Then there’s Cat 5

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Today’s old A&J is going out to my two cats, who as I write this are sitting on the front porch watching the cold rain fall and wondering why life is just so damn awful. I remember an occurence when my father was hospitallized. The hospital PA blared, “Dr. Red, please come to the south corridor,” or something like that. The voice sounded urgent. Then, the message was repeated. At that time, I had a lot of friends in the local medical community, but I’d never heard of a Dr. Red. Then, the message was repeated again, and nurses began scurring into the hall and slamming doors. Hmmm. It was later confirmed to me that “Dr. Red” was part of the code for a fire. In this particular case, it turned out Dr. Red wasn’t needed. Or he didn’t show up. Or whatever. There was no fire.