The Wild Party

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This not-so-old comic strip is from 2014. It is more current than that, however, at least around this house. We’ve had a bit of similar action the past 24 hours or so, with feral and semi-feral cats congregating in nearby underbrush to, judging by the sound of it, disembowel one another with dull switchblades. Our three pampered cats look at one another and then to me, seeking explanation. That’s when we have kitty treats!

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  1. We slept at my son’s house as he slept at the hospital and wanted someone to let his dog out in the middle of the night. We have cats, so leaving them for weekend is not an issue. I do enjoy dogs, but letting them out during the night is not something that I enjoy.

  2. Jerry: You’ve misunderstood my plea. I really don’t care what you and your brother may be litigious over. Your mother made a statement that needs to be honored with attention. If you two boys can’t see eye to eye, then you need meditation to protect _her_ interests.

  3. emb: Mr. Lincoln is an excellent selection for numero uno. Books have been written why, so I don’t need to. Suffice to say it goes beyond the surface. I was just surprised by your number two pick, I hadn’t figured you for the ‘Big Stick’ type. Teddy’s interpretation of the Monroe Doctrine may have really set us up.

    Me, because I like to see things from different angles, trying to find truth in life, would point to John F. Kennedy. I hear you, he self-identified as a ‘D’. But from where I stand, JFK lies to the right of all but 2 of todays candidates from any party. Republican doesn’t equate conservative. And those 2 are too extreme for me.

  4. Ghost Rider 6: That ship was likely _cut_ loose from it’s mooring. My memory fails, if we know that in the A&J canon, or my assumption as a pet owner.

  5. Since we are engaged in reducing the kitty population, I can relate to today’s retro. In fact, I thought it was in my honor!

    We are down to Hoochie Mama and Kitty Tom and maybe one kitten to catch. The Maine coon belonged to my late deceased pet caretaker and he is neutered and vaccinated because I paid the bill when she died.

    We caught a possum which minion took down the creek to release in more wooded area. Hope it didn’t have babies.

  6. Mr. Lincoln is an excellent example of a politician changing his philosophy to fit the current political correctness. History is written by the winners.

  7. Jerry: to the victor go the spoils, including the books. Unfortunate but true. But before there was Lincoln the candidate, the Republican Party was created by _abolitionists_ for one reason only. If they have strayed from that path, it is not Abe’s fault.

  8. Mark in TTown: I have reached a conclusion (that may be incorrect). I don’t know who you think I am, or what transgressions you want to lay on me. But in my opinion, you owe Debbe an apology. For me, an acknowledgement or correction would suffice.

  9. Before I knew about the feral cats in the neighborhood I heard what sounded like the crying/whimpering of a baby coming from the shrubs under the window. When I went out and started poking around in the shrubs I saw 2 cats take off and figured out what was going on. Now it wouldn’t be spring without the sound of the feral cats and the irresponsible neighbor’s un-neutered cat having a good time.

  10. Ruth, similar story, but it involved my daughter when she was young. It happened outside her window, loud enough to wake me across the house. I scattered the offenders and checked on her, amazed (concerned) that she had slept through it. Turned out, she hadn’t. She was so scared of the ‘witch’s demon baby’ outside she wouldn’t answer me. I started looking closer at TV and books after that. Not to censor, but to explain the difference between entertainment and reality.

  11. Come to think of it, I perpetuated the lie that they were fighting. I’m sure she knows different now. But it is worth thinking about what parents put in their children’s head, in the name of good intentions.

  12. Morphy, you are certainly confused. I made no negative comments about you at all. As for the comment about trolls, when someone whose screen name has not been seen here before, suddenly pops up and throws out a 4-letter expletive when I am discussing the possibility of my mom’s losing a leg and ending in a nursing home, that is not normal behavior for the regulars here. Realizing not everyone might want to hear about that, I said either trolls were invading, or we had overstressed someone about the topic and I would not discuss it here anymore. I was not deliberately singling out Debbe because she did not identify herself. Debbe has been having a rough time both personally and at work, and I would NOT set out to make it worse for her. If my troll comment did offend her, I am sorry and apologize.

    Are you less confused now? As a further help, we had someone posting for several months last year who sounded like they were in trouble. Several of us were taken in and posted what we thought would be helpful comments. After an extended period of back and forth, this person made some nasty comments and then disappeared. Only to reappear later posting negative comments about the strip on the gocomics site.

  13. As a semi professional troll watcher out for on several discussion and Facebook groups I agree with Mark. I also have to watch for spamalot and pornography and hacks. It is never ending.

    And I probably made the most snappish remark of all, not knowing it was Debbe who was snapping. Because she posted as anonymous I never thought it her. But I can certainly see why she’d snap.

