016

Let’s face it; old people can be boring. It’s always fun to draw vignettes from the past, and I find myself doing it more these days, and I probably will continue to do so. Plus, it is an interesting exercise. If you read Arlo & Janis much at all, you know the artwork in the early strips, when the characters really were much younger, was very different. “Crude” is a word that comes to mind. It’s fun to revisit that era and see what the characters look like now that I really can draw. Yet another word about comments: generally, the comment feature is working. Most comments get through. A few of you, however, keep getting trapped in the “moderation” cue, and it tends to be the same visitors. You know who you are. I keep hoping this issue will solve itself as the software gets accustomed to all the regular visitors. So far, that hasn’t happened. This is frustrating for us all, and I’ll keep working on it.

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  1. JJ thanks for the Passport back into the Village.
    from yesterday:
    Many years ago hosted at a party (as a game) threw a bunch of
    mismatched containers in the middle of the floor – the winner was
    the person that could match up the most containers & lids.
    A good time was had by all. ? ?

    • It as a timed event.
      the ?? was supposed to be emojis – but ?? works.
      Just read a book on the Yellowstone Trail (goes by near here)
      They used “A Good time was had by all” several times. Those of us of a certain age
      will recognize the phrase from small town paper news items. When neighbors got together.

  2. Re 10-19-21 real-time cartoon (Y’all knew I couldn’t resist, right?): One of my all-female staff, who had a definite “need” for a bra, referred to hers as an “over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder”. Perhaps there’s a clue there regarding Janis’s observation.

  3. I have never been perky even when I weighed barely more than 100 pounds. I always was top heavy and went to see a plastic surgeon in my early 30s to reduce my breasts. He talked me out of idea.

    Here I am 50 years later still wanting to be both small and not requiring a bra. Janis is understood.

  4. Re 10/20 cartoon
    When we were young and traveled we did our Christmas shopping in June & July.
    Some times the after Christmas bargains.
    One time a friend sent my mother a Christmas card in July – because she ALWAYS got
    cards out early – It was the only way he could beat her. 🙂

  5. I always enjoy your comic, both here and on Go Comic. Just want to thank you for today’s daily comic. I’m just one of many who lost a good job because of off-shoring. It was in line with an earlier one when Arlo questioned what the folk who lost their jobs due to off-shoring would be doing now.
    Well, they ain’t doing as good as before…

  6. Just listened to four cats singing Bohemian Rapsody really funny and beautifully done. I am huge fan of Freddy Mercury and Queen.

    I can’t link anything!

    Please will Mark or one of our talented posters find the kitty Queen and post?

  7. Thank you Mark!

    These are so well done. Freddy would love the cats! He was a cat person and left part of his estate to keep his cats cared for after he died.

  8. It is amazing how much you learn every day. I used to run marathons, but I only ran every other day because my legs couldn’t take it. I eventually had hip replacement because of congenital bone spurs. While I was waiting for surgery (for a couple of years) I started walking. I then decided a couple years after surgery to try to walk a marathon and I did it annually until the pandemic.

    While some put on the Covid-19 (lbs) I had already lost 40 lbs and took daily walks. I did 1500 miles last year and am on pace to do another 1500 this year. I did 5 marathons last year and just completed my 4th this year.

    What I learned yesterday was that while I completed my fastest marathon in May (post surgery), I was unable to complete my last 2 marathons. While I had a few excuses, the bottom line was that I was going out too fast. Yesterday I walked nearly the entire distance with a few jogs each mile to keep myself moving quickly. I felt SO good at the end and I ended up with my third fastest race since surgery. I have to ask: “What am I accomplishing by going faster?” I am also lessoning the possibility of injuring the bionic hip.
    My brother bikes and I did a 20 miler with him last spring and he wants me to do more, but I told him that if I fall the bike, there is a much greater chance of ruining my hip. A Peloton might be an option, but I have never liked stationary bikes or treadmills. I hope everyone has a great day and keeps moving!

  9. Just found out that my MBH needs a knee replacement. The news was not surprising, but it was official, based upon exams, xrays, and an MRI. We wonder when. It seems that she will employ the same surgeon who did my knees back in ’08 & ’11.
    Wonder if this will post….

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