The Threat of Conversation

The Threat of Conversation

February 7, 1990

Summer is over, unofficially, and that beautiful three-day weekend that stretched ahead forever on Friday afternoon is behind us. I hope you had a good Labor Day. A lot was made in the early days of Arlo & Janis about Janis’ insecurities. This, from 1990, is but one of many. I’ll be showing more of these in coming days this week. Note they’re sitting on the same sofa.

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  1. Before Labor Day, after Labor day. it doesn’t matter. I only wear white shirts when I go to church with a suit and tie. I used to wear white shorts and while it showed my tan legs well, it also showed the oil, dirt and grease of everything that I sat on. Even t-shirts get ruined. I am a slob or at least uncoordinated and dirt happens. Whenever I watch those HGTV Makeover shows and they show these couples with kids, I always yell at the TV when they give them white furniture.

  2. Don’t have a suit that fits, & have forgotten how to tie a tie. God knows what’s under your wardrobe anyway. What’s with all these robes depicted in cartoons re heaven? Do males have to shave there?
    Polos in summer, turtlenecks in winter, maybe layers. Cargo pants or maybe sweats. No longer own shorts that fit. Back when we had church in church, there was enough variety that no one stood out. Summer views were often better.
    Anon* quote [they was born this date, 8 Sept]. “If more politicians in this country were thinking about the next generation instead of the next election, it might be better for the United States & the world.” *Only political if you do a search.

    • I bought a suit 3 or 4 years ago that was purposely tight. Now that I am down 40 lbs, it is loose. I did pull out 3-4 suits that I had “Outgrown”. However I have only worn a suit once for the last 6 months and I was overdressed at the restaurant for our anniversary dinner (and I ruined a favorite tie!)

      I miss singing at church. However in October and November, I get to wear my suit as I will be doing the readings.

  3. Early in our marriage (40 years ago and counting) similar conversations with my bride about her attributes frequently ended with the opportunity to “prove” how desirable and attractive the was to me.

  4. So, although Fashion dictates one should not wear white after Labor Day, Fashion apparently remains silent regarding the wearing of orange panties beyond any particular date. Good to know. (Not that I plan to ever wear orange panties, mind you.)

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