  14. Just starting to look at the computer now, so may be behind the times, but I think that Morphy has mistaken emb’s reference to T R as meaning Teddy Roosevelt; emb, didn’t you mean Trucker Ron, one of our favorite Villagers right here?

  15. Mark: thoughtful reply thanks, no offense continues. For my part, I was more confused by who forwarded e-mails including your address, as this is the only location I know any of you. But if that also is related to someone you no longer believe is me, subject closed.

    related: there is a villager I owe an apology to. But it is currently wraped up in a developing relationship that I don’t want to divert. I haven’t found a way to separate it yet. I ask for patience.

  16. Charlotte, if I may, there has been some double, triple meaning flying around regarding the initials TR. Without devoting an hour plus to reviewing 200 posts, it can be confusing. Just buckle up, most of us are not worried about misunderstanding. And can clear it up quickly, when it happens.

    Always curious about dialects: would your handle be ‘shar let’ or ‘SHAR lot’ or even ‘shar LOT’?

  17. The easiest way to live in the Village is to not set your political and religious detectometers on too sensitive a setting. We tend to subscribe to the it’s OK to be different and we don’t have to agree to like each other. We don’t subscribe to political correctness nor conventional suburban mores’ nor do we listen to the same music nor read the same books.

    We’re an interesting diverse group of intelligent beings, some with formal educations, some less conventional. We have formed a loving and protective friendly shelter and we circle the wagons around any perceived offenders.

  18. A local community organization put Spielberg’s Lincoln on the big screen today. I enjoyed it, but was jarred by the bit of profanity that he put in. My mother and grandmother taught me that gentlemen (politicians and officers) didn’t talk that way in the 1800s, especially when in a session of Congress or when talking with the Commander in Chief. I’ve also read that Lincoln reproached those who swore in his presence.

    Do any historians here care to comment on that?

  19. My grandmother who raised me had a mother who lived into the late 1960s. So, I grew up around many who were born about time of Civil war or shortly afterwards. Can’t speak for Yankees but us Southerners were polite and not profane by example. I learned to curse expertly when mama sent me off to that prestigious Pennsylvania finishing school to prepare for a more upscale marriage.

    At least I learned to eat fried chicken with a knife and fork, as well as not pick up corn on the cob and chew off the cob but slice it with a knife and fork. So why the heck bother to serve it on the cob?

    Lincoln? Were we on Lincoln? Gettysburg wasn’t far away and those Yankees sure could curse!

  20. Jackie, you just described my favorite pub from twenty-five years back. Pub as in public. This is not a private playground, until the gated community of membership is installed. The problem is today’s taverns seem to be filled with college age trying to find their way (entertaining but exhausting), or aging, undiagnosed drunkards (toxic). It is very much why I am here. I and the collective you are in the awkward stage of dating. I feel no reason to give my c.v. or portfolio, and you rightfully are suspicious. I suck the air out of the room trying to show I’m worthy, make mistakes, and hope to be accepted. The collective you gets to decide if I can pay my way, or if something is added to my beverage, and I get clobbered in the alley. I’ve done this before, and if it doesn’t work here I’ll move on. Strong relationships have been built on worse.

    I would add that I am currently dealing with the guy in the corner who seems a bit more judgmental than your description.

    TruckerRon: I had the same feel. But lacking a time machine, it’s just an opinion. Spielberg could be as accurate as I.

  21. My life is littered with coincidences. Browsing GoComics and found Beardo. I may be seeing it out of context, but I swear it looks just like my last post.

  22. Charlotte: “emb, didn’t you mean Trucker Ron, one of our favorite Villagers right here?”

    No, I didn’t. Far as I know, there are just a few POTUSs who are/were often known by their initials. Only TR, FDR, HST, and JFK come to mind. Quite possibly, TR wasn’t in his own time, but he was commonly after FDR came on the scene. I was just being playful, not particularly political. Couldn’t resist twisting someone’s statement for fun. Mea culpa.

    Actually, since TR was a trust-buster, I suspect many of the current members of the GOP would put him in the same category as Bernie. As to where to put JFK on the L-R spectrum, no comment.

    Peace, emb

  23. I don’t have a clue what’s going on and I think that I prefer to leave it that way. Lincoln was a man of great contradictions, but aren’t we all? I am pro-life pro-choice and I don’t see any problem with that.

  24. Right, forgot LBJ. [Egotist named everybody/thing in family w/ those initials, no?] Maybe it’s a +/- modern thing, but it didn’t happen to Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, either Bush [except for later distinction btw. H.W. and W.], or Obama. Have never heard it re any 19th c. POTUS; some historian may know of some.

