The Vacuum is Dead! Hail to the Vacuum!

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I’ve been at this Web thing about 15 years, so many of the old cartoons I post on this site have been viewed here before, such as this one. I’m showing it again, so I can tell you an accompanying anecdote and at the same time segue into the big news of the day around these parts. I purchased my first flat-screen television in early January, 2011. I think it has a 26-inch screen, large enough in the old days but very small by today’s standard. At that time, the only television in my house was a monstrously heavy and bulky cathode-ray set (with a 26-inch screen) that took up an entire tabletop in my office and rarely was used. The reason I purchased that set three years ago was to watch the Auburn University football team play the University of Oregon in the national championship game. Auburn, my alma mater, won that game, and the new television set came to rest in the bedroom, where it has remained the only TV in the house: the old TV went straight to the curb, where it almost immediately found a new owner. That is, the “new” TV remained the only set in the house until this fall. With the Auburn Tigers making a new noise this season, I decided it was time to purchase a larger household television set. I did, and now Auburn is back in the championship game, playing Florida State University tonight. It’s only weird if it doesn’t work. Isn’t that what the beer commercials say?