There’s Always Next Year (?)

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I know what you’re thinking, “Earth Day was two days ago; he must’ve forgotten!” I am making a point here. Every day is Earth Day, or should be, as Arlo elucidates in this Sunday cartoon from 2007. It should not be one day a year, 24 hours when we talk about what a great place this ol’ ball of dirt and molten iron is before going back to abusing it. I think Earth Day 2013 was particularly significant for a reason. This is the first spring since the general population (That would be us.) has been made acutely aware, through the news, that there almost certainly are countless other planets outside our solar system. In recent days alone, astronomers have trotted out several of their most earthlike finds yet, worlds that, in other words, easily could support water and life. Of course, any one of these planets would take light years to reach by technology that does not remotely exist. If it did, rest assured most of us would not be able to afford a ticket. We need to take care of this world; I don’t know why it isn’t Priority One. Oh, and I did forget Earth Day. Sorry.