    Re possible 2016 winner, if it’s Clinton, wouldn’t be surprised if popular tag is Hillary. Women do this to other women. We had a Dr. ‘Jones’ in Physics. Hired his wife on Biology, and the secretaries called her Dr. ‘Greta’ [not the real names]. Lots of folks at SHB refer to an obgyn. as Dr. ‘Louise.’ Not a conspiracy by us male chauvinist pigs, just a social habit that repeats in various institutions, often initiated by female employees. Happens to some MDs who share a last name [Johnson at SHB, back when it was NCRH]. NW MN is Johnson and Anderson territory. When I came here in ’58, there were only some 900 students and 5 Andersons on the faculty.

    Peace, emb

  25. In one of Joseph Wambaugh’s novels, there were two patrol officers with the same last name working the same shift. One was male and the other female, so naturally they got tagged Balls Hadley and No-Balls Hadley. (Sorry, Ludwig.) Perhaps not the best choice of ways to distinguish the Clintons, though.

  26. Back to my dentist.
    When I started it was a father / son practice so
    naturally they were called Dr (first name)
    whether by extension or what new Dr.s are by first name.

  27. If memory serves, emb, Nixon was sometimes referred to as RMN, but it never really caught on. I have a friend who likes to call the current POTUS Barry O’Bama, but again, it’s not common. My guess is that if Hillary is elected everybody will either be a devoted supporter or be calling her Billary.

  28. Lord it is after 11 already. I ate something for dinner I knew better and I am going to be nauseated all night. Got to Walmart about 3 minutes after pharmacy slammed the steel curtains down. Why It Urp?

    I am feeling punnish.

  29. I use the “Scroll” method of political discussion. If I disagree with anything you say here on the blog, I use the scroll wheel on my mouse and your opinions are gone, at least to me. You can still have your opinion, I don’t have to listen. Not quite what today’s gag was going for, but sometimes it works.

  30. Debbe, I lived through eating an order of chili from our local dairy outlet. I just can’t tolerate stuff that others thrive on. Now I am worried about you as you are not here this morning. Like everyone else air care about you and love you. Get medical all care. Love.

  31. Feral cats can be fixed and vaccinated. Most are not adoptable but once they are sterilized and get their shots they don’t fight nearly as much (and of course they don;t breed). We have a small colony on our suburban property. We feed them and have small insulated shelters for them. They survived Snowzilla 2016 just fine. The only problem is the cat poop. I’ve talked with my neighbors and they’re OK with the occasional poop in their garden. (Most have dogs so they’re not unused to poop in the yard) One of cats follows me around and keeps me company when I work outside.

    They keep the squirrel and rodent population down. (one reason why the neighbors don’t mind them) They catch an occasional bird, but not really as many as the bird folks claim they do. Actually I have bird feeders too and the squirrels leave them alone for the most part.

    for more info on feral cats see

  32. Jeez, I completely type words as I intend to say and Hal changes it to garbled and rearranges sentence.

    Friend just posted photos of Caligulas floating palace, discovered by archeologists intact and destroyed in WWII. Really interesting, a cruise ship for one but crewed by rest of those aboard. An unbelievable boat and he had more than one.

    Cue Mark.

  33. It’s good to be the Emperor.

    Jackie, I again forget what flavor phone/tablet/device you are using, but it’s hard to believe that HAL’s speel chek/predictive text/psychotic behavior/whatever cannot be turned off. Have you tried that?

  34. domaucan1: I do, but poorly. Strictly social, my Morphy number is probably 8. That’s the theoretical limit, 150 years down the line. I can beat a chess engine in teach mode, but am only competitive even at the lowest settings of gameplay. I prefer opponents who don’t give mulligans, and take every muggins, but don’t grind each other over bad play. ‘Huh, that didn’t work. Want to play again?’ is likely to be heard. Like my bowling and golf, where my goal is to break 100, just in opposite directions.

  35. The Morphy number chain is: I played A, who played B, who played … going towards Paul Morphy the origin, who has the only Morphy number 0. Mortality makes it impossible for any one today to earn a Morphy number 3. But the passage of time opens the matrix of relationships pretty quickly. Loosely, if you can spell chess you’re essentially a 10. If you know a rook on sight, and can set up the board, you were probably shown by someone who knew, you are probably a 9. If you’ve played someone you didn’t know before, they are very likely a seven or higher, making you an eight. Actual pedigree may be hard to obtain.

  36. TruckerRon: Some people, through no fault of their own, have initials easy to mock. Normally it makes no difference. Being a teen in the days of video arcade champion boards caused me grief my parents could not foresee.

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